College Football Transfer Portal Madness

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College Football Transfer Portal Madness with Coach Schuman and Mike Farrell

Foreign [Music] Welcome Somber news to start with Mike Leach Mississippi State head coach They just did a release 30 minutes ago That says Uh Mississippi State University head Football coach Mike Leach remains in Critical condition at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson Extent of information that MSU has Available regarding coach Leach's Condition uh no other comment at this Time updates on social media when it Becomes available the family respects Privacy From what I understand he had walking Pneumonia for a very long time And he was uh Helicoptered from his home to Jackson Yesterday and you know a lot of the Local reporters down there are saying It's it's a very Dire situation so hopefully they're Wrong and hopefully a miracle is is Going to happen because we don't want to Lose A great coach and you know one of the Best personalities we've ever seen in College football There's no doubt about it I mean prayers From for Mike Leach it's uh that is a Crazy situation and we talked a little

Bit briefly before you know I've watched So many of his interviews because I Enjoy obviously I think he's an Innovator in the offensive game no doubt Um with his with his offense and and uh You know the whole mesh concept and all That kind of stuff so he's a brilliant Mind but uh I've seen at the podium Because I enjoy watching his personality And he and the coughing and and the um Clearing of throw And uh like but not like a few like a Lot you know and it kept as the season Went on it seemed progress and I have no Idea if these things are related you Might know better to me but like I did See it and think Like I know those guys you know it was One of the the downsides of I would Guess of college football right like if You or I were in that situation Like we have enough downtime that we Might just say hey let me just go over To the doctor you know Um and and and get this fight I I you Know the way I am I would go to three or Four if I didn't get an answer that was Made sense but I I can understand the Rigors of college football you go to a Doctor they say it's something and you Just you know if they're wrong or they Don't understand don't get the magnitude Sometimes you just kind of move on and Think oh maybe it's nothing and it's

Just something that I have to deal with And uh terrible news I mean just really Uh yeah I don't have any information on It or inside information even if I did It I I wouldn't say but Um but yeah the busyness of college Football and college football coaches Where it's you know 365 days a year and You're always doing something whether It's game planning or practice or Watching film or recruiting now with nil On the portal I mean it's just constant Constant so you know even if a doctor Did say well listen you need to take Some time and rest or get better It's hard for coaches to do that and I'm Not sure what's happened here or why Um you know this is all occurring I Don't have any inside information but I Do know you know in my dumb world When I've been told to rest for any Medical reason I just don't because There is no rest and so if that's uh you Know part of this for Mike Leach it's It's sad but it's part of the game Um so we're gonna see and find out what Happens they said they would alert us on Social media um it sounds horrible you Know when I first heard that he was in The hospital it wasn't sounding as bad As it has over the last few days with The local people you know saying that This is like a prayers Miracle situation right so that's

Freaking horrible Um so I don't mean to start on that but Obviously great respect for him as a Coach and as a unique personality and And He's a very entertaining individually He's a very sharp uh football mind and Uh you know that's something that has to Be addressed at the front and it seems Dumb to move into you know what we're Going to talk about which is locker room Squabbles with nil and transfer portal Because of it and our promotion uh but That's what we have to do is you know Until we get further information we Can't really comment it on anymore Um so I would say The promotion is working and sometimes It's a slow turtle like Move D1 Um and that's for the high school And uh it's my football accounts slash transfer portal I believe It is Portal transport 51 high for Treasure right below oh D1 hyphen Transfer portal Um and the reason I say this You know we've had some guys like car Seat Gruber find their FCS home we've Had some guys see additional power five Interest Um you know throughout this process We've had some younger guys it's only

24s 125 2026 is you know get more Interest because of the the promotional Program and what it is it's it's we will Socially promote you uh uh through our Social media channels and all the Coaches are on there and any coach that Wasn't following me Or the portal feed before this new Massive nightmare that happened last Week with the portal they're following Now Um and they're going to see your stuff And and we've always talked about how It's like the first time it's like who's This second time it's like who's this The third time it's like okay who's this I gotta look and then the fourth and Fifth time that's where it starts to get Serious So our buddy Sam Hartman who was Honestly Throughout all of our clients For me was Not a success initially you know he came To us when he was in the state of Texas He's an offensive lineman Um could play d-line as well six five Two ninety really strong kid but it was Like he came to us with some D2 interest And I'm like okay based on the film We're gonna get this kid at least some FCS interest And it wasn't happening and he moved to Oregon and that that really hurt it as

