Explaining Cover 3 From 4-3/4-4 Defense With Coach Schuman

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Explaining Cover 3 From 4-3/4-4 Defense With Coach Schuman Coach Schuman breaks down the responsibilities of all defenders in the base 4-4 or 4/4 cover 3. For more go to @coachschuman hit the subscribe button @coachschuman on twitter, tik…

Explaining Cover 3 From 4-3/4-4 Defense With Coach Schuman
Coach Schuman breaks down the responsibilities of all defenders in the base 4-4 or 4/4 cover 3.
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Coach human ears great to have you guys Back again we're gonna go into other Coverage today I mapped it out for you Completely its cover three and so cover Three basically means three deep okay as You'll see here the corner will drop Deep third free safety drops the third Deep third and the other corner drops D Third now this is basic cover three There's a lot of different ways you Could play that that's where obviously Coaching comes in but this is base to Cover three four under so you have the Strong safety that could start from from The hash and roll down to play that Scene flat area you know two to three to The ball which is when you count two to Three now go over that in a second but You have the Sam linebacker and Everybody play these these positions Differently sometimes sometimes but Sam The box and then we'll outside it Depends how you play it I'm actually More of a will out of the box kind of Person then a Sam but this is out of the Four three so the 4-3 defense Essentially becomes a four four when You're playing cover three so whether You start them up both high and roll Them took over three or they actually Start out on cover three you're gonna Get the same effect from a place Standpoint you're just disguising your Coverage okay and giant coverage is real

Important so for under three deep the The Sam linebacker will depending on you Play it is a seem to flat players so This is the seam okay it's a flat so We're reading two to three so three is Essentially in the backfield here in the Two by two set to buy two sets so we're Reading two to three so once that Sam Linebacker or on the other side the Strong safety if two declares right into The flat area he's going to play that Over the top his responsibility is Essentially 10 to 12 yards in from a Coverage standpoint 10 to 12 yards in We're stealing anything that Comes into that window and then we're Playing through to the flat hooked a Curl same exact thing 10 to 12 yard drop For the herd of will and the Mike Anything comes in any crosses they get Hands on first on crossers and then drop And cover 3 okay so those are important Things to understand from a cover 3 Standpoint now the gap responsibilities Depends on what type of defense you play So you don't have to worry about it but The easiest way to understand it is the Underneath players our first level Defenders ok first level defenders any Person that comes into the area we Always say in zone we play man the man Through your zone so this hook to curl Area so if no one shows and this hook to Curl area for a Mike or two will they'll

Push this hurt and into the curl area Okay and essentially being this kind of Space right here and then rally to the Football so that's the underneath that's The first level defenders the second Level defenders ok second level Offenders which are the corners and Safety no matter what the alignment is So we like to play our guys that we Started at 6 to 7 and then they would They would turn and run if a guy clears Into their area but they have basically 10 to 12 yards all the way through to The end zone in debt the third carrying Everything through their zone so if Someone was to run a post it would carry Them if this person came all the way Across they would carry them through the Zone depending on what the free safety Has they may squeeze completely all the Way across and stay with it if the Person declares vertical obviously they Have them from a free safety standpoint They're reading two out to one so the Way that you read it from cover three For the corners they're looking through To get their run pass three once they Get their pass read they're reading one To two so if one declares down and They're immediately looking for to Coming back outside okay so this would Be essentially I'm just kind of right Over here this would be the number one Receiver and this would be the number

Two receiver that's how we look at it Okay from from a standpoint from a Coverage standpoint okay now that's how The corner would handle it so if Anything goes away from them they're Looking for something coming back if it Declares right away vertical that's odd They're obviously playing it the free Safety has the toughest job if this is Obviously why people want to run for Verticals against cover three because if You run for verticals against cover Three ok essentially you can have a Situation where the free safeties in the Bind splitting the two because the Corner will be out here this corner will Be out here and a free safety has to Split which is why for verticals Effective so we want to make sure you do From from a stand point if you ever get Four verticals is the hook to occur the The the seam the flat player has to get Hands on essentially if nothing show There they're reading two two three Anyway if two declares vertical they get Hands on now potentially taking them off Their path so it's not as difficult for The free safety he's still on the buy Now the free Safety's reading two out Okay so he's got a feel to on both sides If he feels a declaration here he would Play he would play that that's his Tougher scenario right there you get Something like that the corner would

Squeeze because number one declares he Would have number two and then the free Safety would play number two okay so That's the easiest way to undercover Other staying cover three if you have Any questions please reach out to me Anytime You can reach out to me please you know Smash that subscribe button smash the Like button will keep giving you more Via specially if a thinks you guys are Stuck at home this is how you can learn The game real quick and start to Understand the basic rules of coverage That's cover three

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