Conversation with Liam Naden on Faith and Leadership

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Conversation with Liam Naden on Faith and Leadership #coachschuman #nucsports #faith #god #leadership #fear #christian 00:00 Introduction 02:14 Going Beyond Survival 03:44 Do not be afaid its in the bible 06:35 The Kingdom of God 08:34 Help…

Conversation with Liam Naden on Faith and Leadership

00:00 Introduction
02:14 Going Beyond Survival
03:44 Do not be afaid its in the bible
06:35 The Kingdom of God
08:34 Help People Understand Who They Arwe
10:23 Getting Beyojnd the Machine
13:04 Feed Your Mind
13:14 Understanding the Brain
15:51 The Creative Brain
30:31 Have No Fear

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Naden Part two of our first conversation i Think i needed more time With liam to really dive into You know we we dove deep and give a Little background for those who may not Have listened to the first podcast we Dove deep into the the aspects of the Brain and Um you know the things you could do to Really help you believe in yourself uh To overcome fear i've kind of pushed That aside and and that's i mean i'm i'm Getting quick and dirty here of it but Um but we started to dive into the end Which i think is really exciting and Interesting Is a conversation about The brain and faith And leadership and you know kind of how All those things tied together and i Want to reintroduce liam naden because He is just an expert in a guru on here Um and he really understands this topic You've studied it for so many years i Was fascinated with our first interview Uh welcome liam back to the podcast Thanks dave it's really great to be here Thank you very much for having me back Oh i'm excited to dive into Uh these things with you um It's the brain is such an interesting Organ that i didn't think we could do it Justice in just one um it could probably

Take five podcasts but we could probably Take 50 podcasts But uh i wanted to dive in more about What we just kind of touched base in the End in Um the religious aspect and the bible And what's some of those stories that Are told in the bible and Um how it's ingrained in what we do in In our brain and and how your faith you Know rolls into all of that can you can You dive a little bit into that Sure well as as i think i mentioned in The last uh last time we talked you know Not only is the brain the most Incredibly powerful Thing that exists in the in the in the World in the in the known universe But it's designed to make us the best That we can be so that we survive and Thrive which is the reason we're here Biologically is to survive and thrive And so obviously be the best we can be And the brain is the tool that we've Been given to make sure we do that but No one's ever really taught us how to to Use our brain and when i started to to Really understand this and understand How the brain works And Come up with a model that i've come up With for how all the different parts Work together to actually ensure that You are the best that you can be and

Live live to your best you survive and Thrive to the best one thing that really Surprised me or or fascinated me was i Thought this is all in the bible All the instructions on how to use our Brain are actually in the bible And um But i thought but no one's ever really Looked at it in this way well not that i Knew of and i was brought up a christian For the first 20 something years of my Life i was a very devout christian and i Studied the bible and i i prayed and i Did all of those things But i wasn't really getting the results I wanted and i realized that we've never Really been explained even though the Bible is very clear about how to use our Brain we've never made that connection And thought ah that is the way There's a scientific reason if you like Why we should do what the bible says So That's when when you start to look into The bible the first thing you see One of the first things you see one of The main messages in the bible Is you have to have faith you have to Not be afraid If it says that more than 300 times do Not be afraid And you might recall from our last Session the way we talked about how Um

Is that the brain doesn't operate right When you're afraid It's literally not Operating at its peak because when You're feeling fear Your brain is operating Using something called the sympathetic Nervous system Which literally shuts down all of your Problem-solving ability your imagination Your creativity the resourcefulness of Your thinking your awareness of what of What life really is and who you really Are All that is blocked off and shut down Because your brain is saying I've got to forget about all of that Stuff and deal with an immediate threat To my survival and that's why you feel Fear because your brain thinks there's a Danger in front of you that it has to Deal with And it doesn't use your creativity to Deal with immediate danger Tell me now we talked a little bit about The stories in the bible and i i had Brought up david i had brought up uh You know uh overcoming his fear And um daniel overcome going into the Lines and tell me some stories that that Relate to Uh what you do and and how you explain Those things to people and overcoming That fear to be able to create that

