D1 Promotion for Athletes #coachschuman #nucsports #footballrecruiting

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D1 Promotion for Athletes #coachschuman #nucsports #footballtiktok #footballrecruiting #footballprospect #highschoolfootballSubscribe right away and get all the great updates #football #camps #recruiting #collegefootball #highschoolfootball NUC is the longest running series of high school combine and football camps in…

D1 Promotion for Athletes #coachschuman #nucsports #footballtiktok #footballrecruiting #footballprospect #highschoolfootballSubscribe
right away and get all the great updates
#football #camps #recruiting #collegefootball #highschoolfootball

NUC is the longest running series of high school combine and football camps in the country. If you’re serious about taking your game to the next level, playing college football or getting early exposure to college recruiters then attend an NUC Recruiting Event. NUC Sports has Football Combines, Premier Football Showcases, Invite Only Football Camps, All Star Football Games, and 7 on 7 Football Tournaments. All NUC Sports Recruiting Events are in place to help the Athletes compete, get noticed, get exposure and get recruited.

Coach Schuman’s channel is focused on helping you become the best you whether that’s an athlete, in business, in football or in life.

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See more videos like these at If you are an athlete looking to get your name out there go to and fill out the info to go directly to over 5000 college coaches for FREE.

Hello it's coach human here I want to Talk to you about our D1 Promo program this is a unique program That there's nothing like this out there Anywhere this is a social media only Promotional program Instagram Tick Tock Twitter Facebook all the platforms Available and more we utilize all of Them with me and Mike Frau You have two people that have a unique Experience in the recruiting landscape Myself as a 20 plus year operator of nuc Sports having seen over 300 000 athletes In my time period coming through our Programs at camps and analyzing them and Recommending them to colleges and Mike Farrell analyst for 25 plus Years has rated every single five star Over that time period and runs now Mike Fowles Sports where he goes and analyzes All the top and players you have someone That is going to look at your film Promote you and focus on the social Media aspect that will make a difference With our gigantic following what do I Mean by our gigantic following mine is Over 1.5 million people myself Mike is Over 1 million people so you're getting Reach over 2 million plus every single College coach is following in that Aspect they go on our Twitter look at it You'll see all the college coaches that Are following us that we'll see in their Feeds our promotion of you this is a

Unique opportunity all the athletes that Have taken advantage of it have had Great success in this promotional Program I advise you to kind of take Advantage now and if you have any Questions please DM us on Twitter Anytime we're glad to answer those Questions for you or shoot us an email Uh or through to contact us form this is A great opportunity to get yourself out There in a unique way from people that The industry respects the forward seeing You soon

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