Success For Life A Conversation with Steve Bienko about Society, Racism, Police and Accountability

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A Conversation with Steve Bienko about Society, Racism, Police and Accountability Amazing conversation with coach Schuman and Steve Bienko who is successful entrepreneur, former state trooper, city councilman, and Athletic Coach. Its an amazing conversation and a must listen in…

A Conversation with Steve Bienko about Society, Racism, Police and Accountability
Amazing conversation with coach Schuman and Steve Bienko who is successful entrepreneur, former state trooper, city councilman, and Athletic Coach. Its an amazing conversation and a must listen in todays world.

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Ice coach human here for a successful Life podcast today I got a dear friend Of mine someone I've known for a very Long time Steve Bianco accomplished in a lot of Different areas wildly successful as a Businessman well at least you know was a City councilman started out his career As a state trooper if I'm not mistaken Has been through a lot of different Things in his life he was a fantastic Athlete played football originally I Believe at the Air Force Academy and Then went and decided to run track at Villanova and when it did his high School time when high school at Del Barton high school when his esteemed High schools in New Jersey a fantastic Background he's an African American as Far as his race goes and and I and in Reason why bring it up because we're Gonna we're gonna touch on some topics That are going on today and I think he's You know for me he's a dear friend and Someone that I truly respect not just Because he's accomplished and not just Because I've known him for a very long Time but he's somebody that understands People he he really really takes the Time to think about things and everybody Has her own perspective and and and that Always you know and we'll talk about it You know I believe that she'd be welcome But I I think he might have one of the

Maybe more unique perspectives on Everything having a lot of different Areas that he's touched upon in his life And we were talking about in the in the Pre part of the show I first met him was To go to a day camp and and he did as Well and I said to him he was probably Him and his sister probably the only African-americans in the whole camp so You know the just as a kid you know That's Experience in itself in in learning to The way of people of a different Different race and he has a parent That's after American a parent that's Caucasian and I think he has a unique Perspective on a lot of different areas But more than that he's just a great Person and and I think that's important Thing as we go forward with everything That as we dive into the topics when You're around good people really good People that you know care about people Even when you have differences on Certain topics you understand that you Can start to move towards a ground on Everything and and there's gonna be Topics that we talked about today that I'll probably agree with him 100% on There are certain ones that I think the World will agree on and and then there Might be some that that we we differ on But I think it's important to have those Discussions to to move things forward

And I just wanted to walk a long way of Well King on Steve Bianca okay thanks so Much first of all for giving me the Opportunity to be on your on your show Here and it's always great to see this Is something for if there's any young Kids listening that you never know in Life where your relationships take you And what opportunities that you're given In life and the people you're put in Front of at some point in time those People are going to have be a big part Of your life or how going to have a Major impact on your life and I love Using the word white space and seeing The white space and to teach young People as early as possible to see that White spaces wait a minute Why is why is that person in my life Right now and freedom for our Relationship it was your dad your dad Were such a draw to me when I was a Young boy growing up and and his his Part-time summer job was the the Athletic director And it just so happened that a boy like Me growing up and I looked at your Father as someone that I could look up To Right so you mentioned some of my Background you know I grew up looking Like I look and like I grew up in a very Rural town in northwest New Jersey Before anybody was out there living

Right and so I came out to will like dig Kid which wasn't that far away it seemed Like it was miles and miles of miles Away from where I lived it really wasn't That far however I saw your dad and he Had this just you know that that brown Bronze muscle guy and just you know Energetic and athletic and that was the First time I really saw all that you Know the first time I really saw just a Really just a great spirited athletic Well-built man that cared for people Right and he was so impactful in my life And there were you your brother your Sister that and we grew a relationship And 20-some odd years later more you Know 30 years later so you know we are Sitting here now we've done many things Before this you know over the years but Even today we sit here and we talk about One of the most fundamental things in Life and as we get down to it we'll Probably get pretty deep into it but Love and respect and here we are all These years later and we're gonna talk About to the most main fundamentals in Life and I'd be straight and honest with You is that you know it's so while being Able to talk about that with you right Now because that's one of the key things That I learned from your dad as a young Boy when you start to reflect as hey who Taught me in life you know where did I Get this trait from or that tray from

And yes I owe 95 percent to my parents You know but then you know who those That other 5% that kind of really I knew That was one of them right and so he It's so interesting he was a you know He's such a man of that caliber right Love and respect and was one of those Individuals who really taught me that so I want to put that out there as I'm Sitting here thinking about That nostalgic feel of oh my goodness Like all these years later and his Father was was such an influence to me As a young child yeah it's you know and Growing up with him that's it's funny Because how you see saw him at camp and How he was as a coach was just how he Was a person like how he is as a person So god it's like like we talked about The first podcast a few years ago my Young guy was a tiny little guy you know He he instilled that and mean and one of The things that I think was so important About it like I always saw one of the Great things that like you see like Lou Holtz always talks about the golden rule Right treat others as you'd want Basically treat others as you'd want to Be treated and I mentioned when I talked To my team addressing the George Floyd Issue and some important fundamental Things that as human beings we start to Forget and and we we start to you know Watch I will too much news or too much

That's going on in the media too much Social media and obviously that's your Business where you're real successful in What I mean that's what's built and you Know my camps my ability to build my Social media following and you read Things and it's important I think for People to really almost step out of Their bodies and think clearly and step Away from things and and and think Clearly about not just what they're Doing but how they feel about things I Think that's really important because I I think people should always you know Live at their heart and speak their Heart and I think people should be Respected for that but when you also Understand that it's important to be a Good person it's important to do the Right thing to know what the right thing Is you know and and how do you find that So you know how do people find how to do The right thing let's say you didn't Grow up with it you know What I mean there are resources out There in every direction and some of its How to do the wrong thing But you know figuring out how to do the Right thing and having the right Influences and you mentioned my father You know he's always been a great Influence from that standpoint of and he Would grab me in in everybody you know I'm I'm a Christ follower where I'm not

Sure what what you're you're sure in Yeah so you know I'm a big believer in The fact that you know you do the right Thing and the Bible helps you get that As a guiding point but it's important That because we are all sinners that we Understand how to get right back on the Path and learning that about yourself That's one of the things that Christ has Helped me with but but whatever your Religion is you know whatever someone's Religious their respect whatever Religion anyone has is that figuring out That you do make mistakes but how to get In the right path and so you don't make The big mistake so you don't make the Mistake that could change your life and For an in in a really bad direction and So you also know how to treat people the Right way and to recognize when other People are treating someone the wrong Way and to have the guts to either a put A stop to it Okay but if you know sometimes guys People not everybody's built like we are And have in you know what would be the First of just the step in but to be able To speak up when when you see something That that is wrong and sometimes it Literally it literally and I'm sure the Other officers that were involved in There that all first of all I mean you Know on the human side of things you Know whatever the maximum legal

Punishment they can get for all those Guys they should get but if you were one Of those officers that could have made And had an opportunity to make even just Speak up and move the man slightly out Of the place probably would have saved His life Now there still would have been hell to Pay for those guys but probably would Have saved that person's life and then You know what if they save that person's Life they would have in turn probably Had an opportunity to save their lives And and and now you know it's in a whole Different direction because of that and I think you know we have to figure out What the lessons are are from that and You know I mean speak to a little bit About that yourself you know you were a Police officer you know I mean what you Know what are some experiences you had That that things you learn from it you Know one of the things I've been Thinking about it yes for anybody Listening and I think it's always Important to sort of qualify yourself a Little bit so people know where your Background is adorable so you know I was A state trooper in the state of New Jersey which is one of the greatest Police organization law enforcement Organizations in this country hands down Has been since 1901 and continues to to Be of such and you know I walked in

There at a time when our the New Jersey State Police was up against the wall and There was a Turnpike shooting at the Time and I'm sure you remember that and In New Jersey listeners remember the Turnpike shooting and what unrest that Brought to the state of New Jersey and Actually it began the State Police to be Under a consent decree for the very First time in state police history and So I came in right around during that That time period and the one thing that I tell people inside and out is that the Training and I can't speak for all Academies but New Jersey State Police Were quote-unquote known as offender of Major offenders of racial profiling Right that was headlines or the news Everybody with everybody was what Everybody talked about and so I walked Into that Academy and I had an eye on I Mean I had every by had eyes I've had an Eyes in the back of my head they were There and they were looking for Everything going on I tell you what David not did I see a single thing when It came to the teaching and we were Taught to be police officers we were Taught to Oh by the law we were taught how to make Arrests we were taught how to be Citizens of the law right and and and That's all I saw and one of the toughest Robust state police academies in the

