How to win 9 state championships : Episode 4: How the Develop Your Personnel

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How to win 9 state championships : Episode 4: How the Develop Your Personnel Now we're coming back to the Run gate Like here come now the running back's Coming back all this kind of you know Like it's just…

How to win 9 state championships : Episode 4: How the Develop Your Personnel

Now we're coming back to the Run gate Like here come now the running back's Coming back all this kind of you know Like it's just it's the evolution of Football yeah yeah and you'll start you Know I think the problem is just with Like when a running shoot originally you Know the slots were right off tackles But then you start then you started Getting funny blitzes especially in a High school short side oh yeah Absolutely because you're coming from That edge they're bringing sometimes They would bring a corner roll the Safety over the top Yeah because it was Easy to do because you get Apex to Corner to the short side and it's really An outside linebacker and I think we Still see that against anything you know People were doing that against the wing Te they were cutting the corner um they Do against Triple too and sometimes they Pay the price bulus right over their Head but but um yeah so I I think the Evolution is interesting so you know Al Kind of Coach Dia kind of gave me the Keys to the car we had some pretty good Players that didn't hurt I Mean my first full-time quarterback There was a kid named Chris Leonard he Was a junior and uh we had we had uh I'm Sorry my first yeah 95 yes Chris was a Junior was the first year I I I was in Charge to the offense so I mean even

Become a coordinator till I was 34 you Know I mean I was always dabbling stuff You know that's for me yeah a lot lot Lot of dabling with stuff you know I was So busy with track and trying to get Good at coaching positions and I was Always taking the extra things with the Positions you know I coached the Receivers the DBS the quarterbacks Special teams I could always long snap I Don't know how I learned out a long snap My dad was a coach and I could hold so I I knew how I returned punt so I was Always involved in special teams but you Know you started seeing uh you know the Reality of what you had walk in your Hallways which was probably more uh as Mous a lot of pissan kids you know Diminutive type bodies who could run or Or football players you know I mean Tough good athletes multiport kids um Maybe not the fastest kids so we were Pretty fast at at Glenrock we were Pretty fast yeah I mean yeah yeah this Is where I am now is like the land of Slow yeah and I can't believe people are This slow i't I mean I just like there's Something in the water I mean it's slow Has it always been slow or has you have You seen it get slower at riverdell yeah Compared to Glenrock yeah well the old Phonograph had like 78 you know 33 and 45 we're like 33 compared to the 78 of Glenrock like it it's if it's a

Metronome it would be like this B um you know so you got to do funny Things to get guys deep Glenrock just Like run by that dude yeah yeah I mean Look it's kind of like how we were those Early teams were fast right like those Early teams were four by one but by the Time it got to me it was like I think The big part of it too is you don't take Credit for this but your involvement of Track first I I early on and um uh you Know uh who Paul coached you guys had This great relationship track you guys Might battle at times where you took Even though you he was head coach of Boys you head coach of girls you guys Mixed you were one of the first groups To do that um coach by specialization And and so even though he was the head Coach of track boys you were the head Coach of girls all together in training That he coached specializations so so That allowed him to develop these these And you correct me wrong the the track Guys and I think that by the time you Became an offensive coordinator that was Already in place that was kind of a Known thing that track was a thing at Glenn Rock um and track track had Glenrock always kind of had history Because even when I first got there as In high school they did have a decent Track teams but you really took it and And and coordinated with with football

In a way that was unique that and Correct me if I'm wrong hasn't been as Easy at at Riverdale even though you Have great track you had some great Track coaches there but it's not it's Not the same when you're not the man Like you were the man in track at Glenrock I think I think all the Specialization now in the sports is Taking kids away that should be doing Different things correct um I mean Dave Was D finds this funny when Dave and I Were first starting at Riverdale we Would have the I've always been an AM Guy and we'd have a like an 11 o'clock Thing for the younger kids like the Freshman we knew we were in trouble About the second day when the incoming Freshman was about 40 of them that was a 2007 team when they were freshman uh Which would go undefeated and only give Up 28 points I mean we kind of roll out With that team and say just sick them All right but but we were we would throw The ball to the varsity kids and and I'm Telling you kids wouldn't even get their Hands up kids were getting their faces Split open not all the kids but plenty Of them where we enough to make it Enough to note it yeah like we are from That point well we're now always helmets Every day in the summer starting in June And kids like oh it's great you're Protecting our kids from concussions not

