Jim Harbaugh believes that athletes should be able to turn pro at any time

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Michigan mentor Jim Harbaugh is never reluctant to put it all out there and propose new thoughts that he feels will improve school football. His most recent thought is a major one. Harbaugh said Monday during his week by week public interview that he is agreeable to players having the option to leave for the NFL Draft after their green bean and sophomore years, yet come back to class in the event that they go undrafted.

The NFL’s present standards expect players to be three years expelled from secondary school to be qualified for the NFL Draft.

“They can be drafted after their freshman year. They can be drafted after their sophomore year, their junior year, their senior year,” he said via the Detroit Free Press. “I would also make a rule that, if they weren’t drafted, they could return to college … that would be what I would suggest and propose. And you have examples in other sports. You have hockey. You have baseball. You have basketball.”

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