Country there is not many that compare I Think people sometimes compare Massachusetts in Virginia and Maryland Their academies New Jersey State Police Academy is thorough as Thoreau gets Right and and you were taught to be a Great police officer never once that I See that so to get into that subject Matter it's not how people are taught And I think that's one special thing That people need to know that's Important it's very important is what People think and they do not what They're taught right and so that's Something that you know we have to under Understand and that's also the other Side of it and and this this this is Something that goes back and forth is That you don't feel like you need to Consistently defend the police okay the Police know what they are in they know Who they are they know how they were Trained those men and women who go out There every day they know what they do They know what they don't do okay They're grown men and women just like The rest of everybody right and so they At the end of the day the respect factor And I believe it so some people make up Push against this I believe in the Respect factor but at the end of the day When I went in there I didn't look for Side wasn't doing it for somebody's Respect I wasn't doing it because I want

That person to respect me I did it Because that's what I wanted to do I Sign the dotted line I knew that there Was a risk that I was going to get in a Fight I was have to run into a burning Domestic violence incident I was gonna Have to jump into someone's car I was Got the dive in the water and I may have To take a bullet I knew that the minute I signed up for okay so you know I Didn't do it to take sympathy or make Sure people everybody that's standing Out there You know I thought you guys show respect For them and it's not I'm doing the job Just like you do your job it just Happened that I chose a job that Involves X Y & Z and because of that I Had to go through more training I had to Go through more testing I had to go Through thorough background checks I had To pass physicals ahead and do all those Extra things just to get that job that I Was very grateful to have and I think That's where people sometimes get busy They feel like oh we have to defend the Other side as well when there's an issue Going on on another side and I feel very Strongly about that and I feel you know I feel strongly about it because I was On the other side and there was nothing That was taught that rang any bell of Discrimination or racism and even when We got to how to make certain arrests

And how to pinpoint and look and find That's great policing right how to be a Great police officer right never ever Ever was it about hey so if you see a Car full of brown people you know yet Should ring a bell in your head or look For that type of car with this type of Model or you know you know use some Cliche racial thing of a BMW with tinted Windows right and main wheels right Never said a word about that ever right And even in this even in the training Process and and in the coaching program No one has said a word about that Okay so and people made bad acts which They did and I even saw myself and not Even just on the racial side but on all Sports of size a sexual side the the you Know the marital side saw a bunch of Stuff right so there's people that do Wrong things all over the places people That steal money from the city because They're the city administrator and they Steal five hundred thousand dollars does That mean every city administrator is a Thief no not at all does it take away From the fact regarding that that we Have racism in our country yes we do we Have deep deep racism in our country Above my paygrade to figure out why I I questioned that I was driving today And still asking the question why why do People think that is it insecurity is it Fear but what are you fearing and what

Are you insecure about those are some Pretty interesting deep conversations That but it may be all it may be all the Things that it may be the unknown for Some people a lot I think has to do with How people are raised and and and I'm Already been talking about where you Might have people that where you have a Racist parent or something like that if They were raised badly or poorly and or Something that maybe happen to them I Think there's a lot of things that and I Think we talked that could could cause It and I think the biggest well to me And and I'm saying this from you know One of one of the things I saw was there Was a they asked African Americans and White Americans if they thought that There was progress in racism and civil It's of Rights and overwhelmingly white Americans said yes and if you would ask Me I would say yes and and Overwhelmingly African Americans didn't See it the same way okay now I'll be Blindfolded Has there been improvement if you were Looking like and this is why I think you Get divides on things institutionally Because you talked about systemic racism And where where is it there may be Institutions where it does take place And there may not be it may not be in Other institutions but what has happened Institutionally or as a country in the

Approvement versus where individuals can Be can be two completely different Things and something I don't know This is perception thing or not but Perception wise this is where you can Get one group thinking that it's Improved dramatically whereas people Have individual experiences where They've dealt with racism will say well No I you know I still deal with it Okay my father's gee I'm a Christian my Father's Jewish okay and I can't tell You you know how many times growing up In a town of mostly Italians and and and Latinos there would be someone that Would say some sort of joke there were No Jewish people in the town and they Knew I went to church sedate you know so They wouldn't they weren't even thinking About even my father's a teacher they Wouldn't even think about it right and I'd have to correct them you know Sometimes when you're getting fights Over this stuff But I should become an adult you know You're not you're not getting in a Fistfight and solving a problem going Home and you know walking home with your Friend and him realizing that hey you're All right As you adults when those those issues Happen the stakes are a lot higher but I You know and I'm not an expert bowed up Just from perception wise you know what

People experience individual racism even If the world has gotten better and I'm Just you know I'm not actually take that It has but let's take my belief out of It and say I don't know whether it has Or it has it when someone experiences Individual issues with it it is going to Be very hard to feel like it hasn't Improved and I think you know when I see The political sides in in you know Whatever political side someone's on you Know I might be on one side you might be On the other to this you take that out Of it what you do have to address okay Is that if people are still experiencing Individual racism here and there let's Let's say someone on experienced it two Or three times in their life okay Which it should be zero but I'm you know People there are people everywhere and That let I'd love To think that we could stomp it out but I think it's you know your throughout Time if we go through the top throughout History you know there's always been bad People and you know in Christianity we Say hey the devil is everywhere and you Get you got to be able to fight it and You got you know you got to recognize Where it is and and racism is one of Those devilish things to me all right And but what someone has an individual Experience with it then it's going to Change your perception in my opinion of

How bad it may be because if we all live In perception right we the reality that We live in is what we perceive and you Know if I'm feeling sad at the moment I Could have the greatest life in the World and have the most money and you Know what I'm feeling sad right why is There suicide among very wealthy people You would say hey they have it all well Why does that happen because they're not Happy with themselves so some you have To take someone's perception and Understand their perception on something Because something happened to them it Could make them feel like hey there is Racism and you know maybe there is Racism everywhere I'm not saying that Whether there is or there isn't I'm Saying we have to start to understand That everybody's an individual and they Have experiences and when they have Experiences and especially a negative Experience okay you know I think about My own life a lot of if I use football I Remember my bad plays I don't remember as many of the good Plays which most of the time happened But I remember the ones when I was Terrible right so we have to be Understanding of how an individual Things about and then these Conversations like we're having right Now have this conversation and start to Figure out how can we you talked about

The white space bridging the gap you Know it's bridging the gap between where You believe if I believe here and you Believe here where is there a common Ground and how important is it for us to Get to those common grounds and where do You bend and where don't you bend right Like like when See what's going on here and you know When when George Floyd was killed which You know I said all right I said it Within four hours of it it's murder You know those guys should go to jail For as long as possible and and everyone Involved that that should be the case And I believe that every single police Officer wants this you know that's a Good good good person and a good police Officer wants the same thing because it Helps their profession but then at the Same time you know I see then all of a Sudden they're vilified right and in and We have to be able to to understand the Difference between where changes have to Be made and then not to vilify you know And otherwise all it becomes is okay you Know we we March black lives matter Today everyone marches you know for a Certain amount of time we start to get Different things like I saw NASCAR is Getting rid of the Confederate fall is Not allowed no one's allowed to bring a Confederate flag right that's a good Thing and you know for another that's

Another area David that I always looked At to pop in there that yeah I tended NASCAR races for 15 years straight never Missed a race another one of those weird Perspectives that you don't expect to Get out of somebody and so I sat there The entire time of watching all I mean Darlington South Carolina Daytona you Know just just me all over the map as to All the biggest hotspots as to where the You know the deep cultural side of NASCAR was I went because I love NASCAR But you brought up a point that I wanted To make regarding the how perception is Between two different types of people And you made the point of hey you know a Predominantly majority of whites have Said that hey yeah these um groups and Majority blacks and said no no things That really have improved now here's a Difference there's in the moment and There's the law The law has improved so the perspective Of somebody that's only looking through The glass of the law that has improved So if you're not actually living in the Moment then the only thing you have to Grab hold of is what is consistent and That's the law because you're not living In the moment of what's actually Happening so no you can't restrict me From going into a a restaurant because Of the color of my skin no you can't Keep me off the ballot from running for

An election and yes there were times That I am I haven't always been in agree With it across many different many Different areas but you know there was The Assistance Programs to you know to Make sure that a certain amount of People of color got into universities And we're not them to deny it and so There's certain areas that I agree with That certain areas that I don't but There are there are many there are the Laws that back certain things from Happening and going on right and so that May be the perception that things have Improved okay but now when you live in That skin in the moment you look up and Say no that person's looking at me the Same way that they used to look at me Maybe now they just can't do anything About it you know without getting in a Lot of trouble or without losing their Job or not losing a certain amount of Friends you know no they can't do that That doesn't mean they're not thinking And that's one of the areas that I Really tried to work on over the course Of my life just it was just something I Did because I grew up in such an Interesting community and interesting Writing in that I always tried to look For just so I knew doesn't mean I'm not Going to talk to somebody doesn't mean I'm going to throw them out with the Trash because I love I believe in love

