Officiating at NFL Championship Games Was a Train Wreck #nfl #coachschuman

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Officiating at NFL Championship Games Was a Train Wreck #coachschuman #nucsports #legendslive #NFL #NFLChampionship #superbowlSubscribe right away and get all the great updates #football #camps #recruiting #collegefootball #highschoolfootball NUC is the longest running series of high school combine…

Officiating at NFL Championship Games Was a Train Wreck #coachschuman #nucsports #legendslive #NFL #NFLChampionship #superbowlSubscribe

right away and get all the great updates
#football #camps #recruiting #collegefootball #highschoolfootball

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Good defensive game as well but this was Just horrible officiating and I'm not That guy that like says things are Rigged yeah you know but there's a Reason why hashtag NFL rigged is Trending right now yeah and we can talk About so I talk about less about the 49ers and Eagles game because you know Obviously the first Devante Smith catch Was not a catch and and the 49ers got Called for some penalties that I think Were really bad calls but they just Didn't have a quarterback they weren't Going to win I mean when you're running The ball exclusively after Johnson went Down with the concussion your entire Second half is one pass you're not going To win you were never going to win and You got blown out so there's no case for The 49ers to say we got screwed because Of bad calls there were bad calls and They got screwed but they were going to Lose anyways but the Bengals got screwed I mean that that that extra down was Astonishing to me you know it was 39 you Know he gets five yards to Kelsey Supposed to be fourth and four they get Off the field then all of a sudden it's It's third and nine over again because Apparently some ref was trying to blow a Dick because the clock was running when It shouldn't have been running or Whatever but there's no nobody on the Field none of the 22 players on the

Field heard anything they acted as if it Was a play none of the officials heard Anything so they go back give them an Extra down then they call pass Interference yep on Eli apple yeah apple Right uh it might have been him I don't Remember but Hilton they were killing Hilton and apple the whole game yeah so Then they call pass interference so you Know that's third and down they get they Stopped him again pass interference and Then you look at the holding calls I Mean on that last uh particular run by Mahomes you know where there was a dumb Penalty dum dum dum horrible dumb play And that gave him the field goal to win But there were two blatant holes on that One where you know the guy was tackled The left tackle held uh you know the the Right end but the Right Guard tackled You know the defensive tackle trying to Get the return so Kenzie's punt return That got him in position the nice return At the end There were two blocks in the back two of Them yeah two of them one was Blaine one Was You know I could see how you could miss It but the one was two people literally Pushed a guy down like I mean you know It took two uh Taylor's credit he didn't Complain after the game because he could Have I mean he was playing the whole Game obviously but after the game he

Didn't but that that return That return does not happen they're Starting at the 30 instead or 25

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