How to Build a Bank From Scratch Through Teamwork and Faith with Scott Shay & Coach Schuman

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How to Build a Bank From Scratch Through Teamwork and Faith with Scott Shay & Coach Schuman Subscribe right away and get all the great updates Coach Schuman’s channel is focused on helping you become the best you whether that’s…

How to Build a Bank From Scratch Through Teamwork and Faith with Scott Shay & Coach Schuman

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This is coach Schumann here with scotch A founder of of signature bank Most recently written one of the top Sellers over an Amazon it's coming out He's doing his book tour now in good Faith talks about his spiritual journey His founding of signature bank and a lot Of other topics that we'll talk about Today as well obviously for those you'll See this podcast probably later later on Today or tomorrow The coronavirus is a hot topic and we Have one of the top people within the The business and banking space really Talk about it his company is 49 over 50 Million now 50 billion dollars in assets Under management did over 500 million Plus an income then income last year one Of the best high-touch banks in the Nation they specialize in really not Just working with their customers but But hand-holding them with them if Necessary to help them get to where they Want to be in their financial journey And building their businesses so without Further ado thanks guys for coming on Hey David it's really a pleasure to be Here So we there's no there's a lot to talk About and I but I'd love to jump right Into it you know a little bit about your Background first and kind of how you got Started on this journey and and and Founding a bank is not an easy task I've

Often wondered how does someone found a Bank and today you know I I have the Opportunity to speak with someone who's Actually done it so super excited about That tell me about you know that part of The journey in a little bit about your Background sure well you wouldn't I'm Not the natural spot suspect you think To find a bank because I grew up in a One-bedroom apartment in East Rogers Park in Chicago my parents had the Bedroom I lived in the dining room and For a number of years my mother's Brother lived in the living room So I'm the first person on either side Of my family go to college my father Arrived in the United States as a Holocaust survivor with literally Nothing but the clothes on his back and His we're at his papers to get into the Country so I'm not that I'm not your Usual suspect for bank chairman but you Know thank god this is a great country And I had in the 90 so I went to college Went to business school went to Wall Street and sometime in the 90s I had This this idea that New York was over Branched but under banked in other words You had the big banks that were giving You know reasonably reasonable service To the big companies the Amazon the you Know Verizon's the PepsiCo's IBM's of The world and then they were doing a Good job because they had the girth for

Technology for mass market retail on the In the advertising budgets but I thought You know for companies between 25 and 500 employees they really aren't getting A good shake from the banks and I Thought there was a tremendous Opportunity cuz you know there used to Be in New York JP Morgan Chase Manny Annie Chemical Bank Trust Company in Westchester Trust Company a Long Island Trust Greater New York savings time I Mean I could go on for literally 19 Banks that's the number and they all Became JPMorgan Chase in the last 25 Years right so I thought there was a Real niche to start a bank now like you Everyone thought I was crazy literally They thought I was you know I don't know What they thought I don't want to and I I had two co-founders who I tried to Convince to started with me because you Know the the thing you know you're a Coach not everybody is all skills I mean It I hear that you know you have to work With people to complement your skills And that's how you build a team Is if you get everybody who's the best At doing what they do and I know there Were certain things I couldn't do so I There were two folks who I really wanted To co-found the bank with John Tamburlaine and Joe de pollo and you can Ask him today they thought I was crazy Too

They they they just thought this doesn't Make sense the people I went to capital Thought I wanted you try buying a bank What is your gonna start a bank from Scratch it's a crazy idea but sooner or Later and here's the thing that that That I felt strongly and ultimately Convinced people on is I said we need to Build if we're gonna actually be a Game-changer we need to build this bank From scratch because it needs to have Its own culture it needs to be very Different than any other bank and I'll Just give you the punchline fast forward We did open the bank took us 14 months Of work we were losing two and a half Million dollars a month to start we had Forty two and a half million in capital So we didn't have you know that long we Broke even in 21 months we went public In 34 months and today we've never done An acquisition we've never done you know So we haven't acquired any clients by Buying their bank and we're 50 billion Dollar bank so it wasn't such a crazy Idea in retrospect well it's it's Amazing story Um how just to backtrack a little bit You have this idea that you want to Start a bank you want to have you know High-touch service you want to be Different than what's out in the Marketplace replacing a niche that went Away when everything became