Well and I was puzzled by it not that I Think he's you know a power five you Know starter or a four-star recruiter or Anything like that but I thought there Would be more interest so then we Started talking last week he and I about Juco's and preps you know what if he Wanted to take another year and and Continue this process Um and he got a Juco offer from I Believe Navarro was a great Juco and it Was like most of his stuff was covered And he got official D2 offers but he got What he wanted last week which was a Preferred walk-on offer from Oregon State Uh programming loves a physical program Kids like him are perfect for it because This is a program that doesn't recruit Four and five star kids is the program With Jonathan Smith who just got a huge Extension as he should they recruit Grinders and hard workers and guys that That you know are overachievers so now He gets to go there he gets to you know He'll work shout team he'll work as a Preferred walk-on um you know he'll try To work his way into the the depth chart But worst case scenario for him now he Gets experience there and he falls back To FCS and you had mentioned off air Portland State should have offered this Kid and they should have no doubt and Now I think the worst case scenario is

If he doesn't work out at Oregon State He can get that Portland State offer or Something similar at an FCS level so That's a success story but this one was Like this took a long time you remember He was one of our guys in the summer First guys definitely yeah yeah I I think I think I I think the lesson Too on this is For the high school recruits which is Very different than the transfer part of Recruits for the high school recruits Um it's a persistent consistent process And those are the two kind of words I Think persistent and consistent meaning The way recruiting is going because the Transfer of portal is an immediate thing For the guys in college and they have to Like make decisions quick on guys and The guys who are left back might need Help and that's why we're here to help From that standpoint but that's all a Fast process Because they have to focus on that and The immediacy of it the high school Football recruiting is more of a grind Process obviously the guys who are Mega Stars that's a different deal but even The guys that are division one or Borderline division one FCS it's still Going to be a grind process and I I look I I have a kid that plays for me and and Our board will be 707 Club the New Jersey player of the year Michael Ford I

Don't know if you've heard of them but He's the New Jersey Player of the Year This year 2024. Um and he was great like all spring and He was a great player as a sophomore Last year but he only had West Virginia And Maryland offers at the time now he's The New Jersey player of the year he Rushed for from quarterback rushed for Like 2 500 yards through for like 1500 You know he's an athlete guy he could do Could play a lot of different positions He's 6-1 215 and fast and Um now he picked up two more offers he's Going to be 21 for guy I mean he's a New Jersey Player of the Year very rarely He's the number one player in New Jersey Not a 21 offer guy Um but he he's a 20 offer guy and he's Got all the measurables Um and he's going to explode but a guy Like him as he's literally the New Jersey player of the year it's been a Process for him that he's had to go Through you know so a guy who's probably Gonna end up a 10 to 20 offers Who's the 2024 still had to go through Process and the lesson on that is It Unless you are automatically slam dunk Immediately meaning you're six foot five And you're 210 you know and you're a Receiver where they could physically see The tools right away they those guys

Pick up Whoppers your even division one Players are going to have to go through A little bit of a process and that's Because the world has changed in Recruiting there is the balance of the Transfer portal they're going to offer Guys during this December time period See what happens there they're going to Offer at the high school level slam Dunks but then you're going to get into The the process where there's going to Be the grind on some of those guys that Are going to get offered over a period Of time at the high school group that's Just a re the reality situation because They're going to hold back a few Scholarships for the spring on guys that They're gonna you know some guys are Gonna end out of Spring ball leave their Team they're going to pick up a few Transfers filled up with that so that's Just kind of the nature of it and the Reason why I kind of went through that Process is it because it's okay that That's one of the things that like we Want recruits to know it's okay and in This world getting someone that can help Over time in the right way like we're Doing with social media promotion which I think is really the way to go oh like It's just that's where everybody is That's where everybody's gonna be and Especially on Twitter even though Obviously we utilize all the platforms

