Keys to Success in Football, NFL Draft and more

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Keys to Success in Football, NFL Draft and more #football #success #keys #nfl #draft Subscribe for Updates You are invited to Coach Schuman’s NUC All World Game In February. You Can Register At using code Football19 for 50% off…

Keys to Success in Football, NFL Draft and more
#football #success #keys #nfl #draft

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You are invited to Coach Schuman’s NUC All World Game In February. You Can Register At using code Football19 for 50% off for invited athletes.

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Welcome Conversation from the world of high School college And pro football plus some insight about The rest of the world All this along with some fun and humor Along the way Pull up a chair grab a coffee or a beer And join us It's football and the kitchen sink here Are your hosts Coach human and coach deepa scully Well i'm here there's no coach d today So Let me rearrange myself here Um coach d is uh Getting ready for the winter snow storm He likes to do the Um shoveling So we're about to have a big storm i Guess [Music] Tomorrow my man troy is off From school Might be one of the easiest school years Of uh on the planet Um i'm gonna talk a little bit about Today some You know and it's not gonna be as long a Podcast because i like having my my Sidekick so we could talk about some Different things yesterday We the 25th anniversary of uh happy Gilmore we covered a bunch of things it

Was pretty fun Talked a lot about movies today I want to talk about um The keys to success in football and It's it's something that um been on my Mind for a little bit But i want to give i've been doing this For Um 19 years as a coach uh running nuc Sports for 16 years uh had the luxury of seeing a Lot Thousands and thousands i mean ngc Sports over 330 000 athletes On those 16 years and um Seeing a lot of different things so i Want to talk about You know some things that you really do To succeed in and uh It's important uh uh uh when when you're Playing a sport like football that And then i'm gonna take a lot of q a Well we got some We already got you know Yeah thanks omar it's good talking to You montel will have you as a You come right on man have you as a Guest Um no doubt i mean So i'm gonna talk about succeeding Football i'm gonna tell you talk a Little bit about some of the lessons That i've learned i'll take your

Questions and uh Make it a little bit of a q a session um I got both guys on tick tock live and Then obviously i'm on Basically every platform but For the for the young athletes and Coaches recruiting has become More and more uh a changing item And so much is changing so fast Because of the advent of being virtual [Music] And everything that's changed from a Football standpoint Down to a recruiting standpoint because Of it is Is totally totally new In this last year alone and and i've Been Since the time when i was playing where You used videotapes to send out Film it was hard to send them out Because you had to send A 16 millimeter actually originally then It was video Uh and um You know it it's one of those things That recruiting has continued to evolve Over the years So first questions come in omar just Asked how hard was it Transitioning um From a player to a coach Well my experience uh from being a Player

I played uh All the way through college played at Fcs level at uconn Uh was a starter there and then worked Out for some nfl teams Didn't get picked up could have went and Played like arena football Um and maybe the cfl but i i wasn't Really interested in that route And uh went to the business world but Transitioning from player to coach when I went to coaching A few years later the biggest thing that I had to understand from being a player To coach was really That it's no longer about what my Experience was but it was about The athletes that i was coaching and What their experience was And how to try to figure out and Understand What helps motivating them and creates Uh success for those athletes And i had to get out of the me mentality Of what i had to do to get better when i Was a player And what i had to do for the team but Into a Wii and um most importantly us Mentality as a coach where we had to Figure out what was best for our players For our coaches Uh trying to figure out what we could do To always constantly make them better

Try to you had to go from focusing on Your skill set to Your mind and uh really Continue to improve that and understand The game and that's the key as a coach To understand the game So that's a big transition second Question And it was it was difficult in the Beginning because you do think as a Player And not as a coach but once you get that And you get that feel of what it's like You see your players succeed Your mindset changes my opinion in California does it make sense is from Montela Allen does it make sense to play In a five-game football season for the Class of 2021 Well i think uh montel great question I don't know exactly what's going on in California but if they could have spring Football for those guys i think You know it'd be a welcome thing now Would be different because a lot of Players are going off to college And you might lose some guys but um For those guys i think it it it stinks That they don't have a 20 21 season I don't know at this point what kind of Season would be But uh i don't think they shouldn't They should have played at most places

