Level Up Your Life for Maximum Success

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Level Up Your Life for Maximum Success Interview with Kevin Palmieri by Coach Schuman in the Success For Life Podcast #success #motivation #life #love -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “(287) Legends Live! Is there enough parity in college football?…

Level Up Your Life for Maximum Success Interview with Kevin Palmieri by Coach Schuman in the Success For Life Podcast
#success #motivation #life #love

Please watch: “(287) Legends Live! Is there enough parity in college football? ”
#football #recruiting #highschoolfootball #footballcamps #footballrecruiting
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[Music] Sorry that quick intro always gets Everybody they're ready to roll this Coach human welcome to the success for Life podcast i'm here with kevin Palmieri We're really excited to talk to him uh On a couple levels uh he does some Interesting and exciting things that Just fits right in with what what we Talk about um on the success for life Podcast he literally is creating success Every day with his next level university Uh he has a fantastic podcast that that Covers all those things trying to Improve your life and in every facet of It business love health success Everything everything associated with That um he you know he's covering those Bases kevin welcome to the show thank You for having me on coach yeah the Intro the quick intro got me but i'm Ready to roll and i'm excited to chat Thank you for having me on I don't know why it doesn't just like Automatically just loop right in it has Like that brief time period where you You know tenth of a second no worries Keep keep me on my toes i like it that's It that's it well um tell everybody your Background you know where you come from How you got to this point and so Everybody gets a little educated on that Yeah yeah i was raised in a small town i

Was raised by my mom and my grandmother And i didn't actually meet my father Until i was 27 years old um all of my Friends after high school went away to College and i just job hopped for most Of my life And i ended up getting a very very good Job in the weatherization industry so Just think construction is the best way To to think about it i found what quote Unquote was success to me and i still Ended up sitting on the edge of a hotel Bed debating suicide because i was so Out of alignment so miserable so stuck So hopeless and i ended up leaving all That behind and getting into the Podcasting speaking coaching thing Full-time and here we are five years Later a thousand episodes and it's Definitely been an interesting journey To say the least a thousand episodes That's unbelievable thank you thank you I mean i i i thought i did a lot at a 140 here so it is a lot that is a lot i Always i always tell people coach I don't know that everybody should get To where we are because we're you know What i mean there's been so many ups and Downs and so many So many pain points and for us it's a Lot bigger than just the show so i think 140 episodes is further than most people Make it so give yourself a pound on the Back please yeah well i have a hundred

And something on another podcast where i Focus on my sports area there you go Okay so so we're we're we do we've done A lot it is interesting we try to break It at the seasons and Uh so we don't overwhelm everybody all The time but it's it's it's a ton of fun And you get to speak with great people Like yourself um so tell me a little bit More about that road so you grow grew up In a uh and if you if you don't mind Talking about it grew up in a broken Home okay uh where you didn't see your Father till you're an adult Um what what are some of the things Growing up in that environment that you Think Has impacted both Your journey and then ultimately helping You to arrive at success Yeah it's interesting because i often Have asked we've had like Psychotherapists and therapists and Counselors on our show and one of my Questions always is how do you know if Your normal is normal And then we go down that road of well Nothing is normal everybody has Different experiences so for me i think A couple things one i think that That gave me the identity of somebody Who is ambitious I don't think i'm naturally hungry for Success or hungry for achievement but i

Think that for most of my life i had a Pretty big chip on my shoulder and that Is something that i've been able to Pivot from Negative to i would say constructive so I think that's part of it One of the things that really has always Stood with me is our lack of money Growing up i we didn't have a lot of Money i never wanted for anything i Never went hungry but we often talked About how we were going to be able to Pay rent My family's never owned a house we've Always rented so that has always been Part of me and my story now this is the Interesting thing coach When i was 27 i was going through my Facebook messages and i didn't know that If you had somebody that messaged you That you weren't friends with it went to A different uh folder and i was going Through that folder for some reason i Don't know what i was doing but i Remember seeing a message and it said Hey kev i'm blank i'm your father's Girlfriend And i remember when i saw that i said oh No no no i can't do this today i cannot Do this today and i ended up going Through the message and it basically Said hey i'm your father's girlfriend He's seen what you're doing on facebook He wants you to know that he's very