Because we hit everything but especially On Twitter if you think about where guys In their 30s and 40s and 50s are gonna Live it's gonna be Twitter like you're Not gonna have 50 year old guys Checking Instagram they'll have the grad Assistants doing that but Twitter really helps a tremendous amount Because those videos get out there and They all follow us on there it's funny About Instagram though I get more complaints from coaches about Stuff I put up on Instagram than I do on Anything else Interesting really why I know because It's a younger person's demographic I Mean it's you know that it's 15 to 25. yeah so when I put something on Instagram I feel kind of safe sometimes Because I'm like there's no way a 50-something-year-old head football Coach is going to see this And then all of a sudden and I don't Think like to your point I don't think They're on Instagram but I think someone Is their gas are in there and then They'll see it and then I'll get a Screen grab of what I put up And then a complaint you know like what What why why'd you do this I thought we Were boys but we were friends I'm like We're not friends We were friends you you would you know

You would have hired me or given me some Of your millions of dollars Mr you know Just got a 10 million dollar freaking You know contract if we were boys we'd Be hanging out and you know I'm a media Member Uh I speak what I speak and you're a Coach and you have to deal with the good And bad of that so it is funny because Instagram is like one of those things Where it's monitored very closely I I Don't think Tick Tock is as much yet it Will um you know Tick Tock is more you Could certainly get a video to get a lot Of attention on Tick Tock go viral and Tick Tock then be pulled from Tick Tock To Instagram or to Facebook or to Twitter and so that's why tick tock's Important Um and you have a ton of followers on Tick Tock and we do that because You know that's where you can go viral More so than Instagram or Twitter but Twitter is definitely you know it's our Our It's our sweet spot Um it gets attention but nothing is Guaranteed for anybody if you have you Know 30 offers you don't need us You know um if you have No offers then you do and sometimes if You have five offers and you want ten we Can certainly help that Um my example that kid is just right

Rolling through offers I mean well A Jaffe is another one yeah so I mean Those guys you know came to us and they Already had their secure full Scholarships offers and they wanted more Or sometimes they want to increase their Notorality in the recruiting World Um you know rankings are often important To Um You know kids you know and to parents And stuff like that and they want to Raise the attention of their son who's You know getting five offers but they Feel they should be a 30 offer so so That's good for them as well and then There's the opposite which is you know The guys who have no offers no interest If this program or you know available Last year at this time which it wasn't Um and Sam Hartman came to us last year At this time And he couldn't have uh but if he did I Think we'd be talking about an even Better situation for him but the fact That he went from nobody had ever heard Of this guy ever I'd never heard of him When his when his order came through I Had to you know research and look him up See who he was what he did Nobody knew about him and he's a 2023 That we got in the summer You know which is late for him to land At a power five school and fulfill that

Dream is awesome So he's a success There's no doubt about it absolutely and And it's amazing One by one right you got Krueger you got So you know if you point to like Immediate success success stories that Actually have tangible stuff right you Got Kroger you got Hartman out you have Obviously Parker means and Jaffe right You have Um uh uh You know he wants more but I already see Rauner is starting to get a lot of Attention Um and and we I think I think he he Deserves more attention it's always a Little tougher in a place like Nebraska Just because of of its location but he's Starting like I see the people are Inviting off campus you know I and and I Mentioned he just has to go through that Process I mean that's just to me it's a Painful process and he's talented enough And and you know he will get the Attention needed and it's great that he Came to us early and that's what he Should do and now he's on the radar but You know at like most quarterbacks you Know our commanding doesn't have to go To colleges and throw for people But most quarterbacks and I'm talking About most quarterbacks that are in the NFL now

That are starters Um had to go and throw for people Justin Herbert was on last night amazing Talent he had to go throw for people to Get his offers and he didn't have a ton Of them you know and he ended up at Oregon and now he's a starter in the NFL Blah blah blah but you have to go and Throw and so that's what's going to Happen this spring for Carson Rauner Um you know a good season statistically Not as good as he would like because It's not as much of a passing offense And he was out of the game quite a bit When they got ahead But that doesn't matter he's got the Foundation now and he's going to go out In the spring to the camps he's going to Hit the camp circuit and then he's going To do the summer camps and he's going to Um you know throw for people and he's Going to be fine but but you can sense You know how frustrating the process is Her parents Um because it's It's not an easy process it's it's very You need a lot of patience with it and You need a lot of you know mental Fortitude to go through it Um So it's it's it's gonna happen for some People to different levels and it's hard To sort of be patient with it but I I Think the Slow Burn as you're talking

