How To Get Recruited For Football During Covid

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How To Get Recruited For Football During Covid With Coach Schuman #footballrecruiting #covid #AmericanFootball #college #coachSchuman Subscribe for Updates You are invited to Coach Schuman’s NUC All World Game In February. You Can Register At using code Football19 for…

How To Get Recruited For Football During Covid
With Coach Schuman
#footballrecruiting #covid #AmericanFootball #college #coachSchuman

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How to Get Recruiting in the New World

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Coach Schuman’s channel is focused on helping you become the best you whether that’s an athlete, in business, in football or in life.

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This is one of the most tricky issues For athletes right now how to get Recruited during covid There's some specific things that you Can do to really help your situation Um but if you're a class of 2021 and Possibly even class of 2022 this is Gonna be a difficult process because The ncaa has allowed uh athletes to be Able to come back And uh have another year so With them having another year uh coaches Are going to stick with a lot of times Players that have already been in the Program And uh part of the system as opposed to Getting new players Aka high school high school athletes or Even Uh some of the juco athletes or even Prep school So that's the number one most difficult Thing that you have to deal with Number two thing that you have to be Aware of Is the transfer portal so in this 2021 and maybe a little bit for 2022 as Well The issue is there's been a huge Increase in players in the transfer Portal signing with uh Division one programs and fcs programs How does that affect Athletes that are looking to go to

Schools well Ultimately less scholarships so A simple way to think about it is if if A team has 20 scholarships available Uh for their class for 2021 And five of those are taken up by Transfers And 10 of those are taken up by players Returning that normally would have Graduated That's 15 scholarships gone which means Only five scholarships available Now that's an important thing to Understand because It's it's simply a supply and demand Thing if there's less number of Scholarships available it's going to be Much more difficult and a lot of Athletes are going to be in Pwo which means preferred walk-on Uh up uh situation so it's important to Know the school who the scholarships That they have returning and ask those Questions about that So if you're interested if you believe That you really do have that level that You can play at It's important to ask those questions About Um what scholarships are available Um and how many players you're going to Sign in that class because you don't Want to waste any time With a place that's not going to have

Any scholarships available for you So it's real important to figure those Things out within that process Covet has had a huge effect on the fact That you have a lot of athletes coming Back that might have normally graduated And moved on in their situation from a Recruiting standpoint So it's important to ask the questions About Every school and the second thing is if You do want to play in college And there are no scholarships available What do you do next So if you're a very good student i don't Recommend Going to juco route um because you lose Eligibility Each year you play in juco Go the prep school route if you feel Like that you need another year to Develop because of that situation But there's no guarantee so um A lot of athletes have taken preferred Walk-ons that would not have normally Or will have to take the opportunity to Play at a Division two or division three level Because if you think about it if guys Who were recruited at Fbs level um Were no longer able to get scholarships Let's say Because they're fewer scholarships they

Get pushed down to fcs And so on and so forth so everyone may Get pushed down half a level or a level Because of the fact that there aren't as Many scholarships Available so this is a key component to Understanding Uh your recruiting process then the Second ques the the next Question is how do i get recruited If i can't get on campus so everybody's Hopeful that this summer we'll be able To do it maybe the end of spring Nobody knows the answer to that question Whether be able to get on campus So there are three important things that You should think about Number one how are you going to Market your capabilities whether it's Your coach Or yourself how are you gonna get that Out there Okay in the past Um there was there's a there will still Be a full slate Of independent camps which means tied to Not not tied to colleges Which i think are very valuable for Building your resume Building your competition base um Building your exposure the summer camps For colleges Most likely will be back this year but We don't know so you can't

Take a chance that you're hoping for That like you did last year like a lot Of athletes did last year And it doesn't work out so a really key Component Is to figure out how can you showcase Your skills So one of the ways you could do that is Do a virtual combine i've seen colleges Like penn state send instructions for it We have a instructions for it at nuc Sports And we'll break out that film for you um But they're Doing a virtual combine following the Parameters That the school outlays asking that School what they'd like to see And then doing those drills videoing Them And sending them out okay camp film if You go to independent camps if you can Get yourself Camp film from these combines or camps You're gonna have to utilize that until Things go back to normal usually it's Used for purely exposure but now you Might need that film Okay obviously your game film if you got To play this year your game feels Important If you didn't get to play this year and You played in an all-star game or you Play or you attended the camp

You're gonna have to use whatever film You have or do a virtual combine And send that information it's not as Good as what you would normally get Um but it's definitely better than doing Nothing Okay or seven on seven as well if you're Doing if you're with a club seven and Seventeen The next thing you have to do is how do You position it out there you're gonna Have to Have all of your traits that make you a Recruitable player Be able to tweet them email them text Them Whatever opportunity you have to reach Out and you're gonna have to reach out Over And over again if you don't reach out Over and over again You're gonna limit your opportunities Okay that's a critical component to it You gotta reach out over and over again Okay i would make phone calls to the Schools that you're most interested in Talk to their coaches and see if you're Someone that's gonna be on their radar Screen I would do all those things in order to Put yourself in a better Position okay uh And then finally you're gonna have to See if you can

Schedule appointments with coaches that You can get on Zoom or whatever online conference call Program they use to be able to meet them In person I recommend making a video of yourself Introducing yourself Showing all your your intangible size Height weight and reach Doing all those kind of things uh your Wingspan And then also showing your athletic Skills with an introduction to who you Are what kind of student you are Uh why you think you could be a division One player if that's what you're looking For Um you know what it is you love about The game just so they can get a little Bit more insight because they may not Get to meet you And then hopefully you can schedule that Zoom call or or Uh conference call with them where they Can meet you Online before uh if they haven't again If they're not Having a junior day or some sort of Opportunity there If things open up you gotta attend Junior days you gotta get on campus Combined with all the other things that I already mentioned Okay you're gonna have to be proactive

With this process More than you've ever been okay and just To get in a situation where you think That um Uh if you think that not you know Waiting for someone to show up at your Door that's this is not gonna happen Anymore it doesn't happen anymore period Okay there is no such thing as being Discovered where you could send hunter Links and they get 10 000 of them You have to be persistent you have to Showcase yourself you have to show why You're different And you've got to put multiple things Together that can help you Uh from that standpoint hopefully these Things can help you get recruited Uh if you get a chance subscribe to my Channel Uh and uc sports uh and you see foot Football um follow give us a like Comment if you have any questions if There's a video you'd like to see me do Hit in the comments a video you'd like To see me do because i'll be glad to To do for you and answer those questions For you all right Coach human signing off

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