Leadership and so I wasn't let throw That in the visual way but I wanted to Recognize I wanted to No so I would watch and watch their eyes I'd watch what they say I watched their Emotional cues to make sure that I had a Good understanding of what this person Was because there are some really good Fakers out there some really really Talented Baker's right on and so I Always want to make sure I'm sure I Missed 20 of them but I wanted to make Sure I saw that sometimes I saw out to Say hey how can I help change this Purses impression so that they can see People differently than they do now Because it wasn't about hey I want to Change your life I want to say hey I Think if they see this better they're Gonna be happier in life because right Now that person is looking at me with Anger anger is not good for your health No matter what it is so if you're Looking at me with anger for some reason That I have no idea why just because of My appearance then and I can help you Become more accustomed or learn more or Become more sensitive or lower your Level of ignorance then you know what That can reduce a bit of your anger Which will probably make you a happier Person which may make you a better Husband wife parent representative of Your company or representatively

Organization or just a better person That little bit less anger because I Know the way you're looking at me is Just anger I don't know why but so I Always tried to find out and I think That's one of the big differentiators And people say oh no things are so much Better this happens or you have that or Or look how much this has changed one of The things I try to point out pointed Out to my company you don't see this Much in the history book so you don't See it a whole lot on videos because They're done in clips but I want anybody Listen if you had the opportunity watch The real live not live but the real Original recording of dr. King's I have A dream speech really watch the original And look at the crowd I just had this Epiphany recently because I just started Watching his original some of the Original ones Explain to me what you saw thousands and Thousands and thousands of white people Standing next to black people white Women standing next to black men Unbeliev now in the reprints in the in The short clips – do they let people see That no not as much they were a couple Little things here and there they try to Make you see my goals just like you know A liberal group of you know it wasn't There were thousands of whites there and That is something that I think is very

Something to be very proud of right and You know so has much of that even that Little piece have as much of that side Changed I don't think a whole lot about Us change I think like I mentioned the Laws have changed to assist and to make People feel as if things have changed But I may be backtracking a little bit But I think it's very important for People to see and recognize that that There were thousands of white people Stand there and you may decide I want to Finish for you what about how people are Brought up yeah and I don't buy that Because and I say that again I like to Say these things and this is how I Budgets you early before we got off Backstage I mentioned seemed like this May be the one little subject matter in Life that I can actually really talk About know like go ahead come out Because I think I've got a lot more of This than most people and it's and Scooter grande said this I listened to a Podcast was Scooter Braun and Tony Gonzalez other day Scooter Braun said This the other day but one of his mentor Is that there is such thing as luck luck Is a big part of success and I say with Something like this it's something I did Special I'm lucky I'm lucky because I'm One of the what you would call oh gee Mixed people because when my parents had Me I was one of the first that you

Couldn't legally do it now there are Plenty of mix individuals from wait Obviously All throughout time now but they had to Pick a side they had to either be black Or they had to be way right they either They either had to you know they either Were a people way back they were either Enslaved or they were passing you know What people call this passing where Maybe it's not well known but it's an Actual word that you know you were Passing or not that means you passed as White and so that's gone on for you but Legally I was one of the you know the Early beginnings of you can legally my Mother and father could walk down the Street legally get married have the Whole nine yards okay so I say that Because my father is a german immigrant With a not with Nazi background and with Completely ignorant racist parents there It's me that chamber it's all just about A bear bear rod up baloney it's what you Think and what you want to do because And he didn't have anybody around him he Didn't have mentors like we have now he Didn't have any of that stuff okay he Just saw in himself he just saw him Stuff like wait a minute Nah that's not right you know he had a Gray he had a father that was split you Know spit racial slurs he had a my Grandmother didn't even talk to my

Mother for years my grandmother wouldn't See me until a certain time and then she Did and she fell in love with her Grandson and then started talking to my Mother after that so don't tell me People can't change or don't say that You know it's just all or using that Excuse it's the same way around listen I Say the same thing I want them to get Over this or that or I don't have any of This no not true especially today there Are all sorts of ways I'm not saying It's gonna be easy Nothing's easy right think difficult but You can do it you can figure it out you Can climb yourself you can get where you Want to get that's not an excuse I don't Think it's ever been an excuse besides The fact though if there were laws Preventing you from getting into college Or going to a good school today yes so There are ways that are Better for people to succeed and that's One thing that people have to both sides Of the fence don't just rely and say oh Well that's how I was brought up that's An excuse Oh well because I was brought up in this Area I don't have the benefits of Someone else had that's an excuse right So I just want to point that out Personal accountability in creating your Own change it I mean that's anim Phi by The way that story blows my mind that's

An amazing story of personal Transformation and figuring things out For him still your father figuring Things out for himself but I think Personal accountability is a big part of It in and actually I think that kind of Brings me to you know we talked about With Martin Luther King I find for years and years and years I Feel like that's one of the the people I Always point to and for the very first Time I was shocked when I saw protesters Dismissing dr. King's message as not Enough I don't know if you saw any of That stuff That was one of the things that actually Bought but now obviously we're in our 40s I mean I mean I might I love a lot Of anaphora days where Darfur we are Okay and and maybe we're from a Different generation of things but the Millennials and maybe the generation Behind my Tomino would you call that Generation but they they don't Understand dr. King in the same way that We might even though we weren't born During that time period it was still a Very prevalent prevalent person at least You know through our mid 20s to 30 years Old But now you have kids that don't even Identify with him not that they don't Know who he is Right the messaging and the fact that

It's just I I point to it like this when When my father would talk about you know He he loved Franklin Delano Roosevelt Okay because he feels they they helped Get us out of the war the depression the Know you know we won the war and all Kind of stuff you know to me that's just Like a myth Go figure right like Franklin Delano Roosevelt yeah he's got a person we Turned to in a page in history and we Read about and maybe two kids you know Martin Luther King is his to have even Two african-americans that as much they Respect him You know he's now a holiday and and they Don't view it with the same validity Even though they should okay because History is the most important teacher You have good and bad but they don't I Guess get the message as much especially During this time obviously where a lot Of people are angry there's an important Movement that's going on with black Lives matter part of it we are we talked About a backstage people don't always Realize that not only obviously black Lives matter that's important and when People dismiss that that's that is a Darn shame but there's also a political Part to that to which maybe we'll touch It later because they're actually an Also an organization so there's two Different things there some the same

Some not but when it when they dismiss Martin Luther King's message and say hey They have he hasn't been active in the Fight I feel like it's somewhat Disrespectful Martin Luther King but What what would you you know what would You say it could possibly be something That they don't resonate with there do You do you have any thoughts on that I I Think it's very hard for some people to Resonate with his vernacular strength And I think that's what made him so Special because his rhetoric is like a Great rock and roll song it never gets Old his words are so precise and I Actually I use his speech during one of I do a speech class a public speaking Class before seventh eighth ninth and Tenth graders this summer doing it for About three months now and so it's a Four-week program And I used his speech at the end after We really learned some ins and outs of Public speaking his brain ocular Strength far exceeds what some people Need now and they need immediate Reaction right so what dr. King did is That he knew there was no immediate fix In any of this And so his movements his strategies even His speaking is up is up is more of hope And future because he knew it was going To take years for this to really come Through that's why it's I have a dream

Because I know I want this I know this Can happen but I'm also wise enough even At the young age that he was it's so Interesting unless we forget about how Amazing some of these people were Jesus Christ Bob not to put Bob Marley the Same levels Jesus Christ I just said it Right after respect dr. King like 30 Years old 30 years behind it 30 years Old so what they did then really it's Incredible like so the foresight that Dr. King had was that I am NOT going to See all of this and I think that's where Some of our younger generation may be Missing it like wait what are you doing Right now What are you doing for us today how you Gonna make this change today I want this To done now I want this law changed now I want raises the end I want racism to End now it has to end like an Instagram Profile right it has to happen now right I want the comment now you know I want To get into the program I want to get Into now I want to make Major League Baseball at 16 years old I want it now You know I want to play in the NBA today I'm 12 who cares I want to play now right I want to make Millions of dollars now I don't want to Wait years to come right so it's a Different mindset and I'm not you know I'm not faulting the younger generation Right it's sort of like what Simon's