Creativity From within the bible what what are some Of the things that you hone in on uh From the bible that really helps tell it Uh to other people Right well i've actually got some Written down here from the bible so if You don't you'll forgive me if i look Away and quote directly because i don't Want to get the word the wording wrong But um you know jesus in matthew says Therefore i tell you do not be anxious About your life what you will eat and What you will drink nor about your body What you will put on Is not life more than food in the body More than clothing Look at the birds of the air they Neither sow nor reap nor gather into Barns and yet your heavenly father feeds Them Are you not of more value than they and Which of you by being anxious can add a Single hour to his span of life And why are you anxious about clothing Consider the lilies of the field how They grow they neither toil nor spin yet I tell you even sullivan and all his Glory was not arrayed like one of these So if god so closed the clothes the Grass of the field which today is alive And tomorrow is thrown into the oven Will he not much more clothe you oh you Of little faith

Therefore do not be anxious saying what Shall we eat For the gentiles seek all these things And your heavenly father knows that you Need them all And here's the second important part of This This is from Matthew but seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these Things will be added to you Now the really interesting thing about That and it's obviously Something that as a christian you really Believe in but when you really Understand what jesus is saying and that What he's saying about being give no Thought to not for tomorrow be not Anxious he's saying don't be afraid in Other words what he's saying is The part of your brain that operates Your life Can't operate from fear It's the faith part if you like i talked About it this last time it's the Creative part of your brain it's Physically located in a couple of Different areas and this is the way We're supposed to live without fear By letting this part of the brain Operate But it can only do that As i say when we don't feel fear And so

That's what jesus is saying there Don't worry about the future don't worry About tomorrow I i think This is the hardest thing for people to Understand I guess and this was always the the uh The rub that Could the bible Have Given all the clues To you and how to use your brain Properly and i think Yes is the answer um i mean right that Passage right there is is the answer and As one of the answers um And i think why do people have a hard Time and i guess some of this has to do With you know whether people are Christian or not but Um but why do people have a hard time With Understanding that they can gain that Information that's already been put Before them In a book like the bible to really help Them with their daily lives and Overcoming that fear Well i think the basic problem and this Is really my mission now With people is to Is to help them understand who they are And how they work Because if you don't realize it's a

Little bit like with a are you getting a Lot of echo by the way i'm getting Yeah i'm getting a little bit of Echo but i'm getting static from Yourself maybe try now and see if it's a Little Okay i said any better I feel like it's your the mic maybe or Maybe move i don't know if it's the Connected part i don't have an echo on My side Maybe i'm plugged back in no Okay so it's it's the the recording's Okay okay Either recording is okay yes Yes okay um okay Plug in your mic and maybe plug your mic In and out just one time you know i mean Your headset so maybe that will Maybe that'll clear it up Is it any better That's better Now it's down a little a little bit i Don't know why Yeah i mean I i hear it clearly on my end and and um Okay okay so i don't know what the uh Well that's fine if you're happy for me To carry on Yeah go ahead let me see if i fix Something here if this takes it away did That take it away uh No no You could carry on

Okay But the point i'm really making is The problem with faith if you like is it It's a lot easier when you understand When you understand something it's a Little bit alike and i use the analogy a Lot with a motor car Now When you see a motor car And you get into it you know that it's a Machine that has a specific purpose and If you drive it the right way it's going To get you from point a to point b Easily comfortably enjoyably because you Understand how that car works now you Might not know all the intricacies of Everything that's In the engine but you know that when you Turn the engine on and the wheels turn And you press the right buttons that's Its job it's going to do that it's Designed to do that so you don't need to Have any faith you don't need to worry About it i mean you don't get out every Five seconds stop the car and get out And check that the the wheels are still Still right and the engine's still Running and you don't look out the Window every five seconds And you're not stressed and worried that You're going to get to where you want to Go it's totally predictable but to get To that point you need to understand That that's what a car is and that's

What it's designed to do and and you Need to understand how it works you know You need to put the right fuel and you Need to take the handbrake off you need To put the accelera into gear and put And press the accelerator you need to Steer it so because you understand all Those things you can you can relax and Allow it to do its job And this i think is the the problem if You like and i certainly found this As well Before i understood this was I wanted it to work and i wanted to Believe it but because i didn't Understand mechanically that that is how It worked i had a hard time believing it And when you have a hard time believing It What you actually do of course Is you go into fear stress And you shut down the you stop it Working properly because it doesn't work Properly when you feel fear and stress So this is what i'm really committed to Now is helping people understand how Your brain how the machine is designed To work And another example you know people Understand about their physical body That if you put bad stuff in It's not going to be good for you you're Going to have a problem so if someone Gives you a glass of hydrochloric acid

