Football Recruiting Tips and Coaches Will be Looking Into Your Film

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Football Recruiting Tips and Coaches Will be Looking Into Your Film Subscribe right away and get all the great updates NUC is the longest running series of high school combine and football camps in the country. If you’re serious about…

Football Recruiting Tips and Coaches Will be Looking Into Your Film

Subscribe right away and get all the great updates

NUC is the longest running series of high school combine and football camps in the country. If you’re serious about taking your game to the next level, playing college football or getting early exposure to college recruiters then attend an NUC Recruiting Event. NUC Sports has Football Combines, Premier Football Showcases, Invite Only Football Camps, All Star Football Games, and 7 on 7 Football Tournaments. All NUC Sports Recruiting Events are in place to help the Athletes compete, get noticed, get exposure and get recruited.

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Ah welcome everybody kochu me alive Wanted to you know really good get Opportunity here we get out front of you Guys talk to you about you know what's Going on recruiting right now so it's Interesting time we're recruiting is is No longer what it once was We are definitely in a time where we're Recruiting has changed in force to us by Vyckhoven and now no longer do we have The same time a recruiting space that we Had before Between April 15th to May 31st was Usually a time frame where athletes Could rely on the opportunity get Recruited because of evaluations but That that's changed there's there's Nobody right now going out in the road So that part has changed dramatically so The question always becomes what what do You got to do in order to get recruited The way things are now I think that's That's pretty crazy the way that it is Right now and it's pretty crazy the fact That the things you got to start to Think about from a recruiting standpoint And how to get your name out there is Vastly different than it ever was before And you know one of the things I noticed In recruiting is that coaches want to be Able to evaluate you in person and one Of the tough things is without camps Going on third-party camps going on and Those kind of things they can get times

And evaluations from them during this Time period traditionally they've gone Out and they're gonna go and look at you Live And go and see in person whether it's Working out and then women you know Things I always tell people if you could Work out in front of your a college Coach get them on camp onto your campus And get them to see you that's that's a Key key thing but during this time Period that is not possible so I'm just Good so so how do you how do you do that And how do you get your name out there And how do you get your yourself to be Evaluated because from what I've seen a Lot of the stuff going on there's really The status quo and status quo meaning if They were evaluating players before all This happened then I think that they're Definitely looking at them but if if They weren't evaluating those players Before then then they're gonna be in a Wait-and-see mode I think that makes it Real difficult for a lot of players to Get their name out there a lot of great Players a really gonna be a situation Along with just put this out here at Twitter [Music] [Music] So so it's it's really a kind of a Situation where you know in order for Guys to be able to evaluate them they're

Gonna have a hard time reaching reaching Prospects directly so how how are they Gonna be able to reach prospects Directly well one of the areas you know They're gonna go and do that is Especially ones that they can call Directly is gonna be on Twitter so if You can go in reach out to a coach on Twitter and get a conversation going and Ask them to follow you and starting with Like position coaches or find out the Guys that that recruit your area that's A big part of what you need to be doing From a recruiting standpoint I think It's inevitable that people are gonna Have to open start to open things up Because at the pace we're going the the World has been standing still and it's Tough for college coaches to go and sift Through people working out in their Backyard and obviously that's the only Way that a lot of guys can work out Because if they're not able to work out For them in in their backyard how else Are they gonna work out I mean la you Know the kids that I coach at Red Bank Regional we're working out in our Backyard we got challenges that are Going on we got all kinds of different Things that that we're doing in order to You know get get workouts going it's Just it's just a crazy time but it's Important for you to continue to stay in Shape and try to improve and if you got

Your own home gym and you got something That you can do at home that's that's a Really good thing yeah I got a bunch of Stuff resources up on NBC Which I'll start to share out more On Twitter and I'm just send some stuff Out so I mean it's one of those things Where we can really you know you can Start to get those resources out to you You got to start working working Yourself into the system where you're Working out constantly and honestly I Would make videos of yourself working Out I make introduction videos of Yourself I'd send them out on Twitter And email I would call coaches they have Nothing to do but evaluate players and Plan for the future which is an Uncertain future for them as to when They're gonna get back most of us think That we'll probably at least be able to Get back in July college probably won't Be able to start working with their guys Again the loggers cuz obviously they Don't have another spring ball Throughout the country you're probably Not gonna have spring ball if you're in High school so it's up to you to really Work out on your own and get things done My big deal is that I don't see if I can Get I think it's really important from From a recruiting standpoint and from a Workout standpoint that you introduce Yourself to coaches so that's that once

Everything's opens up what's the best Way for you to go and meet coaches well That's going to depend on what's going On really gonna depend on what's going On so you see here what's going on is Gonna dictate whether you can go to Camps so So if you can go to camps and you have The opportunity to go to camps obviously You're gonna have to go and you're gonna Have to get to as many as you can now Because of this film is more important Than ever which I believe that the College coaches love that that's the Number one thing they want to go off of This film not just on potential but film It's a lot harder to judge speed on film Depending on who you're playing against But they're gonna love that aspect of it So making sure you got a good highlight Tape and having that ready to go is Definitely gonna be a key aspect but for Next year and in the fall tight Timelines especially with early signing Day you're gonna have to go and get Yourself in a position to really have Some great film and that's what they're Gonna go aweful from a recruiting Standpoint so put great film out there And you're gonna have an opportunity You're gonna need to have the height Right height weight size speed well that Stuff for the place that you're going to But they're gonna want to see put on

That film and see someone that's a great Player I have a great great film of Davos sweetie talking about this in Recruiting and what he sees but that's a Couple things right now its first live Stream of done on you you know here and Wanted to get this stuff out to you guys We'll see you real soon

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