NFL Draft Prospect: CJ Henderson,Florida, 6’1, Junior, 202lbs, CB

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CJ Henderson,Florida, 6’1, Junior, 202lbs, CB

NFL Draft Prospect: CJ Henderson,Florida, 6’1, Junior, 202lbs, CB



A three-year starter at Florida, CJ Henderson has been a sticky corner who has spent a lot of his time in the SEC holding his own against some really good WR talent. If it were not for Ohio State corner Jeff Okudah, Henderson may have been the best corner in the draft.


Career Stats 93 tackles, 6 interceptions, 8 sacks, 20 PBU


Long, wiry, and lanky frame with great man to man has all the signs of what teams look for in prototypical cornerback. Henderson’s go-go gadget arms make it hard for receivers to gain separation. His body may not always be in the positions however, his elite level length keeps him in every play. For teams that prefer man to man defensive schemes, Henderson is a guy who can be put on an island and wont shy away from the moment. Henderson has also shown the ability to blitz and looks comfortable when the ball is in the air. Henderson has hands like WR and looks smooth catching the ball. Teams will also love most about henderson is his willingness to tackle on the perimeter. 

Areas to Improve:

Henderson puts stress on his consistency because he attempts to execute more than one technique at a time. Henderson is a tall corner and this sometimes causes him to play high, where he’ll get his eyes locked on the quarterback. Although, henderson is a willing tackler he still needs to add mass because he’s still a lanky corner.


86 out of 100

Player Comp:

Upside Antonio Cromartie – Downside Quiton Dunbar

Analysis By: John Robinson NFL Analyst NUC Sports

John Robinson NFL Analyst NUC Sports
John Robinson IV “J-Rob” grew up in Englewood, New Jersey a small suburb across the bridge from New York City. Robinson grew up playing sports but found his passion in football and track at the age of six. In high school Robinson played Cornerback and Wide Receiver for the Dwight Morrow Maroon Raiders. After only one playoff birth Robinson accepted a full athletic scholarship to play football at then University of Connecticut. After three years at UConn, Robinson transferred to Tennessee State University and continued his education. Robinson graduated with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and wants garner a career as a sports analyst.

Robinson has high passion and understanding of football. His experience as a player and love of the game help give him legitimate analysis of players and their abilities. John Robinson IV spent time as a writer for DBLTAP Esports and a front office intern/writer for WNBL professional women’s basketball team the Canberra Capitals. Robinson can also be heard on his podcast BallTalk with JRob on Apple Podcast talking about the best topics in football and sports.

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