Cynics said you know They've been dealt a bad hand I'm sorry You all been dealt a bad hand you got Handed out trophies you know what do you Want me to everybody told you you're Gonna be you're gonna be special you Know what do you I'm not blaming you per Se but I work with my whole company is Millennials younger yeah I keep saying Millennial but that's like Lily's I say Right you know so my company is filled With nan Mullin younger than Miletus Right so what I believe we can do with That is hey how do we take the greatness That they bring to the table but also Bring these messages like this right now We're talking about dr. King he knew was Going to take time and some things in Life do take time and yes there are Certain times that you should do the Mark zuckerberg hurry up and break stuff Right move fast and break stuff there's There's times for that but there is when It comes to cultural ISM culturalism is A progress and you can change a law Tomorrow but you're not gonna change Someone's mind immediately and I think That's troubling for some people to Understand and recognize and I think you Know I you know I just mentioned that Law and culture I think that's one of The areas that has a struggle with this Scenario that word that's the situation That we're going through right now

Racism is a cultural issue it is not a Political issue once the politics hits It now people jump to size to support Their politics and that's okay our Country is the greatest country because We do have up multiple sides on our Political spectrum and we can have Debates about it and that's what makes Our country go but when it comes to this This is an emotion racism is an emotion Politics is law politics is law right so When a political movement what a Political stance is made it's a law Right you can't just say hey you know Roe vs. Wade is a law Lovings verse four Which I mention of an OG of the Lovings Versus Virginia that's a law that Allowed blacks and whites to marriage And marry in the state of Virginia right So that that's that's not that's Politics okay we all met millions of People knew before midnight Yeah why can't you do that that's Nothing wrong with that that's an Emotional thing so what would happen so I was struggle with it why some people Straddle the fence or feel like they Can't speak up or feel like they have to You know go on tour you know go over Tours accomplice is not a cops versus Black situation that's the stuff that Has to stop and bringing up numbers of a Percentage of this percentage of black On black crime well guess what

Percentage of Jewish on Jewish crime is High higher than than than non-jewish Line on Jewish crying you know that the Crime on Hispanics versus panik's is High because you're around each other Right you're most of the crime that's Committed is committed around people That you know you don't just don't Gallivanting around the country like hey Look I'm a black guy from Brooklyn New York and you know I'm just gonna wander Up to Whitefish Montana just start Committing some crimes hey if you're Gonna commit a crime you give and commit A crime in your neighborhood right and That's generally most of the time so we Have to get over things like that Because again those things are when you Start bringing out percentages and Numbers and crime rates that's politics Because unless you're the person taking That poll you don't know what the angle That polls are there because our polls Are based upon politics right about that Before that's a really it's a really Interesting point because that's one of The when you when you go through like You know if you turn off fox you turn on C then you guess you told two totally Different things right and obviously Whatever side someone's on politically They're gonna start to watch whatever Side that is okay and everything is Probably somewhat in the middle what the

Reality is of the actual world but when You when you when you start to see Politically Things get muddied when you have an Issue like racism or an issue like and It always is going to be but when you See when you talk about black-on-black Crime or you know like you dealt well Why would I watch Fox Chicago that's the First thing they always bring up right Because they have exceptionally high Meta murders a lot of crime there's a Whole lot of things that have to happen And a lot of it might have to do with in The home itself before you even get to Start solving what the criminal issues Might be with it And and that's that could that would be A topic in itself for us to speak for Probably for hours on but what what I See is so introduced is and tell me what You think about this when George Floyd Was killed you know unless someone was a Bad person on either side of the Political spectrum I would go as far as To say 99% of America okay maybe I'm a Little naive but let's say 1% of America Didn't agree with it maybe you know Whether it's one or 5% whatever it is The the overwhelmingly vast majority of People saw something evil happened right There a murder happened on video and Felt anger towards what they saw and Thought you know these police officers

Should get punishment for it okay as a Human because you saw one human or Actually in this case with +34 people Killing another person live okay and That was something that everybody could Agree upon most people can agree with You unless you were out there you're Gonna agree upon it the thing that then I thought was where it started to get Political was once protesting started Once there became engagement with police And the people and then politically how Did you handle the protesters that very First night I thought was it was Equipment I mean not a lot of people are Talking about it now because obviously There's been a lot of riots and looting And stuff like that in different cities But that Every first night how it got engaged and I and I thought about this at the time When I was watching it and I thought That the police I thought the mayor There was didn't handle it properly put The police in a bind but I thought they Were in a bind in general because if They acted if they acted very strongly Okay and what you really had to do cuz You had a lot of angry protesters which Means you would have had to act with Force things would have happened you Probably would have probably would have Had a good chance of putting it down Maybe maybe not I don't know maybe they

Would have had a growth overnight on on It tenfold who knows but they were in a Bind because they didn't want to be Associated with Deric Chavan I think is His name and I'm like saying it but Associated with him right and and that Goes you know people I don't think People realize in Minneapolis police Chief is african-american correct and so So if they took strong action which Obviously in retrospect you feel like Maybe they should have took strong Action because maybe that would have Stopped and you wouldn't had as much of An issue and maybe you had more peaceful Protesting but no one really knows but It then led to the most significant Action of that night which was the Taking of the third Precinct which I Thought and they may not have had enough Police offers there to be able to fight It off especially after they didn't you Chose not to really use force at that Time but that then became a situation Where the rest of America there were the People that wanted to protest peacefully And wanted to get the message out that Black lives matter like we're not going To take this anymore Wanted people to hear it still wasn't Political when that third Precinct Burned you started to get people Dividing on this not sure yet what's Going on but starting to divide on it

And then you got a lot you know plenty Of bad people that get involved in in Looting and rioting and then maybe People who would not have known Really doing that okay see others Because that becomes a mentality when One person sees that someone gets away With it the next person who you know is Normally a decent person all of a sudden Decides that they're gonna go do it Right and then you got I call it the bad Actors then leading the way and now You've got a huge divide so now you Started to get along political lines I'm Not talking about how people feel about George the George Floyd situation now You start to get it goes into from Justice for George Floyd – we're not Going to take this anymore And we're gonna make a statement – too Bad people may be getting involved now The police and the National Guard having To fight it back and whatever you feel About how much got used there or didn't Get used there whether there's more Fortunate venues or less force you now Already had a divide along political Lines and then you have a become you Know anti police campaign that starts to Get involved there which is going to Create an even further divide right and And that's where an issue you know like For me and I don't know for you but like I look at it like we want to obviously

It continue to improve the police force In every way that we can okay when People talk about disbanding plea for if I just think insanity when I hear that Because you know when people think about Crime in inner-city neighborhoods they Think of the negativity and the bad People I think of the 99% of the good People who want to be protected from That 1% criminal element or maybe it's Even lower – well maybe it's point 1 Percent whatever the criminal element is Okay and they want to be protective for It and they want to be able to call Police officer and have a police officer Come there and handle this situation or Like you talked about earlier a domestic Violence issue right where two people This could be anywhere right it could be Inner city suburban borough Domestic violence issue in Who's the person to come in in that Situation the police officer all the Time Is the person that becomes the Go-between and actually risks himself a Lot of times disabled a woman but I Guess it could be a man in some some Situations but but to save a woman and They're the the lone person usually Responding by themselves or just them in Their partner in that situation and I'm Not saying there aren't things that go Wrong in those situations there are

Sometimes and sometimes things happen That shouldn't happen when I don't want To say it's an accident but sometimes There are bad accidents that happen and Then sometimes there are people with bad Intentions but they are the one person That can go and help in those situations You know who is going to go and help That woman who's getting beaten up by a Much stronger man other than a police Officer to go in in that situation I Remember when I was coaching up in North Jersey I had a guy that was a volunteer Assistant for me he was a police officer I used to work the delayed shift it was The evening and he went to like 5:00 6:00 in the morning and I asked him I Said what is the the most things you Respond to and this was up in Palisades Park the number one thing he was all Night long responded to over and over Again was domestic violence yeah and you Know a band the woman getting into it or Could be with children in the in the Home so obviously he's going there to Just help solve that issue right so now It starts to become political okay and Not black lives matter The movement for to help black people With rigged up to to get rid of racism To to work to get rid of racism I don't Know that you I would love for it to be Eliminated but I don't know that Obviously gets tone eliminated but to at

