Texas A & M, FSU, Miami? Ohio State Major Upsets and Tennessee Football #tennesseefootball

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Texas A & M, FSU, Miami? Ohio State Major Upsets and Tennessee Football see more at Foreign [Music] Tastic Monday Mr Farrell fantastic Follow us here Football season's four weeks old college Football so we're almost at the midpoint…

Texas A & M, FSU, Miami? Ohio State Major Upsets and Tennessee Football
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Foreign [Music] Tastic Monday Mr Farrell fantastic Follow us here Football season's four weeks old college Football so we're almost at the midpoint And The promo is is going very well Um It's exciting to see how excited these Kids are you know about the potential Opportunity and it's funny to watch too It's it's D1 uh if You're looking for promotion if you're Young or if you're underappreciated or Underexposed in the recruiting process Um it is interesting You know to see the roller coaster ride That these kids go through you know Sometimes Um They get a spike of interest and Interest wanes then they get another Little Spike that interest wanes then They get panicky Um the whole process itself is you know You will get these spikes and then wanes If you're not out there continually and Then life gets in the way you know our Our Dean Lyman from uh our offensive Lineman from Texas had to move to Oregon Um you know because he's got a family Illness and that just it could uproot You recruiting entirely

Um so it's just I think it's good to Have people in your corner to sort of Navigate through this stuff and we're Not giving advice but you know if you go From a guy that's playing in the state Of Texas to Oregon in the middle you Know of your process your senior year it Changes the geographical recruiting Basis of everything and it's nothing you Can control you just have to you know Sort of continue to have more promotion So that people know that you're still Out there because sometimes they can Look back and say Hey where's this Texas Kid he's gone but with our promotions You're going to know where he is and What he's doing and get his highlights From his first few games so It's tough out there man it's tough the Recruiting process is not easy at all I was just uh Um On the phone with a couple people last Week about it and explained to them how Uh it was a parent who's on board with Us now one of the quarterbacks from North Carolina quarterback from North Carolina and and how difficult the Process is obviously quarterback's Always difficult right because there's Not that many uh so you got to be really Good and you got to build a good job but What's difficult is That we're talking a lot about the

Portal right and how it's affected these The high school athletes so you know I Say the fortune and and and unfortunate Part of it is Um having someone in your corner is is Going to be important who who holds some Weight and Um that's also the unfortunate as well Because If you don't have somebody in your Corner you could let me left out in the Cold so Um uh not everything in life is fair but There is a process to be able to help You and and we have that and you go to Um and I can tell you this that Uh there is a lot obviously there's Still plenty of opportunity in college Football it's just you got to make sure That you're able to figure out and Navigate the right way to go about it And have the right people in your corner And the great thing is that you know in Just a short time period that we've been Doing these videos we've really been Able to hone in well I think on what the Players do well Um be very transparent on it and and Talk about their strengths in a way that Not just I think their parents and Themselves appreciate but also coaches Who are who are getting these Notifications because we are concrete at

How we talk about things and there's Little to no fluff on anything you know Yeah and you know we'd never sugarcoat How difficult it is Um You know but everything's difficult uh You watched Ted lasso No but I do know who he is it's such a Great show you know I'm super happy but Lucky you know college football coach Gets hired to be a soccer coach and you Know you you wonder like this guy's life He's just always happy and upbeat and All that stuff and then you find out That he had tremendous trauma as a child And he starts to get panic attacks and Stuff like this and one of the things he Said is one of the happiest go luckiest Characters ever gonna see life is hard And life is hard Um and you need help sometimes and this Isn't life or death you know whether you Play football at the college level or Don't or what level you play at isn't Life or death but to do all the hard Work you put in from the age of what Sometimes four sometimes eight sometimes Ten to now you know you want it to be Rewarded in some way or at least for People to notice you know the hard work You're putting in there so you know the The downside of it to me is that I Become invested in the success level And I often think of some of our

One-time promoting you know like because We offer the one time and the sixth Month and the 12 month and the one time You know I always kind of want to Circle Back with them and say you know it's Okay to do six more months if you want To it's probably the smart thing to do If you didn't get what you were hoping For or you know you didn't blow up which Was never gonna happen I don't think in The one time I think it's going to Expose you Um and I think it's going to help you Um especially the younger kids get you On the radar but you know I think of Some of the kids that did the one time And I wonder where their recruiting Process is at and if it helped at all so I Circle back on those guys sometimes Um and it's intriguing to see the Emotional ups and downs that kids have When it comes to this process because It's hard uh so you know we're not Promising any sort of immediate success Or anything like that but the more People you have in your corner in this World Uh You know the the better off you are and That's something you're going to learn Later in life too so it's good to it's Good to sort of lean on people and I Think we can be leaned on to help Um so if you do want the promotion or

You're interested in the promotion and You know some people tag me Um In in film then I'm sure they tag you Too yeah you know and you know I think They're hoping for a retweet or us to Evaluate the film and and things like That and that's unfortunately not the Way it works and and having been you Know worked at a large large recruiting Company for 24 years that's just not Gonna happen it's not going to happen For us currently it's not going to Happen at those big companies they're Not going to discover your film look at Your film take an interest in you uh They're just not Um sometimes you have to actually sign Up for something and and you know Nothing's free in this world Um but I think if you do sign up for the Promotion you're going to get our best Effort and our full interest and Unfortunately there's just not enough Time in the day for us Who are trying to you know make a living And pay bills to pay attention to those That aren't part of the promotion so When they do tag me in that I always DM Them and say we are you interested in Your promotion and and half the time They don't respond because they you know Whether it's too expensive or they don't Want to

