Austin Medley – Freehold Revolution – Freehold – NJ – ATH takes home MVP at the Boardwalk Beasts first Tryout of the 2024 Season !!!

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Austin Medley – ATH uses Size and Speed to take home MVP !!!


Austin Medley: Freehold Revolution : ATH takes home MVP at the Boardwalk Beasts first Tryout of the 2024 Season !!!

Austin Medley, a member of the Freehold Revolution in Freehold, New Jersey recently partook in an early off-season showcase presented by NUC Sports/Boardwalk Beasts 7v7 Football club in which he took home MVP honors.

Medley, a Prospect on both sides of the ball, had a fantastic day dominating his competition as well as showcasing his speed and agility.  The Freehold Revolution product showed off his overall athleticism during the agility portion of the day.  He showcased his ability to change direction as well as his overall agility skills within each drill itself.  Participants went through a variety of drills to display their overall agility ability as well as speed.  He displayed quickness and excellent lateral movement at every station.

Austin immediately turned heads with fantastic footwork and technique in position specific drills, especially for a 5-11’ 140 pound kid.  His backpedal was smooth and quick.  The pedal itself was fast and technically sound, with little head movement and kept great balance throughout each rep regardless if it was in drill work or competition period.  He had good breaking ability on footballs and even managed to get his hands on a couple.  Offensively he really opened it up when it came to running routes.  He was very difficult for defensive guys to handle both at the start and at the top of his routes.

In terms of physical ability, he used his speed and agility to put himself in the best spots to succeed.  You could tell his Football knowledge is above average in terms of overall understanding of route depths and expectation of where the ball shouldd be placded within certain plays.

Austin will make an immediate impact.  His  potential to grow both mentally and physically are extremely high.  Medley will also only get faster as his body continues to mature with every practice and game played.  I can see this guy fitting right into the core of the already existing U15 Team.

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