How to Get Recruited On Twitter While Quarantined

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How to Get Recruited On Twitter While Quarantined.mp4 Subscribe right away and get all the great updates NUC is the longest running series of high school combine and football camps in the country. If you’re serious about taking your game…

How to Get Recruited On Twitter While Quarantined.mp4
Subscribe right away and get all the great updates

NUC is the longest running series of high school combine and football camps in the country. If you’re serious about taking your game to the next level, playing college football or getting early exposure to college recruiters then attend an NUC Recruiting Event. NUC Sports has Football Combines, Premier Football Showcases, Invite Only Football Camps, All Star Football Games, and 7 on 7 Football Tournaments. All NUC Sports Recruiting Events are in place to help the Athletes compete, get noticed, get exposure and get recruited.

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Really cool things going on even though You're not able to get access to the Coaches directly and we don't know you Know the April 15th of May 30th time Period we don't know that when that'll Exactly start push again I can't be so Right now is a good time to reach out to College coaches write on Twitter so You'll see and I'll go through a couple Things we seem to be share screen here That I've seen on Twitter that are Pretty cool and also while for go to That go to top if you go to the top Prospect leave calm you'll actually see A lot on the top prospect camp it's Pretty cool right now if you're sent off You use Kota football 19 which is some Massive discount and past customers guys Are new to camp to try to get you guys An opportunity because who knows what's Gonna happen with college camps I'm sure They're gonna have some stuff but who Knows how they'll get struck so let's Let's take a quick look ok so here's a Good example here you see coach hammock Posted a little thing about how do you Offers small and you can post and submit Your 5th your video right below okay and This is really a cool way to do things The cool way to think so you can see Right here Okay this right here okay He's asking for your video all right so What he's asking for your video now you

Just go and you post your video right Below with all the information now some Of the kids have done a great job let's Look at some of the athletes what They've done this is not a great job Okay this is a fantastic job fantastic Okay if you watch He has height weight 40 times Vertical jump GPA does not have any SAT 18 sports but letting you know probably Put in here when you're gonna take it so When they his position desire position Is highlight tape that's pretty much it Okay we'll look at a couple other stand You can post this right below and these Coaches ask for it you just post it Right away Alright so let's clear it out let's see Your dumb gym the show I'm gonna claim Pretty good okay Chris Blass be pretty Good see these guys are following and Now you know a little bit more about you I'd like to see athletes put any awards And honors if they can squeeze that in Alright I like to see if you could Squeeze in [Music] Your you know your SATA see speed score That helps okay and you know I would if You could tag your head coach so he Could help you so those are some things That I would definitely do right away Okay that will help you get that uh that Process going right so right there

That's a good example of what you could Do to get your name recognized well There's not any camps going on there's Nothing free that you can point to and There's nothing for you to be able to Like discuss with them because unless They're reaching out to you and they Already know by they're not in that Position so the second thing is you know I would I would HIGHLY advise this if You can and and right now we have a 50% Discount on if you go to and you see Supports calm okay and you go to right Away you can get access to every college Coaches info so you can also email them And call them so they under classmen Gonna be a junior that I could be able To reach out to you until the summer Time so this is a good time to reach out To them you can call them directly and You can email them directly obviously You can tweet at them I highly recommend That you can see like we have all kinds Of different tips here for you guys but This is this I would go right over here And if you want to really see how you Can get the information that can help You get recruited you know you get 50% Off you go get this list this list right Here this is the list of every college Coach in the country you want to make Sure that you get in touch with every College coach country you can choose the Five position you can choose by position

And dad put in the coupon code football 19 and that takes 50% off right now and Then you can go through the checkout Process and then you'll get emailed Within 24 hours access to every college Coach in the country so those are a Couple things that can really help you From the stand point focus on that Twitter get the contact information do That for each coach rinse and repeat and You'll be in great shape

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