Ethan Kennedy – Matawan Huskies – NJ – U14 – Big Time WR/DB shines at Boardwalk Beasts Showcase taking home MVP Honors !!!

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Ethan Kennedy – uses Size and Agility to Dominate the Competition earning MVP Hardware !!


Ethan Kennedy: Matawan Huskies : Big Time ATH takes home MVP at the Boardwalk Beasts first Tryout of the 2024 Season !!!

Ethan Kennedy, a member of the Matawan Huskies Organization in Matawan, New Jersey recently attended an early off-season showcase presented by NUC Sports/Boardwalk Beasts 7v7 Football club in which he took home MVP honors.

Kennedy, a 6-2 U14 Prospect had a dominating day across all phases.   In the first phase, athletes were asked to run through different stations which measured their overall speed and agility.  The Huskie product showcased his ability to change direction as well as his overall agility skills at each station as the player rotated through from one to the next.  He demonstrated his quickness and excellent lateral movement at every rotation.

Ethan then took to position specific drills to make a statement with fantastic footwork and technique within both Offense and Defensive position specific drills.  Offensively he had great burst off the line of scrimmage and knew how to maneuver his tall frame around defenders without getting thrown off his route. He was very difficult for defensive guys to handle both at the start and at the top of his routes, usualing his size to his advantage and winning most jump balls.  Defensively he was smooth and quick, covering guys lined up at WR as well as RB.  The pedal itself was technically sound, great balance and  throughout each rep.  His hands were above average, rarely dropping something that hit them.  

In terms of physical ability, he used his speed and agility to put himself in the best position to succeed.  You could tell his Football IQ is above average,  he had great understanding of route concepts and timing.

Ethan will be a tremendous addition to the U14 squad this season.  His 6-2 size and versatility to line up at multiple positions will cause match-up problems across the board.  I look for him and his teammates to take a big step both on and off the field as they continue to grow and mature throughout the Spring!!!

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