Tucker: Biden broke the oldest rule of all

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Tucker told viewers that America has had two historic foreign policy debacles in under a year in Friday’s opening monologue. #FoxNews #Tucker Subscribe to Fox News! Watch more Fox News Video: Watch Fox News Channel Live: FOX…

Tucker told viewers that America has had two historic foreign policy debacles in under a year in Friday’s opening monologue.
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Are hearing reports of new attacks Across Ukraine including in the capital City of the South will of course be Monitoring those and tell you when we Learn more But first on last night's show we try to Bring you a straightforward analysis as We could of the invasion of Ukraine it Was then in progress it still is the war At that point was less than 24 hours old And it seemed disrespectful and wrong to Use the deaths of people on the ground As a partisan cudgel Were as horrifying of course but it's Also a grave and profound thing you Ought to stand back and off for a moment Before you start drawing convenient Conclusions from the suffering you see Death is a mystery acknowledge that That's how we feel Joe Biden's allies in The Medias do not feel that way they use The opportunity to attack their Political opponents immediately as they Always do they have no restraint and no Shame we're grateful not to be them So that was last night tonight it's fair To note the obvious the invasion of Ukraine is a humiliating defeat for Joe Biden he's our leader he staked this Country's reputation billions of dollars And the full force of the US government On preventing Vladimir Putin from Invading Ukraine Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine anyway

And America is diminished by that It's not the first time Joe Biden has Done something like this less than six Months ago Biden oversaw an almost Indescribably chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan he left American citizens Behind he armed the Taliban with Advanced weapon systems on the way out It could not have been worse So here you have two historic foreign Policy debacles in under a year Is there a precedent for that what's the Message of it well weakness obviously Republicans often say that but as usual Don't go far enough weakness well North Korea is weak they literally have Famines people starve to death in North Korea that's weakness But there's still a nation we have to Contend with because they bite A venomous spider is weak you can crush It but you're still afraid of it Because it bites We do not bite And that's the problem We're not simply weak the United States Government under Joe Biden is ridiculous It's pompous it's self-involved it's Long-winded and fatuous it's not so Different from the fading old man who Leads it There's no hiding this the rest of the World sees it clearly so do many Americans

If watching the invasion of Ukraine this Week made you feel a little sick this is Probably why Of course you felt sorry for the Ukrainians being killed but you also Sense that this was a genuine disaster For us in America and you're right it is Joe Biden is quickly draining the Reservoir of America's credibility and Power that has accumulated over Centuries of wise decision making like The U.S treasury this is not Joe Biden's Capital to spend he is squandering Something that others made how much is Left at this point you hate even to Think about it someday we're going to Find out So the problem here isn't complicated Joe Biden broke the oldest rule of all Don't make threats you can't back up you Think you'd know that if he'd actually Squared off against Corn Pop at the Public swimming pool in Wilmington 60 Years ago but he never did so he doesn't Know that if you say something serious You had better mean it it is reckless to Tell obvious lies If you do that before long and it Happens very quickly in fact people Figure out that you can be ignored You're not a superpower you're a joke And that's why you never under any Circumstances say anything like this The purpose of the sanctions has always

Been and continues to be deterrents But let's also recognize the unique Nature of the sanctions that we have Outlined These are some of the greatest sanctions If not the the strongest that we've ever Issued the president believes that Sanctions are intended to deter as to The sanctions the most important thing We can do is to use them as a deterrent As a means of dissuading Russia from Engaging in further aggression Now if you saw the dates you noticed Those clips are from recently in some Cases just days before Vladimir Putin Showed precisely how meaningless our Sanctions actually were the greatest Sanctions ever said Kamala Harris Wearing her stupid little mask on Monday She's a buffoon you knew that Now it's obvious that her buffoonery is A real Peril for the rest of us No one in the white house seems to Understand this it's like the most Obvious lesson So here was Joe Biden from today telling You that actually these sanctions the Greatest most deterrent sanctions ever Were never intended really to deter Anything sorry if you took us seriously The first time we didn't really mean it No one expected the sanctions to prevent Anything from happening There has to show this is going to take

Time and we have to show resolve so he Knows what's coming and so the people of Russia know what he's brought on them That's what this is all about Who gives him these scripts do they not Think we have access to YouTube or maybe They're just hoping Google will scrub it By the time he holds another press Conference you just told us on Monday That the purpose of these sanctions was To deter the invasion of Ukraine so at The very least acknowledge they didn't Work as intended They can never acknowledge that oh the Vaccine prevents transmission and Infection Just tell the truth people will Understand but they lie every time now They're telling us Putin knows what's Coming we'll get them next time Right No One Believes You Anymore Joe Biden no one should believe you it is Very hard to take unserious people Seriously a serious president who cared Would have reassessed everything America's foreign policy and how it's Administered after the Afghanistan Withdrawal last August that was a Disaster So a responsible person would have asked Himself how do we prevent this from Happening again that's how responsible People think it's how leaders who care About their countries think of course

