How to Win 9 state Championships with Coach Nimphius episode 6: Developing Roles For Every Player

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How to Win 9 state Championships with Coach Nimphius, Coach D and Coach Schuman Episode 6: Developing Roles For Every Player #coachschuman #nucsports #fyp #highschoolfootball #footballcoaching #collegefootball Now with guys that are so I do this I do That I…

How to Win 9 state Championships with Coach Nimphius, Coach D and Coach Schuman
Episode 6: Developing Roles For Every Player #coachschuman #nucsports #fyp #highschoolfootball #footballcoaching #collegefootball

Now with guys that are so I do this I do That I play this position it's like all Right well what else can you do a lot of These guys a lot of guys preach One Way Stuff you know and that's really yeah I Get it but if you know what each Individual can do now you can utilize Them everybody can play a role and then Everybody can play just more guys can Play you know that's your that's your Whole offseason your whole off seon is Getting to other games other sports what You do not just being in the weight room But what they're doing in movement Patterns it's it's it's you have to Scrub your roster constantly and when You're when guys on any staff aren't Coming in doing that so let's say each One of you were the only guy on your Staff in those we would we call them Conditioning but those those I what I Call I call more like power and Mobility Right because yeah we look at body types And we've been going through this with Kids like you get the guys he doesn't go Deep enough on the squat I understand That I said but he's probably a longer Body you know was probably said but he's Probably pretty good at at pulling Things so let him deadlift a little bit More all right because then he you know He can stand up and sit down so you know And and some guys just load the weight Better on the front you know what we're

Not trying to win that contest but we're Trying to find out things about our kids Of what they can do and and I think you Owe that to the kids but if you're the Only guy doing in your program as a head Coach then guys come in they start Barking to kids you're like no man like It this kid's fully invested we owe this Kid And you know the answer is always this David you know this right well I don't Know where to play him when you're College when you're high school coach And the college guy say where you play Him I don't know he's probably a strong Safety you know well that means your Whole team is strong safeties and that's That's that's that's that's the odd Stack world of Joe Claus you know got a Lot of got a lot of these guys right and Then with I don't know what to do Espcially with that position actually Being something now that Rover type guy Is like what every well that's our whole Team yeah I get it we're like the Russian army they're all the same guys You know and and then and then on and Then on offense I don't know what to do With him so you make him a detach tight In like we you know he's our sniffer He's a fullback would you stop yeah he's A guard just call it what it is oh he's An HB yeah he's a guard guard can catch The ball right in the run and shoot he's

Probably a super back right because you People say why don't you play an Attached TI end said if you get me one We'll play him right now oh man that's a Mat sakis Line That's a classic Manny Matt sackis line it's like coach how Come you use it say that well if I had One I sure as hell would use one yeah Yeah Exactly um you you know so colle is say Because you brought it up when they come In there it drives me nuts and I know Derek it drives him nuts too because I I You know I I do a lot more like the Recruiting side stuff now and you know When when I coach with you and like the Camps were all huge but now there it's a Saturated world right so we don't run as Many camps as we used to um and uh but But I'm constantly talking to college Coaches and it drives me Nuts when they have no ability to see a Body let's say a 6 fo three 200 pound Body that can run and they say well you Know he's playing receiver and he plays Like safety like I don't know if he's Going to be a linebacker I'm like I'm Like yes he is like a body type that can Run that fast like do they manufacture 63 200 PB guys that can run a four five Just because he isn't playing like think Out of the think think of where you're Gonna he's going to be able to play and It drives me nuts because I just think

That you know until you get to the uh Higher level meaning like head coach OC Guys are all the guys have their Position they worry about that and then They worry if you're a recruiting guy They get a list a template of here's Here's here's what we're looking for in The in these positions right and the Ga's going off that template and anybody Else that's not in that template like Literally in the garbage right so Coaches High School coaches end up Saying hey I mean you should be take Looking at this guy and then obviously With the the transfer portal it allows Them to go and just plug and play kid Leave school Plug and Play It's Brutal we talk about this all the time Because we we never get to a solution on This by the way but Um it's the ongoing discussion and Debate what is like like you're a high School coach what is it you see that's Like good about what's going on in Recruiting what is it that you see That's like about like is there a Solution because you're great with Solutions is there a solutions to it This this is your crystal ball time or Is this is this just what it is is this What we're living in because like we Talk about all the Timeball I don't think so I I think I Think it it'll spin back I mean I just