Conglomerates in the banking industry And I remember that time period all of a Sudden your bank was this Bank it was Like literally within like a a handful Of years every one of these independent Banks were all together in one way shape Or another and providing all services You know merging all services all that Kind of stuff so How how do you go like do how do you Raise the capital to do that and you Know like obviously the disclose the Secret sauce but some of the steps that You went to in order to do that because From a business stand it absolutely Remarkable To go and actually open a bank you know Something that people always yell see You say you say money doesn't grow on Trees well if you get a bank it's Growing on trees for you and so you got And you're helping people at the same Time that you're doing it so and and That's the that's really what it's all About so explain a little bit about that Like how did you go about some of those Steps Sure and and I'm gonna you know I had The pleasure listening just couple your Podcast to so I'm gonna try to tie it in A little bit if that's okay with you Sure sure it's all about in the end Building the team and coaching other People to be their best is critical in

Business and and I think that's that's Why so many former athletes are such Good business people now some are really Bad business people to it don't cuz they Didn't learn anything right and but I Have to tell you we have as some of our Clients by the way some former athletes From football baseball and and some of Them really paid attention to the Business lessons that they could learn From being part of a team sport some of Them didn't and by the way I think that Those people are part of team sports Have a better chance if they're paying Attention to learning lessons that are Applicable because it's always about the Team it's always about the team you know If you're playing tennis you know by Yourself it's about making yourself Great in the best way that you can but If you're part of it all if you're on The football field I mean you can be the greatest Quarterback in the world but if you Don't have a people On your front line if you don't have Receivers if you don't have you know if You don't have a team around you you you Know you could be the best quarterback In the world but it's gonna be pretty Pretty ugly and you're gonna be pretty Grew stop so it's a lot about the team And a lot about conditioning and doing The right thing so I'll tell you I'll

Tell you a story and this will get to a Couple of the points in one we opened The bank May 1st 2001 and this was a Pretty scary thing because all of a Sudden we now have 300 ish people we've Just hired over the last month the last Surge of you know let's say a hundred Plus people and we're ready to open the Doors and I got up and I said made it up On the spot I said you know in five Years we're gonna be a five billion Dollar bank and in ten years were gonna Be a ten billion dollar bank so fast Forward five years we were a 3.8 million Dollar day which wasn't bad but for me I Wanted to do a deep assessment with my Partners are we doing the right things Are we do we need to change this is a Big time you know we set a goal it Didn't matter that the goal came you Know was like came out of nowhere but Are we able to are we doing the right Things to become the five in ten billion Dollar bank and we you know really did That assessment and we said yes we are Doing the right things we're getting Traction I'm just gonna depend on the Environment and whether we can take Advantage of that fast-forward the next Five years We're fourteen point eight billion Dollar day in then second five years we Were eleven point eight billion and that Didn't happen by accident

It happened because we were doing all The right stuff and when the 2008 crisis Came we stuck together as a team we're The only bank in the United States if I Could do one you know I'm super proud of This we're literally the only bank in The United States During the full financial crisis you Know seven going through we made more Money in Oh 1807 more money no none than Than Oh 8 more money in 10 that night we Never had a down year and I actually Ascribed that with the only bank in the USA it's over four billion that can say That and I ascribe that to not any iess Crabbit or culture i ascribe it to being Willing to look hard and say you know The subprime stuff it's really crazy We're not gonna do it even if it's gonna Cost us money in the long term because It's not serving our clients you know CDO squared that doesn't make sense we Want to be a conservative bank we said No to more stuff than you can shake a Stick and yet and and we were criticized For it at the time and she have to be Willing to take criticism but you have To be focused on creating man team with The right culture and we did and you Know fast-forward the second night you Know it's not quite ten years from when We were fourteen point eight billion It's about nine and a half and we're Over fifty billion and we haven't done