About is is key and then the portals are Completely different animal what's Happening with the portal is that you Know a ton of kids answered last week Kids can continue to enter we had we've We're over 2 000 people 2 000 players From FCS and FPS in the portal now since August 1st which is the cycle Um this week it'll a bunch take visits a Bunch take spots we've seen a ton of Commitments next week they'll take Visits and the following weekend uh is The Dead period and then once the Dead Period comes That's when kids are really going to Start needing a lot of help Because spots will be taken the early Signing period will be over schools will Have a very good idea of what their 85 Scholarship team is going to look like And that's when you're going to really Need to be special to find one of those Additional scholarships at the school You want and that's where you're going To need us and our promotion program for The portal and that one is going to be More desperation high school we got time You know Um Bryce denlo got an offer recently Um he would have never got an offer Without this program I don't believe Um it was slope and we had time with him Even though he's a 2023. the portal he Had no time so you're gonna need to sign

Up for this promotion and hit it at the Very least over the holidays Uh probably now but at the very least of The holidays I I think that's exactly right because You need to lead into the new year with A situation where you can really begin To um uh to get recognized and get Offered and there's no doubt about it There's no doubt about it so Um let's kind of move to you go to D1 for high school You go to D1 hyphen transfer Um Uh uh did I say yeah transfer yeah so uh D1 hybrid transfer for transfers I wanted to talk about it and and get Your input okay and I started to kind of Talk to you about a little bit but the Story I'm trying to think if I can pull It up somewhere where I had it I guess I Mean I don't want to play my exact Tick Tock video I did on it but Long and short of it is Tennessee There's a rumor I don't know if it's True but they suspended a linebacker you Know that that's kind of a fact right One of those factors I think you were Suspended for one game honestly yeah Correct suspended yeah so supposedly There was like a mini Mutiny or a mini Like we're not gonna play hard type of Thing because it was a fight with an

Offensive player I don't know whether It's just starting I'm assuming it was The starting quarterback that's what Basically was put out there stuff but Nobody knows if it was the starting Quarterback fighting with the backup Quarterback over nil and the linebacker Interjected or the linebacker was Fighting with uh the starting Quarterback And uh the QB the back of QB interjected On the starting quarterbacks you know What I'm saying so yeah you don't know The exact details on it but it's there's Something in there and which leads to my Bigger point is like everyone knows that This was going to happen but at some Point if this is true we don't know if It's true uh because obviously that's Just kind of what's been put out there But it brings up a valid possible issue Down the line right if you're I think About where I play you know when I play That you kind of if uh when I was Originally a running back okay I was a Fullback and I just think among the Starting tailbacks right we used to use Two-tailed hats right if one guy was Getting more in the other that would Have been a problem you know oh yeah Yeah I just remember being in the Running back room and then when I moved To linebackers are very uh when I moved To linebacker that was a totally

Different demon we used to When I became a linebacker from being a Fullback running backs were to Primadonnais whether we were even a Fullbacks were more primadonnaish than The uh the than the defensive players When I move the defense we were almost Resentful to the offensive players in The sense that they would get obviously The interviews uh and we were doing a Lot of the hard work right so it's Interesting that this happens because it Brings up a point where Is this going to continue to be an issue If even if I'm getting 20K but you're Getting 100K or you're getting a Mill And it's not an issue if everything's Going well but we lose a game let's call That when these things happen right we Lose a game you go up there you had a Bad game you're getting a million uh me As a defensive player pissed off because You had a bad game now you I say Something to you you say something back To me there's a fight right I'm getting 20K you're getting a mill or you're Getting a half I mean I don't think head And hooker is getting as much the guy That's going to come in uh Nico uh right But Nobody's probably getting some because He had such a great year and I'm sure He's giving him giving him stuff I think He signed with that I think he signed

