D1 Social Media Promotion Deep Dive on How it Gets You Recruited

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D1 Social Media Promotion Deep Dive on How it Gets You Recruited Subscribe right away and get all the great updates #football #camps #recruiting #collegefootball #highschoolfootball NUC is the longest running series of high school combine and football…

D1 Social Media Promotion Deep Dive on How it Gets You Recruited

Subscribe right away and get all the great updates
#football #camps #recruiting #collegefootball #highschoolfootball

NUC is the longest running series of high school combine and football camps in the country. If you’re serious about taking your game to the next level, playing college football or getting early exposure to college recruiters then attend an NUC Recruiting Event. NUC Sports has Football Combines, Premier Football Showcases, Invite Only Football Camps, All Star Football Games, and 7 on 7 Football Tournaments. All NUC Sports Recruiting Events are in place to help the Athletes compete, get noticed, get exposure and get recruited.

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Probably a sweet spot as a 2024 but if You use a 2026 And he's five nine that you still have The growth potential maybe you could get The 511 maybe you get to 190 pounds uh Maybe you'll even get faster and that's Where the promotion works on a long-term Basis for underclassmen too Um But it's needed I mean so every kid There I could see maybe two kids out of that Camp get offers on their own and I'm Talking power five offers Um maybe four kids five kids be at the Group of five to power five level and Then everybody else is scrambling for FCS and division two which is fine it Helps pay for your school and FCS Especially with the transfer portal But they're gonna have to fight Through the nail to to get any of them And that's where the promotion is going To help them quite a bit so we saw a Couple kids that you know I think We could get offers for within a month Maybe two weeks yep and then we saw some Kids that it would be a long six-month Seven month grind to get them where they Need to be you know like kalakari but we Could get him there Um but without the promotion I think They're gonna struggle on their own Because it's it's great you know one kid

Went to a camp a couple weeks ago and he Got a bunch of colleges following him on Twitter that's great But having a social promotion from us Where we're putting out the video and Talking over it It's better than follows it's just it's Actual evaluation and and so what I came Away from this Camp was You know a lot of kids we could help a Lot of kids need our help and I think You know that's going to be the case for Any non-all-star camp out there Absolutely when you have Um you know they like to say under uh What they call them um under the radar Guys right you know there's a whole Business built under the radar uh uh Videos from it and that that's what you Have though you have an under the radar Person but has the ability to get there Um or just needs a boost or is it a Place that you know people don't travel To to go to that often only a few Schools go to the you know the kids the Delaware thing is always example because I it was interesting because there's a Lot of Doubt there was like a crew of Like eight or nine Delaware kids and the Quarterback who's the 2027 J uh Jameson Tingle that's that was a when 811 on the Broad as a 2027 and in a four eight five Forty and had a cannon arm uh already as An eighth grade it was is listed as six

Six one one eighty five Um that's a guy who will will benefit Tremendously I mean already has the Potential but it was interesting because We talked I I brought it up to you if You remember member at the camp I said Remember the old um uh it was red lion Then it became uh um Something Christian School where yeah Yeah it says red line and it became um Because they called it but oh I know uh Well they were the honey badgers but I Can't remember what the school was but Whatever but they had you know the Quarterback that had got offered in Eighth grade girls yeah yeah skills and All the kids and um you know I remember Sills his father adopted one of the kids And went to Mississippi State he had the Hyphen Sills uh last name and they they Delaware used to have nobody ever get Offers then they got offers I thought it Was interesting when they brought those Kids because I was like ah a few of Those kids could be there were young Guys they could be all for guys and These are the things that you have to do If you're not from a quote unquote Normally recruited spot but it does make It does make a difference so that's what Is the the the promotions make a big Difference in that same exact kind of Way uh but even more powerful because Because of you know experience we have

And then the funny other thing I thought About was when you're talking about How you Um you know when you would go to camps You kind of stay in the same spot I Remember I don't know if you remember This but we used to run those ultimate 100 camps and we're just like you know Three days or whatever and one was Freshmen like I think it was like uh Freshman sophomore junior or something Like that we did it and I remember one Of them was in Atlanta I can't remember The school but it was in right outside Like Sandy Springs and it was so blazing Hot I remember uh Jeremiah George his Shoes were actually melting who wouldn't Play in the NFL it was I was he was at That camp went to Iowa State Um and he was telling me he's like he's Like my shoes are on fire I'm like what Do you mean he's like no they're Actually like melting he's like they're Actually melting and I'm like oh and Then I didn't know what to do I turned Around over and you had you used to take The uh the towel the towel and you would Get the water and you put it on and you Put it over your head I saw you stand in Like your normal spot with the the Hat On like you always have with the with The rag over your head I said I said it Must be blazing hot yeah it has the the Thing on his head to keep himself cool