Any acquisitions because we were doing The right thing it's about conditioning It's about you know being ready when Times are strange I mean that's what's Going on today you know we came into This you know we can talk about it at Some point later you know holding those Sort of values we're gonna stay really Liquid we're not gonna try to do Anything aerobic we're gonna you know And and we're gonna make sure that our Team is together so I I sort of answered Your question yeah absolutely and now I Think what's what's really fascinating Is the the ability to acquire customers From scratch in a bank in that creating That confidence so I give you my dollars As a small business owner or mid-sized Business owner you know what makes me Want to come to your bank for Is going to some place where you know You know they've been around for a Hundred years type of thing I I think That might be one of the toughest things And it's the most interesting things About what separates a bank like you're Somebody else So a couple things number one you will Never hear you could stay here a year And you won't hear the term customer Used in this Bank Everybody's a client you know and by That I mean we are looking out for our Clients we're trying to figure out how

To make them more money and that's an Important perspective I mean when the Wells Fargo thing came out we couldn't Imagine like can you a man I can't Imagine anybody here saying I'm gonna Set up another account for a you know a Commission or whatever it was an Incentive and it hurts or doesn't help My client I mean it's about so I have This this rural and I call it the the Well let me even abstract cuz this Actually does come from my book in good Faith is I think the secret to Everything the secret to to not secret But the the essence of all morality and The essence to running a business right Is from the Bible love your neighbor as Yourself And as Hill Oh put it in a practical Manner don't do what is hateful unto you To someone else the rest is commentary Go learn it so like every bank we have This you know big thick standards akan Conduct but you know what I did a few Years ago I put that at the front and Said you know what you gotta read the Rest of this unfortunately cuz of Bank Regulations but just if you approach Every client every vendor every Counterparty with the view they don't do Unto them what would be hateful unto you You're good I mean you always have to Put yourself in the other person's Position that doesn't mean we don't have

To collect loans in the like Someone defaults or it means that in day To day in day to day business we're Looking out for the other person and That comes through I think authentically And by the way if someone's not doing it They're not gonna stay here cuz we're Not gonna I mean we're a great Environment but if you're not looking Out for your clients and you're not Looking out for and you're not you know We have to negotiate with vendors I'm Like we don't just cut checks to vendors But we don't do untoward things and and You know that culture has been so Important and I think you know you said Someone approached you from signature Bank I think in the before we started Recording if you met with someone from Signature Bank you'd find that those Values are imbued into what we do we're Not if it doesn't make sense you don't Know many times I've told people you Know we've who we've talked to you know What what your your your current Financial situation with your current Provider is great good luck if you know Situation changes fine if we so we think We're the best bang for for businesses For privately owned businesses between 25 and 500 employees and even though Most people haven't heard of us cuz we Know I'm a retail franchisee if you're In there that group you're gonna and

You're talking other people like that You're gonna hear those stories over and Over again that you know the bank came Through I don't know I mean I you know I Do get complaints once in a while don't Get me wrong we're a bank we do a lot of People but it's so that number is so Overwhelmed by people saying boy the Bank did the right thing absolutely I'm I'm actually I get emails people say They're grateful they bank you I mean It's really but that comes from values Right I think I think the values and you Know you bring you know your faith in Your spirit spirituality into those Things I think those are you know Anything society those are core values That you can hone in on to be able to Always get people to do things that good Faith and and and and the two things the Right way and do the right thing I mean I think that's what it comes down to is Taking the time to consider the other Person like you said you know in their Shoes and and doing the right thing by Them and understanding what would be the Right thing and figuring that out is Critical to this success especially a You know in in what you're doing I think the differentiation in banking Is huge because you know I use a Personal experience I can't tell you how Many banks I've dealt with that you know They they got a new client person every