Um and then the other half the time they Do but I I can tell you I mean it's Going to help you tagging random people Is not going to help you I had one kid Tell me that he he emailed directly Every College from FCS to power five and I told them I said every one of those Emails was deleted now one was read It's life sucks but you need help Sometimes you need help I agree I think There are there are multiple ways to go About it from a process template I think You need to do exhaust all of those Areas Um and if you can Um this this happens to be an area that Will put you a latch above everybody Else and a notch above I should say and That's that's a big difference maker and I think that the players that are on the Six month promotion are seeing a huge Difference Um you know people ask oh what type of Players are made these are really really Good players I mean we have a lot of Guys that have scholarships but it's not Just for those guys but we do I mean we Do have some really really good players Guys a bunch of guys with scholarship Offers so and guys that are gonna be Getting scholarship offers and this part Is putting them to the Forefront to give Them that opportunity to stay in the

Eyes of the coaches because when a College coach comes out of a football Game you know he makes his Wednesday Night calls Um for recruiting to the guys that are Already recruiting they get the Recruiting coordinator to set bend over A bunch of guys that they think they Should look at that may not yet be on Their radar like you need to be on that Group of guys because if you're not then You're just you know the recruiting Coordinator or I don't even recruiter But the recruiting GA who's kind of like Uh I don't know I you know I don't know Whether he's good or not and he just and You may be really good but the Recruiting GA is just looking for one Thing like only send me stuff that is Out of this world right Mike like yeah Don't send me anything that's not out of This world he wants to make his name I Mean that's what he's doing so the guy's Fielding your emails You know they're not going to spend a Lot of time on it unless something Wows Them and even then they're going to be Scared to take it to their next level Um because you know The next level their boss might laugh at It and say what are you doing so taking A risk on someone is extremely Dangerous when you're recruiting GA and That's another reason why you won't get

Past them Um and and you'll you know with us Like you said I mean we got kids I think We have kids in our program and we're I Think we're over 100 now A lot of them based on my knowledge and Again this is the guy who said Arch Manning if he was Arch Smith he'd be a Three star Based on the evaluation Talent that's Out there when it comes to you know These big websites that's what I meant Is that you his film comes through Arch Manning's film comes through to Every College as Arch Smith it's going To get deleted too They're not gonna look at it because They don't know who he is you got to be Known before you're known and that's What we do we make you known and I think We have a lot of kids that just weren't Known and I think they're talented kids That if they got to us earlier or even Now they're becoming known but had they Got to us earlier there's a couple of Players in this and I won't name my name That are 2023 prospects that we've Promoted that I think are power five Level prospects but they just got Started too late and and they're going To end up FCS which is fine and then They can if they're good enough they Could transfer to power five or a group Of five through the portal but they got

To us too late Um if you give us six months if you give Us 12 months and you give us time you Know sophomore junior year whatever we We can make you known Um because like I said if you're not Known you're not known and and that was My whole point about the arch Manning Thing and people took it out of context You know oh this famous you know Recruiting guy says Arch Manning's a Three-star Talent he's he's not he's not A five star he's not a five-star plus He's not a perfect recruit as everybody Says or whatever He's got skills but the last name Certainly helps but I'm telling you you Know and it's always It's always tempting to me To sort of Send in Blind film To somebody and by that I mean it's like Take you know Jadeveon Clowney's film And put some no-name kid on it and send It around to colleges and see if anybody Notices because it's the best film You're ever going to see for a defensive Player ever at high school I guarantee You it would probably be like a 50 rate Of people that would even look at it and Say because the first play on it he runs A kid down from like 70 yards as a Defensive end so if anybody's opening it

And they look at the first play they're Intrigued immediately and I bet you half Of them wouldn't even open it Um and that's where we're at in Recruiting so you better get some help Um wouldn't that be funny though if I Just put up like Jadeveon Clowney's old Film And say you know my name is you know Bob Smith I'm a defensive end from uh Colorado I'm not on any radar yet but I Think I'm really good and my film is Clowney's film what if that was the film And you were from Maine It would be ignored Colorado even I Think it's ignored um And again Connie's film is so famous it Is famous so that maybe people would Notice but it's just an example of Taking somebody's screen Noel Devine Okay he said he's far enough removed Right he's he's now like you know too Famous man too famous that that Highlight film of his freshman season Where he's he makes he does four spin Moves and makes people it's so ingrained You know there's certain highlight films Out there like Reggie Bush Um who's the dude that went to uh West Virginia from Maryland Um Gosh she was the first rounder too and I Can't remember his name Um there's so many so many amazing uh

Highlight films out there that are so Good Um but you know the point is You could have film like that and if You're not known you're not known Um and when do you get known You know you get known honestly these Days in eighth grade and Ninth Grade That's when you first get on the radar Uh that's the way it is Um and and how do you get on the radar It's really like a chicken egg type of Thing are you on the radar because other Schools have you on the radar and maybe Like a Florida will discover you because They they heard Alabama's recruiting you Or is it a situation where you know Florida sees you discovers you as a Young kid or sees you in Camp and that Puts you on the radar and then other Schools sort of gravitate that way Um You just don't know but I do know this You have to be discovered you know Without that you remember Christian Wilkins played locally here at Suffield Academy his his coach sent me his film As a freshman he had no offers Whatsoever and I didn't look at a lot of Film that wasn't Um you know that I didn't know because I Didn't have time but this kid happened To be from Southfield Academy and he's Connecticut kid so it piqued my interest