Did and now they're kind of in that That were eight ball spot california Strange place with everything right now Um so it's i don't know how exactly that Would work Another question from omar do you ever Wish that if i took the route to go To cfl um Yeah i think i'd still be coaching but i I don't know i mean if i'd gone to cfl I don't you know i mean how you know pro Football comes to an end so who knows How long it would have lasted But i was really at the time much more Interested in working in business this Is before i started coaching and Getting that experience and getting out With you know my my own life Um next question And Okay next question i have 511 225 Defensive end 4640 should i switch to linebacker Well in high school you i mean You've got to play wherever this comes From i can't exactly see it Joe mama 79 79 um You should play wherever your team needs You and where the coach thinks it's best For you to help the team Uh you know without seeing film and You're welcome to send me your film You know any guys that want to send me Film you certainly i can't tell you that

I'm going to get to all of them But i try to look at as many as i can um 511 225 you're Big enough to be uh you might be bigger Than a lot of linebackers in high school You have kind of a defensive end body at 511 225 but You got to figure out what what the team Needs you to play Um Hope that answers everybody's question There So in football On the field you got to be someone who's Resilient who has work ethic Who has talent and is getting inside the Game you've got to be Things 24 7 thinking about Uh what you want to do to improve as an Athlete as a student and improve Yourself in the game in order to be the Best you can The whole goal is to be the best that You can from a football standpoint To be the best athlete that you can uh To be the best player And teammate that you can and you gotta Figure out those things Uh it's not enough to to just uh Do what is the minimum required if you Want to play in college That's a whole different level you've Got to do more than the minimum required You've got to do

Over and above and over above is key In order to be able to have an Opportunity to to succeed and to be a College player See a lot of people want to play in College they think they want to play in College but they don't know what entails And that requires hard work all the time It's hard work It's hard work it's a lot of effort and It requires a lot of sacrifice in order To be A great a great player and to be able to Play in college it's not for everybody You got to be a dog you got to be Someone that wants to be great to be Able to play in college How can you read the defense as a Quarterback like tom brady That's a good question i think a lot of People like to know how this came from Omar how you can read the defense like Tom brady i don't think there's too many People that can read defenses the way That tom brady Brady has i mean he's playing for longer Than anybody He still has the skill set so he's got The wisdom knowledge experience And ability all combined so Uh but it's but the key aspect to Learning enough where you could start to Maybe Learn some of the things that you've got

To sit down break down film You've got to understand coverages You've got to learn them You've got to gnome inside and out You've got to know what defenses are Trying to do to you as a quarterback And you got to keep it simple enough so You can make quick decisions Uh in order to help you succeed so How do you increase uh this comes from Over on tick tock from Madden uh How do you increase arm strength to Throw the football farther for a qb Well there are there's a ton of Exercises you can do now so traditional Strength Uh strength training will help you squat Clean bench Okay those areas are definitely so you Want to develop hip strength And flexibility lower body strength Meaning Uh thighs glutes hamstrings and then Um arm strength which is the last the Finishing touch of your throwing Which is you know shoulders front and Back uh and on top And then obviously some of your chest And tricep muscles Okay you want to do exercises With lifting to do that but the other Aspect Is you want to get bands to work on the

Rotator cuff and develop the strength And flexibility And uh keep the rotator cuff tight so as You get stronger You can generate more velocity from from Your arm now the key to throwing A harder ball is really your your hips Your legs your lower body And being able to get them involved in Your throwing and have the proper Technique from that standpoint that's a Key aspect And be able to throw the ball really Well I hope that answers your question Best things to have as a free safety From clay Um the best things that i'm assuming Clay you mean skill sets Free safety's got to have the ability to Understand where the ball is going The passing game the ability to fill the Alleys in the run And if a run breaks through the middle To be able to make that tackle They have to have the skill sets of a Defensive back cornerback that can cover And the attacking ability of a Linebacker You have to have speed you have to have The ability to read very quickly And make decisions quickly whether it's Run or pass so you can get involved in Both either the run or

Pass game speed is always at a premium Tackling ability Athletic ability ball skills those are Key parts to to Being a good free safety those are key Aspects of it Okay donnie six two One seven eight too small for wilds no Six to one seventy is good size for White out I just don't know what gray you're in um Tommy uh madden I'm five eleven one sixty eighth grade Is that good size for you for eighth Grade yeah you got good size Um focus on the skill sets and continue To improve your strength Your arm strength your ability your Athletic ability So yeah i mean dying definitely a good Size so Those are all key aspects to to Improving Uh as a football player okay In the second half of this uh we'll Break down uh the top end of the nfl [Music] Draft If anybody has any other questions Before i start go oh What do you remember about i don't know Who this is what do i remember about Coaching pal park I remember kids who wanted to get better

