How to win 9x state championships with Cosch Nimphius episode 12: the state of football

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How to win 9x state championships with Cosch Nimphius episode 12: the state of football The love of football so um yeah who Knows I mean I'm not I'm not I'm not Running away from it now I mean I'm…

How to win 9x state championships with Cosch Nimphius episode 12: the state of football

The love of football so um yeah who Knows I mean I'm not I'm not I'm not Running away from it now I mean I'm not Doing that but I'm just starting to look At it in kind of kind of different Viewpoint yeah I'm wondering who's gonna Stay in there I mean Jim K's retired From Glenrock he's 44 what did I just I Told you that Dave what did I tell you The other day I was shocked I said bro Young listen look at how many we had Know short conference is a good old boy Club bro like and these guys there was More jobs open down here this year I Think there was like six or seven most Ever you're talking about guys like 30 Years I mean and programs like sh Regional 30s something years centino uh You know Midsouth with antonucci guys Been there tons of success and guys are Just like I'm good but you know it's Those guys are there quite some time you Know I mean so but but you know I think Jim just started getting hit with hey We're gonna have a class of seven moving In next year another class of seven I Mean did you ever think Cresco would be A co-op oh I I know remember remember When we were talking Valley look who mid Too they were Co-op even Kevin Quinn Kevin Quinn's a legend Kevin qu you know I mean you could look at Park Ridge I Understand has really low numbers coming In and they're winning and they're

Winning and they're having trouble And has a new person yeah Emerson barely Has a program they're playing with kesco I mean that doesn't seem like a normal Match and no but when I was at Pal Park That you know it's funny because when When we went JV the second year when did That move and I mean when I say I caught Flack for that but it was yeah best Thing for the program at the time but I Said I said that I said you guys think That this is like a oneoff like this is Like that we're we're we're the only Ones that can um in time you're gonna See all these guys because I would talk To Bob when we would play them and I Would you know that even uh Del cazo Even though and he was at his height During that time yeah even then he was Having a hard time and that's obviously Hasbro Heights is I always said is in The Sweet Spot of southerb County like Yeah like they're you know they they Although it's it's evolved a little bit Because of the parkway but they used to Be the place that had a little more Money than most of the other people in And so they they had a little bit better System um than a lot of other places in Southern bur County but um but he was Having issues when he was at height when We were playing him they're winning over And over and over again and we were Having a couple of those really good

Battles he would tell me that like he's Having a hard time you know and he had Bear as his his bear was his OC uh the Guy from had coach now he's at Ramsey he Had a great staff you know and they were Having a hard time only team in New Jersy traveling to Florida to play this Year to be honest what's that Ramsey and Bear up there he's the only team in New Jersey traveling out of state to Florida This year oh as a public I didn't even Know that yeah so I I mean it's it's the Small schools have Have you know I don't you know when they Did it initially it it was because you Know sbook used to be a group too a 1,00 There was it was like you grew up right The boom time that one of the smallest Places I ever was now those those holes Are empty sat what is there 300 kids in The school come on the middle school and High school are together well I think Here's what you're gonna see and and This is this is not this this is going To be right on target you're G to have To make a choice to op things one thing You're going to see people either Dropping football I think their best Best solution is Go full pad six-man Football I I think that's so the school Would have some kind of you know like in Texas or in in Iowa yeah we're about Yeah like those Midwest schools do it It's not it's not a community thing you

Know we're not we're not a community Based or communal based society anymore No the last thing you're say is high School football up here we can talk About all the super North stuff you want High School football up here the small Schools has been completely rescued by Charlie B who's the ad at seax who somehow does This origami type thing and comes up With how he can get these teams to play A schedule make competitive because he Has saved football absolutely but he He's you know he's gonna run out of Tricks that's what I'm saying you can Only do this you can only juggle for so Long before Ball's gonna fall I mean Look you almost thought this year St Mary's gets in the playoffs they played The fall that's okay Harrison just Dropped football he did with Ray Lucas As the coach Yeah you know it's it's interesting Because I remember being in that meeting It was right before I took the Red Bank Job I was uh I was there for Indian Hills and I remember you know you you You asked me to speak about um the ivy League thing that they went they end up Adopting and you asked me to speak about What it was like in indan Hills I Remember Drew Gibbs was there and um you Know it was the first time Drew because Because usually Drew would fight back on

The stuff like that because you know We're across town you're going after Same players all that kind of thing but Obviously they were the halves that's Gonna end too yes and but that was the First time I saw Drew actually after I Was Talking it's you know say to you know Say you know what I I can understand Like I get it I get why this could be an Issue right you know because obviously He'd be at the youth games I listen I Had to be there 30 minutes before Drew Got there because soon as Drew got there Everybody walked over to him so I need Some some time for people to come and And shake my hand because as soon as Drew walked in obviously Drew had won And had all the success he had and and Was a obviously phenomenal coach right But um uh but but it was the first time And I knew like I remember going into I Went to Lorenzo barata and I said if you Know I know I'm leaving but if you if You what can I do anything if you do one Thing you must go in this ivy league to Have a chance yeah and and um because Then then the kids aren't worried about Like what they have over there versus What we have over here they could just Go and find a place to where they're Going to get on the field and not Worried about getting their butts Whooped right and um and it it's

Honestly it saved Indian Hills Unfortunately they ran out the guy that Did a great job with who's my assistant Dom yeah now you and now look now they Got aan Out like he's a good co he's a great Coach but but but you know he's a great Coach and I'm happy for him because he's A great coach but what they did to Dom Wasn't fair because Dom had Dom slowly But surely built up the program yeah and Now how do you get rewarded see you well It was just and that's what's going on Dom was an Indian Hills kid he actually When I when I I said Lorenzo I said this Is an Indian Hills kid he he wants Indian Hills to succeed he cares this Guy cares he's not going to be as know Eligible as I am but he's G to care Right so take the time let him evolve And he did Lorenzo the great then he Went end up going to obvious Jaan but he Let him evolve and then you know he gets Kicked out because he's not winning as I Mean he won six games I think this year Or uh for the first time they've won More than they lost in a long time he Gets kicked out but that's what's going On in you see it all over the place Everybody's guys are getting pushed out For the next new shiny penny that has to Change in New Jersey because you go to The South because I've been to every Place in the South I've been everywhere

I've been uh I mean I've been all over The country um California just such a Big state and football succeeds because There are halves and Hales knots of Course a huge state that California's Different but very much that's why we Just leave them we just leave them alone The rest of the South Texas uh uh Florida Georgia Georgia you know what The one thing that that maybe not Florida as much to take a g a coach but Georgia South Carolina Texas Co coaches May get run out For um if they lose at the bigger Schools but they are compensated as uh Yes you know uh the the offensive Coordinator teaches a few classes but He's got a full-time the head coach is The head coaches full-time as a coach And maybe does like a a a a general Class but they're compensated to be able To be invested in football for the long Run Y and so when people say why is the South so far yes obviously there tal in The South yes and they get spr ball and They're allowed to do these things but You actually you're taking care of your Coaches well my my thing is overall is This overall is this is that they are Invested in having football succeed and My only issue in New Jersey and and and

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