So I clicked on the film I watched the First two plays and I said holy crap Like this kid's amazing and then I Invited him to our New Jersey Camp as a Freshman and he was great there I ended Up with 50 offers five-star kid went to Clemson first rounder just one yesterday Had a great game against the bills They're 3-0 in the Dolphins and that's How he got discovered now was it because Of me no he doesn't owe me anything But I will tell you this you know the Only reason I looked at that particular Film was because he was from Suffield Academy and had it been from Colorado or Maine or something I probably wouldn't Have and his process might have been a Little bit slower uh Sharif Floyd's a Good example too so it's just you need People to make somebody notice and That's Floyd from went from No nobody at he was uh melbins it was Melvin's Camp back in the day the elite Whatever you guys did it with them with Chris Melvin you remember Chris Melvin I Remember Chris Melvin me and Chris Melvin butted heads a few times uh yeah I remember this kid being there because I had a lineman that was coaching that Was there and I had just started getting Into campuses at the time and uh maybe I Was a couple years in and um This kid was dominating he was going

Against the kid who went to Rutgers Anthony Davis And I'm a five-star kid yep and that Sharif did great against him they had Like some battles right and then next Thing you know I'm sure you were writing about him and And next thing you know Sharif Floyd Went from a guy who was good probably Eventually get some division one offers To a guy that just exploded literally I Think he played did he play in the army All-American Game I think yeah so what Happened was after that camp Um I invited him to the Army combine Okay for the underclassmen you know the Thursday before the game itself and the Friday before the game itself so he was One of the 500 invitees and and you know He had to pay the money uh right and he Was from you know he was from uh Philly And I think they if I remember correctly There was some sort of uh brownie bake Sale to come up with the money And he got the money to fly to San Antonio and to participate in the Combine and he was great I mean a kid Was like six foot four 305 pounds Chiseled so freaking talented but nobody Really knew about him Um and he went to the combine and I Think he had a Yukon offer at the time And then after the combine he blew up we Wrote about him he got like you know

Ended up with 40 offers 50 offers ended Up going to Florida for my first rounder Got injured you know he's still in the Game uh he's actually a coach Um you know I I think it at Florida I Think he's a ga at Florida Um and it's funny too because his one of His coaches ended up being a Personnel Guy at Baylor and Temple and you know It's still in the industry as well and It's like You discover more than just players you Discover and it wasn't his head coach it Was his position coach and he got to Network through Sharif and and got People to understand that he was a good Coach too so but there's stories like That all the time Um But nowadays I honestly think in this industry the Talent level of evaluation as far as Discovering kids is really really down Um you know it used to be in the day it Was journalists who were taught how to Scout I was a journalist uh who was Taught how to Scout and I sat with many Many old-time you know assistant coaches And broke down film and learned you know What As you know Zone blocking scheme was or You know what to look for uh in a Cornerback and all that stuff and and Just learn sort of that process through

Coaches Now they're journalists and they're just Cranking out articles and they don't Really know what a good football player Looks like Um and it's the rankings are Very very watered down with who is Popular Um you know and I don't mean to pick on Arch Manning but again he's the number One player in the country for everybody ESPN's got a number two I've got a Number eight at quarterback you know and That doesn't mean I'm right but I I look Into it a little bit more so than the Guys that are in this industry I think And some of them who have been around For a long time are good but I just keep Seeing more new names brought in And they don't know what to do and Evaluate so again you could send a Clowney film to somebody if they looked At it I think he would pop off the Screen you would hope but I don't even Know if they'd do anything about it Because why waste their time on a kid With no offers And that's where these kids are stuck at So that's why the promotion I mean we're A little long-winded on the promotion Today but to me it's an emotional issue As well There's such a hunger and want to from Some of these kids to be discovered and

They're just never going to be Discovered unless they get some help Great D1 get the promotion It's right below you can see it how do I Do that oh there you go there it is you Can see it and um You know we'll we'll be glad to help you And let's talk a little uh yeah and my Webcam better be better it is better by The way it's much better today I think It was my internet speed so what Happened is I have Frontier when I moved And Frontier is not known for great Internet but I have the you know highest Internet package but I was doing a speed Test on it and my speed test was like 89 Upload and like seven download was Horrible and I didn't know this Um so the speed of it I just rebooted it And I got better upload downloads but I'm going to buy a new camera as well Because this is an Antiquated one but I Was looking at some of these some of the Clips you sent me I couldn't even put Out there I looked so horrible it was Just so grainy and awful and people were Like no it's your lighting because I Have a window over here no this was just Grainy crap so this better work better I Will tell you also I went to a concert Last night for the first time in like 15 Years A rock concert have you ever heard of a

Band named Bring Me The Horizon no So good they're a kind of a heavy Rock Not a not a not a thrash metal but just A really good band from England and they Were playing at The Big E up in Springfield Massachusetts of all places And they they just sold out the Barclay Center in Brooklyn they're selling out Places in Atlanta L.A Chicago and I'm Like what are they doing here so I went To that last night and I've learned a Few things First I cannot stand in the same spot For two hours without my legs completely Atrophying and seizing up Have you ever tried to stand in the same Position for two hours A little bit where they get camps and Stuff and coaching around a little bit You're right I'm talking same spot not Moving that stuff that's you that I was A robot I mean obviously I was you know Moving a little bit That but my legs just died now are they What are they what kind of what kind of Band is that so you I don't like they're heavier than like a Lincoln Park They're not as hair metaly as a queen's Reich Um They're kind of in a class of their own But it's it's heavy I mean it's heavy But it's not growling heavy you know how

Some bands they used to be a growling It used to be that like Horrible I didn't like that and then They changed to like a more melodic Version of themselves and they're just Unbelievable and the thing that was bad About it though at the very end they Come out and they do their Encore and um They're they're like one minute left From from their last song and then the Lead singer Ollie Sykes has to cut the Music he's like stop the music A girl was crowd surfing Because the crowds there get nuts they Have mosh pits and circle pits and you Know all this stuff yeah so she was Crowd surfing and and The crowd forgot to catch her At one point and she went down and Cracked her head they had to bring in The ambulance and they had to stop the Show and it was kind of a a crappy Ending to what was an amazing show but I Will tell you this I'm an old fart who Hasn't seen a concert In a very long time and it's out of my Comfort zone to actually you know go and Do this It was Transformative experience Into new concerts yeah yeah and I don't Want to see Motley Crew you know I love Motley Crue I grew up on Motley Crew but I only see fat Vince Neil who can't sing