Least get more people aware of it so it Works more and more towards being Eliminated but black lives matter the The movement versus black lives matter Where there's you know if you go on the Website for black lives matter Whether you believe in the nonprofit Organization and their platform now that Becomes a different things like I look On there saying hey there are things That I definitely think are worthwhile On there there are things on there I say No way man no way so that's another Thing politically that not everybody Understands and it's important for People to get educated on those things Because when you start to see debates on TV and I'll see this stuff on Twitter And Facebook and I'll be like man People don't realize that they're there The same term but one also had there's Also a platform that revolves around Social change whatever you feel about That social change now The underlying thing is obviously Working to make the system better for Black people to African Americans to Give them a better opportunity to be Able to try and get rid of where there Is some systemic racism and I'm not an Expert on that so I you know I can't Pretend to say that I know whether there Is or there isn't it's not really my Forte but just bringing up the topic

Working towards that but then you have Things like to fund the police right and Say well what does that mean in you know And defunding and disbanding those are Confusing terms for people what what do You think when you know things start to Politically get intertwined with a Message that also you know originally You're like hey this is what everyone's Behind this and now political obviously There's money behind all this there's The trick you know for everybody I'm Going on both sides of the spectrum to Be for it or against it right and then You get people caught in the middle and Then you get guys like Drew Brees who You know I I mean let's talk about that Before we talk about Drew Brees tell me What your thoughts are about you know Both of the thing of something before The drew brees so you talked about Obviously first and foremost the word Defunding is a political word do we use That word in our general Normal Norman clay of words we use and You know I'm I'm going to defund my 401k Account I'm going to defund my child Bank account the video you don't we Don't speak in that language that's a Political term so again people are Pushing that pup that that politics side Defunding a police force is obviously And I hope this can be obvious is not The direction to build confidence and

Progress in our country making drastic Changes is now the problem we have in Our country on two fronts and we live in Our country and and I'm not going to say That we're bad and I don't want anybody To think I'm saying this I'm just gonna Speak the facts while we come this the One thing above and beyond our Constitution which I believe very Strongly and then we have above Everybody else I think that that's one Thing that has a standalone is that we Have this awesome you know other Countries have great things as well not Taking away from their we have this Awesome thing called our constitution It's phenomenal however we also have This other thing that stands on top of a Mountain in big block white letters on The west coast in this little tiny state Called California that separates us from Everybody else in the world we have this Thing called Hollywood and Hollywood has Truly changed how and who enters our Military and our police forces because Hollywood has dramatized the heroic Ness Being a police officer and being someone In our military that it has caused us to Naturally recruit individuals that Wanted to get involved with either one We Because it filled a void of insecurity In their life now we have a lot of People that get into both for strong

Outstanding valid reasons and I'm sure You know some and I certainly know a Whole bunch that got in because they Believe in something and it's not an Emotional charge that's going to fill a Void in their insecurities one of the Issues we have in our police forces is That some of our bad apples are there Because of their insecurities and that Having that job makes them feel whole Just like we can have in the profession Of sports and coaches we have some very Bad coaches and generally speaking They're bad because their insecurities Rise way above their abilities to coach And our great ones our very greatest Ones yes they all want to win but they All want to win at the game called life It's not just about winning the football Game it looks like they want to win the Football game they just want to win a Life and they want everybody that's in Their world to win at life right so we Have that issue in our country above any Other now – another little piece I could Speak up mine right the Canadian so I Spent a lot of time in Canada and I'd Watch and look from those different Perspective I look at race relations Okay I look at the police now there are Many sections of Toronto Canada And I'm in Ontario I'm not saying Everything is hunky-dory but I tell you What you can go to a Jays game and not

See a single police officer and there Are people from all over the world all Colours all races all religions walking Around in an album but you can go I've Gone to an entire Jay came and not have Seen a single police officer from the Time I parked the car walked in watch The game walked out back to the car Never saw anybody okay now they're not Defunded it's just a different style and Type of comedy What's that are they Using technology there they're using a Cultural way let's think about it It's natural for us when you see force You put your guard right sure okay That's natural it's a natural human Instinct and when when when when people Act and you can feel the bravado of some Police officers and some military you Can feel that bravado you don't see that Bravado it's and some of those other Police forces and I'm one that I I have A high level of respect for police Officers so many friends and and I was One myself and I still hold it near and Dear to my heart so anything I say I'm Just kicking it real when it dries right There's a big difference in that in not Every one of them but in a good amount Of the police officers in a city like Toronto and police officers in let's Just say regular regular small town in New Jersey that has a very low crime

Rate but there's me there with their big Chest puffed out and you know and and Their fists clenched you know out of me So here's what I'm going to tell you That here's it I'm gonna give an Interesting Canada story then you tell Me what you think about this because It's interesting that you say that this Disc I haven't been candid about maybe Six seven years but the last time I was In Canada I was there I want to say I Was there for I don't know if I was Different that's a party or something But I was there and I was there in an Extra day mm-hmm okay And I was there by myself so I went in Toronto and toured the CN Tower sure Walked into what was the I guess the Blue Jays Stadium I walked and walked Around there and as I was coming back Through downtown down by where the sub Their subways are whatever they didn't Take it but there was a homeless man Laying on the street and I was walking And there was a homeless man was by Everybody was sleeping on the street And as I was walking I'm looking I Happened to walk by him there are people Coming from some soccer game whatever Their team is there yeah and I think It's Toronto FC so these guys were Comforting and maybe they were drunk or Whatever they were a little bit behind Me but they start yelling at this

Homeless man and is yelling I'm taking Another yell at this home I'm already Kind of past it but I'm like yelling This homeless man and just kind of how I Am I'm like look what started walking Slowly I just thought you know Everything in my head was like something Bad is about to happen here and then I Start hearing loud yelling at and Kicking You know you mean I turn over the kick In this man okay This guy's just sitting there and look There's no police anywhere okay which This is this is why I brought up in my Head I look around and like I can't I Can't let this this happened like I'm Looking and like is there police like You know I'm in the middle of the City Of Toronto and I don't see anybody you Know so I go over and I start yelling at These guys get the hell out of here what Are you doing and they kind of want to Fight me but I'm a pretty big guy so you Know you're gonna you might want to Fight me still there was more of them But they thought twice about it arguing Big argument ensues they're walking Towards me the homeless guys like no no No no I'll get out of here you know and You know now it's mean these guys and It's about to you know something's about To happen and some people from across The street who also came from this I

Guess soccer game come across and say Hey you know you guys get out of here Alright now these guys were war white Guys okay but the race was irrelevant But these guys these guys have new white Guys and they down on me and the guys You know they they're pissed off but They get out of there okay and this guy Was the homeless guy was you know very Thankful I don't know where he went from There but you know but he was he was Thankful that you know he didn't get his Butt whipped for bass Simply you know being there on the Street right and they and they were Yelling little kinds of things that him That I really didn't understand Canada but like you know get a job and Stuff like that right and so I thought When I walked away I thought man you Know if I was home and something like This was going on even in a smaller town But the small town maybe you would have Still had that kind of situation but Definitely in the city somebody was Gonna call 911 Officer would be there within the middle No police officer ever came down it Resolved itself but it was but for me Obviously I wasn't from Canada you know It could have been a testy moment it Could have been a testy moment for for For that guy who was on the street and If I didn't step and step in he

Definitely was gonna get his butt Whipped right definitely I don't know What they would have done him but they Were starting to kick him and they were Gonna take something out of now I know Soccer matches I guess can be wild when You get outside for America and Americans are not as well but the point Of it is is like it's interesting you Say that because there's two sides to That story that the decide is yeah you Know it it feels like an environment Where you know it's not as much of a Police quote/unquote state as America Might be within at the same time you're On your own right so you get into you Know when I'm and when I'm in Canada There's no such thing as me carrying Anything to protect myself a weapon or Anything like this that's that's not I Don't have that option and I have no Idea what the laws are there so I have No idea what they're able to do or not Able to I'm sure they have stricter gun Laws but you're gonna find most people Don't even just it's not a cultural Thing they don't write it's not a we We're so we're so my gun my gun my gun It's not like that there at all yeah There's up in the north that's just how They live youth Fighting's right what Justa two really really protect In that setting it's it's a it's a it's A different line of culture and so you

Know what you saw was very interesting It's a whole different subject matter Get into a whole different podcast but The matter is is that okay in that Situation right there yes things happen In life I mean shoot Jesus Jesus Christ Flipped a table went crazy on it right Okay stuff happens right so in that Moment yes that man could have been Seriously hurt and injured okay and what They did to him is completely wrong with A police state okay some people may say That well there was presence that would Have happened what we know that's wrong Because there's thousands and thousands Of police officers all throughout New York City there's thousands of them Standing outside of the Yankee game and People still get you know lined up Walking outside the Yankee game okay so And there's a police every five steps so If something's gonna happen that that's Situations gonna happen but what didn't Happen is this and this touches upon one Little point that you brought up before In that one didn't happen is that in That non heavy police state citizens People handle it you stepped in someone Else now yes the man got hurt the other Men scattered so for that particular Incident nobody got arrested nobody got Thrown in jail Nobody increased a criminal record or Started a criminal record one of the