Saw something today you guys probably Look at the scoop constantly right yeah That's like the best s ever so the Notre Dame of Ohio which is division 2 school Is closing their school yep uh my high School basketball coach's son is the Head women's Coach at College of St Rose Up in Albany and he had a great career As the Albany men's head coach they're Closing that school at the end of the Year and so there's there's not enough Kids are not going to college in the Droves they were which no which to me is Is is an interesting thing in itself I Have people that I've worked with say Well you know they can become this this Craftsman or do this kind of bluecollar Trade and I said I understand all those Things I said those are good points but I said go tell a kid's family and and Regardless of race ethnicity who's never Sent the kid to college that their kids Shouldn't go to college right and They're gonna say my kids we're here and So my kid has a chance to do that you Know and and I'm not going to tell People what to do with their lives but Here's what happens when we go into the Recruiting first of all our whole team Can't play dead in the Western right so we don't have guys Coming in our place we've had one Scholar full scholarship player since I've been there and that was Shan O'Neal

At James Madison Kevin Barry ended up Being a a you know three-year captain in A in a scholarship kid at Sacred Heart And he probably you know Sac heart was a Good place for him he probably would Ended up in the Patriot league but he Tore his ACL his uh his senior year in High school never played one game uh and Then and then Timmy all right now David Esz is the best football player of ever Coached and he went to Wesley in Connecticut because he's smarter than Everybody else he's like for this Nonsense they're going to tell me I can Go there for blank amount of no money y Like I mean pay nothing and and that's Old Grant and he went there and had a Fantastic career coming out making 200 a Year yeah you know I mean so two weeks Later he's working at hedge fund you Know right which he has not contacted me And I'm kind of wondering about that I Think he need for that so but but what H What happens is is they come in and And it depends on who's coming in corre If he's a if he's a solid defensive Coordinator guy then I tell him look Before we start you're gonna you're You're you're going to go back and tell The coach this kid's terrible but we he Really wants to go so we're going to Recruit him he says why would I say that I said so you can have on defense you All do the same thing defense Coors all

Do the same thing yeah I don't know if He can really play offense he's not Twitchy right oh he's more of a Defensive guy I'll take him on defense And then they ends up BEC an all Conference defense player because he's Lying to the head coach right so because You know they're gonna go after kids in A portal that are on offense right Because that's glitzy when you need guys To play defense but um I think I right Now there's guys that are plug in play In terms of their job too that's so they They're running a lot of the same things So they can move to the next job and They're on their phone like everybody in Corporate America seeing about where They're going to go next and how we're Gonna meet at lunch and do that or Whatever creepy you know phone stuff People do But think we had that conversation right I mean we've had that conversation a ton About how you know these guys the portal Is such a big thing now because you can Literally grab guys plug and play and Know you know because you know the whole Hey I'm going to take this High School Guy he's gonna red shirt now I gotta Develop him as a Fred shirt s freshman So you know you're thinking I think the Road I think that's the Catholic School Dilemma up here right now okay is Because that's the promise right and and

I wouldn't want to sit in their seat for A second I have respect for those guys Is you know it's it's it's a it's a Different meal being served you know oh Yeah oh yeah that phone doesn't ever Stop bringing for those guys never and And and you know there's kids that are Being very disappoint are very Disappointed right now in what their Options are doesn't mean they're a worst Player uh but they're probably may even Be thinking I'm going to go do something For two years in transfer I wonder when They're going to get a degree um the Division three thing is a Titanic yes Because I feel it's it's hor it's Horrible you know and it's a buyer Market now you know I mean if you have a Kid with good grades you just tell the Kid hey look man you're a good player They need good players but they got to Fill male beds yes you know my my College Moravian is a perfect example of That I mean we sent a guy there yeah I Mean Moravian had you know had an empty Floor a year ago an empty dorm floor if You figure on there at 20 people under There at 70 grand a piece you do the Math you how much money that you're You're not bringing in so you're Bringing in a lesser player at the Bottom yeah because you'll take it's Almost like you'll take anybody yeah Well Well here here's a thought for you

Guys every College Has become a Juka 100% yes that's a Great Point spot on yeah every College Become a juko and I hope that's not Reflective of the kids that aren't Playing anything but you know I mean That's not a knock that's just what this World is it it is but you know you got That better guidance than that I think 100% but I also think there's a lot of Other people above those guys in the D3 World that are pulling those strings you Know I mean look I look at like my Al Moer Monclair state right like the NJ Caps many guys You

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