Anymore Ruined the songs that I grew up on I Want to see like real legitimate bands I Mean these guys are all in their 30s and They're I don't want to see I love Def Leppard I Still think they're good I saw a concert From the Scorpions on uh Tick Tock the Other night two weeks ago from Tampa They were amazing they sounded just like It but poor Klaus is 74 years old the Lead singer of The Scorpions is he Really 74 and so he's shuffling around But his voice is amazing I still could Sing well he had a great voice booming Voice every song sounded just like as I Had seen them in the 90s every song Sounded the same except He's shuffling around and so some of Them can hang in like the Scorpions were Absolutely great and then some of them You see like a Guns and Roses you know Concentrate on video where you see like Uh Motley Crue and you just want to be Like You just ruined it man you ruined my Memories so this was great great Experience we'll do it again I'm a Little bleary-eyed because I'm not a Stay up late guy But I will tell you I feel young it was Great Yeah I remember now my question for you About metal and is it's still as it was

In the 80s and 90s is there still a Level of like I haven't really listened to a lot of That stuff in a long time it is it still Prominent like it was Nothing is Um because of there's no more CDs There's no more CD release I mean there Are but you know remember when you used To get like a I mean we're old enough to Get albums but when you used to have a CD come out and it was a big deal and You go to the record store and you got The sleeve and the lyrics and you listen To it over and over again Everything's everything's digitally you Know released Um it's hard for bands to get that type Of traction you know obviously there's Very very popular bands out there on on ITunes and in those places but when it Comes to rock Concerts they're few and far between as Far as great rock bands anymore Um they just don't exist there's more Rap there's more yeah pop and all that Stuff but One song A lot of times so it's it's Able to get a big hit from one song Catch on and like Tick Tock or something And and translate over versus Metal Which a lot of times a rock which Probably needs a couple songs for people To really be into a band to listen to

Their stuff it's a little different yeah I have one great song in rap And no one has to hear from that guy Again they don't care they'll enjoy that One song but in rock and roll like I I Especially towards the metal side I feel Like There's a much more of a cult following For groups right and that was the big Thing about like Iron Maiden like what Iron Maiden been able to get the Following they had back then nowadays You know yeah probably not Um look how great the artwork was on Their covers yeah I mean that's what That's what was the difference I mean The music was unbelievable but that was Everyone knew their artwork right as a Teacher it was great yeah it was yeah he Wanted that you know t-shirt and every One of their albums was done by the same Artist you know as far as the artwork And it was freaking great and and There's still bands like Five Finger Death Punch and Disturbed and there's Still bands out there that are still Popular and very good and still tour and Stuff like that I I got out of music for A while I was into music hair metal and Then grunge came along and I wasn't Really into grunge that much and then I Got out of music and honestly like 10 Years ago Uh me and some buddies went to a strip

Club Like I hadn't been to a strip club in 20 Years And the music they were playing just Brought music back to my life Because it's just my kind of music and And I heard Linkin Park and I wasn't Really a big Lincoln Park Fan and this Was after Chester Bennington had Committed suicide and I started Listening to them and I got real into Them and then I started listening to Bands that sound like them a little bit And then ended up morphing into this Band Bring Me The Horizon And and now I've got a whole now music I Mean if I go for a walk or something I I'm just music I used to listen to Howard Stern all the time until he went Crazy and that was like five hours four Hours of my day and now it's just music So it is transformative Um yeah it was really weird of me to do This you know because I went kind of by Myself not really I mean my buddy went With me it's the biggie so he he went Around looking at all the other stuff And he's not into this type of music so It's kind of me and the crowd Um but it was awesome The the biggie is in Agawam Massachusetts so it's a big carnival Like 21 days out of every year in September they have this Big E and it's

Got Ferris wheels and the all of Six Flags rides it's got all the horrible Food it's got the petting zoos it's got Something for everybody and they have a Stadium there apparently which I didn't Even know until I found out these guys Were coming and so I went there and it's Interesting to see the people I was the oldest person there I bet I Bet I was you know but I didn't care but Anyways we could talk college football You know you talk about pickleball and Some of the things you're doing which Are awesome and I always want to do Pickleball because I'm not socially I'm Not a social person I don't like people That much so you you organizing a Pickleball tournament for like hundreds Of people or going down and playing Pickleball with strangers that's not my Thing at all so for me to actually go to A concert when I could have just Canceled at any time was a big deal so Maybe I'm becoming more social although I do hate people because I will tell you This and this segues into college Football Florida state is back okay yeah before No they just crushed BC who suck by the Way you know they beat LSU they beat Louisville they'll be Duquesne but They're four and all okay I thought Mike Norvell was gonna get fired this season I couldn't find six wins on the schedule

Because I thought they'd lose to LSU I Thought they might lose to Louisville Preseason I thought they might lose to BC They're 4-0 Florida State fans are back and they are Just horrible human beings Horrible in every way they the hatred That I'm getting from my Mike Norvell Could be fired this season is just Astonishing but in a way it kind of Reminds me of the old days you know when Bobby Bowden was around and and when Jimbo Fisher was winning the national Title there and they were with I looked Into the recruiting and like I think it Was 2016. they got Marvin Wilson and cam Acres maybe 2017. they had a great class Ton of five stars since then their Recruiting has been crap they just got a Commitment from Hakeem Williams who's a Florida kid five star wide receiver It's their best commitment since cam Makers cam makers is now what a Four-year NFL veteran or three-year NFL Veteran they've been down so long it Part of it's kind of cool to see them Back but the Cockiness of the Florida State fans is something I totally forgot Existed and and it's back in full force Now Well it's interesting because Norvell he Was was he at uh Memphis before or no is That Memphis and he was an assistant in

