Football Recruiting for High School is a Slow Burn

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Football Recruiting for High School is a Slow Burn with Coach Schuman and Mike Farrell. Go to to get help nowBut that's what we have to do is you Know until we get further information we Can't really comment…

Football Recruiting for High School is a Slow Burn with Coach Schuman and Mike Farrell. Go to to get help now

But that's what we have to do is you Know until we get further information we Can't really comment it on anymore Um so I would say The promotion is working and sometimes It's a slow turtle like Move D1 and that's For the high school And uh it's my football accounts slash transfer portal I believe It is Portal Transportation right below Oh D1 hyphen transfer portal Um and the reason I say this You know we've had some guys like car Seat Gruber find their FCS home we've Had some guys see additional power five Interest Um you know throughout this process We've had some younger guys 20 24s 125 2026 is you know get more interest Because of the the promotional program And what it is it's it's we will Socially promote you uh uh through our Social media channels and all the Coaches are on there and any coach that Wasn't following me Or the portal feed before this new Massive nightmare that happened last Week with the portal they're following Now Um and they're going to see your stuff And and we've always talked about how It's like the first time it's like who's

This second time it's like who's this The third time it's like okay who's this I gotta look and then the fourth and Fifth time that's where it starts to get Serious So our buddy Sam Hartman who was Honestly throughout all of our clients For me was Not a success initially you know he came To us when he was in the state of Texas He's an offensive lineman Um could play d-line as well 652-90 Really strong kid but it was like he Came to us with some D2 interest and I'm Like okay based on the film we're gonna Get this kid at least some FCS interest And it wasn't happening and he moved To Oregon and that that really hurt it As well and I was puzzled by it not that I think he's you know a power five you Know starter or a four-star recruiter or Anything like that but I thought there Would be more interest so then we Started talking last week he and I about Juco's and preps you know what if he Wanted to take another year and and Continue this process Um and he got a Juco offer from I Believe Navarro was a great Yuko and it Was like most of his stuff was covered And he got official D2 offers yep but he Got what he wanted last week which was a Preferred walk-on offer from Oregon State uh programming loves a physical

Program kids like him are perfect for it Because this is a program that doesn't Recruit four and five star kids is the Program with Jonathan Smith who just got A huge extension as he should they Recruit Grinders and hard workers and Guys that that you know are Overachievers so now he gets to go there He gets to you know he'll work shout Team he'll work as a preferred walk-on Um you know he'll try to work his way Into the the depth chart but worst case Scenario for him now he gets experience There and he falls back to FCS and you Had mentioned off air Portland State Should have offered this kid and they Should have no doubt and now I think the Worst case scenario is if he doesn't Work out at Oregon State he can get that Portland State offer or something Similar at an FCS level so that's a Success story but this one was like this Took a long time you remember he was one Of our guys in the summer first guys Definitely yeah yeah I I think I think I I think the lesson Too on this is For the high school recruits which is Very different than the transfer part of Recruits for the high school recruits Um it's a persistent consistent process And those are the two kind of words I Think persistent and consistent meaning The way recruiting is going because the

Transfer portal is an immediate thing For the guys in college and they have to Like make decisions quick on guys and The guys who are left back might need Help and that's why we're here to help From that standpoint but that's all a Fast process Because they have to focus on that and The immediacy of it the high school Football recruiting is more of a grind Process obviously the guys who are Mega Stars that's a different deal but even The guys that are division one or Borderline division one FCS it's still Going to be a grind process and I I look I I have a kid that plays for me and and Our board will be 707 Club the New Jersey player of the year Michael Ford I Don't know if you've heard of them but He's the New Jersey Player of the Year This year 2024. Um and he was great like all spring and He was a great player as a sophomore Last year but he only had West Virginia And Maryland offers at the time now he's The New Jersey player of the year he Rushed for from quarterback rushed for Like 2 500 yards through for like 1500 You know he's an athlete guy he could do Could play a lot of different positions He's 6-1 215 and fast and Um now he picked up two more offers he's Going to be 21 for guy I mean he's a New Jersey Player of the Year very rarely

He's the number one player in New Jersey Not a 21 offer guy Um but he he's a 20 offer guy and he's Got all the measurables Um and he's going to explode but a guy Like him as he's literally the New Jersey player of the year it's been a Process for him that he's had to go Through you know so a guy who's probably Gonna end up a 10 to 20 offers Who's the 2024 still had to go through Process and the lesson on that is It Unless you are automatically slam dunk Immediately meaning you're six foot five And you're 210 you know and you're a Receiver where they could physically see The tools right away they those guys Pick up offers your even division one Players are going to have to go through A little bit of a process and that's Because the world has changed in Recruiting there is the balance of the Transfer portal they're going to offer Guys during this December time period See what happens there they're going to Offer at the high school level slam Dunks but then you're going to get into The the process where there's going to Be the grind on some of those guys that Only get offers over a period of time at The high school group that's just a re The reality situation because they're Going to hold back a few scholarships

