Improving Mental Preparation for QB’s

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Improving Mental Preparation for QB’s Subscribe right away and get all the great updates NUC is the longest running series of high school combine and football camps in the country. If you’re serious about taking your game to the next…

Improving Mental Preparation for QB’s
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This is of the seven areas area number One Uh mental preparation so there's some Key elements that are important In developing a quarterback right from The time their young age and you can see The difference as they move up in levels The quarterbacks that have this mental Preparation for the one versus the ones That don't um there's a certain amount Of athleticism that you can get away With for a long time as a quarterback But as you move up The ladder to higher and higher levels Of mental preparation is a key key Component Of being able to be successful here so Uh working on your confidence so When we talk about working on your Confidence Building up the ability to Uh Believe in yourself and what you're Doing and your ability to perform Those are key elements to it And you have to be able to have that Belief in yourself okay it's not a a a Cockiness it is a belief an internal Belief that you can get the job done Some guys are external with it but it Has to be a true belief it can't be a Cover for something it has to be a Confidence that you're going gonna have The opportunity that you're gonna be

Able to get things done okay it's Important important element Uh number one element of successful Quarterbacks is their true confidence Leadership skills so there's a lot of Tools that you can get between books and And um And workshops that you can develop the Leadership skills of your quarterback How to interact with each other um how They take command uh Exerting confidence among their Teammates Intelligence the intelligence um Of your of your quarterback is key Okay Now At the high school level If he has leadership skills in some of These other areas and if you have some Of these other intangibles um you can Get away with not being quite as smart But smart like again as you move up Intelligence is a key element so being a Good student is important part of being A quarterback being a student of the Game is important part of being a Quarterback those things you learn Within books really help your analytical Skills those analytical skills that you Need as a quarterback Relationship with teammates So how they interact with their Teammates what is their relationship on

And off the field with them do they Garner respect okay in teaching them how To garner respect to your teammates are They someone that someone trusts to be And be with them and lead them Okay And then and i'll answer a question i Have a question on here too uh handling Adversity okay This is the most important aspect other Than confidence and leadership skills The ability to handle adversity the Ability to overcome problems that you May have injuries Problems at home Problems where teammates may have issues Injuries of teammates Things don't go your way in the game Handling adversity keeping others calm And you being able to be focused fired Up and and ready to go and lead at the Same time that is a key element so That's the first part of the seven areas Is mental preparation got a question Here from james tim from your experience What are some of the biggest strengths And weaknesses you see in this newest Generation of quarterbacks Um that's a great question is i think a Lot of it has to do with those so the Weaknesses i think there's a lack of Mental preparation the areas that i talk About here Um i think there is a lack of that

Um i think the biggest strengths is that Definitely improved athleticism Um definitely learning on developing Their confidence leadership skills and Intelligence at an earlier age because There are more programs available for Them but i don't think they're as good In their overall mental preparation in Handling adversity so those are some Differences I think in in this generation that Really have to

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