Jadon Prinzivalli – Delbarton – NJ – 2025 – QB earns MVP at NUC’s Winterfest Prospect Showcase !!!

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Jadon Prinzivalli Delbarton School Morristown, New Jersey 2025 QB Height - 6.0" Weight - 180 Lbs GPA - 4.33 NUC Winterfest Prospect Showcase QB MVP Shuttle - 4.34 Broad - 8.9" X - @Jadon_Prinz

Jadon Prinzivalli: Delbarton School Football: 2025 QB earns MVP at NUC’s Winterfest Prospect Showcase !!!

Jadon Prinzivalli, a 2025 QB at the Delbarton School in Morristown, New Jersey  recently attended NUC’s Winterfest Prospect Showcase and turned in an excellent football performance.  He stood out among over 60 student athletes in attendance and really showcased his skills on a multitude of levels.

Prinzivalli had a big day, dominating his competition. The soon to be senior quarterback put on display his arm talent and strength, firing passing to WRs in tight widows.  At 6.0” 180 lbs, he utilizes his solid frame to add velocity on his throws, allowing him to fit footballs into tough windows.  

Jadon presented himself as a natural born leader.  He took control of his group and motivated other athletes in attendance.  The 2025 prospect displayed great football IQ and knowledge, talking with coaches and other players about alignments, adjustments, with a high level of attention to detail.  Playing for the Delbarton School who reached a NJ state Championship final.

In terms of physical ability, he had excellent footwork as a QB.  He had great body posture which allowed for him to keep his body pointed downfield at his targets.  Jadon possessed excellent eye discipline, making his reads or moving from target to target, he kept his eyes where they needed to be in order to deliver a catchable football.  Prinzivalli also separated himself from other players coming in with an “all business” type of attitude and mindset. 

Jadon brings that big time competitive edge to the game.  The Delbarton School plays in one of the BEST high school football Conferences in the country, Prinzivalli is a guy who will bring a high level standard that college coaches are looking for.  His ability to understand X’s and O’s and lead his team will only continue to benefit him as he grows.  I look for this guy to be a big asset to whatever Program he chooses!!!

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