Week in the office you know that guy's Gone as doing so it's in the locality of Banks a lot of times come into play when You're doing banking people like to Thank local if they can but the the Amount of see obviously you're in New York City which is a great place to be You know so you got a nice large small Community at the same time it's one of Those things that people are looking for That in in I mean I think it's a good Good good time to segue into a little Bit about what's going on right now and And how you know how you came to write a Book that touches on a lot of these Things in where did that come from for You well Yeah thank you for asking I mean I'm a Banker so I'm not like your prime Suspect to write a book on religion Atheism good and evil all that stuff but I consider myself a lifelong learner And I had a lot of people ask me you Know there's a bunch of books written by These folks like Christopher Hitchens Richard Dawkins you know The God Delusion Chris erections why God isn't great sam Harris letter to a christian nation Daniel dennett even Yuval Harare and They're all really really atheist books And believe that Is is bad essentially an idea that well There is no god but the idea of God is

Bad and that leads us down all sorts of Bad bad roads and I because I think Maybe because a people know that I'm a Values-based person people would start Asking me questions about that clients Even you know they had read they would Have read Christopher Hitchens you know And say well I know you're a believer What do you think you know is this all It's got all you know sort of like Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus and bad force and Ironically people I got a lot of these Questions ironically but interestingly And so I started reading all these books The the ones I mentioned I read Basically the the major atheist books And I said you know what there's a lot Here that doesn't make sense and I think It's important that there be a response So I looked around for who's writing a Book you know explaining why those books Didn't make sense I couldn't find Anybody I mean there's a few Karen Armstrong the case for God there's a few But I didn't you know and I'm not I mean She's a great writer I don't know but I Didn't think that it really satisfied me And it didn't really satisfy other People so when I looked around and I Found nobody writing the book and this Is like the place that if you find Yourself in the situation where you Think you can do something and nobody Else is doing it that's where I think

There's opportunity so I thought okay I'm gonna try to write this book now I Have to tell you I never expected this Book to be as hard to write as it was Cuz if I can't get into all these deep Issues it was a five year I gave up I Used to be you know a series cyclist Bicyclist and I had to give that up you Know I did all these events you know Fifteen miles seventy miles and I wasn't Competitive in but I'd finish the events You know what I'm saying I mean I wasn't Leading I certainly wasn't lean in the Pack but I was finishing you know I was In reasonably good I was in better Condition and I was doing all sorts of Other things and I basically gave it all Up And I gave up not for profit boards that I was on I and I just like whenever I Had spare time I'd be writing this book And when I didn't have spare time I'd be Freeing up time and I mean I deal with a Lot of hard questions you know like does The Bible make any sense what's it all About what is idolatry um you know Science and God evolution the creation All of these issues and I don't shy away From any of the sort of difficult parts Of the Bible and that took a lot of work Because I've learned that there needed It I there needed to be a book that Explained why I was rational to believe In God all we know about science and the

Historicity of the Bible and her sense Of mana morality and I wanted it to be Good for you know Jews Christians Muslims I wanted it to be like a real You know like go with the core issues Why is there bad in the world you know We believe in a good God why is there Bad you know is pray or make any sense What's that all about You know trying to try to you know put Our wishes before an infinite God and Because I do think that that you know Our civilization is based on these Values and and I think it's possible to Be a and I go through this in the book I Mean it's possible to be a totally moral Atheist I have no problem with that but I think it gets to not being on a cell Of deify or an idolaters because a lot Of people who are atheist really aren't Atheists they just sort of believe in The God in the mirror or the God or some Other you know God King Pharaoh and and When I try to get to when I again is That Golden Rule if I don't want to do Anything that's bad unto you that I Wouldn't want done unto me well I'm not Self deifying I'm realizing that within Everyone there's some sort of spark of Divinity or for an atheist a spark of You of shared humanity and that ends up Being the basis for our can be the basis For our entire moral system if you don't Believe that and you don't believe that

In the Golden Rule I think lots of bad Stuff can happen and I worry I worry About our modern society devolve into That I mean we have we have and the Reason why I think this book was so Important to me to you know to make an Effort to give up all this stuff is we Are descending unfortunately into Tribalism it's not about us being all on One team or in one league at least we're All on you know fighting the other guy Well that's a problem it's a serious Serious problem for society yeah I I Believe that the you know the Judeo-christian values which you know This this country is founded on in the Openness to obviously accept others that Are outside of those values is critical To this country but the underlying the Golden Rule that you know that you talk About you know the understanding of of God and religion and the and the the Rules and the laws of that and what it Teaches of how you treat other people And the underlying belief system that Guide people are critical in my opinion And I'll tell you my unique perspective On it but critical in my opinion to the Success of society and and you look to Other societies and their failures you Can see where the lack of religion is Usually a huge component of it and and I'm not talking about a fanaticism from Religious standpoint I'm talking about

