What Is A Loaf From Ed Orgeron of LSU

Dave Schuman

When you are looking to grade your players. Ed Orgeron shared at the Nike Clinic how and what a Loaf is defined as with LSU. Holding your players accountable to playing full speed at all times is critical.

-Not Sprinting to the football- pretty self explanatory. You must run to the ball full speed at all times

-Change of Speed- this is when a player is jogging or running slow then he realizes he must sprint to make the play. This commonly happens when players think someone else is making the play.

-Staying on the Ground-this is when a player gets knocked down or falls down and doesn’t get up and gives up on play.

-Rush Defender- Not Turning and Chasing- this is when a player rushing QB or gets caught upfield doesn’t go and chase the play downfield after it has been thrown or goes away from backfield.

-Getting Passed up by a Player- when you are not chasing at full speed and a teammate passes you due to lack of effort.

-Turning Down a Hit- potentially the biggest sin on the field. When a player has an opportunity to make a play but shies away from the hit and nails out on play or turns away when tackling.

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