And says drink this You're not going to do it and someone Says i'll give you a million dollars 10 Million No i know how it works i know what's Going to happen I know the effect it's going to have on Me so there's no way i'm going to do use My body the wrong way by putting the Wrong stuff in So i think the beauty with the bible it Does explain it but it doesn't explain Why this works so clearly And You know maybe if it did it would make Things a bit easier but it certainly Points out exactly the way your brain Works Lost your sound It's so interesting that they do that um What can leaders do to Form a more congruent understanding of How the brain worked and then how could They you know when when you work with People how do you explain it to them so They can understand how the faith part Runs into it and how they can relate to It from that standpoint Okay i'm not sure i can't remember how Much we gathered in the last time about How what how your brain is designed and How it works but there are four parts to The brain Do you remember this maybe just a quick

Refresher for people yeah forgotten yeah Yeah so there are four parts to your Brain so remember your brain is a Machine it's designed to work in a Specific way and it has one specific job And that's to get you to be the best That you can be so that you survive and Thrive to the greatest of your ability That's its job so the way it operates it Has four distinct parts and they're all In different physical locations this Isn't just these aren't just ideas these Are this is backed up by science there Are four different parts and they all Have a different function The first part is the and i've Simplified it in my model in my coaching Rather than use all the technical Scientific terms but So but essentially there's the thinking Brain this is where your thoughts Are gathered Well this is really where all and this Is where all the information that you've Gathered throughout your life and you Continue to gather in every second of Your life through your senses and your Thoughts and Anything that's coming at you that's all Stored in your thinking brain it's like A big library The second part of the brain is the Feeling the emotional brain and this is The part of your brain that's

Responsible for making you feel emotions From you know good to the other extreme From love gratitude All of the happiness to fear anxiety and Worry The third part of the brain Is Is called the survival brain that's at The back of your head and this takes Care of all of your survival functions So it looks after all the things you Don't think about your breathing your Heart rate all of your organs working And it also looks after one other very Important part of your survival Which is that reaction to a danger So when your brain sees there's Something coming at you that might harm You or kill you even If it's it throws the switch into your Survival state and activates this fight Flight freeze response that we're all Familiar with and that's when you react Against the danger or you might run away Or shout for help or but you do it all Instinctively without thinking it's not Coming from your thinking brain The fourth part of the brain is Has only relatively recently been Discovered if you like or there's been a Lot more research in discovering this Part of the brain this is the creative Brain So this has nothing to do with your

Thoughts your feelings was or your Survival but it's the part of your brain That really drives your life because It's where your intuition comes from Your creativity Your big picture thinking you like your Awareness it's when you get new ideas That you don't know where they come from And it also covers things like your Motivation you know so when you're Feeling good and we know this when You're feeling good and And in control that's when your most Your you are your most motivated to do The right things to to make good Decisions this is all controlled by the Creative brain and this is the part you You're supposed to live like In this state this is the part that if You allow it to Will drive your life in a good direction It'll make sure you make the right Decisions you'll meet the right people You'll have the right circumstances show Up in your life you won't make the wrong Decisions and you'll have a big picture Awareness of who you are what you really Want What you need and what you need to do in Your life and that will everything will Go smoothly But there's only one time when that's Not supposed to be that part of your Brain is not supposed to be in control

And that's when You face that immediate danger when Something comes running at you from the Jungle You know And that's when you're this the survival Part kicks in but what happens when your Survival part kicks in Is it blocks off all of that creative Part of your brain so you no longer have Access to seeing the big picture you no Longer have access to Intuition creativity imagination All of those things because they're not They're of no use to you when a lion is Running at you from the jungle You've got to block all that stuff out And just react And the problem is with most people is That they're using they're trying to Operate their life from that part of Their brain and you we know when we're Operating from that part of our brain When we feel fear worry and anxiety they Are all a sign when you feel negative Emotion it's all a sign that your brain Is saying you've got an immediate danger And it's blocking your ability To Do all those creative things that are Actually the right things to do and this Is why people can't solve problems you Know they spend and i was like this for Years struggling along

