Why Evaluating Players in Person is So important for Evaluation at NFL Combine | David Schuman

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What To Expect From Coaches and GMs Evaluating the NFL Combine | by David Schuman We will hear coach schuman get involved and discuss how the combines get evaluated for the NFL, what correlations there is to there on the…

What To Expect From Coaches and GMs Evaluating the NFL Combine | by David Schuman

We will hear coach schuman get involved and discuss how the combines get evaluated for the NFL, what correlations there is to there on the field play. We will also here how it works in the recruiting process for high school athletes that come to the NUC Sports events and what athletes and football players can expect.
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[Music] Dave Shulman he's the founder of Dave Schulman calm and one of the top Evaluators when it comes to football in General whether it's high school college Getting into the pros the cow behind Dave how you doing good how's everything Going we're eating a feast of chicken Right now Dave so it couldn't be any Better inside the studio you know how it Is with media and free food hey coming Out of the combine what is it that you Feel is the number one thing at GM going Into the combine that needs to learn When he walks away from the combine can That players athletic ability match up With what they see on film and that's The most important thing so that's what Look in this for validation of what they Didn't see in the combine what they Already saw a film on those guys is There anything in particular that you Look at and say okay I'm gonna look at a Quarterback so this is most important to Me I'm gonna look at at the end this is Most important to me or just is it just In general are you just strictly looking At 40 times leaping ability benching 225 All that kind of stuff No no they're looking for specific Things for specific positions I mean Speed you know for skill position speed Relative to their size is very important From the floor back standpoint the guys

Who did throw they want to see how they Throw how quick the release is how Accurate they are you know really Depends on the position offensive line They want to see through the drills Obviously have in fact great explosion All those kind of things we've set in Stanmore support for an offensive Lineman but they really wanted to That means drill now you see guys Progress from high school to college to The pros and how they go about it I've Always said give me a football player Over an athlete any day of the week is It the same when you go to the combine Or are you strictly looking for athletic Ability there might be in the NFL clowny And how have you do how we not do well There's one thing that you know he could Do probably better than anybody else so We need someone like Ben 104.5 for a Year – why are some of these teams in One-on-one evaluations asking some of These guys such ridiculous questions but What questions are you talking about Well there was one about you know what Would you do with a brick you have one Minute to give me all the things that You would do with a brick I think some of those things are Psychological see how they handle things On the pressure how they how they Perceive situations and handle those Kind of situations it it is

Psychological games and they're trying To understand how what kind of person They're getting from a player's Standpoint and will they be able to Handle things in the NFL should the Wunderlich the Wonderlic test I know I've seen it I've gone through some of The questions I I guess how much weight Should we put into the Wonderlic test And scores because we are the only time We hear about it as negatives we don't Really hear the positives the only time We hear about is when somebody has Failed it miserably should the Wunderlich I guess be that big of an Examination of one's mental capacity or Capabilities well it's more a validation That they can do the job or an Indictment that they don't have the Mental capacity and I think you know Depending on the position though the Positions that require very very high Levels of mental capacity like offensive Lineman and quarterback to be able to Think on their feet even more so than The other positions You know the wonder link test is very Very important to at least validate that They can handle the job you've seen kids And evaluated kids all the way down into The high school ranks I've said for a While I don't necessarily think it's a Great thing to start televising each of These larger-than-life athletes you know

Choices for schools in college I think It puts undue pressure on them before They're even really adults at this point How do you see the growth of the high School signing day and college Expectations and because a lot of these Kids you're never gonna see again They're gonna fail and then they're Looked at after being on ESPN or Whatever as failure should they be Putting that much pressure on younger Guy younger guys with a regarding Football and signing day well I think They want that I think the players want It I think that they themselves enjoy That part of the process otherwise they Wouldn't wouldn't go through it the ones Who decide that they want to go on TV or You know more power to them it's because They want to be there and the ones that Were more reserved and not into that Kind of all that kind of hopeless do not Do that so I think it's a personal Choice I think that you know even though They are teenagers the way that Everything is now in the recruiting Process they are more aware of things That are going on for the time they're 14:15 believe it or not than they ever Have been and by the time they get to be 18 years old as much as the college Coaches are playing the game to get them To their school the the players that are At the highest level I've been doing

That same thing themselves for years so They understand much better what they're Getting into then you know you would say 15 20 years ago I know players that go from high school To college to the pros that become stars There's there's a certain preparation And obviously athletic ability gets them There but players that say overachieve That becomes stars when they really Weren't look at a guy like Tom Brady Nobody really gave him you know too much Attention and he was Drew Bledsoe his Backup and they just didn't know how he Was gonna perform what makes a guy so Good wait what makes it to where you Find that diamond in the rough that he Has just excelled beyond his Expectations well I think his Willingness to work so everybody comes To a certain Like ability a certain amount of ability At the same reason why Tom Brady Obviously there wasn't drafted to cry he Was still there and then his ability to Work and understand the game depending On the position take this game to the Next level is what makes that transition [Music] There you go and you see sports calm and Dave Schumann Dave it's fascinating I've Had a chances to peruse it a little bit And I find something new every day that I learned so I appreciate your time and

Thanks for coming off for a little bit Oh thank you go to Dave Schumann kommer David Schuman calm I should say D-a-v-i-d sch/jun ma n David Schuman Calm and they are the top evaluators of Football players in the West Around sometime you can check all this Stuff out right there [Music] Oh

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