What in the World is Angel Reese Talking About

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What in the World is Angel Reese Talking About All right let's get right into the show Here um and I'm going to start doing Just more and more commenting on some of The things that are out there because…

What in the World is Angel Reese Talking About

All right let's get right into the show Here um and I'm going to start doing Just more and more commenting on some of The things that are out there because Some of the things are so absolutely Ludicrous that are out there today that When I see this with stars and athletes I I I've got a comment on it and I want To get your guys feedback on it because It some of these things are crazy but Today like the whole thing first of all Around Caitlyn Clark and how they uh the B the hip check on her And and that hip check which was Absolute ludicrous um which was Craziness uh that was not a basketball Play that was just blatantly trying to Take uh frustration out on Caitlyn CLK Jealousy I don't know what it is but it Was not a basketball play and they they Upgraded that to F and frown the refs Have to start to get that right but then Angel Reese goes and Today um and and I think Angel Reese is Is a real normally a positive part of The game but she she was cheering for That for that flagrant foul which was Craziness and then gets on and talks uh You know um about Caitlyn Clark it's Like she's always on her top of mine Like she can't get her off the top of Mine this was yesterday women's Basketball you never would think be Talking about women's basketball people

Are pulling up to games we got Celebrities coming to games sold out Arenas like just because of one single Game and just looking at that like I'll Take that role I'll take the bad guy Role and I'll continue to take that on And be that for from my teammates and if I want to be what bad guy role is she Talking about I mean bad guy when she's Talking about bad gu well she's creating The narrative for herself in that Direction she is putting herself in that Way by her behavior by her un it's it's Not an unhinged Behavior but her desire To to uh create hatred toward Caitlin Clark which makes just absolutely no Sense she's a good enough player that She doesn't need to do any of that kind Of stuff although when I watch some of The clips like this with her then I just Say well I don't know what we're Watching here throw it up this is Dangerous that's that's professional Stuff right there right but I know I'll Go down to history I'll look back in 20 Years and be like yeah the reason why we Watching women's basketball it's not Just because of one person it's because Of me too and I want y'all to realize That okay so it's not because of her own Now what's the Resurgence of it Right the only thing that there is a Fact to is that angel re brought us Attention to herself uh last year in a

National championship game when she Taunted Caitlyn Clark Okay negative Attention she doesn't want to have Negative attention she brings that Negative attention I mean she's she's a Excellent basketball player great Looking woman there's no reason for all That kind of extra stuff she can do Everything on her own merits but but she Draws she's got Caitlyn Clark on top of Her mind so let's just look at some of The statistics just because I'm curious Okay attendance at non Caitlyn Clark Games this past weekend you could see There is a little bit of a surgence like A 15 20% surgence and non- games but Look at the WNBA games with caylin Clark I mean double in most cases there There's no comparison so let's talk About a couple other things I don't know Who this guy is po but like look at the Attendance this is Angel Reese's games 7,000 up 14% Indiana fever's up 300% okay and then we're looking at like The the six different TV networks have Broadcast most watched WNBA games ever On their channels ESPN 2 2.1 million ABC 1.71 million 1.56 on ESPN 724 th000 I CBS NBA NBA TB 333,000 all six of those Games okay there's only one game that Was not an Indiana Fever game okay so There obviously is a kayin Clark buzz And that's what's that's what's created This this uh um whole situation where

Everybody thinks that they can just hate On her and and to me like it's a bunch Of Nonsense um I I you know I the whole Rookie nonsense thing is ridiculous and Like I went to Yukon I was I enjoyed uh You know when when I was an athlete There I enjoyed uh the girls basketball Team they were great you know Diana Terazzi and Sue bird but they all joined In on the hating too so originally and And um be glad that you got the Attention be glad that you want to go Back to Flying commercial go back to Flying commercial this is going to bring An usher the WNBA into a new level and If it was me if I was an athlete I'd be Riding that Caitlyn Clark train right Into the to to new contracts new Sponsorship deals new money that that I Would not have had before and hopefully Higher salaries right so if more money Comes into League we all win and I think That's one of the things like that They're so intent to trying to put her In her place as a rookie or or trying to Denigrate her abilities instead of just Saying hey man this this extra tension Is going to put me on the stage and but You don't want to be put on the stage From a negative standpoint put yourself On the stage from a positive standpoint And that's the problem with the WNBA Players is that they're so willing a lot

Of them to put themselves onto a Negative standpoint instead of putting Them themselves on a positive standpoint And the whole nonsense with the whole Racial thing is just complete garbage Like she's a great player that's why People like her okay she could shoot a Three-pointer from 25 30 feet out which Nobody else can do in the WNBA or very Few people can do in the WNBA it's Exciting to watch that okay there is no Duncan in the WNBA so what are people Going to draw their attention to well Someone could shoot the lights out That's a big deal and or potentially They could shoot the lights out that's a Big deal okay the fact that someone can To light up scoring standpoint are there A lot of great great players in the WME Is there best player Asia Wilson is she Is she the best player currently in in The WNBA yes this will only help her Cash bring attention to fact because I Didn't even know who she was until until This year W with Caitlyn Clark I didn't Haven't watched uh other than Yukon I Hadn't watched any female basketball Until Caitlyn Clark this year and and And the whole uh rise of her and as a Scoring champion okay and yeah breaking The scoring champion record is a big Deal but breaking overall the record With Pete maravic is even bigger deal Okay and so it's one of those things

Where enjoy that publicity Angel Reese Is bringing negative publicity to Herself for no reason doesn't need to Like I don't know who her PR people are I don't know who her agent is but like She can make a whole lot of money and by Uh by uh do doing some of the better Things versus drawing all this negative Attention I mean uh um she'd probably Make fivefold if she was able to do that But that's my take on that um we'll see You real soon coach schan signing out

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