With the mustard Um Because remember that the evolved answer Mustard canisters at Lane kiffin so I Think he signed a really lucrative deal With um Golden's which is funny but yeah Hookers making money yeah Yeah so I think that's a an issue that Is a it brings me to the Staffing thing So people were like hey there should be An nil Staffing group now people are starting To bring in staff there there should be A transfer portal Staffing group right Um I don't know where the rub meets the Road on these things but the truth is These are pro-organizations we call them In the NCAA they're whatever League They're in okay you could say whatever You want Even though it's a college these are Pro-organizations and in a pro Organization you have person in charge Of sponsorships right the person in Charge of personnel the person in charge Of marketing the person in charge of Player Development all of these things Throughout the organization in a in in The NFL's case a billion dollar Enterprise In college football case Half a billion dollar Enterprises not a Billion maybe some might be on their way To being a billion but a half a billion

Dollar Enterprise right so They have to have staffs in those Situations and there's no doubt in my Mind that nobody is equipped At at all levels to be able to handle These kind of things no not yet and and I don't know you know budgetary but There's still schools digging out from Covet You know we hear about these TV deals And how much money there is and all that Stuff but you got to remember that a lot Of that is allocated to the university And you know it depends on the University as to who's putting what back Into their program Um I think it's a situation where can You afford enough staff to handle this And do you want to build that out the Way you talked about I think with the Portal it's important to have a staff That focuses on that and a separate Staff that focus on high school Recruiting Because they really do end up Merging if you have one staff they're Going to be scrambling through the Portal entries of FCS in in late November FBS in early December and Trying to get a head start on 2024 and Close out 2023. now a separate nil wing Is necessary but I don't think even That's going to help the babysitting Issues that are going to have to occur Because anytime there's a discrepancy in

Salary there's resentment Um even when things are going well Um team unity is very hard to keep Constant you know working in a large Company Uh obviously myself for many many years And making more than everybody else for Many many years there was always you Know resentment There's always undermining there was Always attempts to diminish Out of jealousy or whatever that the Deal is people who make less are going To try to bring down people who make More And it really defeats the team Atmosphere now you're going to have team Players I'm a team guy I'm here for the Team and that's legitimately true you Know I don't care that I'm making you Know a million dollars less than the Quarterback and I'm I don't care that I'm a wide receiver and I'm making him Look good by making great catches I'm a Team guy you get those people but but Human nature says there's going to be Selfish people and those selfish people May be resentful of Somebody else making some more Especially if they don't perform now Kind of number had a great year Tremendous year you know the only Downfalls year you know the offense had This season was truly

The Georgia game I mean they lost to South Carolina and the defense was Horrible and the linebacker was Suspended for that particular game but It wouldn't have helped I mean the Defense was awful they got carved up Poker got hurt in that game Um but the Georgia game you know your Number one team in the nation you go Into Georgia biggest game of everybody's Lives the offense doesn't perform very Well maybe the defense feels they're Keeping it in you know keeping them in The game and resentment ensues after Your first loss and maybe you get a Situation like that it's gonna get worse Because we haven't even scratched the Surface of that ielia Um the Nico MLA those offers you know Eight million dollar it's made up Garbage He's not guaranteed eight million Dollars there's no 8 million dollar High School quarterback there's no company or Booster club out there that's that dumb To throw that much money at them unless Their names Arch Manning unless they Have a huge National brand Um to that level where you're the the Nephew of two you know Hall of Fame Quarterbacks but there is ex there's a Lot of money so for example Armani McLean is a cornerback who's supposed to Go to Florida

He ended up going to Miami at the last Second and he hasn't signed yet but he Committed to Miami for a better nil deal Uh when he was about to commit to Florida The sources told me the inner workings Of Florida for all those D-backs Were where's mine these kids you know Rumored to be making You know whatever it is 1.5 million Dollars Uh I've been starting here for a couple Of years where's my money And so those that Rumblings occurred Then he goes to Miami and the D-backs There all suck they really do there's Not a good one And they're all like where's my money so The answer to them is go to the portal You don't deserve money you stink But the Florida situation is like okay You're pretty good we don't want to lose You the portal how do we handle this When this gets rumored to be making this Much money do you tell the DBS he's not Making this much money and and sort of Give the details of his actual deal Maybe But they're not going to believe you They're going to believe what they read And then you're going to have a divided Room where a guy like that could come Into a D-Back room At a school and instantly be resented

