How to win 9x State Championships with Coach Nimphius episode 10: How Football is Changing

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How to win 9x State Championships with Coach Nimphius Episode 10: How Football is Changing #nucsports #coachschuman #fyp #highschoolfootball #highschoolfootball Message I said okay I'll send out a Message to them as their parent now to Tell them not to…

How to win 9x State Championships with Coach Nimphius
Episode 10: How Football is Changing #nucsports #coachschuman #fyp #highschoolfootball #highschoolfootball

Message I said okay I'll send out a Message to them as their parent now to Tell them not to do things on their own On their own time right like and um no One said they had to do it I said hey if You guys want to do this this will you Know since you can be playing a tackle Game Uh gonna be hitting each other we're not Worried about their safety there we're Not worried about their safety but uh And they're gonna be breathing on each Other when he T you know the hackin Attack kids are goingon to be breathing On us and we're gonna be breathing on Them we tackle each other but no got Stay dist we practice anyway in your Bucket we play Benji me and Benji are Laughing after the game you know like But we we beat them our our team played A great game and we beat them we rode Off into the sunset on we rode off to The sunset because the next week we Coming on M uh coming on Monday and We're now allowed to back go start Practicing again and the principal comes Over and he goes uh someone has Co in The school or something and practice Pract like we just started again and I'm Like I was like all right guys see you Later and you guys can't practice Anymore so I guess the season's over I Best of luck to you Guys fellas two weeks later we were done

We Rod off into the sunset that was it That was the season that was the co Season and um but U but the point is is That the leadership thing so they they Worked out a guy that was I mean old School old school is not the word the Guy the guy the guy uh because I hate Sometimes people like bash old scho it's Not that he's old school he did things The right way okay and and he believed In doing things the right way and he Believed in taking care of his coaches Like and he believed in solving problems Like I'm the ad I'm gonna solve problem Is Dave giving me a hard time about Something I'll solve it right I'll solve It we don't need to have a meeting every Two seconds with with Dave because uh This kid's playing titly Winks in the Corner and he shouldn't be playing titt Winks right so he's got to get his Varsity jacket right right or yeah he I'll Sol with and so what happened was I Saw immediately not the those guys don't Know what they're doing or what but you Could see immediately it kept we kept Working towards the lowest common Denominator less leadership uh less Empowerment of coaches less less Empowerment of ads and you have you have Is he still I don't know if he's still There you have one of the greatest ads If he's still there yes so I mean from The time you know so River at riverdell

You have that luxury but most other Places are not like Riverdale like old Toan Um uh and old Japan current ad was my ad In IND Hills I loved him Lorenzo barad I Was a big fan um and uh but but it's so Interesting how leadership Wise instead of trying to to to get guys Who are strong leaders we just want People to conform on everybody wants a Yes man and I don't care where people Are yes or no like even if they I like When someone disagrees with me I like The conversation that's healthy right Work but now it's like he disagrees with Me he's the enemy talk talk about like Is that Evol you know you have a great ID so that may not be obvious I think It's a microcosm of what you see in Society I means nation of sheep and Again that doesn't fall on on on Political lines it's just right what the Push is you know there's not a lot of Depth to what's going on I mean it's I'm Not even talking about football copycat It's just look the the old adage of the Job's a job when your old man tells you You got to go cut the one you cut you Cut cut the lawn and lawn's got to look A certain way and there's a process to Cutting that lawn and uh you know it's It's there's there's no way around that And uh we're asking kids to play a game That's incredibly

Physical and in your case what you're Talking about with your covid Experience you really didn't have them Prepared I mean let's look look at the Pretzel logic of of of New Jersey high School football now you have six days That you have to have right but you Practice all summer they don't count Because that's not a climb ization so You got six days before you can go with Another opponent and the sixth day is The first day you can go full pads You'll have Sunday off and Monday you Full blast scrimmage in Opponent like like what what are we Doing here and they and you know those Other guys it's like both teams I don't Care what you do that first scrimmage Guys are flying right so that might be The hardest most intense practice game You have all year only counts but it Only counts as an hour of practice Correct all right according to their Rules but you know you bring up the you Know one of the things I think that was Very helpful in football for the grind Was was double sessions now now I Understand you shouldn't be doing Certain things but I've had a Conversation where you can practice for Three hours so we can practice from 11: In the morning till 2 in the afternoon On the turf in the heat yeah I said that Doesn't seem real intelligent to me no