It's the Baseline requirement for Leadership This was a disaster how do we prevent it From happening again that's not hard But lifetime federal employee that he is Joe Biden did the opposite of that his First instinct was to protect the Bureaucracy not the country the Bureaucracy so not a single person from The Pentagon or the state department was Fired or even reprimanded in fact Famously the only person who was Punished in the end for that historic Debacle was a marine Colonel who Complained about it he went to jail for Complaining And you will see the same response this Time after the disastrous invasion of Ukraine the American officials who so Publicly trashed this country's Credibility will be promoted for it they Always are torian Newland is one of the Geniuses behind the Iraq war that was Almost 20 years ago did that hurt her Career it should have should have ended Her career in place right then go do Something useful Learn how to lay tile But it didn't enter a career in fact Your career accelerated in fact this Same person Tori Newland went on to help Lead the Ukraine debacle we're watching Now She's completely unqualified for the job

She has we knew that 20 years ago And yet she's highly successful in Washington some days she'll probably be The Secretary of State remember her name Tori Newland She'll be rewarded for failing meanwhile People who criticize Troy Newland or who Care enough about this country to Critique Joe Biden's foreign policy Disasters find themselves to denounce The media as of all things traitors to America And then spied on by the NSA You see how that works it's all Self-protection and because it is only Buffoonery is rewarded And that's exactly why John Kerry is Still around here's John Kerry telling The BBC in public on camera that the Real victim of this war is something Called the climate Massive uh emissions consequences to the War but equally importantly you're going To lose people's Focus you're going to Lose a certainly Big Country attention Because they will be diverted and and I Think it could have a damaging impact so I hope President Putin will help us to Stay on track with respect to what we Need to do for the climate And of course he he flew private to that Interview hoping nobody noticed not Caring if anyone noticed like what's the Explanation behind how could you say

Something like that that clip is real we Didn't make it up it's hard to believe It but it is real it's all real If you did a nationwide search for the People least capable of leading a large Nation through complicated times you Would get our leadership class you would Get John Kerry oh we found him The search is over and of course at the Very top of that list would be John Kerry's friend Hillary Clinton So here's Hillary Clinton revealing the Real story she's telling you that the Actual enemy in this war is not in Russia not eastern Ukraine it's not Vladimir Putin It's you The real enemy of this country is anyone Who dares to criticize the mismanagement Of Hillary Clinton and her friends watch I think it's time for what's left of the Uh Republican party that has any common Sense not just to say okay go help Defend Ukraine against Putin but to Stand against those people in politics And government in the media and Elsewhere in our own country who are Literally giving Aid and comfort to an Enemy of freedom and democracy it can't It can't continue because it plays right Into the Ambitions of not just Putin but Also president XI of China to undermine Democracy to literally divide and Conquer the West without ever invading

Us but by uh setting us against each Other Your opinions are the real threat to Democracy Dare criticize us and we will denounce You as a dangerous traitor because That's democracy so Vladimir Putin Invades Ukraine but guess whose fault it Is It's your fault Notice the theme here it's always your Fault every single time And they're going to punish you for it Hillary did say one interesting thing in That clip probably inadvertently Didn't say it but the illusion was there Russia and China are now aligned as a Block against the United States now How'd that happen it's pretty obvious You're looking around the world you're Thinking who are the big Powers with Meaningful economies and nuclear weapons Maybe they shouldn't be aligned against Us that's just the simplest kind of math Maybe we shouldn't do anything that Pushes our enemies into a block That threatens us But they don't know that that's Happening or maybe they're in favor of It God knows what the Bible Administration is thinking according to The New York Times quote the United States met with China over three months To present intelligence showing Russia's

Troop build up near Ukraine and to urge Beijing to help avert War Chinese Officials rebuffed to the United States And then shared that information with Moscow No Yeah So we went to China for help to prevent Putin from invading Ukraine at the very Moment that Russia and China were Forming a very public alliance against Us Did that really happen apparently it Really did happen How long can this go on and maybe that's Why Biden didn't mention China during His press conference He gave them our intelligence and they Gave it to Putin Perfect but don't mention that or you're A traitor hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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