Some of those camps I mean that and There was one particular summer and it Might have been the summer but there was A Top Gun camp in Richmond where it was Legitimately on the field like a 118 degrees and that filter rubber you Know makes it even hotter and yeah I Don't miss those days Um There was also a Top Gun to the camp in Deland Florida You know and all these big names it was Like at the top run at that time you Know had the the Sharif Lloyds of the world and you know A bunch of five star guys Um Ari quando it was just blazingly hot So this was cold you know in that indoor Facility it's still not heated that well Much better than hot but you know that's Another thing too is like you could tell Like a kid comes to you says feet are on Fire You know you could tell the kids that Didn't want it then too like And if you you have to make the best of Whatever situation it is you know Whether it's in a in an indoor facility Where the field Turf is loose and you're Not going to run the best time or if You're outside and it's hot as hell and You know you got to keep pushing through It and That comes out so anybody going to camps

You know that's another thing we're Evaluating Uh is your competition level and your Want to to be competitive because There's always those guys that you jump The line or take extra reps and there's Always those guys that a little Meek and Sit back and and let people steal reps From and that's what colleges are Looking for too so you know the camp Process Is evaluation from the second you arrive To the interview profit And everything in between so you got to Be on your desk I don't know why I'm Acting them now Um let me meet you and I'll meet yeah Try that again all right Hey are you yeah I didn't change anything I I I would Muted myself briefly but Maybe I have a difference yeah yeah well Anyway so anyways you got to be wary of That because they're going to evaluate You now I'm not echoing so this is good Um they're gonna evaluate you at every Level uh no matter what level it is and And You know like I said it's not that it's Not always the most talented kids that Get scholarships sometimes it's the kids That work harder than everybody else Sometimes it's I was having a discussion I met with um you know Mark bashanek who

Works uh has worked with me for 20 years And used to work with you way back in The beginning of your campus Um and I had lunch with him and then John Schmid uh the All-American Game you Know personal manager part of the Selection committee for the last 20 Something years and we were talking About the NFL and we were talking about Um Sometimes we see names pop up of kids That we knew were good but not great But their eight-year NFL veterans now Um You know Trenton Irwin is a great Example now Trent nerwin is a wide Receiver for Cincinnati Bengals he's Their number four wide receiver he was a Five-star out of high school to us we're The only ones that had him five stars he Went to Stanford had a very average Career but he's now in the NFL and he's Established in the NFL and he's an NFL Veteran and number four wide receiver on A team that is in Super Bowl contention And the thought process that we had was Trenton early one was always good he was A great seven on seven player we had him As a five-star talent but that isn't why He's in the NFL like his career wasn't Great at Stanford he has limitations There's other players that are bigger Stronger faster than him but he's also Less of a problem and he's got a better

Work ethic so if you're an NFL team and A college team to some extent as well You want a guy that's not going to give You any problems the guy's gonna be yes Or no sir always do what you want them To do work hard you're not gonna have to Babysit them if you're that guy so I saw Some kids on Saturday That are probably in slightly less Talented than some three-star kids that Will get offers But if they can differentiate themselves As harder workers as guys that aren't Going to give them any problem and they Might have to do this at the FCS level Uh and transfer Um they're going to have a better shot It's not always the most talent that is Going to get you where you need to be It's everything character grades you Made a great speech Um you know work ethic Um all of that stuff is equally Important so You know I'm used to going to cash for 200 kids and about 180 of them are FBS Level you know prospects depending on What grade they're in but out of the you Know 90 of the camp or 80 percent of the Camp is that this was not that but I Also saw a bunch of kids that could be You know FPS level football players but They're not going to be unless they get You know you just put a Bill's number

Bill just just uh Um commented so I put it in there all Right so they're not going to be without Help I mean that I'm sorry you know and And listen the initial you and I talked About a lot of different reasons why There are people signing up but people Not signing up you know I reach out to a Couple people after they can't you know They say they're interested they'll Think about it blah blah blah it always Comes down to trust and investment you Have to invest the money to get the Reward Um and it's trust Do I trust these people are they just Taking my money are they just going to Do you know a couple videos and forget About me blah blah blah and I can't Overcome trust or money for anybody but If you trust in us and you have the Finances to help make your kids dream Come true then I think it's worth it and And one other example we just had Josiah Oxidine as a quarterback Who's in our program and I don't I never Thought he needed our program And I'm always honest with people about That I mean I thought it would help him Because this is the difference so you Get guys who need our program badly to Get one offer and then the one offer Brings two and then two brings four you Need guys who need our program to get