Going from one crisis to another more Stress and trying to fix things and Trying to work it all out and struggle And you can't do that in a fearful state Because you don't have access to the Full resources of your brain So When we understand that It's just like how your brain works it's It's like saying with a car Um i'm gonna drive it with the handbrake On And I'm i'm not even gonna put into gear but I'm gonna slam the accelerator down On on full It doesn't matter how hard you try or How motivated you are how much effort You put in The car is not going to go anywhere It's not going to go it's not going to Do what it's designed to do because You're using it the wrong way So This is where The really the bottom line and what i Teach mainly is to show people And once they understand this they go Wow why would i do it any other way that Fear anxiety worry Those things are the enemy if you feel That You can't create the life you're Supposed to live that's the bottom line

That's using your brain the wrong way And that's why there's such an emphasis In the bible or not being afraid it's And it's not saying please try not to be Afraid It's saying do not be afraid That's it that's not the way you're Designed to work And when you seek first the kingdom of Heaven What is that Well where is the kingdom of heaven it Says in the bible the kingdom of heaven Is within you And the kingdom of heaven is your Creative brain It's your connection To the real you the the part of you that Is going to create this great life for You that you're supposed to have if You're going to survive and thrive you Can have the best life possible That's the kingdom that's the kingdom of Heaven the king and it says as i just Said Seek first the kingdom of heaven and Everything else will be added Seek first to use your brain in this Creative state which is where the Kingdom of heaven is And everything will work out in your Life perfectly you make the right Decisions you'll stop making the wrong Decisions you'll feel motivated about

The right things you'll feel energized And you'll have a love a life You're being your best which is what You're supposed to do Simple as that really What is it that people miss Along the way in that process is it that They have a fear of trusting Uh the bible What is it that they miss when they they They can't understand that and then they Don't tap into their the resources of The brain what is it they miss Well who's ever Told us of this stuff Taught How important said at You've got to overcome challenges you've Got to set goals and and strive to Achieve them and if you don't achieve Them if you don't achieve the goal that You've set yourself It doesn't matter what it is if you Haven't achieved it you're a failure and You'll be really unhappy now of course The problem with all of that Is it's all based on this fear and it's All based on the struggle and none of it Actually works which is why nobody's Nobody's happy but we're indoctrinated To think that this is the way you're Supposed to live that life is supposed To be a struggle But it says in the bible just

Excuse me just what i've read life is Not meant to be a struggle you're Supposed to be looked after and if you Get out of nature you know i live Surrounded by nature all the time and I'm always fascinated But here's a good thing to do just look At a bird Look at an insect an ant There is no struggle They're not struggling to survive in Their natural environment you know There's life and death but nature Happens naturally and they're not Sitting down trying to figure out how to Solve problems or what they should do And they're not they don't come up with A goals list i mean it's funny isn't it Says give no thought for tomorrow That doesn't mean sit down and write a Goblet But but the problem is we've been told All of these things on the basis of Believing that life is a struggle we're Led to believe that life is hard And that there's some virtue in Overcoming adversity when i've overcome A lot of adversity in my life i'm sure You have everybody has but i'm sure if We'd all agree if we had the choice There's dif there's better ways to live Than overcoming adversity and the Lessons you learn you can learn them in Another way in a better way and the best

Way is to learn to trust your brain Learn to trust the way it works And allow your life to unfold and that's What it'll do if you're using it the Right way But that faith and trust i think really Comes from understanding how it works Not just blind hope you know which is Not faith at all How do people gain that trust What what are things they can do to gain That trust Well the first thing is to understand Um you know i i wrote in a Recent thing to my my um Client list you know if we understood The power of our brain we'd spend most Of our time trying to figure out how it Works If we really realized how powerful our Brain is We would go wow why am i What am i doing not not figuring out how It works this is the key to everything So the first thing to do really is to Understand your brain and when you start Using Releasing your fears i've got a whole Coaching project program which teaches People about all the stuff but when you Start releasing your fears you start to Get an experience of how life actually Works And you start to get things show up in