And thought of as a hot shot that Happened before NL with the five star Kids just because of rankings now it's Even worse because they're making money So this is going to continue as my Opinion I think one a couple possible solutions And you mentioned it I think last time Was the GM role which I think Vanderbilt Does with Barton if I'm not uh mistaken With Martin Simmons I think he's quote Unquote a GM right yeah similar Um Player Personnel guys now are GMS so to Speak Right I guess it's like a player Personnel person on steroids right so Um it's kind of GM and I don't know Exactly what their roles are but I'm Using GM as the term here but someone Who manages the payroll manages the Players and how they feel about that Like Um you know you see it in the NFL like If the NFL player has an issue with the Coach a lot of times he may jump to the GM because if he doesn't feel it's Getting solved because the GM can Obviously have has obviously a Relationship with the coach they're Going to have a conversation say Hey Listen he doesn't feel this is being Solved with you what do we what do we do Here what should we do here you know and

They kind of work it together because The GM is technically the coach's boss Now College it's flipped in college the Head coach is the GM's boss right so That's where it's different so I don't Know if the term is GM right they do Call bartender GM I looked it up he's Director Personnel but his technical Title is general manager Okay okay Like I I think that it's interesting is There a spot between the A.D and the Head coach now it's obviously going to Be fairly expensive spot but is that Spot A kind of GM Uh down the line is that guy a spot in Between the two that manages now Obviously it's more for football and Basketball because obviously basketball Eventually you know it's less people but They probably deal with some issues as Well but is that person there to manage The the football and basketball so to Speak Kind of issues where where the coach can Have conversations with him without Having to go to 80 because I think the Last thing the A.D who managed the whole Entire Enterprise Even though football and basketball are One and two the last thing he wants to Do is get involved every day on Nal Deals right like that's got to be a

Headache for an athletic director that Has to manage donors and all these guys With big money to get the money flowing Through it's kind of like almost even a Conflict is there a need down the line For that person kind of almost I don't Know if he's over to a coach or lateral To the coach but someone who manages That right because it's almost like the A.D And then there's a huge gap to the head Coach you know what I'm saying it's like I I don't I'm not a huge structure Person obviously I run my company flat Right but there's me and there's a lot Of people but in the way that this thing Is structured maybe there is a need for That person who kind of manages uh that Process that they can all have Conversations with that players can go To separately and that coaches can solve Problems because I can't see first of All Who as a coach that's a never-ending Headache I would love to have someone That could solve some of those issues You know what I mean Um where we're like hey this is the Guy's issue and he feels comfortable Going to somebody else besides me who's Who's going to dictate whether he plays Or not right you come to me and I'm that Coach and you're causing a problem There's a chance that can affect your Playing time but that GM that may not be

The case Yeah I think you're gonna start seeing a Lot of things staffed out in that manner Um you know again can they afford You know can you put a guy making 80 Grand a year in that situation Um will you be able to afford somebody Who you know can do that how much is he Going to get paid where does he fall in The hierarchy Um you know you have your recruiting Personnel guy you have your Um nil guy you know who's above who are The equal and how do they report Directly to the head coach who reports To the athletic director but oftentimes The athletic director record reports to The coach Um you know where that's the coach is Obviously 10 times more powerful than The ad all these things have to be Worked out and the only way to work them Out is to do it by experience you have To have these locker room fights and These disagreements to learn how to best Handle it because you're going to get True true valuable information from Hearing what this guy's saying what the Linebacker saying what's quarterback Saying what the the Witnesses are saying To this that and the other and how do we Avoid this from happening in the future And you're not going to do it right away Uh you're going to make mistakes and

