Kendre Harrison – Reidsville – NC – 2026 – Absolute Beast Athlete earns 5 Stars from NUC Sports !!!

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Kendre Harrison



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Top 10




Reidsville Senior




Positional Size
Positional Size 98%
Delta Speed For Position
Delta Speed For Position 90%
Athleticism​ 93%
Football Positional Technical Skills
Football Positional Technical Skills​ 90%
Leadership/Intangibles​ 92%
Playmaking/Game Day Clutch
Playmaking​/Game Day Clutch 95%


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Kendre Harrison: Reidsville Senior High School Football: Freak Show Athlete earns 5 Stars from NUC Sports !!!

Kendre Harrison, a 2026 at Reidsville Senior High School in Reidsville, North Carolina has been lauded for his football excellence. Harrison recently earned a five-star rating from NUC Sports, and is seen as a top 2026 prospect for college football.

The 2026 has been playing sports since he was a young kid and attributes much of his success to the amount of work and time he put in while growing up. He fell in love with athletics and the work that goes into being successful on and off the field as well as the court.  Kendre is a high level recruit in both football and basketball, with a ton of college football offers but also high level basketball scholarships from schools as Wake Forest, Florida State, and Texas A&M.  The natural athleticism radiates through, no matter what sport he is partaking in.

Harrison has always been a major contributor to the teams he plays for, but his playmaking and natural talent has helped him play early and often in high school.  As a Sophomore he accounted for 17 catches for over 250 yards with 5 touchdowns offensively, defensively he recorded 92 tackles, 24 of which were for a loss, 16 QB hurries, 9 sacks, 3 pbu’s (pass break ups), and was responsible for blocking 2 punts.  He also proved to his team he was a leader and could be a reliable asset on the field. He has a knack for making big plays when needed and was often the player who helped his team by also being in the right spot at the right time.

In terms of physical ability, Harrison is an absolute freak. He has excellent size at 6.7” 235 lbs with a 4.6 forty yard dash time.  He has quick feet and extreme body control allowing him to make plays other cant.  He is a powerful presence which poses the question as to what position is best suited for him at the college level.  Listed as an athlete, most look for him to transition to the role of TE at the next level however some feel he is best suited for the defensive side of the ball, finishing tackles with fearless drive and passion. Additionally, his range and speed are top-notch making him a threat no matter where he lines up.   All of these attributes helped him earn his five-star rating from NUC Sports.

Amari is now being recruited by some of the top college football programs in the country. His future looks bright, and it seems likely that he will gain even more recognition and success in the future.  He has posted a top 15 which consists of schools such as Florida, Georgia, Penn State, Alabama, Oregon, Notre Dame, USC, Ole Miss, LSU, Tennessee, Auburn, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Ohio State, and Florida State all have formal offers on the table.

Off the field, Harrison is a leader both in the locker room and in the community. He and his teammates are mentors and role models for both aspiring student athletes and the youth in the surrounding neighborhoods. He and his classmates bring a sense of pride not only locally but nationally as well.  Kendre is also involved in a number of community outreach programs, and works hard to ensure a bright future for the local communities.

Kendre Harrison has a bright future ahead of him.  The natural athleticism and sheer measurables at such a young age place him in a very rare category.  He currently has college coaches drooling over what could be.  Yes, there are questions about what position will be best for him at the next level, I mean one could make the argument that basketball might be a better direction to go in.  Regardless, it’s a great problem to have, sky’s the limit for this kid!



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