Proud of everything you've done and Would love to meet with you if that's Something you're open to And i remember i fell on the floor i Threw my phone on the floor and i just Started crying Because for most of my life i had Villainized this person and i said i Don't care if he's alive i don't care if He's dead i don't care how he's doing But i never thought i was going to have The opportunity to actually see him so This raised that opportunity for me and I actually ended up in going and seeing Him which was this very powerful thing For me that really closed that circle i Think Yeah i i think you know i grew up in a Little different environment but i grew Up in a broken home so Uh i understand uh what that's like and A little bit everybody's situation is Completely different I you know i i identify with not being Able to pay for the lights and not be All those kind of things and And uh went through it myself as a kid But i i think that really you know i try To see the positives in the things that Come from that um i was lucky that my Father was around the whole entire time Um even though the parents were divorced Uh which i think was obviously very Helpful but you do feel that you do feel

That void you feel that um chip on your Shoulder and then i said you know one of The things i was i was a very good Football player very good athlete You know the outlet that you need to Have you know and i'm and i'm going Somewhere with this so stay stay with me Uh the outlet that you need to have as Far as Uh as a person to be able to take that Chip on your shoulder and put it into a Positive avenue Is so important and Um it's incredible that you've you Figured that out you know obviously uh a Lot of it is true credit to yourself and Being able to do that but that road is Tough you do get through a lot of Emotions you know you You could be the most positive Best-looking great athlete although Everything on the outside right but on The inside you feel some void and that's A hard hard thing right for for a lot of People And to be able to then transition that Into something positive is such an Important thing and it resonates with so Many people we're in a a society today That you're talking upwards towards 70 Divorce rate of of families right so you Know that means that seven out of every Ten family in america has some sort of Thing going on not everybody has it as

Bad as others some have it better but That void is It's inevitable and and people don't Understand that who haven't been through It but to be able to channel that a Positive environment is so important and You have you have done that you're an Example of that Tell people how you really you really Went from that environment you know Of lack to fulfillment and and and Really particularly because you said You're starting to see some success Money right some money and and but it Wasn't all there you were on the Borderline of suicide how did you Transition that Yeah it's interesting you i'm sure You've heard this quote everybody hears It um everybody says that money doesn't Buy happiness but we all want to find Out for ourselves right so to your point Coach i was I made a hundred thousand dollars at 26 With no college degree just pure Grinding that was all it was it was just Brute force And what really shifted for me Is when i opened my pay stub i realized That nothing inside of me changed I thought that that money was going to Fix the void that you spoke of i thought It was going to make me more confident i Thought it was going to raise my

Self-esteem and i think most importantly And most deeply i thought it was going To help my worth And it didn't it actually made all those Things worse because now i have all this Money and i still feel as bad if not Worse than i did before so i think for Me Finding quote-unquote success realizing That's not actually success It gave me two things It gave me the opportunity and it gave Me the permission to start working on Myself i had worked so much on my life But i never worked on my own Self-improvement and when people say Self-improvement that's what they're Saying they're saying improving self i Never did that i improved circumstances I helped others improve but i never Poured into my own cup so that is the Biggest thing that shifted for me is I think A lot of people assume it's selfish to Work on yourself but i tried to put Myself first i tried to say you know What if i want to have a better life I have to become a better human more Capable more well-rounded a more Holistic a better communicator better With money better with love better with Everything and i think for me it Actually allowed me and gave me Permission to do that because i realized

That yes the money is great but money Only fixes Monetary problems it does not fix Internal problems so the best thing that Ever happened to me was me Finding success wasn't actually my own Version of success What are some of the fundamental things That you did working on yourself To to start to fill those voids um and And And look you know i say this all the Time Um It is a continuous process i think the Mistake people make is that they think Okay i worked on these things i i Started to see some Improvement you're going to go back if You don't work at it it is no different Than Practicing football Hitting the tennis ball like if you want To get great at it you've got to do it Over and over again what what are some Of the things that you you did that was Successful for you yeah uh one the first Thing i ever did was i started asking Why I when something would happen to me I would react a certain way and i would Ask okay why Why am i reacting why did i get insecure Why did i have an ego flare there why