Your life unexpectedly you go you know Good things not not bad things And you go wow how did i meet that Person this is amazing and the more you Do that the more you start to see that Your life is not actually The good parts of your life and the bad Parts to a degree your life is not Actually driven by the in the way that You think it is you know you sitting Someone once said life is what happens When you're needing other plans Right but you're not actually you know You're sitting down there struggling and Trying to make all these things happen But it's the unexpected things that Really shape your life It might be the person that you meet Wow i'm going to marry that person and You do You didn't sit down the day before and Plan to meet them and write a great Description of who they're going to be So same with the job you might get or a Business opportunity they tend to come Out of nowhere and when you start to Trust and use your creative brain in This way More and more things show up this is What happened for me you might recall i Lost everything in my My mid-40s i went from a Multi-millionaire to being homeless And then after that

I i used my brain i didn't realize what I was doing that's why i've Been working to figure it out but i was Using my brain in a much more trusting Way And things were showing up in my life Opportu would come up to me that i Hadn't seen in years and say hi liam What are you doing here's an opportunity For you to do something business-wise Why don't you do that And all of these on and But it this is hard to understand or Accept when you're in this fair Stressful state because in your fear Stressful state your brain is just Saying oh this is a load of rubbish and I've got to i can't give up control and I have to I have to figure all this out and i have To fight and you know otherwise i might Get hurt that's your brain's limited Awareness talking that's that because You're using it the wrong way it's like Driving a car with the You know with the um A cover over the windscreen so you can't See out and you think and you use inch Along And you think well you know This isn't this is the way it's supposed To be but if you take the covers off and Then you can see the big picture Go aha now i see the way it's supposed

To be The uh get the drift The fake the faith i guess allows you to Take action And that's the that's the key aspect and Then the faith and belief allows you to Take action and know that That it's already wanted for you From from god and you you push away that Fear i think that's a a big thing Because people lose that gap Uh from You know i have faith Do i really truly have faith in belief In what what god wants me to do and what My brain is capable of and stops them From taking action right so they they Allow They allow um Other thoughts to creep in that stop Them from taking action of what they Actually know should be done Yeah and there's a there's a Physical Biological reason for that because Remember that that state of fear is Called the fight flight freeze mechanism So when you feel fear because it's a Natural physical response if a lion's Running at you A The right response might be to freeze or If you or you know And to protect yourself that might be

The right response this is why your Brain is built in this response this Tool if you like or option to freeze And what happens when you're afraid and Depressed you freeze you don't take much Action you take the best action and the Most action when you're not afraid And that's why when that's when you're You're most productive you're most and You get the most done Is when you're not afraid So It's it's it's it's a funny thing It's another thing that i used to Believe and when i really analyzed it i Realized it isn't true Which is that fear motivates you to get Off and and take action fear doesn't Fear does the opposite When you take action is when you let go Of the fear it's when in that instance You say I've had enough enough of this i'm just Going to do it You know but you actually release the Fear you can't act effectively when You're afraid and if you do act you're Going to do what i did for many years Kept making mistakes kept doing the Wrong things You know saying well i'll get into that Relationship and i hope it all work and I'll And i was afraid of it not working

And that's what kept me going and i do a Lot of marriage and relationship Coaching still and people are in often In the or sometimes in the wrong Marriage or relationship because they're Too afraid to leave but they're still And they can't see it and they're still Trying and fighting but it's just not Going to work they're taking all the Wrong actions as a result Are there tactics that people can use to Overcome that fear And this is this is my big final Question on it too you know what are you Know are there any tactics that they can Use I'm reading the bible is one i guess but What are some tactics they can use to Overcome that fear I've actually developed a whole coaching Program showing the three things you Need to do To because this remember this isn't a Quick fix Overcoming fear You know there are no quick fixes are Something that your fear-based brain Wants they want to go no what can i do Right now that's going to solve all my Problems it works like that it's a bit Like having a house you come home one Day and there's a crack on the wall and You go oh i've got a problem there oh i Know what i'll do