Healthy religion that that focuses on Values that God teaches us and and you Know my father is Jewish my mother was a Protestant I had both in my home growing Up and I followed the Christian faith Even though my father's Jewish thought My father is my best friend and he's Jewish and so and we have to you know Obviously slightly different religions You know I became a born-again Christian And but our underlying judeo-christian Values no matter Even though our religions are slightly Different but understanding what the Jewish faith is all about having Celebrated those holidays throughout my Life even when I go over to my father's House even though I'm a Christian I Celebrate those holidays with them Because my belief is that if you believe In God and in in my case you know as a Christian or if someone is of Jewish Faith your belief is that what someone Takes you into their home that you're a Part of their family and your job is to Include everyone under the the the guise Of the good Lord to be able to help them Better their own lives and that's the Way I look at it and I think that's the Underlying things that are part of it That's why you know I I mean this is to Dive a little bit into politics that's Why places like Israel are so important In in the world places where a group has

You know been persecuted and has the Ability to celebrate the Lord in their Religion and have a home and and and I Believe strongly in that stuff in the Bible because it helps to me it helps Guide and guide your life in in a way That you are looking to help your fellow Man in the best way they can nothing You're not looking to be able to be Financially successful you should look To that to be able to help your family You should be able to try to help others There's you should try to succeed to the Best your ability because that's what God wants you to do and you know I I Firmly believe that and I love I love The fact that you wrote you know you Wrote a book challenging those thoughts Because sam Harris I've seen him you Know several times a podcast he's a very Intelligent guy and when he speaks on Things with with atheism and and talking About you know the moral part of it you Know he'll make sense to a lot of people And I think that that In itself the issue because faith in Understanding in you know when you meet Another person and you build the Relationship another person that part is That that person does right by you and Then you have faith that they do right By by you and that is under of Lord's Will and it's it's really really Interesting because when you look at

Communist Russia socialist Venezuela I Mean you get to look at a modern times Originally communist Cuba which became a Dictatorship and if you just go right Down the line throughout throughout History when dictators had declared Themselves as the you know the the Pharaoh or the God all of those other Forms of deity I guess you could say or Ideologies caused the collapse of their Own people and you are can i riff on That because or sure I think you you I Think you nailed it look the Bible the Whole point of the Bible the whole point Was to overturn idolatry so we tend to Think that idolatry is you know bowing Down to statues which nobody studies Religion these days it seems so nobody Even gets nobody understands monotheism So they don't certainly don't understand What idolatry was idolatry before the Bible was everywhere and we think it's Like bowing down to some statues or some Wiccan chance that's not it idolatry and If your your listeners won't remember One thing remember this idolatry is a Set of lies about power it's a braw Describing super Authority or super Powers to finite beings I people Ideologies natural processes are in the Ancient world animals not so much today So how did Stalin Mao Pol Pot the Assad Family the Kim family all of those who You mentioned the Castro family how did

They how did style and succeed in Starving a quarter to Ukraine 8 to 10 million people killing all the Kulaks sending tens of millions to the To the gulag How did mile end up causing the death of 75 million of their country his country Because they used the same tropes as the God King Pharaoh In the Bible pageantry poetry myth Theater all backed up of course by a Strong army and a set of secret Informers so they were able to date them There was essentially no difference and That's when the horse start when you get The god-king Pharaohs who say you know Stalin did all of what I said and nobody Questioned him you want to starve 1/4 The Ukraine mr. chairman farad mr. Chairman Stalin yes That's done nobody would even think About that and it gets back to that Friggin golden to the golden rule to the Core golden rule which is which Stalin Wanted himself to be starved no would he Want himself to be thrown in the cool Like no who like nobody we want to kill Himself killed because he was a Kulak no But the ideology becomes the idolatry And the god king who channels that like The god King Pharaoh is the is is the Decider that's where all truth comes From you know God King says throw the Israelite baby boys into the Nile well