Was i afraid of that why was i excited For that why am i afraid i remember that I had a very interesting conversation With One of my friends i don't know if it was On the podcast or not but we were Talking about the bar And i said i don't like the bar at all i Hate going to the bar And i never understood why until i dug Into it and i realized well somebody Like me does not have a high level of Value at the bar i'm five foot four on a Good day i'm not going to stand out in a Crowd of people If i'm going to the bar to meet a woman That's probably not going to happen Because they're not going to see me They're going to see everybody else That's just not where i prosper that's Not where i flourish where i do flourish Is one-on-one conversations with people That are meaningful and that all started From a place of okay Somebody asked me if i want to go to the Bar my initial reaction was no i don't Ever want to go to the bar why Is it because i don't like the bar i Don't like loud music no it's because i Feel insignificant there and it hurts my Confidence so i would say that was the Number one thing i started doing was Asking why and i would say the second Thing that is made the biggest

Difference for me is i started tracking My habits If you're an athlete you probably track Your workouts You are an athlete in life in terms of Your own performance so i started Tracking my habits i think i started With five things a day now i'm up to Like 20 things a day and that makes sure That i'm on path i'm on purpose i'm in Alignment with the ultimate goals that I'm i'm aiming for What habits did you have to work on well I mean you're at the 20 now What are what are the first five that You really had to work on that was was Important yeah um I think i was at the like this was Probably Three and a half four years ago so one Of them was every day i'd weigh myself Every day i would meditate every day i Would track my finances Every day i would post on social media And then every day i would message a Prospective client that is literally Where i started if you think back it's Kind of health wealth And love i mean that's how we have it Set up now but back then that wasn't the Intention but yeah i've always been a Pretty consistent person But i didn't always have the awareness Of what to do i'm a really good operator

I'm really good at the day-to-day you Know give me a list of things and i'll Do them but i don't always have the Awareness of why i'm doing what i'm Doing and until i have that It's hard to be consistent so i would Say those those are the places i started And then it just kind of It really elevated from there and Evolved And and how quick can you Someone starts today they start you know Working on some of the things within Themselves picking up those habits that Are that are helpful being consistent How long does it take for them to start To Transition and i understand everybody's Different but How long can you expect to start to feel Like hey i'm making some headway here Yeah i think to your point and obviously It depends on the circumstances but I think when it gets to the point where You would rather Do it than not do it That's it you cross this interesting Bridge and i said this the other day to Our group coaching group i said i Promise you you you all have been Tracking for three months so at this Point everybody in that group has been Tracking their habits every day for Three months i said you're coming up on

The point now where it will be easier For for you to do these habits than to Not do them you will have to have a Conversation with yourself and say you Know what i'm just not going to do that Today so I would say I would say probably like Two weeks You can start to feel a little bit Something you can feel momentum your Self-worth and your self-esteem might be A little higher because you're keeping Small promises to yourself a month is When you can really start to see things Three months i think it helps like You're at the point where it might be Leaking into your identity because your Behaviors are all different you know and Then a year and then three years yeah so I would say like a week two weeks a Month is kind of the sweet spot where You'll start to see stuff Well there's there's got to be a muscle Memory to it almost 10 o'clock right So and your brain starts to say hey i i Need to do this this is part of my Routine this is part of me getting to Where i need to be and you got to i i Think it's It's it's an interesting thing that my Father once told me so Growing up he was He did he didn't his father was gone and

He he really was always trying to figure Things out was naturally very smart but Didn't do any work right Kind of plotted along for a very very Long time went to college plotted along There took forever to get through College And uh then he was in He was in rotc and he got into the Military okay when he got into the Military it wasn't that he loved the Military But it was what the military gave him it Was now you know you he had to be Structured he had to do habits every Single day and what was interesting is When he went back to grad school instead Of being a uh a you know c student he Was a straight a student right he picked Up the habits that are necessary in Order to be disciplined and he learned That was the number one thing he always Told me he learned in the military it Was that he picked up the habits to be Consistent every single day doing the Things that he needed to do every single Day and having some level of structure Obviously in the military there's a ton Of structure to it but you need to have Some level of structure every single day Where do you think Um What are some of the foundations that People can do to form some structure

