How to Choose The Right College Football Program by David Schuman

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How to Choose The Right College Football Program by David Schuman See more videos like these at Join the Members Only NUC Sports Digital Network today and enjoy your all-access pass to the NUC Sports High School and NCAA…

How to Choose The Right College Football Program by David Schuman
See more videos like these at

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Next thing I want to talk about is just Finding the right school figuring out Which one is your beauty and which one Is your Beast and and picking the ones That are the beauties for you and what's Real important is to choose the right School not just from a football Standpoint but from a school that you're Comfortable being with for the next four Or five years that if there was no such Thing as football for you you would Still want to be there that's very Important because college coaches leave Assistant coaches turnover and guys that You come in there if you go in there Strictly because they'll give a coach And that person leaves you're left Holding the bag and you're left in a Situation which may not be the best Situation for you so you want to choose To school not just because of the Program because the coach because you Want to be there okay it's very Important to make that decision the next Thing is make sure you're your money's Right and that's and what I say about That is you want to go to the place That's giving you if I possible the best Financial situation especially if you Need to get scholarship money or you're In need of being able to get a certain Amount of funds so find a place that has The right financial background and and Puts together the best package for you

If it's a scholarship great you get that Scholarship for you if it's something Where you're you're going to a d2 d3 School and you haven't explored all the Options you want to explore academic Options financial aid options and get The place that's giving you the most Money possible okay next thing is you From a football sample you want to go to Place that you're going to have an Opportunity to get looked at and to get On the field one of the biggest mistakes People make is just getting in there and With the program and not really looking At who's already on the roster and how Long it's going to take for them to get On the field everybody wants to think That they're the best player but Everyone at that college is just like You everyone at the Division one level Is an all-american all-state player Everyone a division to Division three Levels in all county and all the Performer their players just like you so You're going To be competing for jobs so you want to Give yourself the best opportunity to Get in the field the earliest because Nobody likes sitting on the bench and Everybody likes playing so if you're Sitting you're working out and you're Practicing and you end up sitting on the Bench it's not going to be an enjoyable Experience so try to choose a place that

You can have an opportunity to get on The field go to a place that cares about You The coaches care about you that the Community as a whole you feel will care About you and you're gonna get that feel From when you go on your visits on those Campus but ask the tough questions okay Ask questions about what happens if you Get injured you can't play football Again how do they handle that situation That's very important ask questions well And players how are the people that are Backups third-string how are they Treated how are injured players treated How is the training staff treating the Players that are there that's very Important to making sure that you're Comfortable from a competition Standpoint that you've chosen the right Place where people actually care about You one of the teammates like what is The dynamics of the team how do the Players get along or is the team cliquey Do people hang out in certain cliques do People all interact together you have to Find a place that fits for you the right Way from that standpoint financial aid It's important to make sure you explore All of your financial aid options you Make sure you're fat and fill out the Federal financial aid forms FAFSA make Sure you fill out all the school's Financial aid forms there's plenty of

Money in grants and stuff that you can Get besides your scholarship Opportunities and and it might be Academic scholarship it might be stuff From the federal government it might be Stuff from local government and it might Be stuff directly from the school fill Out as many of the financial Applications that you can no matter what Money that your family makes because There's always money around that you can Go ahead and get that will contribute to Your college experience even if you're On scholarship you can get things like Pell grants that can help you be able to Live better From college standpoint you can get your Books covered there's a whole bunch of Different things they need to explore From a financial aid standpoint and fill Out all of them in order to give Yourself the best opportunity to get the Most money possible from a career Standpoint example when we use is you Know when I went to UConn I first came In there they said hey well you know We're gonna put you in this track from From classes standpoint and I quickly Realized that the track they were Putting me on was the track just to be Eligible whether you like it or not most Schools goals especially at the highest Level is to make sure their players are Eligible so it is your job to make sure

That you choose an academic path that is Suited to the career that you want to Have if you want to be in business you Better be in business school if you want To be a teacher you better be in an Education school okay you want to choose A school that fits your career path and If you haven't thought about what your Career path is going to be start Thinking about it now you could always Change your career path once you're in College but if you don't choose one the Biggest mistake athletes make is four or Five years down the line they've been Studying sociology and you have no Intention of being a social worker and All of a sudden now they're like what do I do you want to make sure you choose The academic path you start thinking About your academic path and then when You go into school you take classes Towards that academic path that will put You in position to get a job besides Football your job is not as a football Player your job as a student to get a Career path and if you make the NFL Great that's a bonus but you're gonna Have to be able to get a job after and You don't want to be left trying to Figure out what your career path is in Year four of college you want to be able To write from the time you get into School have that stuff start to be Mapped out and take courses towards that

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