NFL Draft Prospect: Jordan Love, Utah State,Junior, 6’4, 223lbs , QB

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Jordan Love, Utah State, Junior, 6’4, 223lbs , QB

Jordan Love, Junior, 6’4, 223lbs , QB



The California native has played three seasons at Utah State and has shown the physical gifts of being potential first round talent. His junior season at Utah State was lackluster compared to his previous season however, a coaching change can sometimes affect productivity. After a marijuana incident before a bowl game left some red flags about Love however, making an absolute judgment call about this young man would be unfair.


Career Stats 396-652, 5,198 passing yards, 40 touchdowns, 12 INTs, 9 rushing touchdowns


Love has all the physical tools that teams always seem to be salivating over. Love has great mobility and athleticism, which makes him a threat to throw on the run and accurately reach his targets. Love’s high over the top and quick release  helps him throw over lines. Love hangs in the pocket and scans the field in order to make throws. Jordan Love has all the arm talent needed to make NFl throws and his ability to place the ball is eye-popping. Expect a team to take Jordan love in the first round as their franchise guy.

Areas to Improve:

Love sometimes does not recognize coverage rotations and he needs to improve his awareness. Love sometimes lets the ball go with reckless abandon or he believes that arm of his too much. If Love continues to sharpen his ability to read coverage and take what the defense gives him he’ll be playing on Sundays for a while.


86 out of 100

Player Comp:

Deshaun Watson’s Style of Play

Analysis By: John Robinson NFL Analyst NUC Sports

John Robinson NFL Analyst NUC Sports
John Robinson IV “J-Rob” grew up in Englewood, New Jersey a small suburb across the bridge from New York City. Robinson grew up playing sports but found his passion in football and track at the age of six. In high school Robinson played Cornerback and Wide Receiver for the Dwight Morrow Maroon Raiders. After only one playoff birth Robinson accepted a full athletic scholarship to play football at then University of Connecticut. After three years at UConn, Robinson transferred to Tennessee State University and continued his education. Robinson graduated with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and wants garner a career as a sports analyst.

Robinson has high passion and understanding of football. His experience as a player and love of the game help give him legitimate analysis of players and their abilities. John Robinson IV spent time as a writer for DBLTAP Esports and a front office intern/writer for WNBL professional women’s basketball team the Canberra Capitals. Robinson can also be heard on his podcast BallTalk with JRob on Apple Podcast talking about the best topics in football and sports.

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