It's going to be growing pains and it's Going to take a long time to figure that Out but Locker rooms are going to become more They're going to become more divided Before they become less divided I mean This is going to get worse and it's Going to be a situation where you could Have an argument like that Um and a kid decides to tweet out I'm Jumping in the portal when the window Occurs Um you know and we talk about this Window that's 45 days you have to wait Until you know after the conference Championship games in December to do That but you can announce it at any time And you can also change your mind prior To the window but I think you're going To see a lot based on what I see from From a generational difference Kids will overreact more now To anything you're talking about a Generation that you You know dealt with which was a Different generation than now Um now it's more of an immediate Gratification kids are much more likely To transfer uh they're much more likely To give up on a situation they're much More likely to say screw it Um and so that's that's where I think You know nil and the portal are going to Sort of meet the one thing I've noticed

About the portal is that the kids going To the portal aren't really nil driven Um The high school kids are nil driven the High school kids are getting better Offers now you're going to have a Devin Leary at NC State who's going to be able To command a pretty good amount of money Caleb Williams in the portal last year Command a little bit of money uh a great Deal of money actually But a lot of the kids who go on the Portal are going there for a reason they Weren't playing they're homesick they Got off-field troubles whatever Um they don't have as much To sell on an NL level as a high school Kid so the funny part about this is if You go into the portal without nil or Without that it being you know a big Factor you go to a place and you're Starting ahead of a high school kid Who's got an nil deal that's making much Much more than you who's three years Younger than you You're going to be pissed and it's going To lead to more situations so the more Kids can switch schools and the more Nielle comes into play for the high School kids you're going to run into These situations over and over again and Luckily it's not my problem I don't care How they solve it that's why they get Millions I was thinking about it today

You know thinking about Mike Leach and Thinking about how I have a an affinity For the the work ethic of college Coaches and I sort of defend college Coaches I I criticize them greatly for Missing on recruits or poor play calls Or you know their job not being done but I never criticized them for a lack of Effort uh because I know how hard it is To recruit all the time and to work all The time and to never stop recruiting And with the portal now it's worse Um but I also think a lot of these guys Make five million dollars a year and you Know what this is what they signed up For and this is what they have to manage And navigate And I don't feel sorry for them Um so it's a fine line I mean you make The money you got to figure this out and You got to figure it out for the best of Your ability and if it doesn't work Josh Heuple's done a great job great job you Know guy's going to be worth a ton of Money in Tennessee it's going to be There for a long time But he's also making a ton of money so It's his job to figure out why this is Occurring and why it would occur and how To not make it occur again it's not my Job Yeah there's no doubt about it it's it It's a difficult situation I don't There's no oversight from the NCAA

That's gonna make a difference on this So I mean that that cat's out of the bag It's not staffed for that it's not the NCAA socks They're not staffed for that yeah I mean We're talking about look at the portal Is going to make this strong stronger There's so much tampering uh we had a Kid last week announced his commitment To a school before he went into the Portal And he went into Portal 10 days later Now technically you're not supposed to Be able to contact a kid Until he's in the portal this kid had Already talked to multiple schools he Got multiple offers he committed to a School then he went in the portal that's Illegal that's an NCAA violation the School he committed to should be on Probation or being investigated but There's nobody to investigate this and I Saw an article the other day from I forget it was it was a college coach Who said If you're not getting ahead of this Situation especially with the Quarterbacks and essentially by getting Ahead means tampering Then you're doing a disservice to your Program because everybody else is so if You're waiting for a kid to enter the Portal when you've known he's going to Do it for months and months and months

And I'll give you a Hudson card as an Example from Texas we've all known Quinn You were transferred to Texas he was on Portal watch he didn't go in that time He didn't go in this season but we all Knew he was going into December we've Probably known that since last summer or Last spring Um if you're not tampering and talking To that kid ahead of time then you're Not doing your job and the NCAA has no Way to stop it and I know it's the same Thing there's no way to enforce any of This stuff There's there's no answer From the NCAA side and there's not going To be and people who keep asking for it Are crazy I see this all the time NCAA Is gonna there's nothing for them to do It's it's over the conferences can Probably do something down the line Because they have a kitty of money That's getting divvied out and they may Have some Influence on it because the athletic Directors can get together within a Conference to say hey we agree to do This but there's nothing that can be Done from the NCAA the NCAA is is Basically a shell organization in my Opinion that's going away it's going Away too it probably it probably works For fcsd2 or D3 it probably works there But at um the highest level yeah it's

