NUC Sports Presents Amazing Football Drills

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NUC Sports Presents Amazing Football Drills with Coach Schuman #tiktok #football #offensiveline #defensiveline #greatplays[Music] Tariq Hills foot cook is unreal [Music] Hey Google [Applause] Beautiful [Music] The key to this drill for quarterbacks Is to be able to maneuver…

NUC Sports Presents Amazing Football Drills with Coach Schuman #tiktok #football #offensiveline #defensiveline #greatplays

[Music] Tariq Hills foot cook is unreal [Music] Hey Google [Applause] Beautiful [Music] The key to this drill for quarterbacks Is to be able to maneuver your feet to Shuffle forward Shuffle back be able to Be able to maneuver within the pocket Have good carry of the ball and to be Able to release the ball with velocity Stepping in the right direction and Falling through [Music] This is a great drill to watch the Footwork Of Canada Hill Woodside and Lake Willis You can see in this drill that channel Would set up more experience in moving Their feet into pocket and you should be Able to shuffle quickly move the feet Quickly in the pocket that's where they Got to go and get in a good wide base to Be able to throw the football it's a Great deal to see that so here it Happens inside now they got the new side Events they're in a good position that Front front foot is leading to where They have to throw with the bent front Knee and the fall they have really Really quick stop and then you can see Me through this first third year

But Uh [Music] There it is look for it there you go [Music] Put down cut down explode good go put Down but down but down But down explode Here we go ready to go But down Good [Music] A real man in the dark when nobody's Watching he put me in work because he Lost the process [Music] This is an awesome fake reverse the flip By the quarterback fake flip really gets Everyone to freeze great play [Music] Foreign Double first here we go ready Set Good job Secure that double Right double double There we go bring the feet bring the Backs better [Music] It is an exceptional drill we're going To footwork lateral movement and hands And finish on the quarterback so it Covers everything for a defensive end Defensive lineman You also run the hoop there if he knows

The circle uh technique there so they're Running the hoop so they're moving their Feet they're changing laterally they're Defeating the tackle and they're also Getting to the quarterback great drill [Music] Developing your speed and you must be Working on your sprinting technique so You can do that okay because if you're a Track guy and you're ready in that Position already you're in great shape Track guys have an advantage 40 yard Dash start real quick most important Component number one 40 yard dash start You have to have yourself in a position To be able to drive out Sometimes actually happen to have to say This but In your opposite hand okay when you're Going down the 40 you're gonna start That's an incredibly important component To it and you don't understand If your leg that's up front is your Dominant plant leg not if you're a Righty that's usually your left leg Okay people get this wrong you're Dominant Your dominant leg your most powerful leg Is your front leg which is the opposite Of what Is left leg okay you have to be able to This is there's a technique to it There's a science to it and the dry

Phase which is so key The drive phase is everything That puts you in position you don't got To drive these you don't have a 40-yard Dash You must be Anywhere depending on your height Younger guys be closer to lying older Guys you want a little more space but You're anywhere between nine inches to a Foot and a half off the line okay I'm Taller you have to be able to walk Yourself back in so you can drive walk Yourself in when you rise up [Music] Side and your try please Out Nada It is out and you're staying down Driving you only look at three feet out In front of you that's the first step For you in the tip of the day you have To learn the 40-yard dash start I have All kinds of free videos for you Available on YouTube there's all kinds Of stuff available for you you must Learn how to start you must learn how to Sprint and drive phase when you go to College camps before then so you are Prepared to perform at your very best Level Coach human that's your football tips Today now we'll do a little pickleball Which is my fun part of the day

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