That's truth God King says whatever you Know Scott a Hitler said Jews were Mermen and then to kill them was nothing Well that's what people believed and We've seen that in all sorts of other Genocides not here's the other thing and And and and it's so important is that Idolatry happens not only on a macro Basis but it also happens on a micro Basis on an on the level of our intimate Encounter You know how did Harvey Weinstein and And and Kevin Spacey and Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose how are they successful I Don't mean that you know how were they Able that's a better word to abuse so Many people mostly women but also other People also men because they exercised Super Authority we're just like the gods The you know your fate was at their whim And people bought into that because they Were idols within their industries So I've already Weinstein said you were Getting a roller you weren't getting a Roll had nothing to do with your talent It wasn't regular appropriate authority It was super thought he was at his whim And you know what that sort of like Setting himself up as a knight I don't Worked it worked unfortunately very well The thing the Bible teaches us though is That every Idol can be toppled Ultimately even the god king can be Toppled ultimately aakash virus can be

Toppled you know and and and onward you Know in in in the Bible and I think I Think you nailed it in that if you don't Have that sense of the golden rule which Emanates from monotheism then you're Going nowhere I mean I end up doing Amount of book tours as you know and I'm Doing probably 80% of what I'm doing 85 80 % is in front of in front of you know With Christian audiences but Interestingly and you can people can Find this on my on my website Scotch I Calm that I went I did a google book Talk and so I was in front of a whole Bunch of Millennials and Gen zere's who Were asking questions about do we need God well can we just figure this out for Ourself and the answer is and one person Asked me I don't know where that was on John camera off you know isn't good Enough well the answer is no the answer Is that we've met I found an ideology we've never found I'm sorry of morality that works better Than the Bible I mean I challenge Everybody I go through some of them in The book none of them in all these fancy Names moral deontology and Utilitarianism they all end up going off The deep end I mean that's why you know Peter Singer who's a who's the leading Moral philosopher of the atheist right Now and Richard Dawkins both believe in Infanticide they're not even talking at

Some that they're talking about when you Have the lie baby right under a couple Of years old and you find that they have Some sort of defect well in order to Save society the costs of that that you Know taking care of that baby will grow Into a person infanticide they would say Is appropriate and you know what from Their perspective it's logical because It could save you know society many many Millions of dollars and it is comes from The morals that they have which is the Greatest good for the greatest number But infanticide in my view it's not such A nice thing and it and it you know it Leads to all sorts of other Because it's slippery slope infanticide Well that's the problem with Utilitarianism and and and the and the The best for the most good is that what About the people that are handicapped or Or inferior physically or mentally in Certain ways and that's that's where God Comes in that is our job to heal the Sick to help the poor and and to do Those kind of things I I think when you When you believe when the people believe In the god-king the the environment and The community descends into anarchy and And our whom people think of anarchy They think of Anarchy as people running In the streets doing whatever they want An our key is Stalinism that's anarchy Because that's people doing whatever

They feel is though is they feel like do Wait and that's what anarchy is and That's where you know atheism is an Issue and those kind of thoughts and Like I said communism socialism and and Those those are the things where you Start to make decisions that seem like Logical but they're an arco archaeal Decisions and those decisions descend Society into two chaos where people live In fear and you know I probably good way To segue it to right right now is when You have a disease like we have you know Viruses going around Everything becomes predicated off fear And and when you don't have underlying Beliefs in in the Lord and in and the Power that that comes from you people Lose faith in what's going on in society And you see things like what's what's Going on and they start to feel like There's no there's no hope they bleed The shop rights of all of their toilet Paper and essential goods because they They feel like their world is coming to The end in it's it's it's a it's an Alarming thought process that can happen Anywhere I mean it habits you know Obviously it's happened to throughout The world throughout this process but You know I say thank God thank the Lord For the United States that has some Sanity and how we go about things Because if you if you read any stories