I'll go and figure out how to fix the Crack so you go to the hardware store And you get the stuff and you Fill it in and you paint it over your Great problem solved then you come home The next day and there's two cracks in The wall And and you you keep trying to paper Fill in the cracks and pretty soon the House falls down because you've never Actually done the the real hard work if You like once you keep doing you keep You're busy fixing all the little cracks But you're not dealing with what needs To be dealt with which is the Foundations of the house that's the Reason you're getting the cracks So Three things you can there's there's Really three levels if you like and i Teach this in my coaching program the First thing you need to do is start to Understand how your brain works Because when you really start to Understand this machine that's when you Go as i said earlier This is crazy though i've got to stop Feeling fear fear is my enemy fear is Like drinking hydrochloric acid It's only going to damn me i am crazy to Carry on being afraid And so when you realize that that's a Very significant step and that comes From understanding all of this about how

Brain works Like any machine The second level Is you say okay i've got to stop I'm feeling afraid except for when you Know There is something that's really Life-threatening that's when that that Part of your machine is designed for you To be afraid nothing no other time so The second thing you've got to start Saying is what's causing me to feel Afraid and the first thing is what You're putting in What's coming at you that you're Allowing into your brain if you like What Nutrients or nutrition Are you allowing into your brain and if It's making you feel bad if it's making You feel fear and anxiety It's putting you in the wrong state and It's blocking your ability to operate Properly and to create your ideal life So that's really important and often People aren't aware of what's coming at Them that's making them feel afraid but Obvious things are Switching what they choose to watch on The television What the sort of conversations they Choose to have with people The sort of people they choose to Associate with and you've got to say

This is talk this is toxicity why would You put anything toxic into your system That you knew was going to hamper your Life and stop you from being the best You can be So that's the second thing and I what i do is i help people identify All of the hidden things that they're Not aware of that are making them feel Bad Because most people we just operate on The stress level and you know We keep hoping that we can fix Something to get us out of stress but That's not the way it works So when you're dealing with that and You're stopping all you're stopping Adding all the negativity all the Toxicity to your system Then you can do a detox and i've created A process called neurostate rebalancing Which is about dealing with what's Already in there Because since you were born you've been Fed all of this negative stuff And what that's done to your brain is It's got it operating in the wrong way And it's got it being confused between What is a real danger In other words the lion running at you Or the car veering off course and coming At you over the footpath that's a real Danger And all of these imaginary dangers

Because why you're feeling afraid it's Not because you want to it's because Your brain is telling you There's something to be afraid of and 99 Of the time there is nothing to be Afraid of You're still here There's no immediate threat to your Survival You might have problems but you're not Going to be able to deal with those Problems in a fearful state and they're Not those problems aren't Life-threatening at least not in the Moment So those are really the three levels Understand why your brain machine works Stop putting in the the bad fuel or the Stuff that that stops it operating the Right way and then clearing out the Stuff that's already in there That's making you Do that You got to give your brand a tune up None of it's a quick fix but it's but It's It's a lot more than that yeah it's a Yeah basically a strip engine and You got You got to put the right oil in right You know that's it's just like a car you Got to put the right oil in you got to Put the right part of it Yep yep and and and food that's part of

It i mean food faith what you're eating What what you're believing in Um that gives you that that ability to Confront things every single day Definitely must change your mindset in The right direction Um This has been fantastic once again Can you tell everybody where they can Reach out to you to see more if they if They want to get your coaching Um to find out more information about What you're doing and how they can get In touch with you Sure well it's all on my website which Is liam And since we last spoke i've also got a Special gift for for your listeners if They go there what i have is an audio Recording Called solve your problem and this is Some this is used uses my neurostate Rebalancing technology And it's called a neuro rebalancing Experience So when you listen to this audio what it Actually does is it switches you from Your fear-based brain where you can't Solve your problem to your creative Brain which can solve the problem so if You're dealing with an issue or a Problem or something you don't know how To fix Listen to this audio it'll give you

Access to the part of your brain That will Show you what to do to solve the problem And you'll find yourself doing it as Well so it's just something i've created That's um free on the website people go There That's awesome that's a great value Right there it's all about giving them An opportunity i i really enjoyed again You sharing your insight coming back on Um It's fantastic information Uh for me as a christian myself to be Being able to tie this in with your Brain and and i do a lot of stuff with Leadership It is fantastic getting rid of your fear Having faith and belief in in what you Do so you can get your creative brain to Go to work with liam naden thanks so Much for coming on successful life Podcast once again our part two And uh look forward to talking to you Soon Thanks so much Thanks for having me All right

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