Attention now they've already got the Attention of a lot of colleges but They're not at that level where they're Mentioned with like this Josiah oxidine Is not mentioned with all the other Great 2026 quarterbacks okay like you You could name off probably 10 20s 26 Kids and he might be 12th or 13th in Most people's lists But this this process can help you get Offers that will put you in there and if You don't think rankings are based on Offers a lot of times then you're Fooling yourself so he just got an offer From Tennessee Just yesterday and I'm not going to Claim our program did it for him I'm not Going to claim that Josh heipel looked At our feeds and said wow I got to offer This kid okay but I can tell you this it Didn't hurt It it did not hurt so now he's got Tennessee NOW Watch What Happens you Know he's going to connect a couple Others and so let's say we did have any Small role in here let's say Josh heupel You know who's a quarterback at Oklahoma And UCF head coach in Tennessee maybe Let's say he's a quiet You know fan of one of ours okay which I Don't think he is but let's say he is And then he saw it Uh and he decided to offer now this Kid's going to get a bunch of other

Offers because of that simple offer and He's gonna get Those offers and it's going to give him A better opportunity to pick and choose Exactly what school he wants to go to Um and it puts him in a situation where He didn't need this he's going to get His college paid for but now he's got an Offer from a school Other acceleration right the word Acceleration is is the word I use it Begins to accelerate your process there Are guys that are gonna get Offers eventually at some point that if You're looking to accelerate it if You're that guy like a Mease and an Oxidine and and you know Jaffe and they Utilize that program in a different way Than the kids who then Hartman did right So those guys are utilizing it because They are really good at known at least Somewhat and now they accelerate their Process that's I think the big key the Hartmans of the world and cruvers right You know Krueger to Florida Atlantic Hartman to Oregon State In right Um uh enlo Enloe to North Carolina a t Were very good players but were not out There yet right so this helped to get Them out there they may have had one or Two flaws that held them back from Getting those initial offers in that First you know when everyone went

Through the process on those guys right Well now we're able to show how they Progressed they were late stage guys With us right showed how they progressed And now they end up getting offers Although getting an opportunity look I Watched Hartman did you see the video of Hartman pin the guy in the in the District Championship like it also makes Validates to me and you I think hey man We were right in saying that this kid Had the ability to be a division one Player because look at them pinning and Winning the districts now going on the States like he's a big guy a big bear of A man who can move and is strong and Hand-to-hand combat and those things are Very valuable as you go to Collegiate Level When you have a program like what we Have you're able to make we're able to Really look and assess that and say ye This is a guy like I remember you saying Hey he's a wrestler you know you said it To me like this guy's a wrestler like And he's not just a wrestler like who Goes out there and wrestles he's a good Wrestler now he's obviously you know in His last year of wrestling really taken To it he probably knows this is his last Year or probably wrestling right takes To it he probably could wrestle in College as my guest Guy pinning people In the district going on the state at

That size so that tells me that those Are the guys down the line you look up And all of a sudden they're uh they're a Three-year starting center you know at Oregon State or something like that Because they have that that uh Hand-to-hand combat the good enough Footwork and the and the brightness to Play the line and be able to do Everything right that's that's what the Program there's different types of Players there's the guys who need the Acceleration There are the guys that need to get out There like aren't even out there they're The young guys that are early stage in The program and want to really boost Their process get them you know martial Looks of the world right who who he was There he did an excellent job at he was In the Showcase portion Um and so there's different stages so What I think I found and I I think you Agree with this we're able to kind of Figure out where each person is in their Process and and tailor that so the guys Who end up looking at it from a college Standpoint see that they're in that part Of the process and can evaluate them as Is there which I think is powerful that Comes from experience to me at least the Way I look at it is our experience the Many years of seeing so many different Guys right you you kind of have that

Experience to know what stage you're in And you can help evaluate from that Process Yeah so You know I think everybody or most of The people who have signed up for it Have been happy Um you know we've had some one-timers That you know have gone on didn't want To do you know anything beyond the one Time and they've gone on to you know Maybe lesser than I think they could Have had they done the six month Um but that's you know I mean that's Nothing I can do about that Um and I think it's it comes down to Eventually just like We could tell you about it over and over Again we could you know give examples Over and over again we could talk about It in circles and it comes down to you Know do you want to make this investment Or not and and I always come down to it I don't have kids you you have a Seven-year-old but if I were a parent I Would do this because there's nothing That's going to stop me from trying to Make my kids dream come true Uh not a thousand bucks or two thousand Bucks or whatever I'm gonna invest it if I lose it whatever you know if my kid Doesn't get what he wanted out of it or If he doesn't get to the level he wants To out of it

Um but it's it's just such a good Investment just in case you know he does Get everything out of it I mean the end Lows you mentioned you know we still got Chase As our other guy you know and he's you Know we're retweeting his videos and we Got videos coming up on him and stuff Like that and he he's in a better Position than Bryce was because Bryce Came to us late Um but you know Bryce going to NC A t a t is great I mean that's great he Would he had nothing before uh and now He's going to HBCU great College you Know his brother will probably go a Little bit higher level than that if he Decides to or he could go to the same School Um because you know that's what brothers Tend to do You know They're happy and it I'm sure it wasn't Easy for them to like hand over money to Us You know

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