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One of the most important drills I'd Like to review today is called the Stance of star drill the purpose of the Drills teach the linebackers to play Downhill fast without taking a false Step proper stance of footwork allows…

One of the most important drills I'd Like to review today is called the Stance of star drill the purpose of the Drills teach the linebackers to play Downhill fast without taking a false Step proper stance of footwork allows Linebackers to close ground quickly and To make more plays here at the University of Miami we teach four Components to having a proper stance the First component is feet shoulder width Apart We want our lob wedge to get in the Stands by Bennett from their knees not Their waist we slightly turned inside This allow them to have the weight on The ball of the feet and pressure on Their big toes and at last we want the Upper body relaxed so that way they can Let the arms hang down so that way they Can explode and move freely out their Stance either to their left or right More effectively The stance of star drill is set up this Way for us we run a 4-3 defense and so Therefore we have three linebackers to Mike linebacker in the middle the salmon Run on respect to side And the key of the drill is that we Place a job at behind a linebacker Hills To prevent the false step the linebacker Waiting his turn would watch if the bat Moves and if the bat moves he would give Immediate feedback to the linebacker

That's going all the linebackers are Possibly 40 and me the writer bat and They allow us the key to back-to-back They want to take assistant step in a Direction of the running back and get Their second foot down their ground Quickly we want to play out our stance Your eyes has hips their feet eyes has Hips their feet if this is up right here I'm playing the running back I'm Stepping to my right their left and want To gain ground success step with the Direction of the bat the linebackers to Your right the middle linebacker and an Outside linebacker both proper footwork The linebacker right he forced up he's Stepping with his rolling foot first as Opposed to stepping with this left foot He stepped with this right foot first My bags come in we have the point of the Keys that benefind that they're Primarily good see the linebacker to the Top right number 13 right now the thing I don't like about this dance he is too High he needs to bend down more there From his knees not his waist have his Knees turf slightly aside so as so as Weight is on a ball of his feet and Pressures on a big toe another Linebacker is good job stepping position Ourself to to make some plays now we're Going to step to the to my left there Right not right here all right now Backside linebacker number 13 just don't

Want him just to take off running he's Still too high he's one of our lucky Linebackers X was moved to linebacker in The middle spring so he's still working On his technique good job he'll Peter Gabriel with with this with his right Foot See how he's under stepping stepping Underneath his body as opposed to Gaining ground the other two lawmakers a Gaining ground with their step six Inches gain ground 45-degree because we Want to explode our stance and play in The backfield when you do this drill is Different reasons that we do the furies That you saw were what we call direct Reads and other reasons we can do fast Reads when you do what we call Deliveries deliveries are like power or Counters so linebackers and then I don't Tell them which where we're going we can Either go to the right or to the left Here's what we call a delay read running Back on pretend running back is hopping On a counter step we want to step with a Reading step that's why was important Line back all the way to the love good Job short short 6-inch step and now he's Able to read down right great job Alright the line back in the middle Don't like the fact he's not taking Enough with his six head step he's kind Of hopping on her stance and I'm running Back into the to the far right of the

Screen just wouldn't want him to gain Ground More with his first step instead of Stepping sideways but overall good job Now this is a game like situation how Stairs the start is important to us Here's a game last year versus Ohio State there's a short yardage situation Start on one you see the two linebackers Off the ball right here gaining ground With the first step not taking a false Step even though they're facing a delay Play which is a power low play good job Here stand behind the ball attacking a Lot of scrimmage here's a difficult view Back shot view of the same play so you Can get a feel of the other footwork Tackler line of scrimmage trying to play In the backfield In game situation like this I mean the Every false step count there's a Difference between being a first down or They're calling out their putt unit Agora for a field goal here we were able To stop them because a lot of backers Execute a proper stance

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