Sad News on Mike Leach #mississippistate

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Sad News on Mike Leach #mississippistate Subscribe right away and get all the great updates #football #camps #recruiting #collegefootball #highschoolfootball NUC is the longest running series of high school combine and football camps in the country. If you’re…

Sad News on Mike Leach #mississippistate
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#football #camps #recruiting #collegefootball #highschoolfootball

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Uh Mississippi State University head Football coach Mike Leach remains a Critical condition at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson Extent of information that MSU has Available regarding coach Leach’s Condition uh no other comment at this Time updates on social media when it Becomes available the family respects Privacy From what I understand he had walking Pneumonia for a very long time And he was uh Helicoptered from his home to Jackson Yesterday And you know a lot of the local Reporters down there are saying it’s It’s a very Dire situation so hopefully they’re Wrong and hopefully a miracle is is Going to happen because we don’t want to Lose A great coach and you know one of the Best personalities we’ve ever seen in College football But there’s no doubt about it I mean Prayers from for Mike Leach it’s uh that Is a crazy situation and we talked a Little bit briefly before you know I’ve Watched so many of his interviews Because I enjoy obviously I think he’s An innovator in the offensive game no Doubt Um with his with his offense and and uh

You know the whole mesh concept and all That kind of stuff so he’s a brilliant Mind but uh I’ve seen at the podium Because I enjoy watching his personality And he and the coughing and and the um Clearing of throw And uh like but not like a few like a Lot you know and it kept as the season Went on it see the rest and I have no Idea these things are related you might Know better to me but like I did see it And think Like I know those guys you know it was One of the the downsides of I would Guess of college football right like if You or I were in that situation Like we have enough downtime that we Might just say hey let me just go over To the doctor you know Um and and and get this fight I I you Know the way I am I would go to three or Four if I didn’t get an answer that was Made sense but I I can understand the Rigors of college football you go to a Doctor they say it’s something and you Just you know if they’re wrong or they Don’t understand don’t get the magnitude Sometimes you just kind of move on and Think oh maybe it’s nothing and it’s Just something that I have to deal with And uh terrible news I mean just really Uh yeah I don’t have any information on It or inside information even if I did It I I wouldn’t say but

Um but yeah the busyness of college Football and college football coaches Where it’s you know 365 days a year and You’re always doing something whether It’s game planning or practice or Watching film or recruiting now with nil On the portal I mean it’s just constant Constant so you know even if a doctor Did say well listen you need to take Some time and rest or get better It’s hard for coaches to do that and I’m Not sure what’s happened here or why Um you know this is all occurring I Don’t have any inside information but I Do know you know in my dumb world One I’ve been told to rest for any Medical reason I just don’t because There is no rest and so if that’s uh you Know part of this for Mike Leach it’s it

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