Zion (REY) Elee – Joppatowne – EDGE – MD – 2026’s Newest 5 Star sets the EDGE with an Attitude !!!

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Positional Size
Positional Size 93%
Delta Speed For Position
Delta Speed For Position 93%
Athleticism​ 95%
Football Positional Technical Skills
Football Positional Technical Skills​ 94%
Leadership/Intangibles​ 95%
Playmaking/Game Day Clutch
Playmaking​/Game Day Clutch 93%


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Zion (REY) Elee: Joppatowne High School Football – 2026’s Newest 5 Star sets the EDGE with an Attitude !

Zion Elee, a Sophomore at Joppatowne High School in Maryland, has recently been lauded for his football excellence. He recently earned a five-star rating from NUC Sports, and is seen as one of the top College Football Prospects for the 2026 Class!

Zion (Rey) Elee has been a fan of football since he was a young child, and attributes much of his success to the hard work and love he has always had for the game.  While growing up, he took a keen interest in the sport and eventually fell head over heels for it.  He started seriously training when he was in high school and is now gaining recognition as he continues to grow and develop.

Zion is a major contributor to his team, but it’s his work ethic and natural athletic ability that has really started to shine through. During this time, he proved himself to be a team leader and a reliable asset on and off the field. He is often looked at by coaches and teammates as the go-to player when in need of a big play.  As a freshman he recorded 38 tackles and 13 sacks, he increased that production as a sophomore with 64 tackles, 24 TFL’s and another 13 sacks.

In terms of physical ability, Elee is a natural athlete at 6’5” and 225 pounds. The Edge rusher has an excellent first step to go along with quick feet allowing him to explode off the line of scrimmage eating up defenders.  Additionally, his strength and power for just a sophomore are above average, often leaving him on the winning  side of most one-on-one battles in the trenches.  His football IQ is incredibly high, giving him a strict advantage as to what and what not to do during certain plays.  He plays with a relentless motor often chasing down offensive ball carriers.  All of these attributes helped him earn his five-star rating from NUC Sports.

Some of the top college football programs in the country have already reached out with offers and his future looks bright.  It seems likely that he will gain even more recognition and success in the future. Joppatowne High School can be proud to have him as a student athlete.

Off the field, Zion is a leader both in the locker room and in the community. He is a mentor to younger players and a role model for aspiring student-athletes.  The team is also involved in a number of community outreach programs, which he takes pride in working hard to ensure a bright future for the communities he serves.

The future is extremely bright for this talented young man no matter what college he chooses to play at.  Zion has the ability to line up and make an impact on every snap, the ability to be a game changer and play-maker.  The 2026 prospect as previously mentioned has a slew of schools looking to bring him onto their campus and I am sure more will come.  Keep an eye on this guy as he continues to grow and mature!



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