How to win 9 state championships with Coach Nimphius episode 11: Todays Football

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How to win 9 state championships with Coach Nimphius Episode 11: Todays Football Different and and uh they're so blasted Good and and I I I just I I can't figure It out but you know guys are like well…

How to win 9 state championships with Coach Nimphius
Episode 11: Todays Football

Different and and uh they're so blasted Good and and I I I just I I can't figure It out but you know guys are like well Why don't you why why don't you Interview for other jobs I said I don't Want this Job I don't want this job and really all It takes is because I can remember like When I saw it and I always bring like I Was like you know I'm Dave I just feel David because he's got so much going on I just keep him in the loop so that he Kind of has a clue right when it comes To the scoop or whatever and I said hey Your buddy's mentioned in the Ramapo gig He goes he ain't going there I said yeah But I bet you his phone's ringing now oh God I get I mean I said are you serious First of all I I guess I could look Pretty good in green you know I mean but Yeah yeah I you sh Aaron white went and Did it yeah yeah well you know I mean my Mother used to say to me if you can if You can if you can remove morality from Decision-making it's pretty easy you Know But I I also look at that something like That too right that just tells you the State of like the world like our Coaching World here like a r Ramapo job Opens up that there should have been you Know what I mean like that would have Been like a who let me go get there's There's no teaching jobs I mean there's

That's why the other guy left you got Now on the other side it doesn't seem Like they can really get it together in That I mean imagine if they did God Forbid they did and Coach what did you Say earlier it comes from where it comes From the top there you go comes from the Top I don't even know they have you know It's it's a confused area we have uh we Had great superintendent forever here I Mean this guy Pat Fletcher and I work With him at Glenrock I mean and most of Our disagreements we had were my fault Without question he had set me straight Sometimes you know it would be like job I I want to do this you can't do this But I want to do this you I'm your boss I said okay so we'll do what you want me To do right and now we have texure yeah Now we have another guy we have uh Dr Alro Jim Alro who was a football coach At one time in his life you know oh Jim Alro yeah yeah he's our he's our Superintendent so oh wow that's Phenomenal yeah I mean we've always had You know good people around there I mean Even though it's Dave knows I got fired In 2007 twice all right do that before the Season right I got fired twice as a Teacher but I got more lives than the Cat so DJ on DJ did one of the most Brilliant DJ did one of the most Brilliant moves I I and you could say

All the things you want about the 2017 And how great it was but before the Season started after almost getting Fired because you had hired me and You're like well I don't know if I'm Gonna be the coach anymore you know like I'm like wait what so uh but like this Might happen but he he did one of the Most brilliant moves there was it was Everyone knew that this team was going To be at least pretty good right good Yeah yeah at least pretty good but there Was a whole thing about the captains Right who's gonna be captains and DJ Said came in there he said all the Stuff's going on you know Captain who Want who's gonna be the captain all the Seniors are captains every single one of You are captains and and then I think Maybe game day you brought out like no No I said to him I said you can pick Okay okay here you this is a great story Because the game want to go out for the Coin toss they like I get this game that Game and one kid didn't pick anything And we get to the 12th game which is the Sectional final and we're at the stadium And I'm like okay the captains and a kid Named Shane Fowler stands up he says my Game I've been waiting for this nice he Never said he was gonna be the game Captain and he was a game captain in the Final good Shane Fowler Lov him the Fowler Brothers ah the players I mean

But they were tough they were tough what What from the heart guys you know I mean They I say that incredibly tough kids at River though we we have really yeah That's the one thing coach that I've Like you know what I mean like that's That gritty type of Bergen County like Punchy in the mouth little blue collar Kind of like we are Butler Morris County I really kind of comparable kid we get a Tough kid and and and you know coach I Tell you a funny story we're playing par Hills in I think 2019 in the sems Alo Yeah he just took the randoff Job he just took the randoff job so Dave's Dave's uh Albano's great guy he's Always M he's a Matt sackis guy right Like you got Matt saus he's at Jefferson Now yeah so so so we're we're we're We're playing him we have a kid who's a Who's an offensive tackle he's a lean Kid typical Rivero kids kind of kind of 190 pounds 6'2 all right Ryan McDonald Really good player he's actually a Senior right now and on still on track Program at SS Guana we're we're you know You're not believe say why it's Sophomore in college now my Wyatt Unbelievable sore so he's a sophomore There and and uh of course he's never Met Ryan because he's always in Wyatt's Always in a lab he's a computer science Physics guy right so Um and and um McDonald's playing tackle

