This was my meeting with my Football Team About George Floyd Murder

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I hope this helps other coaches and athletes address this with your young players. We love our guys and want them to feel supported and reinforce how much we love them. @coachschuman on tik tok, twitter, facebook, instagram, spoon #americanfootball…

I hope this helps other coaches and athletes address this with your young players. We love our guys and want them to feel supported and reinforce how much we love them.
@coachschuman on tik tok, twitter, facebook, instagram, spoon
#americanfootball #coaching #football #GeorgeFloyd

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Um if anybody has any thoughts after Will certainly certainly had to do it You know what happened last week to to George Floyd is an absolute absolute Injustice absolute murder and and not Just the officer that committed that Murder should go to jail for a very long Time the ones that are associated with Him that watched it happen absolutely Should be going to jail for a long time And I think that you know when everybody Sees down screen I think most of us Probably I would I would be shocked if Not if every single one of us weren't in Agreement on that and I think it's Important you know to to when you see Stuff like that go on in the world you Start to think that the whole world is Like that in the world is it could be Again she and I think it's important to Know that there obviously there are in Justices in the world that go on and There are things like that that have to Be rooted out to me it's evil it's Obviously it's murder and the people Have to be held accountable for all of Those kind of things and go to jail for A very long time I think it's important When you start to feel how it is and and Obviously I you know I'm not African-american i adding grow up African-americans so i don't know i Don't deal with some of the things that African-americans may have dealt with

With respect to police so I don't I Don't pretend to to understand what Someone's individual feelings may be or May not be about those kind of things And not in and I don't judge those those Kind of things well I think it's Important to understand is that as a Program one of the great things about Red Bank and one of the reasons why I Took this job and one of the reasons why I love this program and I love the guys In it is that we all work together and We owe and that's one of the great Things about football we all work Together for a common cause and we all Try to lift each other up them and and To not just be the best that we can be But hopefully we hold you Each other accountable to be the best Person that we can be and when we see Things that are in justices as friends Of each other and people that care about Each other we have to point those things Out now I I am all for everybody going In in anyone that you know feels that They want to protest any kind of actions Like that they certainly should in and I'm you know this is my personal belief But I you know I believe it should be a Peaceful protest And you know I believe in stuff like the Ten commandments when you know thou Shalt not kill thou shalt not steal and When I see things like that you know to

Me things are wrong and when when I Think about wrong and right doing what's Right to me is always in fashion so if You've seen injustice you should point It out it's your duty to point it out It's your duty to be able to to get help When you when you need help it is Important to do the right thing and to Movie from the 80s but and it but doing The right thing is important that never Goes out of style so the way that you Guys treat each other which I think you Know 99% of time you guys do a great job Of it in times like this we have to Rally around each other as much as we Can the beauty of the football program The way to football works and the Programs I played in myself in college And in high school is that everybody Doesn't matter what your race creed Color religion is that we're all working Together for a common cause and we're All trying to get the most out of each Other and the more that we could bring Those things to our own lives and and Think about it in that way that's why I Think football is the greatest sport Because it forces people from different Backgrounds ethnicities religions to all Work together and to be able to figure Out how we could put those things our Backgrounds that are different aside and Then also to be able to have a Conversation without judgment of each

Other but to be able to understand each Other because everybody might think About things in this world slightly Differently And you know when you see in the media And stuff like that Everything is always one side or the Other and one condemns one side the Other condemns the other side and the Way that I look at things is that the More we listen to each other and hear Each other's thoughts even if we Disagree with people on certain things The more we push the conversation along As people and you know I think it's Important for us in in times like these To go and ask each other how how we feel About things to listen to somebody else That may not grow up exactly the way you Grew up and and this goes for both sides No matter how you grow up it's important To understand other people and where They come from because as much as Everybody wants to make the world as – This is the answer to that and this is The answer or that or this is the answer That there's a lot of different Different beliefs that people have and Everybody should be allowed to have Their their own beliefs at the same time That we understand where people are Coming from and we always try to do What's right okay nobody's perfect okay I mean I'm you know believer in Jesus