Really not really not really it's a Therapeutic thing Yeah like it's for my sanity please like It's also because I don't want to see Your kid have to take his senior photos With no teeth so well actually the truth Is I just don't want to stop practice Right right it's becoming a hassle but But yeah I think I think that's become An issue you know you got you know the Stopwatch and the tape measure never Changed they've never changed but you Have so much specialization now that It's become a harder cell And we probably made the football job in The morning sh I coached indor this year Oh you did yeah yeah it was a one-year Thing I mean you know I'm I'm not Looking to do that much more but you Know we have some that's tough indoor Always so tough well the meats are so Long and it's you know hey you're all in On it you know and he'll be fine in the Spring he's got so many talented kids And he's a great coach but you know the Thing of Glenrock was you know Paul Really took a lot of the distance kids And the javelin throwers and uh I would Take I would take all the jumpers and the Sprinters and kids almost up to the half In the hurdlers you know so that was Kind of something I would do so I had The boys and girls and you know remember

That David you know this your dad will Tell you this the girls teams were way Were far better than the boys teams as Good as the that our girls teams were Insane in soccer and in track oh Unbelievable I mean listen I was at Mount Olive for four years like great Track right it was the girls Were dominant no matter what every our Guys were Our girls were ridiculous no no matter How much of a lead we had in the mile Relay Min would catch him in the Le I've Ever seen a League championships because I actually it was one of the first times I had to yell at my father because uh I'm coaching and we had this we had a I'm like we finally have a big enough Lead and I I mean I'm not kidding track Uh uh Derek we we ran that year 407 okay Which was good for group one but they Were better much better but they they You guys probably ran low fours or maybe Even broke it but um we had that lead And I I want to say we had a 50 meter Lead it it was I mean you and and maybe More almost it's one of those leads that You're like okay yeah unless this kid Completely falls apart we're we're Winning this well Mino comes around on The on the the um comes off the last Comes to the last curve and at the Midpoint of of the uh uh the last curve Catches I don't remember who her anchor

Leg was but catches her and goes by her And we catches her and she catches her And goes by her uh and there was no Catching minia when when she went by it It wasn't like she was coming back she Was gone my father took his clipboard Which had papers all on it and Everything and fired it okay onto the Track fires it on track I said what the Heck are you doing now the girl from Walwick who was another 20 yards behind Had to run around the around the papers I said I said I said are you what are You what are you nuts he goes he goes he Turns to his manager he goes go pick That up she goes she gathers the papers On the track goes yeah well again you Know we talk about this is this about Football but you know you've had some Kids that are pretty special you get get To be around in your career kimino I Mean she won to State me a Champions Three times in the 800 meters I mean uh Was a scholarship soccer player at ruter And she was 5 foot three she she was and Obviously she's a she's mom now married And having a wonderful life and and I Tell people if you ever saw the movie C Biscuit or read the book yeah and people Say well how fast did she run so how Fast you want to run yeah yeah she's Gonna run that much faster than you I Mean the stopwatch meant nothing the Twins I remember her versus the twins

From Red Bank the Trotter girls yeah the Trotters and they were like this tall Five foot I don't know like 5 foot eight Like they look looked like you know you See the college run girl distance Runners right like lean and Mino she was Lean she was in great shape but she it's You're exactly right she was 5 foot Three she looked she was built like a Soccer player and and I'm telling you She pounded those girls in the Submission I mean she'd leave him at the Finish Line lay in the ground those Girls both ran at Stanford there was a Girl from Southern At luren Lewis who Ran at Michigan I she just beat those Kids up it was you know sometimes it was Like after a race you felt like call him Dius I mean she she and I still think She was a better intermediate hurdler You know she ran 6 point intermediates And and and I never let her really go You know and the state media Champions I Always wonder like you know if I really Let her do this I wonder if she could Break 60 you know but Kim loves soccer So but you know that's the competitive Nature we had there um but you know I Know we really want to move this back Towards toward yeah sure and and and and Uh you know I think really maybe it's Easier to go to what we're seeing now And where that came from um

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