Arizona State yeah they would score a Million points when he was at Memphis if I'm not mistaken his offensive scored a Million points so is it he had won so Many games there although although Memphis is always a place that either Could be really bad or really good Depending on who the coaches because There is a recruiting base right there In Memphis right but uh but it was Interesting because It shows you to me How bad Willy tiger was Willie tiger had everybody behind him Norvell really has had to get people Behind him not everybody was behind him Right I mean that's been a process most People have been skeptical bully Target Everybody behind him and he just uh I Don't know what was going on there but Norvell is just kind of I think stayed With his approach and uh I mean he was Kind of quiet at Memphis even though he Won all those games you know there when They were like 10-1 or whatever but yeah They were 10 and 3 and 12 and 2 in his Last year so what happened is Jimbo's Jimbo was on his way out of Florida State and he stopped recruiting and he Really screwed them Personnel wise so Then they made the bad hire of tiger who Was supposed to be a great recruiter and Didn't happen and he made some bad Decisions including not recruiting a

Quarterback for like two straight Cycles And they were just awful and the Norvell Takes over he goes three and six in Covid and he he gets the job during Covet so he can't even build Relationships in the areas he needs to Because there's no traveling there's no Recruiting And it goes five and seven In 2021 and people are very very Dissatisfied with five and seven you Know Florida State fans anyways they're Used to winning our national titles and All this other stuff Um And so this year was a real interesting Season for him now they're paying so Much money to tagger That they can't really afford to pay the Buyout for norvel but if he had a bad Season trust me that he would be gone And this is what's funny about college Football and people will disagree with Me but this is it You know you learn to win And you you learn to lose that game they Beat Duquesne in the opener 47-7 who Cares FCS win the game against LSU Was so important for this particular Program Because Had they lost that football game Um we could be talking about some real Real problems here and they could have

Lost that football game because if you Remember they were winning the game And they had the ball and they were Going in the score to put it away and They fumbled down at the one yard line LSU drives all the way down and scores To what essentially should tie the game It was 24-23 at the time And then they block an extra point Florida State wins the game 24-23 had That extra point gone through Had Florida State lost in overtime They would be a one-on-one football team With a A you know win against Duquesne And a completely blown opportunity to Beat LSU and everybody would be talking About how this guy sucks and he's no Good and that could lead to the next Game Which is Louisville which they win 35-31 In a close game And and now he's 4-0 after BC You know he could be two and two and Everybody could be talking about getting Fired but now in this world 4-0 fsu's Back were amazing and I'm an idiot and Everybody hates me and it's just one Game what's your point yeah no doubt You have to go through this this is me Talking from a coaching perspective you Have to win Like maybe get a little Lucky in some of These games that are close right and and Then the confidence rolls and that's how

They blow out BC right the confidence is Rolled in because no matter what happens No matter how close the score was as a Like an athlete they just know we're 3-0 Right so now they're like hey let's get The four now so now they a game that Probably would have been if you would Have said the beginning of the Season Either way they come out and blow them Out and I I mean I could you know you Can almost say the same thing that like Uh Notre Dame They struggled to win that first game But they were so much better in this Game than they were in the last game and I don't know if they're even good or not But right It's like but if they had lost that game That game last week which would could Have potentially won against them They've lost that game that cow guy Catches the ball at the end and go you Know whatever Um They probably would have lost this game North Carolina and all of a sudden Marcus Freeman's world would have been a Whole different situation Player confidence like you can't Undervalue The importance even if it's a a win Against a team that is close it's close And it's not that good of opponent just Winning

Because the players then just kind of See themselves differently and that Certainly helps as a coach right Otherwise these guys you know once they Get another cycle even even Brian Kelly Right I mean now he's gotta rolling a Little bit you know right right and and And the thing about it is like As on the sideline you know you give up A 99-yard touchdown drive after you Fumbled on the one yard line and they They kicked the extra point and it's 24-24 and you're heading into overtime On on the LSU sideline you're elated you Know you're back in this game you got a Second life the momentum is all yours And confidence and feeling of goodness And on the Florida state side you're Like geez how did we blow this we we Were at the one we fumbled we gave him a Big drive now we're tied we're going to Overtime now you're playing a little bit Tighter you're a little bit more worried You don't have the confidence just one Blocked extra point can change the Entire trajectory of a season and a Coach's life because you know let's look At uh Miami I mean they lose to Texas A M and they didn't look good They only lose to Middle Tennessee State And it wasn't a loss they got blown out 45 to 31 against an FCS team it's an Utter embarrassment all of the momentum Of Mario Cristobal being hired uh all

The momentum and recruiting that they Had Is out the window just in this loss now You wonder about Miami Originally heading into Texas A M you Thought maybe they could be a 10-2 Football team you know because you Believe and Tyler Van Dyke was a first Rounder you know then Texas A M happens You're like okay maybe nine and three Now they're two and two Tyler van deck got benched against Middle Tennessee his his first round Popes shattered gone Josh Gaddis is the New offensive coordinator he he's put in A pro style offense which is not playing To the strengths of Tyler Van Dyke So now they got you know their backup Quarterback is going to be their starter Maybe or they might go back to Van Dyke But his confidence is shot Now you look at games like North Carolina you know horrible defense but They could lose that Virginia Tech Duke Virginia any of these games are Potential losses now You know so they could be a six and six Team now and all of a sudden the bloom Is off the rose for for crystal ball Um Billy Napier first game of the season Against Freaking Utah Utah preseason playoff Team in my opinion top 10 program they Win that game they play physical Anthony