Things that we have a major issue with Today is because we have a heavy police Force state and because we have systemic Racism that has held people down for Many many many years Okay systemically in society both Lawfully and even when laws change Culturally people been held down for Years so you have a higher percentage of In our country at this moment blacks Were living in or below a level of Poverty now you have a heavy police State Okay when you have that heavy police State you would then also cause more People to be affected by the law and When you cause more people to be Affected by the law even in this most Minor state and what do they say there's That book that says always commit at Least three felonies every single day we Walk we get up and walk and go around by Ourselves because there are so many laws On the books that each one of us Probably commits three felonies every Single day so this the ability to Collect and add a felony to a record and Then not be able to work not be able to Own an income possibly be incarcerated Separate from your sent your family now You have fatherless children growing up You have higher proportion single Parents you have you know bigger reasons Of what higher reasons of welfare when

That stuff goes on and happens okay you Then fall into a different state and That starts to affect society and so you See that little bit of that trickle-down Effect that little incident that you saw On Toronto okay which which didn't at The state yes unfortunately the man got Beaten up a little bit that probably Would have happened whether or not there Is a policeman a half a block away or Not right okay however yes the Punishment of those young men has maybe A larger ripple effect later then what It does for that on that one man that Got affected by in that one moment of Time so once individuals roll themselves Into some kind of incarceration whatever It may be you now fall into what we call A you will act like the people you're Surrounded with so show me to my best Friends I'll show you the person that You are so now if your five best friends Are sitting in a jail cell and those are Your five best friends well you will Start to evolve into that no matter Where you came from right now Yes there's that many people gonna fight Their way through and because they may Have support coming from the outside as Well however you're now in that state That mindset state right and that begins To snowball that becomes that butterfly Effect and I think that's one of our Major issues today and that you know we

Also unfortunately have a higher Percentage of our young men and women Who go into the military whether for one Reason or another that come back or PTSD Now a lot of them are also going to our Police forces they're going into our Police forces and that's just one of Those jobs would we have someone like That flying an airplane for United no And and and and I you know I'm one that You know I went to a military academy I respect what someone went over and did It however there are consequences from And because of that consequence that Should also mean that hey because of That you may not be fit to be a police Officer at this time which requires a Certain level of mental capacity a very Important issue is filtering at the Beginning right the right people versus When somebody starts to have an issue as A police officer or that becomes a Pattern and and and it does get a little Bit muddy because right you have unions Involved yeah right so you know which Are a whole different things so you Could solve you could theoretically Solve one issue with a law or but then The Union which rightfully should be Protecting the office that's why they're There correct people don't understand Like why does the you and you protect That's what their job is to protect the Officers because otherwise they may

Could get fired for no matter how you Feel about unions one way or the other They could the reality is they could get Fired for something maybe they didn't do Right and then lose their livelihood so There is some level of protections that That they do need to have because they Do do such a difficult job so then the Question is filtering at the beginning How do we filter in the beginning what You know you talked about training is Exceptional when you were going to this To become a state trooper the training Is exceptional in preparation right so It's important for for people to it's Important for people to understand that It is filtering an issue there is when Someone makes a mistake is that the next Issue and how do we answer that and then The other issue is going forward what do We do when the union obviously has to Protect individuals and protect the Police force how do how do we solve all Those things and how do we solve it Through policing does technology Becoming something that helps us there's Pros and cons to technology right Definitely pros and cons to it you know What's the movie of this movie Minority Report remember that movie right and the Whole of the whole thing about Anticipating crime and you know they Almost eliminated crime but then they Were anticipating it and where someone's

Free will to make to change you know What their action is going to be so I Think it's important that we figure out Those things and how do you figure that Well what is your something that you're Thinking there so one of yours I first Think about is the the B selection Process you know we play such an Emphasis on certain jobs in our country In the selection process and the amount Of vetting that we do with certain jobs I don't think that we can make any Mistakes when we're vetting for our law Enforcement I don't think we I don't Think we can make a snit just the same Way that we can't make a mistake for People flying our airplanes I think we Our vetting process has to be above and Beyond something like that I think they Vent more Real honestly realistically I think they Get much deeper for people working at Goldman Sachs than they do in our police Departments now someone's gonna say well It's a money thing I don't believe in That if the amount of money that we Throw away to different associations the Amount of money we raise in our Political campaigns is unbelievable and So if we really care about holding our Police forces to the highest standards Because the end of the day if we truly Believe in our Constitution and Supporting our laws then we need to have

The very very very best of the best when It comes to upholding our laws if me Truly hold those laws to the highest Value which so many people say you do But then you say no to funds and money Going towards those individuals number One they should be highly paid and Compensated but the same time held to a High level of standard why are airline Pilots pay paid more than our police Officers see I personally I think that's Atrocious now your private business is The other private businesses but not to Certain assistants because they're Completely governed by by law right our Airlines are completely governed by law So we can find that space if we want the Very best of the best and then take that Deep time we have I know some of the Medical professionals that that sit on The review boards for executives moving Into certain with some of our fortune 500 companies I work with some of the Psychologists that you know the the Clinical psychologists that work and vet These people we don't do that on our Police forces to that extent I think That's a big issue that we have another Issue that we have is that yes you Mentioned the unions and the unions yes I believed in them for the protection of Our police officers and and our school Teachers but at the same time you Mentioned the police chief of

Minneapolis okay being african-american And however I'm sure he knew the mental Capacity and the racism of that man Right there's nothing he can do about it Though he couldn't do anything about it He couldn't really unless there was Something legally bound there he Couldn't fire him he couldn't discipline Him unless there was a real line that Was broken and and he could he could do That otherwise he'd be in jeopardy by be Mayor and a council or or between itself Like every by the Union itself right Because so you know that's one of our Issues as well that that falls under so One of the things that I spoke about is That you know we have boards of Education why don't we have boards for Our police departments why don't we have Real boards for our place for him we I'm On the board of education in my town I Said tonight I review and go over their Superintendent and all the teachers and Everything happening in a school I get All the updated information that's going On in our school district okay why Doesn't every single Police Force have a Board of what is it isn't eternal Affairs don't they handle internal Affairs and police officers yeah right So that's the police orders recently They're paid by the state they're paid By the spent by the city I mean us you And me Brian to be on the board of

Police and we sit there as civilians and We review things and we review the Abilities of officers or the abilities Of things happening going on just like We do it in a school district in a School district when there's an incident With a child in the school I don't know I don't know the child's name but I know The incident I review the incident and Determine whether or not the school is Acting on the best behalf of this school District the student itself the teachers The taxpayers everybody so that there There are nine people who sit there on To benefit the town to say to make sure The school is acting on the behalf of The best interests of everybody so in That situation if you're in in your town That you live in why wouldn't there be a Civilian group of people because Just like our school teachers and Everybody gets so upset about you know What are we paying our teachers and what Are we paying what's happening with our Money That's my tax money well that's your tax Money in a piece of armor too [ __ ] You know everything going on and Happening that's interesting that's it I Never thought about that that's that's a Really really interesting plan it's a Really good point I'm actually writing That one down because I never thought About that as a actual way of doing it

It could it could make a significant Change especially with I do think the Front-end filtering is you know I saw Pointed out that in good times they have A shortage of police officers because Everyone's getting you know jobs in that Area and then the bad times obviously Everybody's rushing to be a police Officer so they can kind of vet better Right So the what times you're in will dictate You know we've had pretty good economy For a while you know you're gonna have Less people running to be police Officers because that they want that Back-end Pension down the line and there's less Need for that so there's a lot of Factors to it but I think it's really Really interesting the having a board to Make decisions on it because you get Another factor that and that both the Union and the police commissioner can Agree to help them make those decisions Almost it's almost an arbitrator right Like you have in baseball you have an Arbitrator and and you have someone Being able to to make decisions on those Kind of things I want to jump because That we cover a million topics but They're there the freedom to be able to Make and having a different opinion okay Without being cancelled in today's Culture right and every time I bring up