For the spring on guys that they're Gonna you know some guys are gonna end Out of Spring ball leave their team They're going to pick up a few transfers Filled up with that so that's just kind Of the nature of it and the reason why I Kind of went through that process is it Because it's okay that that's one of the Things that like we want recruits to Know it's okay and in this world getting Someone that can help over time in the Right way like we're doing with social Media promotion which I think is really The way to go oh like it's just that's Where everybody is that's where Everybody's gonna be and especially on Twitter even though obviously we utilize All the platforms because we hit Everything but especially on Twitter if You think about where guys in their 30s And 40s and 50s are gonna live it's Gonna be Twitter like you're not gonna Have 50 year old guys Checking Instagram they'll have the grad Assistants doing that but Twitter really helps a tremendous amount Because those videos get out there and They all follow us on there what's funny About Instagram though I get more complaints from coaches about Stuff I put up on Instagram than I do on Anything else Interesting really I know because it's a

Younger person's demographic I mean it's You know that it's 15 to 25. yeah so when I put something on Instagram I feel kind of safe sometimes Because I'm like there's no way a 50-something-year-old head football Coach is going to see this And then all of a sudden and I don't Think like to your point I don't think They're on Instagram but I think someone Is their gas are in there and then They'll see it and then I'll get a Screen grab of what I put up And then a complaint you know like what What why why'd you do this I thought we Were boys but we were friends I'm like We're not friends We were friends you you would you know You would have hired me or given me some Of your millions of dollars Mr you know Just got a 10 million dollar freaking You know contract if we were boys we'd Be hanging out and you know I'm a media Member Uh I speak what I speak and you're a Coach and you have to deal with the good And bad of that so it is funny because Instagram is like one of those things Where it's monitored very closely I I Don't think Tick Tock is as much yet it Will um you know Tick Tock is more you Could certainly get a video to get a lot Of attention on Tick-Tock or viral and Tick Tock then be pulled from Tick Tock

To Instagram or to Facebook or to Twitter and so that's why tick tock's Important Um and you have a ton of followers on Tick Tock and we do that because You know that's where you can go viral More so than Instagram or Twitter but Twitter is definitely you know it's our Our It's our sweet spot It gets attention but nothing is Guaranteed for anybody if you have you Know 30 offers you don't need us You know um if you have No offers then you do and sometimes if You have five offers and you want ten we Can certainly help that Um my example that kid is just right Rolling through offers I mean well A Jaffe is another one yeah so I mean Those guys you know came to us and they Already had their secure full Scholarships offers and they wanted more Or sometimes they want to increase their Notorality in the recruiting World Um you know rankings are often important To Um You know kids you know and to parents And stuff like that and they want to Raise the attention of their son who's You know getting five offers but they Feel they should be a 30 offer so so That's good for them as well and then

There's the opposite which is you know The guys who have no offers no interest If this program or you know available Last year at this time which it wasn't Um and Sam Hartman came to us last year At this time and he couldn't have uh but If he did I think we'd be talking about An even better situation for him but the Fact that he went from nobody had ever Heard of this guy ever I'd never heard Of him when his when his order came Through I had to you know research and Look him up see who he was what he did Nobody knew about him and he was a 2023 That we got in the summer You know which is late For him to land at a power five school And fulfill that dream is awesome so He's a success There's no doubt about it absolutely and It's amazing One by one right you got Krueger you got So you know if you point to like Immediate success stories that actually Have tangible stuff right you got Kroger You got Hartman out you have obviously Parker means and Jaffe right you have Um uh uh You know he wants more but I already see Rauner is starting to get a lot of Attention Um and and we I think I think he he Deserves more attention it's always a Little tougher in a place like Nebraska

Just because of of its location but he's Starting like I see the people are Inviting off campus you know I and and I Mentioned he just has to go through that Process I mean that's just to me it's a Painful process and he's talented enough And and you know he will get the Attention needed and it's great that he Came to us early and that's what he Should do and now he's on the radar but You know at like most quarterbacks you Know our commanding doesn't have to go To colleges and throw for people But most quarterbacks and I'm talking About most quarterbacks that are in the NFL now That are starters Um had to go and throw for people Justin Herbert was on last night amazing Talent he had to go throw for people to Get his offers and he didn't have a ton Of them you know and he ended up at Oregon and now he's a starter in the NFL Blah blah blah but you have to go and Throw and so that's what's going to Happen this spring for Carson Rauner Um you know a good season statistically Not as good as he would like because It's not as much of a passing offense And he was out of the game quite a bit Uh when they got ahead But that doesn't matter he's got the Foundation now and he's going to go out In the spring to the camps he's going to

Hit the camp circuit and then he's going To do the summer camps and he's going to Um you know throw for people and he's Going to be fine but but you can sense How frustrating the process is Her parents Um because it's It's not an easy process it's it's very You need a lot of page

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