How to Win 9 State Championships Episode 5: Using Multiple Groups and Multiple Formations

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How to Win 9 State Championships with Coach Nimphius w Coach Schuman and Coach Depascale Episode 5: Using Multiple Groups and Multiple Formations to Build Your Program You know I kind of go back and forth on It you know…

How to Win 9 State Championships with Coach Nimphius w Coach Schuman and Coach Depascale
Episode 5: Using Multiple Groups and Multiple Formations to Build Your Program

You know I kind of go back and forth on It you know uh Derek you know the run And shoot uh roots of being uh the Timing was so good you know I was Thinking the shot gun sometimes the Timing is not that good it is I guess Off the rpos on a glance I guess but but You know it's just really downhill pitch In the option and Dave knows my backr The triple so um it's another way of Distributing the ball you can run it you Can run gives which are I guess not even An option you can run double option in Some way whether it's a pitch a man or Quarterback Twan game or Distributing The ball down the field you can run a Triple yep you know that that's but you Probably should say we're only gonna run That one way we all try to do too much But um we had it all in yeah and you Know I've always been a multiple Formation guy that too I like to get a Lot of Personnel packag in there so play Yes yeah I think this just to grow your Program because I think now yeah I think At our place now now well when when Dave Was coach was in 2007 in his second go around uh as a There were only four groups then uh but 9 through 12 we were we had 108 kids in The program that's and that's phenomenal But we're not now so now we're gonna Have we're gonna be more like 75 which Would be better than it was this past

Year 75 is still great but you have to You have to morph it into something You've got it's it's all disguised you Know perfume on a pig type of thinking Smoking yeah and you know I guess I Guess for us you know we've tried to Play more and more kids one way and last Year we didn't do that and that's we had Our first losing season since 2005 now It was a talent Earth yes but I don't Think we really utilized the players Like we could and um and we end up Getting kids banged up and the Schedule's pretty pretty hefty for us And we struggled with the schedule and We end up going three and eight you know So I mean that's where you got to start Doing a check because things do change Are you doing the right things with your Players On and off the field and good amount of Time on that but you still come back to Your roots of what you know H how do you Constantly evolve your system I think It's one of the things that I found um We have to ask a lot of those guys that Question well well well so Derek to give You a little background and and I'll let Coach expand on that but coach when I Came with him in 2004 it was run we We're running the run and shoot okay Then in 2007 I said we were really Running like if you were to say the Offense it was really like multiple sets

And like Personnel based because we were Running we ran that whole year we ran Because I did the offensive line that Was the year you asked me do i' never Done offensive line before you asked me To do offensive line and we were violent We were violent up front man violent Stretching inside Zone we ran I think That's all we ran and obviously pass off It but stretch stretching inside Zone Then when we played you at when I was at Old Japan and we played you you in a a Championship you were um triple although You had moved back to the gun more but You were you were running that uh spread Navy option right yeah and so you evolv Your system now your passing game I Always see similar principles like even Though you change evolve your running Game I still see kind of a lot of your Similar principles but you've and then Then watching um you know highlights Because I've been the analyst for old Japan for the last three years when we We've watched your highlights you've Continued to evolve again back to a Little more of the run and shoot well You're probably not watching the much Film then if you're looking at Highlights now now if you want to watch A lot of film I'll get you the low Lights that's that's G to be all Encompassing you know right oh so So here here's here's the deal so when

You're talking about this I've always Been because my background very good Background in basketball and played for A tremendous coach in high school out of Long Island and uh it's about it's about Getting good people in the ball in the Spots they want to and then what you Find in basketball they play with a 69 Kid from down my block Tommy Hogan um I Watch these kids now try to enter the Ball in the post I want to jump out of The stands Like You on BCE pass at a 68 High school kid and it's coming up right Near his crotch and yeah you know and You're lead lobing him into a charge and You're not throwing the ball directly at His hands when he's got both hands up Accur and and and I'm looking at this I'm saying there certain ways like if I Took you two guys say how do you like to Get the ball we can create an offense And the first way we're going to create The offense is this the best way to do It is we can't get Dave Schuman the ball All right let's snap it to him and then We'll look how smart we are right okay You know we're not getting Dereck and David the ball okay let's go Twan game Let's put them both back there let's Let's just figure a way to do that well You know dererk really isn't a Quarterback but he can Sprint out so now They got to play him that way so you Know you get different kind of guys so

