How to win 9 state championships w DJ Nimphius episode 8: How to get the most out of your tackling

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How to win 9 state championships with DJ Nimphius Episode 8: How to get the most out of your tackling #nucsports #coachschuman #fyp #highschoolfootball #footballcoaching #collegefootball Go there and they they should have People that are advising them on it…

How to win 9 state championships with DJ Nimphius
Episode 8: How to get the most out of your tackling #nucsports #coachschuman #fyp #highschoolfootball #footballcoaching #collegefootball

Go there and they they should have People that are advising them on it so I Think I think the contact it I push this Off season David was been even in in the In the uh in the gym has been to run Through things whether it's a medicine Ball being tossed had a finish we spend So much time in coming to bouns and Decelerating uh that's good but Sometimes you just got to go and and you Got to get the movement but it's I think It's the like this is so important you Understand this is going to be part of What our DNA is going So we're going to tackle get ready for It we're going to get tackle get ready For it I mean we're in helmets all the Time I mean you can't see where you're Not looking at you know I mean up guys Tackled different guys tackled you gotta Get the guy on the ground all right you Know people say hey aim small Miss big I Mean aim small Miss Miss small I think You know just the basic stuff that we've Always used is you know burning inside Hip and and and and look we all do track And drill right we all do track and Drills to me the track and drill is a Small guy was this if the guy who's Carrying the ball sees me and comes to Balance I gotta probably Buzz down Somehow right right corre he's not Looking knock him out yeah and that That's just it I mean and that's on him

I mean you're not doing anything dirty But it is a physical football is a Violent game uh and we need all our kids You Know if you if you lose a kid in some Ways you're losing three four kids But I think there's a reality to it that It's on in practice you know I I don't Know I think the biggest thing too Is tackling because I I now coach at the Lowest level right Is by teaching a lot now now the you Know the near hip and and the role stuff Is great but for for my whole entire Career up until maybe about six or seven Years ago not what it was the whole Thing is to run your feet right run your Feet on contact and I used to lose it on Kids who would go to the ground with Their legs take their legs out of the Tackle basically go to the ground very Common right it's very hard to tackle Somebody and so obviously that's a big Part of it so it's a lot harder though To teach him to continue use your legs When they're going through the hip in That roll than it is when they're go When you know the old bite the ball and And and and and it's a big mask on the Ball eyes up yeah but I'm saying there's A big and there's a way to teach Obviously to me there's a way to teach Obviously head UPS you always got have Your head up got out out of the play but

What's happened is less legs are Involved in finishing the tackle so I Actually think it's more d i you correct Me if I'm wrong because you're you're in It more than I am I think it's more Danger I've seen a lot of tackles when They go to the ground where the kids Stop running their legs and then the guy Running the ball stops running the legs And what what more dangerous than the Kid who just is coming fast tackles him Through keeps running his legs brings Him to the ground he lands on the ground S you know I think I think what you're Talking about with some of the tackling Is the Frozen picture of the kid being On a knee and trying to make the tackle Yes right right so you got a couple Things here the heaviest part of your Body is your head the weakest part of Your body is your neck the strongest Part of your body is your Caboose and Down right your posterior chain right And and those things need to be accented And what I see is exactly what you're Talking about Dave is is with with with The tackling now we are Teaching keep the head out of the Equation which can mean a lot to a kid Like just get all away bite the ball has Definite worth in my opinion all right I Think it's why you're seeing so many Shoulder injuries Because kids are by them and the arms

Come it's like the offensive tackle and The pros tearing a bicep right right Right but but they're trying to make This tackle with their it's an arm Tackle guys that's what it is it's this Yeah and and that's that's that's not That's a shoulder that's this and you're Talking about the technology everybody Wants to focus on let's change the Helmets let's change the helmets let's Change the helmets well now you're Taking the head out of it how about we Update your shoulder pad you KNE knees On the ball carry with the twist right Oh gosh every time a Guy you know impr Practiceing yeah like that ball car Whether it's my ball Carri the other Team I it's almost like you want to Close your eyes right because when he Turns ball Carri is going this way and The guy trying to turn him it's it's It's two completely opposite motions Whereas uh it's not natural but that's What you're seeing in practice okay yeah Yeah how many times in practice they It's not those guys I I try I try to use All the POS the don'ts really don't Don'ts are not effective in Teaching all right they'll figure that Out when they put their hand in the band Saw right that's a d right but but what You're going through with the kids is we Want all these all these dues but where