Who were told uh that they could never Be A great team uh and a group of Kids over the years that believed in the Dream of of having an opportunity to Play for a state championship and win a State championship which is exactly what They did they got to play for state Champion we didn't win it but we got to Play for state championship and um I remember how resilient they were how Tough they were Athletic um fun Fun group of kids like i just love Coaching there i love the kids uh to This day Uh they are some of my favorite kids uh Some of them all You know have have gone on to do Incredible things Um i i love being a part of A coaching pal park really kids um And their personalities were great they Know how to make me laugh And we had a ton of fun and we built Something special there from the ground Up you know it's something that uh i'll Always remember Um it's definitely Um some of my favorite times as a coach And uh because i was also growing as a Coach at that time and really Kind of growing my own career at the Same time that those guys were

Were reaching for the stars it was great I i love coaching there What should i all right let's go back Here a little bit here Do you condition a lot in college Practices Well when i was in college we did now The pace of the offenses and defenses Are much faster So a lot of it's done within the Sequence of Uh your practices you gotta they have a Super high pace Those one things i remember from pla Moving from offensive defense to speed At defense you had to be able to move The whole entire Practice which was the first time i did It was tough But then when you get used to it um Obviously in the off-season you're Definitely doing a ton of conditioning And strengthening and winter workouts Which take place in february you could Do it done a ton of conditioning a lot Of the college athletes would be doing That now And then uh you know even spring ball You're doing some Some condition this summer you Absolutely are What should i do to be able to read Defenses but i Missed that one there such as

Well you got to get on the board and Learn With each defense as a quarterback what The holes are in the defense and what Route combinations take advantage of Certain coverages that's Key to know what The defense is doing and trying to do to You and what the avenues are to be able To coach To be able to complete the past that's An important part and what the right Plays are For each situation or coverage Uh one more question number five five Running back class 20 23 pound park okay is there any way i Could use my small size And speed as an advantage yeah i mean we Used to have a ton of guys that were Smaller Um you know being able to it depends on I don't know Running back uh yeah finding the holes And sprinting through it changing Direction Exploding getting downhill there's a lot Of things you do as a running back to Continue to improve Um yeah Yep see here all right Six four 205 virus you've tied in Thought about putting some weight on And going to edge

Would you agree Yeah i mean 64205 I think you're talking i i don't know Exactly what you talk about Yeah defensive end um yeah i mean Heights a huge advantage at defensive End at six four two oh five Uh speed if you have that athleticism Wide receiver to be able to go and play Defensive end Definitely it is going to be an asset That length and speed is a key aspect to Being able to do that So Totally i don't know i don't know about That [Music] Coach what should i do to get faster And what's a good 40 time Well in order to get faster you've got To learn how to number one Uh run properly and and how to be able To leverage your speed and sprinting so You want to have good sprinting Technique You've got to be able to do drills Between plyometrics sprinting drills Um strengthening in order to improve Your speed i mean those are key aspects Look um you could do accelerators You could do change direction and then Exploding there's a lot of different Things you can do Uh improving your 40 time well it

Depends your position a good 40 time but You know and your age so i can't really Answer that Um until i know where you are but um You you've got to work on the the speed Techniques the To start on the 40 yard dash that's a Key aspect for it Um if you don't know how to start it's One of the biggest things that crushes Players when they run the 40 yard dash [Music] So [Music] What's going on michael Yesterday luke krauss 31 he won A t-shirt um there is no off-season T-shirt If um again i'll give away a t-shirt There is no off season Two uh if you get You give the most likes and Gifts or whatever on here um We'll give away a shirt to somebody and We'll get you you can just I'll tell you you won and you can dm me Your information we'll send it out to You We give a bunch of uh shirts away Yesterday uh On twitter with our Uh happy gilmore happy girl where you Can You know sending great sports movies and

If i said it was legit you got Got it so any other questions you could Get um You know send any gifts and hearts and Or whatever the heck they are you're wet Our way and And um the person that starts to send The most Will will get a gift all right we're Going to move on to The nfl draft so The way that that i mean it seems to be A slam dunk that trevor lawrence is Going to be number one I thought uh his uh His pro day was pretty good but uh Obviously he doesn't you know short to The teacher so who really knows so he's Solidified he's number one that's a slam Dunk Uh that's gonna go jacksonville jaguars Urban meyer needs A big-time player like that uh they've Got a lot they got to work on Jacksonville jaguars so this trap is Going to be key for him and it all Starts with trevor lawrence Uh trevor lawrence played at the nuc All-american game when he was in eighth Grade i believe It was um So trevor lawrence is and and uc sports Alumni Amongst many many many of the top