Richardson looks like the best player Ever to live Then they get whooped by Kentucky they Almost lose to USF they lose in a Hard-fought battle to Tennessee now They're two and two and we could be Looking at the six and six season there It's just everything changes on a dime And for Anthony Richardson to go for Potential number one overall pick two Two weeks later to look like an Undrafted free agent Is just it's astonishing how quickly Things can change in college football so Enjoy it you know listen people think I Like white norvel he's always been nice To me always been you know Um You know he's always been good about Interviews always been good about Responding Um people think that I'm rooting for him To be fired I'm not but they get very Very angry about stuff like this and so The the option is to never make a Prediction which was boring and and why Would anybody be interested in me if I Didn't make predictions or just double Down on my prediction Which is stupid or just say hey you know What I was wrong I was absolutely wrong And this team's got four wins already And they're easily going to get to six Yeah I mean look you know the thing

About Coaching and Player Development and the People you recruit Like it really is not only is it you Don't exactly know what person is the Right fit and write each situation But then Does that coach help with the player's Confidence and then somehow they're Playing better because of it or is their Style detriment in that area of the Country like could work here doesn't Work here type of thing it's it's it's Interesting and then there are guys that You know you don't know that they're Universally going to win but like I Wonder if Brian Kelly does do well at LSU right It's so funny because so many people Hate him because of his personality And I don't even know him but I'm just Saying with this perceived personality Is He really somehow if he does really well You LSU you'd have to say like he Connects with the players right I mean You can't say that he doesn't connect With the players no get them to do what He's hoping to get them to do like they He may be tough he may be Um non-wavering but you know I would say Like Play football players they do need a Certain amount of structure to what

They're doing you know and if it's just Like I you know you always see the term The players coach this guy's the Player's coach there's very few guys That have made that work there's the Tony dungies of the world that have made That work there's a few guys that have But that's a harder way to make it work But the guy who's keeps things on track Like a Brian Kelly or Saban If the players Buy in they have success They seem to have a chance to really Have really long-term success which is Rare in college football yeah and it's We're in a world where everybody wants To hate and everyone wants a reason to Hate and more so than ever so when you Look at a guy like Mel Tucker at Michigan State You know he signs the 85 million dollar Guaranteed contract And that's great and he's going to be Rich forever Foreign But that contract is going to come up Every cent every time they lost to Washington last week on the road and They they were favored to win I mean They were Underdog but you know Washington was four and eight last Season and there was an odd line They just got smoked by Minnesota 34-7 At home Everybody on earth now is saying this

Guy's overpaid it was stupid to give him That money and the reason I mentioned Him is because he was the one that LSU Wanted over Brian Kelly Um so now you know Michigan State Overpaid him and now he's going to have To deal with that forever and he is out Of favor and they're two and two You know everybody's out of favor so Fast so quickly and everything changes So quickly you know you win four games And you you're undefeated four games in The season and you're on top of the World and this is it we're back Um you know Texas is supposed to be back After barely losing to Alabama and then Beating UTSA and they just lost the Texas Tech The highs and lows of college football With social media now are 10 times more Than they've ever been before and that's Hard to keep your team focused as well I Mean you could easily lose a team and a Locker room based on all the negative Garbage that's out there Um so so when you see a team like Tennessee You know who's undefeated now and Rocky Top is going nuts and they beat Florida And Florida's owned them forever You really want to embrace it and you Want to have fun with it but you want to Focus on the positive you know like Tennessee fans don't like me either but

They're not in my timeline like crazy Saying you suck die Um they're celebrating their Victory and They're one of the toughest Twitter Crowds out there Florida State fans seem To be a little bit Pissed And and I don't know it's good or bad You know but Eventually you're going to lose a game And then I'm going to wonder what Happens to them you know like how far do They fall because they're on a such a High rate now Um that they better go undefeated to Keep this going because I don't know if They could handle a loss and you know if You told Florida State fans ahead of This season if you went nine and three They would say absolutely I'd take that In a second that'd be unbelievable Because we've been so bad for so long Uh but now you know let's say you look At the Florida State schedule Yeah Wake Forest NC State and Clemson Those are the next three games that's The number 22 team the number 10 team And the number five team in the country They lose those three games and they're Four and three People are gonna be calling for Norville's head all over again This is the way we live and it's stupid It sucks

But I guess I I suck too because I'm I'm In the hot take business So I gotta live and die with hot takes Um I just have to adjust to it a little bit Because It's intriguing to me LSU looks like a Good team Louisville looks like a crap Team BC he's a crab team duquesne's Nothing so therefore no they've beaten One good team And now they got the The Gauntlet of Their schedule but on the flip side they Win these three games go 7-0 this is a Top 10 team in the country And that's fun that's exciting because Right now they're 23 in the country and Florida State being back Texas being Back Miami being all that good it's all Good for college football so you know What's great for college football too is The Joey Maguires of the world a high School coach coming up right uh I I Remember when I ran and you may have run Camps there too I don't know but when he Was at Cedar Hill I ran my first Texas Camps with Joey Maguire Joey Maguire I You know I was from New Jersey you know What I mean I mean you know how Texas is With football and I was making a phone Call around like hey you know I'd like To bring a camp there and you can Imagine the Crickets at the time you Know uh being from New Jersey and Jerry