But we can't practice from from 6:30 in The morning to 8: take a half hour break And go from 8:30 to 10 because that's Considered a double correct I said that Seems ridiculous I'm figuring some guys Are doing that all right which is rather More intelligent because of just time And motion studies yeah and then you're Added there by whatever time right but You're never asked to have that Conversation you know I mean even at our Place you're not asked to have that Conversation but our athletic director Is kind of like hey you're going to do The right thing so go do the right thing Right so I appreciate that very much but I just see I see a lot of that stuff That's just gotten uh extremely awkward Uh with things so essentially then we Have them come in it's the same thing in Division three they can't get them on The field we'll go get three hours in in The morning but then we're going to do These jog throughs and uh you know Meetings and everything when in fact They need the experience of being out of The field to do things but I'm not sure It goes back you said there I don't Think coaches can handle doubles now Coach know what absolutely not because Look just in general like and Dave's Worked with me he knows the type of guy I am I was raised around and it's it's EI you know to me it's a benefit but it

Could be what I was raised and had such Good coaches growing up I was so spoiled From the time I was in Middle School you Know all the way up I had coaches that Were vested whether it was because of The town I grew up in you know former Players coming back to be that or Whatever I just was around high level in T coaches and this is how we did it and This was this so when I got and they Knew and they knew the line too that was And it was like Hey we're right there And and they also knew individuals they Knew their you have Uncle Jerry did you Have Uncle Jerry did you have you know what I'm Talking about who's that did you have Mike Van's like was it like Uncle Uncle Coach Ken yeah Coach Ken was so when I Was young when I was like Middle School Coming up yeah he was the guy right and My father was from town right he played He know like this is the world I grew up In so Coach K would be there coach vanz Would be like you know I saw I saw the Player to Dad to like the whole family Right so I mean these guys buil Everybody's house there for crying out Loud yeah it I mean look coach pepper Was my neighbor my backyard guy like you Know what I'm saying like it's like what We did but like the coaches there it was Like so this is what it's all about Right and then high level they they

Taught you higher level Stu when I got To college I looked around at some of These guys and these guys had no clue What the coaches were talking about and And my we're like all right this is Normal right I don't think nowadays you Have coaches that are willing to invest Into it what you need to get done you Don't see these guys trying to get Better going to clinics or doing this The only thing they want to do is post Stuff on social media so that they can Get all these clicks everybody wants to Be a one-on-one type trainer nobody Wants to listen to somebody else I mean These are parts of the process that dude You're an assistant coach for a reason You may have a dream of being a head Coach but this is kind of the how you Have to go through it so be the best Coach you can be doing what that coach Is asking you to do and now your players See that and respect that and I think That's really hard if you know anyone Who wants to be a head football coach All right have them talk to me and I'll Talk them out of it in five minutes I Tell them to say I tell people to same Thing dude like you might love this Don't want to do this first of all did You you remember the rampo job came open Right right so some boo you were Supposed to be one of the guys some Bozo Says something about it so I don't know

This right I'm not reading this Social Media stuff and I paid my1 so I could Read content I I don't even get I don't Even get the daily throwaway the Bergen Record anymore you know I mean that's I Have to send Dave this stuff because Like I said I'm the only one with access To the media I don't have access he Clicks on I don't get the I don't get the the I Don't even get the physical paper and Then the other stuff so I come in Because like wow coach you're looking at The rampo Jack yeah threw your name in There I said first of all I said if I Went to if I had an interview with rampo I first I'm never gonna give me an Interview I said we played them a whole Bunch of times gosh they're so good I Said somehow we've beat them a few times Which is always a funny story on how We've ever beat them because I can't Figure it out um in fact the last time We beat him in 2022 I told the kids if We played these guys a 100 times we'd Lose 101 all right you can get them Every now and then well we get them Right so so I I said they they said what Would you even want to know about the Job I said I'd ask them one question I Said then let them talk said how the Heck did you ever lose Us how'd you ever lose us I said I mean Look at your team look at look look at

This you know and we I mean it's the Field just tilts the talent is totally Different

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