You know I had a kid uh I've had so many Good kids I mean it's ridiculous uh uh At you at Riverdale you know quarterback Was Blake Crouch who was about to get He's first te- County quarterback in 2007 he's about to get beat out because He spent his whole summer traveling Playing baseball which was the deal Because he loved baseball and he said I'll be there every day I can be there He didn't miss one and we had this kid Anthony Carnaval who was playing great And then Anthony kind of nicked up his Knee right around Camp so Blake ended up Getting the Reps and Blake was a catcher He was a sturdy guy and uh Anthony was More of a lean guy and Anthony goes on To have a really good career Curry Playing quarterback and Blake ends up Being a catcher at uh at at William Patterson uh and you know really good Good good football players but then we Kind of move forward I had this kid that Comes in next well like this kid is Gonna be really special so I actually Traveled down to wford to talk to them When Mike ARS was the coach and way Wade Lang was the offensive coordinator run Zone triple out of the gun yep and I Wanted to go underneath some more uh I Had this kid called his name was he was An Ecuadorian kid his name was Garrett AAL and if you ever want to look up Highlights on a guy on him like wow was

He a freak Show and uh we did a lot of Direct snap to Garrett and a lot of Underneath stuff uh with him running Just a pure option we did that for a Couple years had two-year starter you Know you always want a two-year starter Quarterback right of course if you can If you can I mean sometimes doesn't work That way and we went from him to a kid We made a quarterback's kid Brian mcgoy Who was like wore number 21 he looked Like John hle you know I mean for the Chargers he put together dude and we ran To Triple with him and he was Sensational so we stayed underneath and Then we got this get pavic Partland who I thought was going to be the next Quarterback but in between there we had This prolific passer who was fat he's The most pure passer of ever coach kid By the name of Timmy Barnes all right I Remember and Timmy Barnes only had one Season in one and a half games because He broke his leg his senior year but he Ended up being a three-year star at Georgetown 63 like 10 he was 63 160 as a Junior he was 63 185 as a senior because He went to a Uh dietitian and he went on 5,000 Calories a Day and he totally changed his body you Know and I mean what a fantastic player He was what I mean he's the one guy as You got older you could still uh when he

Was thrown you could work with him yeah I don't like to work with quarterbacks When are thrown because you gota watch What their mechanics are but I could sit In the chair and catch a ball from him 20 miles away I 20 yards away I just put The ball on every time he was he was he Was fabulous and then then then he got Hurt and end up making Ryan dur Quarterback who was more of a runner Good at Great athlete well Ryan in the Ninth game of that season he his crazy Season he tears his ACL oh so Patty Mcpartland comes in as a quarterback a Little guy short stocky kid great mind And we go back to running pure triple And he can spin it you know that in the Triple it's a real problem to spend a Triple and K can spin it right right and And just we created some things we had These good backs kid Max sepa comes into The fre dani's son Anthony I mean and we Were always really good up front you Know and the next thing you know we get We get Dylan Connelly who who's a party Trick I mean he's running the triple but Then I got David I got Estes he wouldn't Bend under Center which I think I think He could have but he's like I don't want To do this I don't want to do this I Want like going a shotgun so he put him In a gun and we totally changed what we Did that and that's the poison can the Next guy do that correct you know and

Then we end up with with with the ceros Michael and and Mike Mike Rico and then Jack Gillies who who you know Gillies Has still got the best base of any Quarterback I've ever coached the strong Strong in the pocket and uh you know Then you kind of move along with your With your quarterbacks and I got Jake Jake sconza we threw the ball 540 times In two years in 22 games with him and Just lined up in the shotgun and we Weren't good up front and Derek I'd Stand behind practice to say this get it Out y go Let it go Let it go I say get It out extend play get it out that's all I would say to him and uh you know then Last year we ended up going with the Sophomore and he's exciting I mean he's Worth the price price submission he he's More of that Glenn Rock Scotty Steven Dynamic type of guy that can make plays 5 foot six it's usually what it is 165 Pounds strong as a bull he got 10 starts Underneath him right now as a sophomore He's got two more years and we went to Bunch empty with him wow ran a lot of Rocket toss type stuff and moved them Kind of wing teish Mo but he can stand In there and get it out I mean he is he Throws a nice ball so you know we think We some other guys coming behind him That can do those things too so well I Think you talk about that right coach Like you mean you go through the whole

Evolution and obviously like the game Changes and the kids CH but like you Have to kind of go and Dave and I have Always been good with this and kind of Preaching it is terms of like hey you Got to know your roster know what you Have and you got to know Is

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