How to Run Pin and Pull RPO with Hitches and Slants #coachschuman #footballcoach

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Coach Schuman’s Breakdown Pin and Pull RPO with Hitches or Slants #coachschuman #footballcoaches see more at Hello everyone we're going to go through Today a quick uh RPO The pin and pull RPO one of my favorites Okay this…

Coach Schuman’s Breakdown Pin and Pull RPO with Hitches or Slants #coachschuman #footballcoaches
see more at

Hello everyone we're going to go through Today a quick uh RPO The pin and pull RPO one of my favorites Okay this is off the sweep and you'll See it here we'll go Quick Clip here With um Ohio State Uh doing this RPO they do rough of a Slant we'll show you how you can line up With a hitch but you're reading the same Same key and I'll explain it to you so You have better understanding of it but Let's first look at the play Okay You have a pin and pole here okay in This case they're pulling one lineman But you could pull two Okay in your pin and pull situation They're throwing off the slant All right in this case they're reading The linebacker right here which is a big Deal All right so this linebacker right here Is a person they're actually reading in Order to be able to understand that case So this back side linebacker number 33 Here it looks like They're reading him and you could see up The top here by him moving they're able To throw that slid so let's let's let's Quickly look at the play And get the breakdown Now it's you can run over different Alignments I'm showing you to grow up For trips but there's a lot of different

Ways that you can run this read all Right but the key is this inside Linebacker it's a post Snap read off of That linebacker all right now what's Really important about this post Snap Read is if this linebacker at all gets With Moves towards your hitches then you have A situation where you are automatically Giving it you have the pin and pull you Have the blocking essentially you have a Five-man box okay Um and you have a tight end to the front Side a closed formation on the front Side which allows you to be able to pin And pull kick this guy out and he's Running up Maryland's run this as well Um but the great thing about this but Three by one is you have a fantastic Opportunity throw this inside hitch here Okay and this inside hitch Is stealing so what you have from these Alignments they're going to have to Eventually if you start to take this Hitch move this linebacker out which Gives you great up opportunity on the Pin and pole they're not going to want To do that Um the thing they'll they'll more than Likely do is some sort of uh drop down Of the free safety here to take this Away okay and then have this these Linebackers push the front side as well As the strong safety to get more people

To the point of attack which upon then You go obviously to your next Opportunity there where you can actually Pin and pull back to them and there's no Such thing as uh any reads so this is Why this play really is a great play Because it sets up a lot of things you Have the opportunity to be able to hit Hitches if this linebacker moves inside If they start to rotate this free safety Down to take that away okay and Essentially a man and situation then you Can just run pin and pull back at them Because they're flowing everybody over To the side pin and pull with your Quarterback okay or you're running back Depending on how you do it but I would Run it with the quarterback pin and pull Back the other way if they rotate and You just stop blocking and you have odd Numbers the whole key on this RPO is to Be able to get numbers to the situation And to put yourself in a better position Numbers wise all right and you can see Here it says depending on The Leverage Of the inside linebacker with number Three this could turn a pre-step read And the sweep action levels quarterback To ride the mesh and force the stat the Backer to stay home longer right so Adding in a QB that Um can actually pull as well uh and run Off of that uh by essentially Going with you know a a double here

There's a lot of things you could do That really makes it a great place watch It one more time Okay and we'll stop and freeze it They're only pulling one here all right But you get the sweep action this forces This linebacker he's got to play run all Right and this this receiver in this Case is running a slant creating space Which I really like here okay and you'll See hits him and they have a big game a Big gain off of a very very simple play That's the key with rpos to be able to Get a nice gain off a very simple play Until next time coach Schuman see you Soon

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