In North Korea where North Korea there Is no they say there's no snow virus There no corona virus there right but There was a story where someone came Across the border from China and they They suspected them of having a corona Virus they quarantined them the person Violated their quarantine and the Executable yeah that's what happens when You have no no judeo-christian values That What happens where anything can be Anything and to me that's a form of Anarchy they might be within the Communist system but you know well you Violated the quarantine okay well we Don't want we don't want the virus going To another person so we kill that person And that person's life has zero value And that's that's a monumental issue and And that's one of the things that we Have to be very careful with in this Process in America and how we handle Things there's no question look i think The bible does give some lessons and Kings – it talks about when there's you Know there's there's there's plenty of Plagues and plenty of panics in the Bible and you know when and the lesson Is that when they're dealt with Correctly things are okay when they're Dealt with incorrectly things can be Very very bad i mean there is a story And kings – of when Jerusalem was

Surrounded by the Assyrians and they Ended up having a panic and they all Fled because of a panic they were Surrounding they were in the superior Position but they gave it all up and They started running I mean that was Divinely induced obviously but there are Stories in the Bible about when the Israelites panicked and the the real Issue is in the Bible is if you have Faith don't despair Create a plan and that comes through Time and time again if you have a make a Plan and you know have belief that if You are doing the right thing that You'll get sort of a wind to your back If you have a plan absolutely they Believe my favorite story is the one of Solomon with with the baby and and the Two women that claimed to be the mother Of the baby and he says okay I No both of you claim to be the mother Baby what we'll do is we'll cut the baby In half and each of you can have half The baby and the one the one supposed Mother says okay go do it and the other One says no no no do not do that give Her the baby and that's how he realized That's who the mother was because the Way that you care for other people when It when the idea that the person who Really is the mother is is willing to Give up their own child so that child Lives and and you know it's it's a great

Story because it teaches it teaches you You know how to make a good decision and How to get people to make the right Decision and how to find out who the the Believers are and the people who care About others and apply the golden rule And the ones who don't so just like we Were talking about the macro basis and The micro basis the epic encounters what I think most people don't get is that That story at the beginning of Kings Serves as a metaphor for the whole book Which is that ultimately the kingdoms of Israel are divided there's the Northern Kingdom of Israel and the southern Kingdom of Judea and ultimately by Dividing the baby if you will of the Whole country both end up being Destroyed I mean in the case of the Southern kingdom they come back but They're destroyed I mean also as a body Politic if we divide ourselves right We're in danger and I think Unfortunately in this world and this Canon currently we have divided Ourselves to certain degree we've got The MSNBC nation and the Fox nation and I don't care what side you are that's Really really unhealthy if we've got to Think of the person who disagrees with Us politically as a fellow human being And now in many cases if you disagree With someone you demonize that person I Mean what Chuck Schumer did you know

Unfortunately was saying you Origen you Cavanaugh is is not something That should be done and by the way it Happens on both sides the other way yeah Absolutely of Republicans demonizing Democrats you you can disagree rice Agree as much as you want but except That that other person is also was also Created in the image of God right you Could just this is the biggest issue I Have you could disagree on ideas and the Way of going about things but to Demonize people because they disagree on Ideas and the way of going about things A hundred percent creates a divisive This where people are forced to stay on The one side or the other and if you're Stuck in the middle you really truly are If you're a person that that has Rational you know this course and you're Letting you think people can talk within Each other you end up being in the Minority of the situation and that Becomes very dangerous because you you Know you you have extremes on both ends But the majority of people really either Lean one way or lean the other but are For the most part near the middle and When you get people completely see and I Think media is a huge huge issue and no Matter what side you believe is right or Wrong they're forced to both go to two Extremes to get their point across Because the only thing they care about

Is viewership that's the only thing they Care about they're there they're there It is part of human nature people are Worried about themselves and when they Worry about themselves in the absence of Any faith they start to do things where They go to extremes and what has Happened in the beauty of business where You can watch TV on many different Platforms right like what we're doing And many different people have ideas People like me or you would have been Pigeon-holed as CEO or coach and not be Able to talk about these ideas now we Can Because there's more forums but what Happens on television is you get people The only way they can get views is to Have extremism the only way they can get Views and stay relevant is to talk about Things that go to one side or the other Because they need to be able to have the Financial backing for that and that does Create create an issue and it creates You know in a venue for people that have Poor values to sneak in and and under You know I like Bernie Sanders bothers Me because he's got a a thought process That would take our country into a Direction that be so now he's pretty He's not gonna win and it's it's gonna End up being relevant at least for the Next four years but but the ability of Him to get that deep of penetration

