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Another drill like to cover today is Called the fast redrew the purpose of The fast read drill is to teach the Linebacker proper run fit technique Versus fast read or outside run plays Are the main coaching point emphasis…

Another drill like to cover today is Called the fast redrew the purpose of The fast read drill is to teach the Linebacker proper run fit technique Versus fast read or outside run plays Are the main coaching point emphasis is To teach the linebacker how to properly Press the line of scrimmage with a good Pad level when we when we do this drill The drill is set up where we have three Linebackers in and they're simulating The center in the guard and in what we Do we have running back there and he Would go either to his left or right the Coach nails is set up behind the two Linebackers both linebackers are lined Up over the goddess That's based on being the guard and then Now as a coach I would signal either Give them a signal to block to the left Or to the right whatever side I go the Guard will now loop around the can stay Square and then that front side Linebacker the point the coaching point We emphasize is that is that he must fit On a block inside out to avoid creating A cutback Lane so it's proper now when He entered he has to enter with his face In the hand he want to rub his rope Together He want to take on that block get his Eyes inside nice and tight get his feet In the backfield and dried up a drive That block back so there now we could

Try to eat up to and then now the Backside linebacker once he get his Proper read then now he wants to run a Rip and then out as he run a rip he want To scrape the skin on the front side Linebacker So tight we used a term that if that he Could still his wallet so if that front Side linebacker 59 or 52 where based on Where the ball was going he fits the Backside linebacker wants to straight Foot skin is so tight that he could Still his wallet and then now he want to Run the banana and go up field he want To run like a banana and curl and curl Up field in order to make the tackle in The backfield so the drill is set up Both linebackers a key and obviously the Running back and the running back is Going to tell him tell them which side To is going to be the front side of Assad is going to be the back side is a Port also that the back side linebacker He has to mirror the path for the Running back and and so that's a huge Coach coaching point that we want to be Able to get inside out and we want to Work inside out on a blog and it becomes An angle tackle so it's important that We don't overrun the running back so the Drill is set up so now front 59 now is The front side linebacker he's going to Enter with his head and hand good job Right here good job oversaturating

Fitting his side to prevent any cutback And inhale 52 now he needs to be a Little bit tighter he's too wide he want To be so close that he could still a 15 Oz wallet good job a ripping all right Good job a ripping right here good job Good foot working now I just want to run A banana see he's too wide it's too much Space in between him and the blocker we Don't want to create a cutback Wayans These running backs were facing nowadays They can make that cut so as a port now He eliminate that space in between him And him in the block he needs to be Tighter all right same thing same Coaching point all right good job right Here 59 he's entering I want to be a Little bit more physical on that block He's kind of filling his way through all Right 45 needs to be tighter all right Tighter all right even tighter that's Better good job of running banana and Now getting up field that's the position You want to be and you want to be in a Football position to make that tackle Are in same same 45 inner sea but that's Not good he didn't inter good he's too Much space between the blocker and the Can the cam represent another block so They're now right now that running back He created because of his his angle of Entering he created a running scene Right there because 59 is counting on Him you know to eliminate that cutback

Lane so then now we have the running Back a trap but now because he's too Much space here he's not fitting inside That block it creates a running Lane and That's not what we want so he's got to Do 45 got to do a better job a good job Linebackers point at the key all right Good job here by 31 fitting all right Want to get his feet in the neutral zone All right want to take on this block Knock the block back good job eyes I grab better job 44 he's there good job Of staying square but say just the Culture point again he wants to be Tighter he's to waterway he want to baby That if 31 had a wallet and his in his Back pocket he want to be tight so he Can still still take his wallet out his Back pocket so too much space in between 31 and 44 all right too much space with That I got it again all right not a good Good footwork here about 34 all right he Studied got a false step steps backwards Every step count you don't want to do That in the game all right and then Right now not a good not a good job of Using his hands and it in his face is Facing hands he's not he's not he's not Knocking his back there's a block back And not not fitting the way I want to Fit all right right here 45 backside are Good step good job here ripping but then All right he wants to be tighter but Good job of running the banana dough I

Like the way he enter I just need to be Tighter he needs to be straight for Skiing or 31 but to put him in a better Position but I like the way ran to Banana now let's take our training to The game all right now this is speed Option play against Kansas State all Right we treat as a fast reso 59 now has The inner all right he has to enter so Good job him entering and here now 31 he Does a good job he's the Ripper run guy He's matching the path for the running Back inside out so we're stringing this Plate inside out this is a huge plate we Got him backed up and we can't let him Off the hook Great job of making this play good job Of swarming good energy good passion all Right the only thing only coaching point Just want to be a little bit more inside Out to ball carrier but good job of Swarming to the ball good job excellent Job in it and that completes our fast we Drill here at the University

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