Maguire said bring it on down I said Okay I'm coming and uh uh the for many Years Texas was some of my best stuff And uh but yeah he was I always thought Like this guy is just like there's Something about him that was really like You know you're not shocked by someone's Success I just always thought there was Something about him he always had a guy The guy who he had me who was right-hand Man who he had meet me at the door was a Guy that was originally from New Jersey That moved to Texas so there was so I Would have an immediate connection you Know what I'm saying and it was just Smart like who would think that way you Know I mean oh I have a guy in my staff That's from New Jersey hey go meet with This guy who's running a camp from New Jersey so you guys can kind of get I Mean that was you know so that's success And then obviously Kansas uh I mean Uh watching them play it's like it's Unbelievable how good they're playing a Great coach another great coach and you Don't know who's a great coach and who's Not Joe in the garage was a great coach In high school you know Matt rule took Him on a Baylor Um and a lot of people thought about Well you know it was a recruiting move Because Joey knows every is rejected by Every High School coach in the state of Texas we turned out to be a really good

Coach there now he's got his own program And he's you know listen again we're Don't overreact to this right right Right I mean they beat Texas Texas May Suck It's certainly not undefeated I mean They lost Um who the hell too I can't even Remember oh they lost to NC State Um good it was good which is a good loss I mean you know but still they're three In one and and you know but he's off to A good start and Lance Leopold is a Great coach he was a great coach at the Lower level and then Buffalo and now This you know and therefore now it's It's overreaction world and it's awesome I love it Um you know but part of it is just a Little ridiculous too you know I mean I Think Kansas should be a top 25 team You know if you're gonna put a m there Who lost to that state or if you're Going to have pit there you know who Lost the Tennessee who's it's a good Loss but they beat West Virginia the Same way Kansas beat West Virginia and Kansas had beaten Houston and Duke which Are better other opponents than Pit has Like there's a reason for Kansas to be Four though but again they've got Iowa State TCU which are two winnable Football games then Oklahoma Baylor Oklahoma State that's that's tough you

Know so he's not going to be on top of The world forever too Um there's ups and downs happen but I Think it's better when the ups and downs Occur you know I don't like to see a Kansas team go 2 and 10 every year for 10 straight years oh I know I don't like To see Florida State suck for six Straight years I don't like to see Texas Continue to be no threat in in the Big 12 and to move to the SEC there'll be Less of a threat I like to see a little Bit of ups and downs and parity going on There and I think we're headed towards That but some really good coaching jobs Jeff Collins got fired at Georgia Tech So it's like one coach every week now is Going to get fired your Frost Herm Collins next week will probably Darrell At Colorado or harson at Auburn this is The new wave you're going to get coaches Fired every week Um can you believe what they were the The assistant coaches were yeah yeah I Don't know if I believe that I don't Know if I believe that if that's true Those guys shouldn't coach again not Yeah but if it's killing themselves like They're going to lose their jobs anyways Be fired anyway so I I don't know why You would do that it doesn't make sense I'd like to know more about that story How about Oklahoma losing Yeah and here's the thing too I came out

With you it was good but One of the things that I'm supposed to Do is to put on lists that make people Discuss right and and we discuss things So I put out my list of the the top you Know ranking the coaches in the Big 12 And I did this for every Power five Conference and and of course you know That's being brought up too because I Had Norvell like 10th in the ACC and and Obviously a 4-0 Um I had Joey McGuire ahead of Brent Venables and they're both oh and always Had football coaches and people are like How could you possibly have that it's Crazy you're an idiot you're a [ __ ] you Know and I had Lance Leopold the number Three in the big 12. I had Matt Campbell Number one Mike Gundy number two and Everybody's like why you got Leopold Three it's what you do with what you Have so Oklahoma should win Ever every not every game but most of Their games Um Kansas State always gives them Trouble You know Um but they they you know looking at it Kansas State's coming off a loss to two Lane this is at home you would think Oklahoma would win and they don't and The reason I had Joey McGuire ahead is Because I think he's going to do a Better job with what he has now Brent

Venable's win loss record is going to be Better than Joey Maguire's that's just Life but you can't compl you can't Compare the Oklahoma Job multiple National championships tremendous Tradition and history to the Texas Tech Job which has no tradition in history And the last time people thought about Him was either when Patrick Mahomes was Running for his life or Mike Leach was Winning with Crabtree and beating Texas It's different you know you have to rate Coaches at Kansas differently than you Rate coaches at Alabama and so I so Kansas State isn't a shocker to me that They won that game Um they were clearly looking ahead to That game uh you know they'd just be in Missouri that's a rivalry game even Though they're not in the same Conference they whooped them Then they have home against Tulane and Then Oklahoma on the schedule and I just Looked I do a betting gambling uh show Every Saturday morning uh for betting Pros you could follow them on Twitter at Bettingpro And and my co-host and I Thor Nystrom Looked at that game when we both said Trap and Tulane was getting two Touchdowns so they were plus 14. and we Said take the 14 but maybe even touch The money line here and they went and Lost to Tulane and then they come back

And beat Oklahoma that's kind of the way It works like sometimes you win a big Game you overlook your opponent And then you win a big game and it sucks For Kansas State because they should be 4-0 right now and they should be in the Top 15 in the country and they're not But Oklahoma's got some issues they always Do defensively I don't know if that's Ever going to be short up even with Brent venables they always have Defensive issues What's Texas's issue I mean Yeah I mean I don't know it's I can't Figure out how the flagship School Of the State of Texas has such an issue With more money even more money in Texas A M more money than anybody else by far Is it too many chefs in the kitchen I Mean I don't know I don't know I'm not There I don't know but I wonder like There's so many people that care to Almost too much right putting in money Giving Bichon Robinson his uh he's Playing good by the way up and John uh So it's not him he's playing really good But you know getting guys Lamborghinis And all that kind of stuff and if anyone Deserves it it's him actually that does Deserve it so but uh it's it Is so many chefs in the kitchen an issue At a place like Texas Texas so big that It's a lot of people have their hands