Drew Brees because the question that I Got asked to him when he gave his answer Dana they didn't put the person asking The question in front of it so you would Have a little bit more contacts Even though it was tone-deaf in the Sense that he didn't address the in my Opinion this is my opinion he didn't Address the forefront issue that was Going on first right or he stayed his Parent his opinion about the flag and All those kind of things and I felt like In everything I know about I don't know Him personally I've met him a couple Times at events but I don't know him at All but he's always been a pleasant Person when I did meet him obviously Seems of you know he gave 40 million Dollars to to new orleans for different Things and was big during katrina was a Big person for them during Cova here Recently but the fact that he didn't Precipitate it with the topic that was Going on right now first he then got you Know shannon sharpe vilified him and you Know he wasn't the only one Malcolm Thomas vilified him who was his team and And many and original really jumped all Over him and then obviously led him to Make you know multiple apologies and I Think I think he tried to handle Everything the best way he can I think He's one of you know just judging by why He did it

How we handled everything he quickly Probably realized after was pointed out To him that he was tone deaf in certain Areas on this and then work to correct That but the reason why I bring up the People the ability to speak about Something he didn't say anything racist He didn't say anything that was against Uh you know was for Derrick Chavan or Something like that or he didn't say Anything like that what he says was you Know in my opinion like he didn't Address what was the topic right there Which was racism that the the Possibility of racism in the murder of George Floyd and and then racism as an Issue and then talk about what what he Kind of put the flag as the first thing Right and you know And made me think as I was definitely With Kaepernick first took a knee I I Was definitely like because my father Was in the military and you know I was Raised to stand before the flag with Respect and you know I had disagree with It because I you know he had done other Things Kaepernick you know wearing Policemen as pigs as a Sox and and all Those kind of things which made it to me Inconsistent with the plight but but Then obviously with this coming out with With George Floyd and everything my Viewpoint began to change Not about Kaepernick's intentions and

That's a big thing to me Kaepernick to me is a different issue Somewhat than this issue so when people Kind of again politically mesh it all Together you know you you begin to Create the divide now I knew where I was Kind of thought you know maybe Kaepernick was wrong what he was doing Before I now maybe see things a little Differently as far as with respect to The flag and how someone could feel like The flag did not represent them I get it A little bit more when you see something Like this happened with George Floyd What-what did bother he was not that I I Believed that you know Malcolm Thomas Was correct on some of those things Shannon Sharpe was correct on some of Those things what I thought that they Were a little bit unfair about was Someone having a right to their own Thoughts and then this happens in other Areas and then canceling them out and Viewing someone who is spenting as far As I know his whole life being a good Person not a racist plays alongside African-americans and and players of Other races has been a leader in his Community in the locker room And to make him the enemy was what where I thought it started to go in a Different direction and then that is Where you start to get Again that that political divide so

Where I agreed on that hey man you know If you're gonna respond to everything That's going on right now the first Thing that you you need before you talk About anything else is to show your Support for black lives to show your Support for for the fact that this guy Needed to be penalized severely to go to Jail all those kind of things and then You know when they ask you that question We say hey you know this is my opinion About standing for the flag I think People can handle that but then to take It to the next level and say this guy's Should be canceled out for his opinion To me begins to defeat you know the Whole purpose of it because if we want People to listen like me and you were Talking today we have to be able to deal With that someone might slightly think Differently correct but they're not Racist right you know what I mean and That's an important thing you know and And for kids to understand that like I Coach kids right I want my kids to Understand that you should do the right Thing that never goes out of style You should always do the best you can be Accountable for who you are okay treat People fairly at all times but also Respect another person's opinion as long As they're respectful of you right when They disrespect you that's a different Situation so you know I had a player

Bring up to me one of my African-american kid one of my smartest Players its smartest people on the team He's going to Georgia as a student not That is an athlete even though he could Have played college football and oh some Kids on the team we're talking with Somebody and they were debating I guess Something and then some of the kids were Putting like hey we're voting for Trump We we support Trump right and he was Upset by that and you know I explained To him I said listen I understand why You would be upset by it okay if you Feel a certain way about Trump and you If you don't think that and this is his Opinion you know is right for African-americans that's his opinion Doesn't make it right or wrong and if They feel that Trump that your friends Like Trump for whatever reason and they Want to vote for Trump you have to be Able to be able to respect each other And understand that you could be voting For different people still be friends Still you know love each other as Teammates they'll love each other as Friends but maybe have a slightly Different opinion on something you can Have a vastly different opinion but it Doesn't make one person bad or the other And I think that's that's a thing that As a culture we're so quick to like just Say this person is bad because they say

That you know this person is right Because this is what's right because we Feel this is the most important thing Right now and if anyone says anything Different than that they're wrong what What do you think about that you know I Feel strongly on that because we we've Gotten to a state that everything is Right or left and everything is black or White well everything is not always Black and white if that statement has Any true value today not every statement Not everything is black or white not Everything is right or left and we're Very polarized in that way so if we Stand for one we can't stand for another And so in their situation today you can Stand by and say that yes we have an Issue with racism in our country Especially against black people that Doesn't mean that you're saying that you Don't respect law enforcement where does One have to come in with the other but Right we get so polarized that we have To believe that or if someone says hey I'm voting for Donald Trump well because You go for Donald Trump doesn't mean That you act on behalf and act the same Way as or have all the same beliefs as Donald Trump or you tweet like Donald Trump there's nothing to do that that Means that you believe in his political Agenda which is fun and that's what Makes our country

And so we we try to do that to ourselves Was forced because it's easier it's Easier to put someone on one side or the Other because then you can keep them Your distance and you feel more secure With that by placing someone on one side Or the other and it's easier for you to Vilify and win right we're always trying To we try to win so much we try to be on Top we try to be different we try to be At the end of the day we're all so much The same and I think you know we Struggle with that today a lot then Everybody has to be ID'd as something Different than everybody else and that Your your my iPhone is different than Yours mine's better down and it Communicates the same way I can text you I can do a zoom call this seems that way I can hear you exactly the same but Anybody has to have that differentiating Factor so no I'm on this side or I'm on That side and I think that's that that's A big issue that of insecurities that we Have to overcome today well I think That's a really really big important Point is that we spend so much time Trying to differentiate ourselves from Somebody else instead of realizing you Can have your own individual Characteristics that's important your Individual a that's one of the things That makes us great as Americans is Individuality okay but understand that

We are similar in more things than we Are different Which is why we want to live in America Why we want to be here why everybody Wants the best for themselves and if why Everybody wants the opportunities Because of that and we're more similar Than we are different at the same time That we have our own individuality I Think you really nailed it and instead Of trying to be different just to be Different to you know understand that Where is our common ground you talked About it right from the guy who probably Could end the podcast right there I had A worker between headspace Right but that would thank you very Interesting but it's it's being able to Understand that define the commonalities And then and then you know what else Like if you disagree on something I Don't understand why people can't just Go you know what I disagree with you and You know what hey you know a B down the Line we revisit this and maybe I turn Around say hey you know I think you're More right than I was and that's okay Like the insecurity thing that you Talked about how insecure We really are in understanding our own Insecurities and learning about Ourselves instead of you know false Bravado right it's you know when you When I was lying up in linebacker and

Right before to play I would always have Every single play I lineup you know it Process what you're supposed to do what Gap you're responsible for and in your Reads and make sure you get locked in And that and the the weight before to Play starts the last thing I would say This to myself in my head every single Time you better be a badass yeah you Know why I'm saying this because the Other side of me the insecurity okay of Me is am I good enough to make the play Am i tough enough even though everything In my life pointed to the fact that You've had so many successes and you're Probably more confident in the average Individual but you always have Insecurities and you've got to talk Yourself through those things to be able To to beat it and I think that's what a Lot of people do where they allow their Insecurities to create an emotion that If they thought about it the next day And let that emotion fly they probably May have done things a little bit Differently right Very true and now in football finding That insecurity immediately is Incredibly important because you have to Solve that problem now other one's going To run you right over but in life Being able to fight your insecurities Understand that you might have an Emotion about something and be able to

Focus to do the right thing is so Important I mean when you when you you Bought insecurity up a few times in you Know you said oh so you saw it in the Police force I'm sure he thought on this When you're on a city council well you Know you see it in your workers probably What do you think you know people can do To overcome that insecurity that will Allow them the to have the freedom of in An you know for me praising the Lord Helps me with that but allows them the Freedom to that good thoughts enter Solutions enter and push the urge which We all have to fight okay to find out me The fight for what you believe in but to Fight somebody because they they might Disagree with you on something what what Are some things people can do on that Well first and foremost is that our Biggest issue of insecurity stems from The fact that's not enough of us have a True belief that there is something Greater than ourselves and that control Is simply an illusion and I believe Those that's one statement bear that not Enough of us truly truly believe that There is a higher power above ourselves And we are mere servants and the fact That control is simply an illusion Because that falls in line with the fact That there is something greater than Ourselves and so and so when we release That that

