Thanksgiving Day Football Contest From Coach David Schuman of National Underclassmen

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Thanksgiving Day Football Contest From Coach David Schuman of National Underclassmen Twitter contest and discount for thanksgiving weekend only for twitter and football combines and football camps Good morning this is coach schuman here Want to wish…

Thanksgiving Day Football Contest From Coach David Schuman of National Underclassmen
Twitter contest and discount for thanksgiving weekend only for twitter and football combines and football camps

Good morning this is coach schuman here Want to wish you a happy thanksgiving uh To you and your family thanks for being Part of the national underclassmen Family and all of our events we have a Real exciting day here for you just for Thanksgiving um we're gonna do a bunch Of contests and and giveaways over on Our twitter account for our free combine Prep and and combine registration to the First people uh persons to answer Uh trivia questions correct So for our 2010 season we're going to Give you a combine prep or free combine Registration for people to answer simple Trivia questions correctly in order to Participate you have to have a twitter Account and it's it's pretty easy to set Up I promise you If you have a twitter account already Just add the Follow us at the nuc football and you'll Be able to answer our trivia questions Uh starting every single hour At noon if you don't have a twitter Account simply go to click To sign up and then you'll need to add Your name and a valid email address That's it that's simply that's all put In a short bio so we know who you are And once you're done filling out that Short bio uh and your name click on the Find people

Uh area on the upper right hand corner Once you do that Type in the search box my name david Schuman and the first result that should Come up is nuc football So right after you do that Directly under that the word action There is a button with the drop down List Put your mouse your your mouse cursor Over that button and click and you'll See several options to follow and you See football click That Okay After you follow us following nuc Football Then it will bring you to our twitter Page Once you're done with that you're all Set up you can begin seeing the posts That we have on twitter which will be a Bunch of contests uh with trivia Questions as well as some of our other Posts that we have including if you Don't already know about it's been Highly publicized over 400 people have Taken advantage of it our thanksgiving Discount that we have and and it's real Simple our thanksgiving discount once You register for our events at You go and choose your location and type In thanks

110 t-h-a-n-k-s 110 and then you'll get 30 Off our nuc 2010 combining event Registration It's an it's an amazing discount it's The biggest discount that we run on the Year so getting back to the the contest For today for for the free combine prep Possibly a free combine uh registration Uh any responses that you have all you Have to do is to then Click home on the right page and once You do that Just answer with at your name with the At symbol your name and in case If you want to make sure that we have Responded to you make sure it says at And you see football so That way we know it's you at your name And then at nuc football so we know it's Your response Um once once you uh send the response in We'll also ask that you direct message Us it's a dm for direct message with Your contact name and your uh your your Information so we can go ahead and Follow up with you and get you your Discount i mean uh you're actually your Free combine prep or your free combine Registration It's pretty simple once you get started Most people are on twitter if you're not Once you go through the process it's Really easy

If you have any questions at all you can Contact our social media guru brian at 201-978-3896 And he'll be glad uh to help you with That process he doesn't go to sleep so He's there to help you uh as much as Possible And as far as a bonus goes everyone uh Who follows us or answers a question Will be entered into a scholarship Drawing that's correct a scholarship Drawing for five hundred dollars okay On monday uh december 1st 2009 At 7 pm a scholarship drawing uh for People who respond to all of our uh Events so if you have any questions Please contact brian we're so happy to Have you with us hopefully for this 2010 Season uh if you're getting these emails Because you've been with us in the past In 2009 eight or seven And i hope everything is going well for You on a recruiting front we look Forward to working with you in 2010 our Team is excited they're probably in some Nice thanksgiving uh uh dinner soon and And we look forward to seeing with it Make sure you get on nuc Football is our account Okay if you need to search again just Check me out david schuman and nuc Football should come up right away Answer those questions get yourself a Free combine prep or free combine

Registration and enter yourself to for Our scholarship drawing once again Finally our thanksgiving discount for Registration at national Okay all you gotta do is go there pick Your city type in thanks 110 when you're Checking out And you'll get a 30 discount Okay We look forward to seeing you soon it's Always a pleasure working with all the Athletes i had some great conversations This weekend Uh with several of our athletes uh taj Boyd uh his family they're getting ready To play georgia tech and verse clemson And in a big game for the acc Championship If they win uh they're going to be Playing the new year's day bowl Uh i was talking with uh andrew Meredith's father who whose son is right Now red shirt in over at wyoming as you Might know the wyoming quarterback Austin carter samuels went to our event Tyrod taylors are starting quarterback Virginia tech he's in heisman canada He's from our event and joe hayden who's Up for the jim thorpe award he's he came To our event as well as both of his Brothers who were big time recruits so i Mean there's there's thousands and Thousands of kids that have come through

Our events and we can't wait for to see You guys in 2010 Signing off coach human here all right Be Me

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