And I mean that's why I wonder I don't Know yeah there's certain jobs I don't Think you can lose at Um USC is one of them and that's been a Struggle lately and yeah kiffin had some Sanctions that he had to deal with from The Pete Carroll age and you know sarc Wasn't the right fit there at the time And uh and you know Clay Hilton probably Wasn't a great hire but it's just it's Hard to lose in the Pac-12 in La it's Hard to lose in the Big 12 in Austin but Yet they continue to do it they've had 110 win season since they were in the Title game in 2009 Um you know Charlie Strong was a bad High or bad fit Tom Herman was a good Hire good fit didn't work out Stark's a Good hire good fit not working out I Don't understand how they can't win I Just don't get it there's there's more Talent on that sideline than Texas Tech By far Um you know they hung with Alabama I just think it's a mentality thing Um I I think it's just once you become a Team that lacks confidence You just don't get it back and when you Do get it back like the 10 win season When Sam alliger said we're back and you Know I think it's just hard to maintain that With so many different distractions the Head football coach at Texas has a lot

To do okay he's got to talk to boosters He's got to handle everything from you Know this complaint about your player to You know this stupid you know booster Meeting or you know this guy wants to Talk to you and he's donated you know Five billion dollars what there's a lot You're being pulled in a lot of Directions but that's the same at Ohio State it's the same in Alabama it's the Same at Georgia Somehow these guys just aren't managing It properly And they can't keep their teams Consistently focused in in a not very Good conference So what what's going to happen in the SEC I I think sarc it could be in trouble I Mean he's two and two this season We all expected the Alabama loss We did not expect Texas Tech Uh you got Oklahoma in two weeks if he's Three and three mid-season a lot of People are going to be calling for his Head again and then what do you do who Do you hire I mean you know They seem to be the last two hires seem To be good I don't know who you hire do You go after Urban I don't know I I wonder have you ever Did you ever get into the show Friday Not not the movie or the book the book Was great by the way I watched the show

A little bit but not much now okay so This channel the show makes me think About Texas football and I'll tell you Why so at this High School He's you know he's this great coach he Wins a lot of games okay but as soon as He loses they're all over him like all These different people are all over him All the time like we still have Confidence in you but like knifing them In the back right eventually he gets Knifed in the back by uh a quarterback's Dad that like I think he was split I Don't remember what it was split time With something like that along line and He ends up leaving and he comes back and Goes to the Rival high school and he Builds up the place from the bottom and Ends up being really good but there's Over many many years right the show but He's always on that edge you know what I'm saying like he's he he's just he's Known as his great coach he's always Like one time he goes to college for Literally a a year and comes back like But he's always feels like this Like someone like people are look They're a few that are looking out for Them and then there's a whole lot of Other people with arrows shooting at Them you know what I mean and that's What I feel like Texas May be like because Even though you have had you know this

Group of people that are for you there's A whole nother group on the same side That you're on that are not for you you Know I mean like should we have hired Him he may have been the wrong hire you Know what I'm saying and all these Parties pushing against each other Because Texas is so big it's like Alabama right until they got Nick Saban Right they needed to go back down to the Bottom they said let's get Nick Saban And Nick Saban worked out I mean what if Nick Saban didn't work out you know Um Nick Saban ended up working out and They became Alabama again right Um That's what I feel like Texas is like if They don't until they get it right Actually get it right that guy comes in And can handle all of that like Nick Saban did it may always be like this Could be and there's certain jobs that Are turning into that um Auburn is one Of them Florida is one of them like just Really toxic situations where good Enough is never enough you know Jim McElwain wins the East twice and he's Pushed out and uh Dan Mullen you know Goes within a touchdown of winning the SEC and he's pushed out the next year You know Gus was being pushed out Forever and now Harrison's there in year Two and he's being pushed out eventually It catches up to you because your job

Becomes less attractive to people Um and I'm talking like big big name People so many times you end up settling On a horse and because you your first Six choices didn't say yes or you know Sometimes you end up with a Steve Sarkeesian when you know somebody who Has a better resume or a chance of Better success doesn't want that job and That's what Texas is turning into and More teams are going to turn into this You know it's just the way it is within Patients especially now with all the big TV money expanded playoff you're going To see more and more code coaches get Fired have less of a chance to hang Around and stay and more jobs are going To be toxic like that and I think that's What Texas has become we should wrap it Up though because well yeah we're over In a freaking hour so let's wrap it up Um that's you on social coach Schuman I'm in feral Sports I'm on Twitter Instagram you're on Twitter Instagram We're everywhere Um Wide Web D1 uh just had somebody drop in here Uh yeah so we got another client coming It's getting really popular so don't Wait because we're gonna get too busy Pretty soon Yes there's no doubt about it we'll see

You next Monday Mike thanks so much this Was great I I I felt like I'm sitting in Uh uh you know a restaurant with one of My buddies just far away we need beer Man we need like I know vegetable beer If we live closer we could actually do The show in the same spot I know imagine Like I'm three hours from North Jersey And to me that seems like A 50-hour trip But what one day when this show becomes So popular when our our live viewers go Or they went to five and six today at The time I mean five and six I don't Know what that means well uh so it looks Like we're like doubling our viewership Today that we did that we had last time And and I'll let you go on this these Little cut-ups I think are slow as we do More of them I think that's okay Send them to me I forgot to remind you Last week but I didn't want them because I was so blurry so hopefully I'm not Blurry as this comes out and then send It to me I'll probably And check out did you look at look at The tick tock on my page I had a guy do Some other uh I paid a guy to do some Cut-ups like in the style that you know People like it on Tick Tock and stuff Yeah check it out and tell me if you Like because I'll have him do more of These versus my cut-ups which are bad no They're not bad I'll look at it though

Take a look at it all right have a great Day man see you bye later

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