Under the guise of that he's a Democrat Like you know I said hey this is my Whole thing no one's telling you can't Run for president why don't you run for To pull under the political party that You actually are you know instead of Using the Democrat to be able to run for A run as a socialist knowing no one's Telling you can't run as a socialist go Run as a socialist tell that you know When you're busy telling everybody what You want to do that's fine but run under The the truth of what you represent and And I find that so I find it so Interesting that in in it's one of the Things where young people the generation Right behind me has so many things where They felt lost on they rally behind Something that they for the most part Felt that they could rely on and because They feel like all these other things And that's because they've lost faith When they in society if you see the the Downward trend of faith and especially The generation which is behind me out 45 Years old that generation behind me in a Millennial For the most part they have struggled With faith because my generation and Maybe your generation hasn't hasn't made It as important as it should be and and The Pilat of it was because we're going Through school and people are telling us That it shouldn't shouldn't be that

Important I really had to learn a lot of It even though I you know went to church Each week it things become engrained on You that that's not the way to think and You really have to be intelligent enough And thoughtful enough to be able to Think for yourself and seek out and That's what I did in order to to grow my Own faith but a lot of people won't do That and I think that's one of the Things that could be troublesome in America and it's one of the things that We have to work hard and I love that you Have that as the the the first thing Before people meet with their clients as Their business because every one of the The people that work for you that meet With clients before they shake their Hand or maybe now it's at elbow bump but Whatever it was right before they go and Shake you know yes yes I was wondering Is did the Japanese bow because maybe Thousands of years ago there was Something that they had to move away From that you know some form of contact Well the Bible I think it's if I'm not Mistaken in chapter 31 of exodus says You should wash your hands and feet lest You die there you go I want to say it's 31 Exodus 31 32 but I could be wrong I Could look it up but it's some it's in There that's interesting That I'm sure of that I didn't know if That's that's that's fantastic if I'm

Right here anyway um yeah let's see if I'm right here 31 right hold on That would be I'd be pretty happy about That if I may obey the actual if I know The actual Verse well I don't know let's see I Don't want to I don't want to keep Looking but in any but it's in there It's an exodus okay you know that I can Attest to I don't think it's that verse But it's around there it's when they're Talking it's when it's when the the Tabernacle is being described but I am Gonna have to say I'm on book tour so I Have some so if I could say this if I Could just say this sure if anybody's Interested in you know just you can read The some of the articles I've written That sort of tie faith I asked the Question I did wrote an article which Has gotten tremendous Burton a couple That are really on tremendous response Is the Bible socialist it is one I wrote A Bible I wrote a story that went viral In Asia no pun intended called the Hong Kong protests its monotheism stupid and People can watch the Google book talk That I did people can watch me debate Michael Shermer who's another big-name Atheist there's all sorts of stuff that I've done I did a TED talk a TEDx talk On banking's And of course I I encourage people to Look at my books in good faith my name

Is Scott a sha why it's on it can be Bought it bookstores everywhere it's on It's on Amazon of course it's got an Audible Edition read by Andrew Totalus And some church groups are using it I Know there's at least there's probably About a dozen church groups and other Groups using the book on a weekly basis For a discussion group and there's a Discussion guide on my website to which You can download for free so get to the Website if you want a website Scott Shay Hop it is sha why to teens and if they Wanted to reach out to you and and Someone wanted to book you out another Podcast it reach right right right there On the website They reach out to you they can reach out To me on the website I get yeah there's There's a there's a place a contact form And I do get you know for median for I Do speak at some churches synagogues and The like to perfect it was fantastic Avenue on I don't want I don't want to Hold you up anymore but it was great Talk I really enjoyed sky and that's the Luck to you All good things David he really is a Pleasure pleasure have a great day Me too

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