How to win 9 State Championships Episode 9: Unique Training Methods That Rapidly Develop Athletes

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How to win 9 State Championships with Coach Nimphius Episode 9: Unique Training Methods That Rapidly Develop Athletes Ever anywhere I've Been ever get J splits and track so we Jump rope so much oh yeah jump rope Was the…

How to win 9 State Championships with Coach Nimphius
Episode 9: Unique Training Methods That Rapidly Develop Athletes

Ever anywhere I've Been ever get J splits and track so we Jump rope so much oh yeah jump rope Was the jump rope that's something You've always done that that that is is Different than almost every I have not Seen it at any other program that I've Been at the way they although Joe clous Um I think brought it to Old Japan a lot I remember when he was doing it because He got obviously got it from you um but You're right rope because that those are Like see those are things and by the way They don't do in a gym class anymore no Absolutely Not he does in gy Class what do you do in gym class uh we Sit in a squad I don't know run around Like do you learn skills you jump rope No don't do my son jump rope no okay uh Um do you guys play tag situps no can You do a push-up I had to teach my kid How to do push-ups because in the old Days we used to do push-ups in they they Don't do push-ups in gym class they Don't do sit-ups in gym class they don't Do I mean they do almost nothing it's Pretty funny and which actually Irritates your kid because he wants to Go and compete and do that stuff Push-ups he'll do listen we used to put Together AP gym class they should it's The only course that's not tracked it's Like hey let's go we'll go AP gym We'll

All compete everybody else go over there And and I don't know well this is a side Discussion but the two most important uh Classes and you you used to te I I think Derek used to be the teacher of this too Is to me but is the piano and what else Dave the piano else besides the piano um And and singing voice uh uh is history And physical education okay and Obviously math we I get all that I get The Lang I get why those are important I I get that stuff but history knowing Where you've been where you come from Where you where maybe you're going and Then and then uh uh physical education Which is basically gone by the boards uh New Jersey maybe in Illinois or like the Last two states in America that maybe Even have it as a requirement but um uh Physical education how to physically be Able to handle Yourself be able to develop Self-esteem from from being stronger and I'm not talking I'm not even talking About sports I'm talking about like May How how many how many have a peg board There's nobody there's nobody that goes I mean I don't know if you still go to Gym ear early you do but there's no Better feeling I I think when you go to Workout and you come out of there and How you feel you know so um and and you Feel better about yourself but those are The things that it's funny because we

Try to like in our society like move Away from these things yeah I don't know I mean and there's so much data on that The guy who wrote the guy who wrote the Book out in naville Illinois did the Whole study it's a great study in terms Of what they did with their kids before School in a zero period and how they're Mathematical and and and and and English Scores went through it's a great book It's called Uh spark okay yeah it's Called spark and and you can actually if You don't want to read the book they Give great presentations on YouTube on It with that author all right and I try To sell it to everybody and I got a Better chance of seeing God than I'm Accepting that but you know I just think It's I think it's kind of important that We do these things you know I mean it's Funny you can look at the videos of like Jim class from 1970 or 1960 right when They're back and they're do push-ups Jumping jacks all this stuff and now you Look at it it's like what's what what is That what are we doing what are we do And to think this all started like with The run and shoot you know I Mean it's all I got left yeah yeah so I Mean look I I I I I think those things Are again we talked about it you know Scrubbing roster finding your kids in The hallway I mean I'm not in the Classroom anymore because I retired as a

History teacher right that's what you Know and I think that's affected us Adversely very much in terms of getting Kids out and uh you're not in the like You're not no no and you know getting Around there it was funny because when I Finished the two- week uh stint as the Leave replacement the kids said wow you Know you you should really come back Full-time and I said look when I Finished teaching there was nobody in The room because it was covid it was That 2021 school year yes and nobody was Coming to school no right and because They didn't want to get banged Especially athlete they didn't want to Get banged with the with the positive Right so or being around somebody so and That's not even a political thing it's The kids kind of figured out oh no no The kids played the system they knew Exactly what to do that's right and they Were like they weren't coming back and Uh I you know so I kind of finished the Empty classroom so I guess it kind of Kind of scratched that itch you know Seeing kids again yeah but they said you Should really come back I was like I Know I still got it but they they said Why don't you come back I Said no I said I didn't have to correct Any papers this is great yeah I could I Just committ here teach history and you

