Explaining LSU’s Power Post-RPO with Coach Schuman

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Explaining LSU’s Power Post-RPO with Coach Schuman Subscribe right away and get all the great updates NUC is the longest running series of high school combine and football camps in the country. If you’re serious about taking your game to…

Explaining LSU’s Power Post-RPO with Coach Schuman

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Hey welcome I want to break down for you Today one of my favorite outfits from This past year LSU and we're Specifically will break down a couple Key things you'll see how they attack The strong safety and put him in a bind And we'll simply watch their their short Post short post power RPO which is Really cool they read the strong side Safety and we'll take a look at that and Break down the the key components of That that exact play so let's hear to Screen here All right so hit this is really cool Right first watch all playthrough for All season to play touchdown so watch This play again and we'll take a look at It in slow-motion so first this is a Counter power action place so you'll see They have the deformation freeze in here They have their if the receiver reduced So their wide receiver is reduced okay You can't see the safety picture if that Meant in the box trying to match this Power of formation here we you know we Call this like a jumbo formation but It's really it's really just a bunch Formation with the HVAC removed inside So they could really allow for the power Game and they'll try to get to take you Don't have to worry about this guy going Out in the flat and some runoff thing Here so as well as they passed all year Long there's some real critical

Insurance with this this set right here Allows them to run really well and Allows them To pass up it and specifically here They're running their counter power play And the idea is they're going to read Can't see him yet but they're gonna read The strong safety so the strong safety And if he puts himself in the box as an Eighth defender to run because they have One two three four five okay Six seven eight nine potential blockers In the in the box right now and if you Count Joe burrow it's a potential runner Right now you have ten people now let's Count their box one two three four five Six seven okay seven guys in the Immediate area Play a run support this guy right here Us to play Pass He's got to be a pass first guy okay and These guys are past receivers well Potentially they have nine and if you Count drill burrow with option is 10 Okay so that's a real problem they are Outnumbered at the point of attack from A 1 standpoint especially to the strong Side so they've got to do something Defensively to be able to match their Numbers in the box so you'll see what is Done here they decide to Georgia Southern who cannot afford to be Outmatched will clearly bring the strong Safety down right there there he is

Strong safeties down Joe burrow you can See his eyes if you look at Joe girl's Eyes you could see those eyes beady eyes Here they are reading that's strong Safety okay it's clear all my drawings Here As you see Joe Burrell read the strong Safety he sees him come down he does not Give the ball on the power run and he Delivers in this case a one-on-one Matchup All right the safety doesn't have a Chance to react because he has to Respect the front side so this safety Who could be helped here now has to get Himself spin himself back to the one hi Look all right this guy is it man the Man this guy is is a hell player or Pasta playing you know man to man but The plate some sort of they're bringing A blitz here looks like it's a combo Coverage man and zone all right and he Just doesn't have a chance to to get There and cover so specifically reading This safety especially when you know You're putting self in a position to Have the numbers from a run game Standpoint that defense has to make a Decision if they leave that safety back Then the LSU who probably is bigger in Strong or frontal also to begin with Will be able to run off so they bring Him in the box You have guys want you to see the run

Blocking here so you have the hangout Lead alright there it is Kick out there's the lead now you have The extra person in the box here's the Extra person in the box that we talked About the strong safety He's the extra person in the box this is The person that matches the run now If you're counting him as number 10 like We talked about from an option Standpoint Joe Burrell is not able to Read that so he's reading here this is Clearly a run give or pass option so That's how you could tell where his eyes Are you could tell if this is not in a Option where he can then pull and rot Okay but from up top the first thing you Would look at is you would see all this Grass over here and that might be the Next thing you go to from from an RPO or From an option standpoint so clearly This display right here is trying to get Hands on this what I like about this Short post is you know will you break it It puts them in a bind it happens real Fast Now the linemen art should not be Theoretically far down the field look a Little this guy right here is pretty Close but now you have a pass where you Can have an easy throw and obviously Joe Bro puts it on the money and you got a Touchdown just no chance for the safety There easy play I hope that helps that

Is a counter a counter that A counter up I'm stuck kara this is a Counter power play where you have the Option to be able to throw the ball or Give the ball on the counter power that Counter power has if they don't get Enough guys in the box is gonna be a Play to just run all day and that's Where you can you pick on the strong Safety to make him run all the time That's where the RP o–'s are a huge Advantage you have the ability to make The defense wrong all the time so the Next time coach human sign it off

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