Players from around the country So then you got the jets will they take Zach wilson Zach wilson has shown that dual threat Ability Uh he led byu i you know I just not a hundred percent sure That that doesn't put them in another Situation where they Just Is this guy going to be better than sam Darnold is my question And i mean i guess they're going to turn Over the quarterback position Again um And probably take zach wilson but that's That's a That is not a slam dunk yet so I don't know he had great numbers at byu Byu had a great year That's all part of leading to it um Then who who people project to go next Is kind of interesting I see like the dolphins some people Talking about jamar chase Um i think that that could be a pick Right there he's great receiver he got Opted out i believe this year with lsu The dolphins could use another playmaker And number four Falcons they think will go with fields i Don't know Again uh feels look really good Throughout the year is he a slam dunk

I'm not sure but yeah they need a Quarterback The bengals who they go and choose here Is going to be interesting Do they go with a pine sol tackle From oregon do they choose kyle pitts Um tight end from florida who's Out of this world tight end i mean out Of this world Uh so i don't know i mean i i think the Bengals They have to shore up the line that's The first thing to protect joe burrows So Um probably see somebody go there the Eagles they have kyle pitts I i don't know if zach earth is going to Be there next year so That could be an issue uh quarterbacks An issue Um i don't know i don't know why you Would choose another tight end there Unless they're going to lose herds the The detroit lions Who they decide to go with uh they Could be losing a qb could they move up To get fields I don't know um As an insurance policy of who they got i Mean is goff the answer If so then they're gonna go with maybe a Defensive player Like uh uh mika parsons Or play a cornerback patrick certain one

Of those guys i don't know Uh they're up in here the panthers If they don't get the sean watson Could end up with trey lance north Dakota state again A guy who shows potential Didn't have a season this year Quarterback's interest position there's Four or five four guys that are gonna go Maybe five In the first round and Trevor lawrence is the slam dunk but the Other guys could be a high pick that Could be work out really well Or maybe i don't know i'm not like i Like everybody but i'm not like I don't know enough to know on on if They're gonna Show the capability beyond uh what They're in right now So uh denver broncos probably will take A corner to need one uh Um so you can expect maybe uh Caleb farley virginia tech or patrick Certain Cowboys seem need some defensive players Again you can see the same thing maybe a Patrick certain maybe a Mika um parsons 40 the giants Probably need an edge rusher probably Needs some sort of defensive player Um but they probably could also use some Help on the offensive line

I'm not sure where they're going to go With that yet 49ers They need offensive lineman they just do Not Have anything going on the offensive Line uh Okay quick question i'm going to to be a Freshman this year any tips yet Do what you everybody asks you to do Work as hard as you can Um do all the skills you can to improve Your position At a 13 you got the chargers If they take jalen while as a receiver That's a slam dunk for them To go with um the quarterback Acquisition Minnesota vikings devonta smith so i've Seen devonta smith as high in the top Ten Uh as three and then i've seen him Mid first round i'm not sure i mean they They The vikings could get him uh Depending on who falls where Patriots who knows who they're gonna Attack take but they need to fulfill a Cornerback Depends on who's around then at that Time [Music] The cardinals they need a lineman More lineman for their quarterback Expect them to take somebody there maybe

Elijah vera tucker from usc Um las vegas they need a defensive end Whoever the best defensive end on the Board is at the time take him Miami dolphins with their second pick if They take a receiver early on expect Them to go to nazi harris running back Um washington football team It's hard to know that they're Definitely gonna need line They're gonna need need more linebackers Um defense chicago bears Who knows what they'll pick maybe a Receiver Uh colts their void is uh db So probably pick expect something there Titans Defensive end [Music] Question then becomes which quarterback Goes when It'll probably be if you go to Quarterbacks It's going to be first is going to go Trevor lawrence uh as far as from a Quarterbacks to top five guys The second guy You know justin feels could have been That second guy but Just i guess the performance in the Playoffs ends up hurting them there so All right i gotta jump off here for a Little bit guys I'll come back on

[Music] Buddy Good You

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