We all throw the D out there in practice Don't twist you guys getting all twisted Up you because we're not tackling so They're getting into that dosy dough Type thing it's squar and it's scaring The holy heck out of you you know stay Off the ground get I get it that's not where the issues are I mean nobody wants to talk about the Linan they don't know what's going on Behind them and they went all this Contact stuff and right you're not the Only way to learn how to block is block You know I mean you have to block I mean That's it you know sleds don't move Sleds have a purpose but sleds don't Move people there's nothing there's There's no better teacher than Experience that's right and and and you Know mean bags are fine I mean but you Slide off a bag differently and when Somebody's being combative with you with Their their hands or shoulder or their Movement right so I I think I think There's a I think we've made it somewhat More dangerous yes honest I I do yeah I Mean you guys know you tell your kids When they get to the second level no Moves just go because those guys never Get to practice tackling those cats you Know tackling in the open field is why I Hold my breath every opening kickoff Hold my breath that's right you get an Open field now it's a touchdown unless

It get slow you know unless it get slow Where he gets or he goes to Riverdog do you know do you know this a This is a true story Since Alec Lanza and David esz graduated In the 16117 period we have not returned A kick for a touchdown however we have I Think Sumer neighborhood of almost 30 Kickoff returns of 50 yards or more Really finish in my life I got hawked Five times sen on FR returns yeah they They don't finish it so nope slow Guys well I also think that there's a um So the specialization and and I'm Curious what you think about this Track and field which you know and Dereck wasn't a track guy obviously I Was a track guy you're a track guy uh But track and field to me and football Go hand inand and specialization in Football has now maybe not in the South Okay because the South the South kids go They run track like track is you know Like we we had on coaches from Florida Like little different they still Emphasize track okay he pushed Mike Smith right Amer like my guys are on the track right But up in I I would say the north Definitely because everyone wants to Specialize and and and whatever their Sport is they're doing they're doing That 247 um and we talk about this all the

Time that then affects their over you Can run all the routes you well Derek Just said this to me the other day Because we talk we see our guys that Like we have a a seven out seven club we We travel you know we we me and you used To talk about I'm I'm part of the Problem in in the recruiting system um So the but those kids they run I am uh They they run um they they'll just run Routes all year long that does not get You faster like that does not build your Speed it gets you good good at Route Running they'll run crisp routes but Your 40 is still 48 you know like so if You're not if you're running track You're running you're running good Routes how long does it take you to Master your Cuts if you're with a coach That's fairly fairly good at teaching it Right it doesn't take you that long to Start doing if you're getting enough Reps what you need to do is develop your Overall speed and I've seen and and uh This is one of the things that I think Stinks about the fact that I can't run As many events more we the combine part We used to emphasize which was a big Speed element to it and we can't even Get kids to get timed anymore guys don't Want to get timed because the truth they Don't want to get timed right they don't Want to hear that they don't want to Hear what their time is I'm like well

Your your ego can't handle it but you Need to know where your time is so you Can approve The ones asking for the time are Mommy And Daddy right that's all they want to Know I mean look we just did an event Saturday night and and it was I mean Look I've been doing these with you Dave This is I'm telling you right now wor I've ever seen it was God awful to be Hest God awful skill wise they were good Too skill they were great oh agility Stations you should have seen them Working all over the place right shuttle Were great great shuttle times 40s and Listen it's the first time since I've Been doing this I've been doing this With you Dave for 10 years I don't I Think I had maybe one or two guys asked Their time well I'll give you one you Know Sprint mechanics right so the more You read of guys who are we'll call them Strength and conditioning guys I don't Know if we're too strong and and I don't Know if we're in real good shape so you Know we kind of look at it a little bit Differently not because we're trying to Be on a Cutting Edge we're just trying To be have a little better application Of what we do but one thing that's Missing from a lot of lifting programs Is sprinting and because you Know

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