Testimonial and Review by Ronda Tews about NUC Sports Football Events

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Dear Mr. Schuman,
This is the first year that we have been involved with the NUC.  We have taken our 10th grade son to 4 of the NUC combines and the same man was in charge of all four of the combines.  I do not know his name but the combines we attended were in Duncanville, TX in March, OKC, Tulsa, OK on Mother’s Day and Wichita, Kansas on June 1st. 
I would like to let you know that the gentleman that ran these camps for you is wonderful with the boys!  He is very well organized and clearly enjoys what he does and the other men that assist him at the camps get along great and enjoy their time out there with the boys which makes it a pleasant experience for all!  3 out of the 4 camps were very organized and ran very smoothly.   
We have had a very pleasant experience with the NUC because of the man that you have leading the combines we attended.
Thank you,
Ronda Tews

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