That works for them yeah i think the Number one thing and you just this was The through line of that story there has To be some level of necessity in the Military either you become consistent or You become gone really i mean that's the Way it works right so There has to be a high level of Necessity so what you often see with Behavior change is somebody will have a Heart attack or something bad will Happen they'll go to the doctor and the Doctor says look you have to change all Of these things and then people start Living what is kind of their second life Well it's because they have necessity Now you see somebody who gets into a car Accident they have their life flashed Before their eyes they have the Necessity to say oh wow everything could Have been over here so number one you Have to create some sort of necessity so The example i like to use is If i want to run so say i want to get to The point where i'm running 15 20 miles A day Two ways to do it one i say okay i want To get to the point where i'm running 15 Or 20 miles a day or sign up for a Marathon if you sign up for a marathon You have to run 20 Miles eventually you have to run 5 10 15 20 miles And it's one of those things where

You know that if you do not do the Things consistently when you show up on That day you're most likely going to Fail So that's one of the big things is make Sure you have a decent level of Necessity the other one is Accountability the other one is Accountability so My co-host and i we were on an episode I don't know three months ago however Long ago it was and we said you know What we've been slipping on our fitness Neither of us are happy where our Fitness is we're living below our Standards we both want to lose 10 pounds So this is what we're going to do We're going to tell every single one of You that if we do not reach our goal Weight by august 1st we do not get to Record an episode if i reach my way and Alan doesn't i'll be here solo if alan Does and i don't he'll be here solo if Neither of us make it there will be no Episode and we've never missed so There's that public accountability now Obviously no not everybody's going to do That because that takes a decent level Of self belief but Find somebody in your life that can help You be more accountable whether it's a Peak performance partner whether it's a Group whatever that may be That's one of the things is we have a 16

Person team and everybody can see Everybody else's habits so i know david Didn't do this today Right and and i also know that david can See everything i'm doing so as a leader On the team i want to be consistent i Want to lead by example so that just Speaks to the public accountability as Well Yeah i love that scoreboard mentality Meaning you got to figure out what is The right scoreboard and how you're Tracking that you know it's it's not as Simple as a a sports game or always Going to run a marathon right that's a Direct something that you can really Leverage um but you have to have some Scoreboard that you're using because Otherwise You know it's just easy we all Understand that that especially today's Age with the gamification of everything Right so we all understand the Scoreboard and get giving yourself some Scoreboard that you can concede and you Know it starts to make you feel good After a certain point you start to Realize that um all right let's let's Kind of transition i want to talk a Little bit about your uh your podcast And your coaching so Thousand episodes Is in a tremendous amount of episodes Um

What are the things that you're trying To accomplish in your podcast there's a Lot of people that are trying to be Podcasters like you What what are some of the things that You try to accomplish each day that has Made you very successful in that Podcasting area uh number one is i try To build real authentic Valuable relationships with people i Mean i know our listeners at the deepest Level i've talked to them about breakups I've talked to them about abuse i've Talked to them about their lives so i Know our listeners at a very deep level I believe that's one of the most Important things that i can do every day Is talk to somebody in the community so That is one thing i do every single day But i think it's interesting because And i say this often when i go on shows And this is a new level of awareness for Me i don't believe that most people Should try to do what we're doing unless They're doing it for the same reason so We're trying to bring holistic Self-improvement to the masses i mean i Love podcasting do not get me wrong but I didn't do seven episodes a week Because i love podcasting it was more For the understanding of i want to make Sure we're adding consistent Value to our community i want to be There every single day because every day

Is an opportunity to get better so That's the other thing is i mean we do An episode every single day where no Matter where you are in the world no Matter how much money you have if you Have access to a cell phone or the Internet you can listen to a podcast That's focused on helping you get better And that really is the mission for us And we want to do it holistically a lot Of people can teach you how to do sales And make more money or there's a lot of Fitness podcasts out there but there Aren't a lot of podcasts who do all of It and we're trying to lead by example By doing it all which is the most Humbling thing maybe on the planet but That is what we signed up for and i'm I'm happy and i feel responsibility to Do that That's very cool and then monetizing Your your podcast Now obviously coaching is one area that You you do that um What are some of the ways that you found This really just to help a lot of Podcasters out there i for me My successful life podcast is almost Like a give back because my other Podcast leads to my business in the Football space right What have you done that have really been Successful for you from a monetization Standpoint yeah so everything for us