And there's a kid from par Hills his Last name is Thompson he's playing for Ruter now and we played them earlier in The year and we beat him so in that game Ryan breaks his hand so he's playing With a club whole season right before we Play the semifinal he gets the club off So we're playing we're playing him and This kid Thompson's putting moves on him On the edge he's a he's a he's a beast He's a great player all right smart Physical all right uh got a lot of reps Because Dave started him as a sophomore I mean and Ryan's like a one and a half Year Starter so Ryan's like with and on moves That aren't even being Made like doesn't know what to do right So Ryan comes off the field and we're in A middle of tight game he says coach can I asked you a question I said sure M What do you got he says do you think I Got better this season nice and I said Yeah you got better he says cause that Guy got a lot Better so that's what we Get here's the St here's the staffie Dave in in 20 years at Riverdale we've had 14 different Football players throw to shot over 50 Feet that's really that's Amazing that's a who threw the farthest Trass well no Shan O'Neal threw 56 feet As a junior okay 56 I can tell sha' Neil

Stories all day oh he's the greatest he Threw 56 feet as a junior from a Standstill and then he he didn't Glide Or he didn't he punched it no he was Wear he's wearing his he's wearing his Jordans same ones he wore to his PR all Right so anyway he's he's he he kind of Just like would run across thrown for Like three weeks throws 56 feet his Senior year the school uh claimed he was Ineligible so he wasn't able to compete So he threw 56 uh we had a kid Andrew tamino who was A fullback D linan kid Andrew Chino Threw 58 oh wow he was a captain of the Throwing team at mm there you go and Then aim green who was ineligible his Senior year he threw 58 I think indoors His scene was that your tackle that you Had yeah yeah played against he played Against you guys and was just a road Raater against rampo next year in a Final yeah but he he uh but all kind you Know John fley son did some kids Ryan Was Ryan was uh F I miss f i Miss Ryan Didn't make that list that's right he Threw like 48 and he got Co they had the Co season Senor in track couldn't throw In the spring but we had the other kid Josh Yonce who's playing up at Colby Another one of the guys but there's a Whole I keep that's a great place to be Right now too yeah and I'll give you I'll give you two other guys Matt Co

Okay again I could say this on a podcast You know our our demographics changed Dramatically we're 25% Asian now oh Really we're 15% Hispanic and we're Growing Middle Eastern population so Real immigrant population boy do these Kids work and they love playing football Love doing everything and they're and They're and uh they're not afraid to Fail and and and they give you Everything but uh Matt Co was the first Uh uh kid that we had who uh was was in That that ethnic group all right and he Threw the he threw the shot well over 50 Feet he has his own uh he runs his own Uh unit at Mount Si Hospital in there You go and then J Choy J Choy is one of The best athletes I've ever coached he Played up at Ithaca and uh He not only got his doctor from mytha in Physical therapy he is he's passed his Boards he's he's a doctor of physical Therapy at 25 26 years see that's the Part that I love I love seeing guys do Better right like look football's great Wins and losses are great but man like We're not all going to the NFL and like Now that you can just come back you're Doing things with your life it's Positive like that's where I get the Most joy out of it when I see those guys Doing great our throwing coach is still The same guy he's 80 years old BL s he's He's fantastic his his tone with his

Kids he's got the drive we all tell About the funny thing when Lou talks to His kids about about throwing after meet He'll say he'll have three kids in front Of him he'll say PR which you know means Personal record he'll say PR PR PR and I'll get to the fourth kid he'll say pu All Right but uh yeah this just kind of like A you so we've gotten kids to do that Austin burer was a starter up at udica Uh he's working cyber security

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