Know you guys are kind of curious about Things because they were freshman some Of those seniors when I was leaving Right and and it's a lot but you know You get such a pulse on the Building I see I see the push now not is To not have a pulse on the building Right yeah yes it's not don't ask don't Tell militarily it's just that you know There there's not the engagement that There there uh there needs to be I'm not Blaming anyone but I'm blaming it's just Kind of how the system has rolled But somebody you you got to step forward And be a little stronger than that same Thing with the coaching Derek when you Talk about where's the leadership well We follow from the front that's what I Mean right like is that's and here's the Other part what are we talking about all The time Dave like a lot of these guys They it's got to be now it's everything Has to be now now now what about your Investment down the road right like even Talking about assistant coaches it's Hard to get good assistant coaches that Are willing to go through that process Learn you know hey let me take this all In everybody thinks because they play Mad and they can call plays like what Are we doing I mean I can't call plays And I've been doing it for a long time There ain't no science to just ask the Parents you

Know I thought you were gonna ask me Questions like okay um like what's what Game do you remember uh when when did You screw things up the worst and I was Like I better start writing some of this Down because there's so many Possibilities so I didn't know if you're Going to ask me any of those things About you no we don't we don't put it Body on the spot I'm fine with that Though like I can handle hey we know the Best coaches are in the stands on Friday I'm a special but I'm a special guest I Mean like you can ask me those things I'm playing with house money so I I tell You I'll tell you what's interesting you You you talked about like leading from The front which is a big deal and you You know me and der talk about this a Lot listen the the ad I had uh when who Hired me at Red bang was honestly he was Phenomenal I was this is a funny funny Story DJ so we're sitting there and uh It's a summer Derek Derek he may have Already started helping help me coach There was very very gonna be my very First year there and the guy who hired Me who was Phenom I didn't he didn't Know me I didn't know him we just Clicked and like he's just a great guy He'll you know he's like you he'll give You the shirt off your back you know um Uh you know glad to recommend you to Anybody like he's that kind of a guy and

Um his name is Del dapra he he's uh Fantastic human anyway so he so he hired But so basically they were giving him Such a hard time this giving him such a Hard time and he had been there for a Long time built this bread Bank was I Guess a bad I I don't know I wasn't There but it was a bad program took it Over built all the programs up hired Some great coaches the guy who was the Head coach before me did a fantastic job Um great Giggs giggly yeah he hired me And um I'm sitting there in in June and He's got all the coaches in there like You know for the end of the year getting Into next year he goes he goes Dave I Got to apologize to you because what I'm About to announce is going to directly Affect you he goes goes after this year I'm Retiring I sat I sat there and I was Like oh my God what did I do so I had Taken the head coach job and this guy I I love I literally took the job because I just thought this guy is phenomenal Like I could see myself so he was there That whole year it was great year right Dereck will tell you this then he was Out and it happened to be Co right so There was the next year Happ to be Co Wildfire and then we had um a I won't Say his name but he's a famous guy uh as The interupt coach everybody knows who He is fam famous famous famous guy and

He was he he's a he's a good guy but was Detached and it was a disaster for us And then um title never usually goes Well well right they are a new guy this This is I I haven't been there I haven't Even been there a year the season has Concluded and I'm on the third a Now and uh uh then eventually they Brought me in and you know obviously This guy wanted to go a different Direction which was great and I was like No problem like see you later you know Great timing yeah yeah it was great time Was co co was hell coaching for at least For me it was I don't know how D first Time we ever coached a game without any Practice or work we had a 15 maybe 20 Half hour maybe well I don't know we had A walk through on Saturday and played The game at 10 whatever in the morning Yep oh we gave our kids they wouldn't Let us do anything obviously because Somebody somebody had Co or whatever and We G we gave our captains um our our Practice schedule and they would go to Go to uh a park and they would work on Their own like you know and so the uh Two days before we're about to play our Game they said we heard the kids go and Practice on their own you know in their Own right parents whatever they're doing And uh uh they go you can't do that Anymore I'm like well I'm not doing it They are doing it so you gotta tell them


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