Runs through the podcast and everything Is pretty much coaching so we've had Sponsors reach out we're not interested We don't want to do sponsorships we Sponsor ourselves um so whether it's One-on-one coaching group coaching Retreats live events Online courses that really for us is the Name of the game because When you're building a business from a Podcast you have to figure out number One who is your listener base so not all Of our listeners have a lot of money Okay cool you can listen to the podcast Every day if you've never had a coach And you want one you can do group Coaching it's cheaper right and then one On one's a little more expensive and Then as you move down the business Things get more expensive but yeah it's For us it's one-on-one coaching or Coaching in some Aspect and then we have other parts too Where we do like social media we have a Podcast division um we have a website Division so everything that we needed We kind of have built a business around That way we can make sure we can serve Our community and anybody else who's Trying to do what we're doing I think what you nailed there is very Important i've always done the same Exact way And

In the past I had taken on some sponsors and you Know what if it doesn't exactly align What you're trying to do so if you have Your own as an entrepreneur not as a Quote-unquote media company i don't Think of myself as a media company Thinking myself as an entrepreneur That's my business so if i give business Away to another group It doesn't always Fall in line and i always found that That If you're a media company that works if You're Building a business that creates Confusion in the marketplace right Should i go to him or should i go to Them right who who is the person that Who's the person of authority when you Take that money From a sponsor ultimately you can make a Lot more financial gains from being able To utilize what you know what you do And build the business from that which Is what you've done and that's i think An important lesson for people Understand there's a short-term fix Which is sponsorship Unless you are truly a media company Where that is what you're doing But the long-term fix is Entrepreneurship yeah you're very well Centered with that 100

I don't know if i could have said it Better than that as you were saying and I was literally thinking yeah ads are a Short term for most people because it's Not building up your brand and it's not Building up your credibility and this is The deeper level too it doesn't create The necessity for you to get creative Like when we started this i had no idea How we were going to make money and i Didn't start it for the money so Everything that we've created has been Very organic of What i think a lot of people do is they Go to Supply first they don't recognize demand We just recognized demand and said okay Cool now we can create the supply i Think a lot of other people say well i'm Gonna just create a bunch of supply and Hope demand comes and that's just not The way to build a business usually No that's that's 100 correct what and And i want to i know i got to be Conscious of your time here i want to Make sure that people get an Understanding of What they can go and take away from this Podcast from you if they can take one Great nugget away and say hey this is What i should start doing tomorrow Okay what should they start doing Uh so number one i would give the quote The biggest difference between who you

Are and who you want to be is your Habits so i would say this Depending on where you are in the Journey You can start with one habit or two Habits under health under wealth under Love so one habit under health when you Wake up tomorrow weigh yourself That's it that's all you got to do to Start raise your awareness under Wealth track your finances how much Money do you have in your bank account Tomorrow when you wake up do the same Thing the next day and the same thing The next day and then one for love if You're in a relationship before you go To bed tonight or tomorrow whenever you Listen to this um Play the gratitude game with your Partner so before you go to bed say one Thing that you're grateful for about Your partner have them say one thing Back to you if you're single and you Don't have a partner you can do the same Thing with yourself you can just say i Am grateful for blank in my life or Figure out what is a cup filler for you Maybe it's taking a bath maybe it's yoga Maybe it's reading with candles lit Those three little habits Can build something quite nice in the Future that is you building your Foundation and then when you're ready to Level up you can add another one under

Health another one under wealth and Another one under love That is fantastic stuff my friend real Really great uh tell everybody where They can find you how they can get in Touch with you how they can listen to Your podcast and if they want you know If they want your coaching and starting To find out more about i'm sure the Podcast is the place to start yes but Obviously let everybody know where they Can get in touch with you hey thank you I always say listen to the podcast so Next level university we are on all the Major podcast platforms as well as Youtube seven episodes a week and then You can follow me on instagram never Quit kid any questions or anything you Need please do not hesitate to dm me and Yeah the podcast is the best place You'll learn everything you need to know And you can find everything through the Podcast Kevin fantastic stuff buddy i really Appreciate you coming on for success for Life podcast listen make sure you're Taking notes today kevin palmer he gave Us some great nuggets from next level University we'll see everybody soon on a Successful life podcast thanks for being On kevin thanks coach

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