This is how you stand up women’s sports!

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This is how you stand up women’s sports! In the chat hello uh thanks for speak Tonight uh my name is Dave Brown it's my Wife Judy uh we are currently the uh Head girls tennis coach here at Cy…

This is how you stand up women’s sports!

In the chat hello uh thanks for speak Tonight uh my name is Dave Brown it's my Wife Judy uh we are currently the uh Head girls tennis coach here at Cy High School uh Judy's the VAR assistant head JD Coach I have coached for 44 years High School level 31 as a head coach coached In 1,90 high school contest W 667 lost 238 Conference titles took 22 teams to The state Tournament spent 12 years on OSAA boys Tennis seaing community meetings helped Run the state tournament one eight Coach Of the Year Awards One National Coach of The Year award I only say all that Because I want you to know I've invested Heavily in the sports and Athletics and State of Working it's been the pleasure of my Life to be a coach it's been one of the Most rewarding things I've ever gotten To do the last four years it can be I've Switched from boys basketball Boys Tennis to girls tennis can't be high School we have met students parents Staff and community members some will be Friends for Lifetime it's been so Rewarding some of the the kids are here In this room tonight coach and some of Your kids coach it's been an absolute Pleasure we've enjoyed our time at Candy when I talk about the next step Though I've been in your shoes I've been

On a school board I know what it's like I spent 20 years working in public Schools my wife spent 34 years working Public Schools I know that you can't do A lot I know that you're handcuffed when You work in public schools you can't say A lot cuz OD and O say you just can People don't agree with all the the Things that pop up in high school and Athletics and you can't say anything if You do you probably won't get that Promotion you probably won't be treated Very well at school that's a fact it's It's it can be it's in everywhere else And you have to recognize the fact that There are a lot of Staff members that Don't agree with everything that OD and OA puts down they just don't and that's Okay we have our different Perspectives so when Osa mandates Testing every year we have to take tests We have to take concussion protocol heat Exhaustion um first a sex abuse these Tests are given to us every year and They're kind of mundane but I really Agree with because I've had to use all Minor midlevel serious injuries and it Comes in handy when you really know what To do at that point before you can turn Them on to a doctor you know our our our Staff uh you know trainer things like That coaches are put in that situation So I agree with the test buta also is Allowing at this particular time and

It's happening right now boys to play Girl Sports now a lot of people will say well We're transitioning I say no this death Period of time takes a long time we have Boys playing against girls in sports and Orament and it's happened in different Places in the country now the problem With this right now is that my Time my point is is that I can no longer Condone Osa and I've been a member of This for the last half of my life it's Wrong what we're doing it's your job is A school Board it it to protect every single girl Cas2 12 in thiso Not just the boy that's transitioning But every single girl is impacted by This every single girl deserves what Title name originally is going to give Them every girl that I've coached here We've had over 40 45 girls every year to Play tennis and Candy high school every One of them deserve the truth and we're Not telling them the truth by what we're Doing now I know you're stuck you're Stuck by OD and you're stuck by what a I Know you have to follow the rules but Somebody has to have the courage to Stand up I'm going to sit here tonight And say I will not coach anymore foraa Because what they stand for I've loved My time at Candy we've loved our time Here but tomorrow I'll call half

Director Jeremy and tell I'm going to Resign from Candy but I can no longer Support such an awful thing we're doing To girls and girls Sports there should Be only girls playing girl Sports if Somebody's transitioning there has to be Another way for us to hey to dictate This and boys should play boy sports Girls should play girls Sports I'd like To thank Cy so much it's been a great Place I appreciate some of the stuff you Do I put some of your kids the people we Met in CI are fantastic I've walked down Your hallways it's been a good Experience thank you so much for letting Us be here proud to wear the candy Sweatshirt but as the leadership of this Community it stops with you it has to Stop with you you have to protect your Coaches and nobody's done that for for Me and you're not going to the other Coaches but more important they're stuck Because you got to you got to protect These girls these girls need somebody to Step for them step up Mr DS you're the Superintendent but he has to comply I Get it I've worked with our Superintendent's board chair for years I Get It so he can't switch It that M can't switch it you have to do It as school board you have to do the Right Thing you some of you have girls I know

You do and these girls are counting on Somebody to step up and stand up and do The right thing and so whether it stops From cany or other school isses have the Courage cuz leadership's not always easy Leadership's not always soft Leadership's not always well if we do it This way we'll be popular leadership Demands sometimes making a really tough Decision and the tough decision is Protecting the kids so I appreciate your Time thank you very [Music] Much

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