NFL Draft Prospect: D’Andre Swift, Georgia, Junior, 5’9, 215lbs, RB

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D’Andre Swift, Georgia, Junior, 5’9, 215lbs, RB

Deandre Swift, Georgia RB



The Philly native D’Andre Swift is a NFL ready back that could immediately make an impact for any team that drafts him this upcoming April. Swift’s complete balance of speed, power, elusiveness, and pass-catching make him one of if not the best back in the draft.


Career Stats (43 Games): 440 rushing attempts, 2885 rushing yards, 20 rushing touchdowns, 666 receiving yards, 5 receiving touchdowns


Swift is a swiss-army knife of a running back. He has the physical gifts to break tackles and run through holes. When Swift reaches the second level of a defense, he instantly becomes a home run threat. Swift does not hesitate when looking for a hole, he’s patient once he finds a crease he explodes through it. In the modern NFL game, a running back’s ability as a pass-catcher is important. Swifts consistency as a pass-catcher translates and makes him more valuable to a NFL team. Overall, Swift’s jack-of-all-trade style of play makes him one of the best backs in this draft and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him taken in the first or second rounds.

Areas to Improve:

There are not too many areas of concern in Swift’s game. However, if there is anything where he can improve is in short yardage situations. There were instances where he could have powered through for an extra yard or two, but his patience as a back got in the way of that. This is being as picky as possible, there are zero doubts that Swift will be productive in the NFL although, some may say his inexperience being a bell-cow at Georgia may hurt his draft stock but that should not be a major concern.


88 out of 100

Player Comp:

Lesean McCoy

Analysis By: John Robinson NFL Analyst NUC Sports

John Robinson NFL Analyst NUC Sports
John Robinson IV “J-Rob” grew up in Englewood, New Jersey a small suburb across the bridge from New York City. Robinson grew up playing sports but found his passion in football and track at the age of six. In high school Robinson played Cornerback and Wide Receiver for the Dwight Morrow Maroon Raiders. After only one playoff birth Robinson accepted a full athletic scholarship to play football at then University of Connecticut. After three years at UConn, Robinson transferred to Tennessee State University and continued his education. Robinson graduated with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and wants garner a career as a sports analyst.

Robinson has high passion and understanding of football. His experience as a player and love of the game help give him legitimate analysis of players and their abilities. John Robinson IV spent time as a writer for DBLTAP Esports and a front office intern/writer for WNBL professional women’s basketball team the Canberra Capitals. Robinson can also be heard on his podcast BallTalk with JRob on Apple Podcast talking about the best topics in football and sports.

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