Releases our need to hold on to that Those great depths of insecurities and Allows them to be free to realize that I Can't control that I can't control that And there is a higher power than myself I am no greater than the man standing Next to me and I believe that when we Are able to have those strong beliefs it Reduce –is the amount of insecurities That we have that cause us to make the Mistakes that we do make absolutely it Is it's everyone's biggest issue that That maybe they have to always continue To work on one of the things that we Talked about in Bible study is the flesh Not living in the flesh right and when You have a higher higher power that you Know that you don't live in the flesh And realize that if you know you're Serving the Lord that you're going to Start to make better decisions and so I Think it's really really important and Everybody goes through with it deals With it all the time but recognition – Right recognizing that it's okay to feel Insecure yeah but you then have to solve That and willing to solve that don't let The insecurity consume you last thing as You know and we'll leave it on on this I Think because this has been I mean Unbelievably powerful hope okay I think It's important that all people have hope And one of the things that I thought was A perfect storm in all this was he had

Kovan 19 which was obviously then you Have people locked down in their homes And when you take away people's hope Okay because that's what starts to Happen even the smartest people correct The most successful people start to Begin to lose hope right and I think That's the In in in mankind if you take away Someone's hope which is you know what What are some of the things that what Made slavery so bad okay none of us was Alive thankfully during those times Okay it was terrible but what mates as Bad as slavery is the the thing that I Mean the physicality the brutality all That the takeaway of any hope from a Human being and and that is something That when we had well going through Cova 19 and when you start you start to see What happens when you get a perfect Storm of a terrible thing that happens Couple with copa 19 and then young People with a lot of energy stuck at Home right you start to get those things What can we do as a society to to always Give people an opportunity to have hope No one's saying people are gonna you Know scull successful life podcasts you Know success can be measured many Different ways how do we give people Hope so they don't they don't allow Something that could happen to them to Cause them to make a bad decision to

Cause them to disrupt their life what Can we do to always give people an Opportunity for hope I believe that's The core competency of our largest Leaders in our country and I think that Is that is the reason that we place them In the positions that they're in at the End of the day they have to have a Robust amount of information about the Job of a support but their main role in Our individualistic society weakened as Individuals we can succeed in our Society we can grow our society we Concur ourselves but our leaders are There to wrap ourselves with hope and so That collectively as a group we're using The energy of all of us they say and an Equal amount of hope and vision that we Use collectively Than energy that comes from our Leadership sources and that's an area That we have to get so much better on is That putting people in those roles or People who should be or want to be in Those roles that lead with a level of Hope because we can do the work that we Need to do the better ourselves when we Better ourselves we better our country We better our society and that is led by The leaders that and that that throw Hope in our direction that help us guide And then that energy disperses amongst Ourselves right and so the energy that You get from driving with hope you're

Going to spread that to somebody else And somebody else and that becomes Electrifying right and it begins with Our leadership sources and they have to Be a lot more forward stepping in in Creating a level of hope and and that's The one thing you have in common as a Country that's what makes us great is That we should be relying upon each Other we can disagree on things and we Can have arguments we can have the baits But the end of the day as a country as a Whole we should be under that same Vision of hope and deliver that message Equally by our leaders so I think that's Our most one of the things that we are Lacking today immensely is that core Competent leadership and all the finance And that's even that's even courtly I'm Not just talking political leaders Aren't no more prayers are our Educational leaders it follows the same Realm there there's so much about me me Me grab I gotta get I have to advance I Have to grow you're in that position to Lead and leadership is about leave I Believe in love leadership but leading People and driving hope to them because They'll do the work that needs to get Done to better themselves so if our Leaders can can can drive more hope into The people that they lead we will be a Lot better off and we will also reduce The level of insecurities that we have

Yes in in Ivan I was perfectly said when Martin Luther King said judge people by The content of the character not the Color of their skin when he said those Words in when people are in doubt on Things whether it's what they're doing In their life when you interact with People the most important thing is the Content of their character who they are Figure that out and then anything can Begin to get solved when you do that and You know what I liked what I loved about This conversation is it it's tough Topics its topics that a lot of people Are scared to talk about right now right Without becoming you know without it Becoming full-fledged political of how Your viewpoint is one or the other They're scared to talk about it in and I Think in those times it's more important That you get people that are gonna have Opinions about things but know each Other are good people and those people Start to talk those people who have you Know have the right intentions in life And with other people and then they Could spread that message and then more People begin to have that conversation Absolutely instead of the instinct to Fight first which everybody wants to Fight first right the instead of being Sappy about say hey love first which is The most really the most important thing It's about understanding and respecting

Each other and getting around people That you know and understand respect Even if you have differences and discuss These things and some of those things Could become policy right and the more And and and then you also reckon you Could begin to recognize the difference Between what something could become Policy and what something that is just An idea that can't go any further at This time right and when can it be go Further went We revisit this so we can become a Solution and the world will never be Perfect because people aren't perfect And but we can strive to be the best That we can be and I think that we we Forget that fundamentally I was saying Like our kit was on our shirts we said Be the very best you can be be the best You can be don't worry about what the Guy next to you like he's if he's faster Than you we can go to week we're all Doing the same training so he's gonna Press there you might get faster you not Gonna be as fast as him okay you want to Be the best that you can be sure and Whatever that is you figure that out as A person and then figure out how you can Respect the other person have a dialogue And and start to figure out solutions And when you disagree on things figure Out when maybe you could revisit it if There is a discussion and constantly ask

That question is there a common point The white space you talked about you Know constantly ask that okay there Isn't right now there's no common point Between us and this you know two weeks From now we talk I could tell you that a Lot of my friends we have discussions About something we've vehemently Disagree on it a month later something Happens all of a sudden we're slightly Agree me and had some things in the World is constantly changing things so You don't cut it off you keep an open Mind try to figure things out you know In and that's what makes this country Great freedom the ability to to think I Mean you know instead of what when when You look at people like when people look At like our founding fathers of the Country and when you see human beings Are flawed the guys who created arguably The greatest form of government of all Time okay definitely the freest of all Time Some of them were slave owners right and It's hard for people to look at those Two things at the same time right so Some people say we should cancel those People out right you know and in it's It's not it's not about that it's about This was great This was a human being that did Something really bad okay let's figure Out those things that they did great

Don't forget those okay the things that They did wrong learn from that so we Don't do that in the future and and then We could start to get to a calm place Right and I think that's the word and The other thing I always like to say This is like I you know people get so Upset what statues come down and all That kind of stuff you know obviously as I believed her Jesus Christ of God and When I see statues in general I think to Myself you know when you put statues up Like we shouldn't none of no one should Get so worshiped into an individual that The statue should be so important even Though I think it's ridiculous when some Statues people want to take some things Down you know it's about people it's not About statues and idols right it statues And idols are representatives of things Whether it's good or bad but should Never be you know you don't worship you Don't worship statues that that's just a Mistake that that we get caught up in And you know if if the flag doesn't Represent what you wanted to represent Figure out how we can change it so one Day everybody can stand up for the flag And say you know what the world isn't Perfect but we've done our we're Continuing to do the very best we can to Make it a better place and yeah there's You know you know I'd love to live in a Utopia where there aren't people that

Are poor and stuff like that but that's Probably not a realistic thing there's Probably always going to be people that Are unsuccessful and people that are Successful but People that are unsuccessful cannot get Left behind they still need to have a Life in an opportunity at life and their Children deserve so just because one Person makes a lot of bad decisions Their child doesn't deserve that same Fate so how can we help them and you Know and I think that you know going Forward we need to have more of these Kind of discussions I'll leave you with Last thought absolutely no I think these Kind of discussions are fantastic and For you know hopefully people have the Chance to listen to it with an open Heart and open mind I think that's one Of the things that we have to get Ourselves better at is having an open Mind and an open heart to people's Thoughts people's differences people's Mindsets but also see the white space of Really why do I think this why do I Think that and is is that how I should Be thinking is that how I should be Seeing this situation and truly Evaluating that for what it is or for What you may not know but you think you Do know and I think that's a major Growth area that that we can come into Is to see more white space seeing more

Origins of why people think certain ways Or why may date day they may act a Certain way even if this certain way is Bad no way if ands or buts about it it's Bad but maybe try to think about well Why does that person act that way I Think when we start think we're not Condoning why the person acts that way But at least we're giving that an open Forum and open discussion of saying why That may have happened it has us lead Through life with a little more Understanding understanding respect and Love perfect Very well said thanks Steve for coming On I really appreciate it definitely an Amazing conversation and hopefully a lot Of people can learn some things from it And and continue to grow and make this World you know a place that We all want to be in absolutely man that Day this has been great hopefully we can Do this again some other time and a Whole nother subject matter absolutely

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