Christ and that's just my religion and You know I believe he died for our sins And I don't oppose that on anyone Whatever you believe we believe in Allah You your Hebrew whatever that is okay You're really it's that all the Fundamentals come down to doing what's Right and and doing right by other People okay and we are all flawed as People but it's important for us to to Understand where other people are coming From and then to also support each other And to do the right thing and when we See something wrong to point that out I Think that's important stuff that we Could really learn from all these things And then how does that relate to us man A you know the more that we from a Football program learn to get along Figure out how to help each other – to Help each other be the best they can When somebody's in trouble to be able to Support somebody – Comfortable enough to reach out to Someone when there is something going on Okay and for for all you guys I'm gonna Put it in a remind app I'm gonna put you Know cuz I cuz I know schools always you Know want you to go through to remind That but all that kind of stuff and I'm Not gonna have you know I'm not gonna Deviate from that communication but I am Gonna put my phone number and remind out For you guys because I don't want any of

The guys that play for me and obviously This goes for coaches as well if anytime Any one of you guys ever get in a Situation where for some reason your Parent isn't there to help you for some Reason nobody else is there to help you If you if you need me to come there and I don't care what it is you need help With it you call me or you text me and If I have the ability to be there I will Be there and if for some reason I don't I will get you the help that you need Okay I mean the only time I don't do Much but uh maybe if I'm on vacation or Something but as far as that I want you To be able to know that at least you Have one other person besides your Family members that you could that you Can call or reach out to if there's Something that you need to talk to me About okay don't send me anything as far As what you might play gaming wise or Anything like that I don't need to know who you're dating I Don't none of that kind of stuff unless There's something that's causing your Problem with that then yes I'm certainly Can would be there for you but as far as With respect to if you need help with Anything you're ever caught in a jam you Ever have a problem you see something That you need assistance with you you See an issue going on that you need help With or you just can't talk to you you

Know for some reason you can't talk to Your parent about something or sibling About it You you can give me a call you could Text me and long before we had things Like remind app I always had this with My players let me just make sure okay I'm sorry Long before you guys hear me hopefully You guys can hear me but You know long before they had things Like remind app I always gave my number Out to players and I'm gonna at least Give this to you guys so you guys can Can be able to to contact me anytime you Need to if there's some some sort of jam That you get up to or you need help with Something okay and watch I want you to Know that you have somebody that that's There for you Even if you feel like you can't talk to Anybody else okay that's that's Important to me And and and I believe our assistant Coaches are the same way but I want you To be able to know that you have that Resource okay as far as you know when You know when I think what I think about How we have from a program standpoint Like I said before one of the great Things and what it makes this program More special to me than any program on Our schedule or any teams that we've Lived is that we all figure out how to

Work together and we all come from Different towns different financial Backgrounds and again okay can you hear Me now yeah we didn't okay we look the Great thing about Red Bank is that we we All come from different backgrounds we All come from different financial Backgrounds we come from Red Bank little Silver shrewsbury and we all work Together towards a common goal I think That's what makes Red Bank regional a Special high school and a special place To be that that everybody else has you Know is not not always privy to so I Think that's really really important Hold on one second because I feel like I've been muted twice here and I just Wanna say I'm Jacob All right all right does anybody have Any questions about anything that I Discussed no coach anybody have any Comments about it Floors open guys on this team you know We're brothers and you know last year There were some kids were kind of Messing around and stuffing and this Year I just want you to know that we're Always here for you in the same way that Coaches us older kids we're here to help You and if you need me help with Anything our doors are open too We're a family anybody else okay before I go okay before I guys watch show you

Guys Okay well I like well I think about the Program and just you know for some Reason my someone kept muting me I don't Know who was but I may be accidental you Know this is this is this is who I see In our program and this is what we want To continue to build off of okay You know when I see this stuff you know What I see a lot of guys smiling and a Lot of guys that want to be around each Other and that's unique you don't Realize how special that is on a Football team but even more than just on A football team within your own team and The more you guys could take care of Each other and support each other it Wins the bosses those are gonna take Care of himself because the truth is the More you love each other and the more You support each other the more wins You're gonna have and that's just the Bottom line Those things take care of itself and It's important to take care of each Other and that that is the key to Everything you know that would that We're doing going forward all right I Don't want to go any because I'm kind of Want to leave it on that Wednesday we Will go into offense okay in depth make Sure you're doing your workouts that's Obviously key I'm sure provine I'll have Something on Thursday I'll get you over

To ripped information and make sure you Guys take care of each other All right the more you could do that Every single day consistently you're Gonna have an impact and the more you Point those things out to each other and The more you spread that that love and That's the truth the more you'll have More you spread that love the more Impact you will have on people the more You have that love for each other the Greater impact you will have on each Other all right I love you guys and I'll See you guys soon

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