Going away and either either it's going To become a massive corporation that Oversees all this stuff and run like a Business Or it's going to be conferences are Individual businesses so the SEC does Business they away the Big Ten does the Business their way but that's a good way To police it now it's not a good way to Police it between conferences You know if the big Ten's tampering with A kid in the SEC What are you going to do you can call Kevin Warren and say what the hell you Know if he's if he's let's see the CEO Of the Big Ten corporation uh but within Your own conference you know if you've Got that type of cannibalization and There's tampering occurring Um in a kid from you know Texas A M is Going to Arkansas and he was tampered With like crazy or or the offices he's Going from Arkansas to Texas A M Then when you're a corporation Overseeing the SEC you can address that And and enforce it but you won't do it Across you know the Big Ten honestly They're going to pretend they care but Let's say Ohio State steals a kid from Florida and tampered with them for six Months they don't care well who's gonna You think the Big Ten is going to slap Ohio State on the risk for doing that no Because probably the SEC did it to

Another Big Ten school prior to that so I don't know what the solution is I Really don't care what the solution is Um I don't I was getting a question from One of my writers the other day and he's A young kid and he's really inquisitive And he's asking me questions I was in a Bad mood when he texted me as usual and Um you know he asked me he's like uh so We you know this is out of control this Portal stuff and then I don't stop and You know uh when do you think this is Going to be fixed and I said it's never Going to be fixed he's like what and I Said it's just never gonna be fixed he Goes well Um how long is the MCA going to last I Go not long but it's gonna be a few Years before they're disbanded and then Individual corporations will probably Propped up for the conferences or They'll have one you know massive Corporation overseeing all of them Uh but it's not going to change anything He's like so you're going to say you're Saying to me college football is going To be an absolute mess forever I go yeah It is because you brought in free agency And now pay for play And you're not a you're not a you're not Uh you don't have a collective bargain In your agreement you don't have an NFL You know type of a corporation status You don't have everybody moving in the

Same direction Um And I don't see that ever happening I I Don't see them ever being able to prop Up you know the the C f f l the college football football League where it's a national Conglomerate with players associations And and and you know Um free agency deadlines and salary caps And all that stuff how are they ever Going to get that done when every every Entity the NFL owns 30 to 32 teams Essentially the owners own the teams but 32 teams are under that NFL umbrella All of them equal the Texans May suck And the Cowboys may be worth the most Money but they're all under that Umbrella equal you've got 100 plus It seems you got 60 plus power five Teams how are you going to manage that Under one umbrella when they're all Doing different things and they're all Fighting for their own agenda PhD issue Is you brought it up really well From a business standpoint the NFL is The corporation and they are franchises That they've sold it's a franchising Business that they sold in each state Chick-fil-A Model right Um and so they've sold these franchises Okay and it's probably even more McDonald's than for Chick-fil-A because

Chick-fil-A has a little more kind of Daily say on everything maybe more McDonald's but it's the franchise model The the colleges are individual Corporations They're their own Corporation so each One of these are individual corporations So it's Mike Farrell Corporation Dave Schuman Corporation John Smith Corporation All being Loosely operated By a separate corporation that really Has no control over them and then the Third part that makes it unique is There's another entity which is the Big Ten Conference which is a corporation That they're a member of so they're a They have a membership fee that they pay To be to have Comparable principles among all of the Individual organizations to make that Like the NFL a franchise model is so Complicated and so difficult to get why Would anyone if I was Ohio state I'm Already giving money to this membership That I'm getting money kicked back to me Why would I want to give a pay a Franchise fee now to another Organization and have to give I don't Know eight percent of my income or ten Percent of my income to that Organization so it operates as a Management tool of me no I don't want Any more management I'm already doing

Less management no one's ever going to Opt for more management When they have less management already It's impossible you know I mean if if You're Texas or Ohio State or Georgia or Alabama with a billion dollar Enterprise I'm already giving money because a TV Awaited a conference I'm not going to Give any more of that money away to Anybody else I just don't see it you Know Yeah and it makes me think of the Securities Exchange Commission and and You know stock market and and you know Corporations having to be overseen from A legal aspect to protect the consumer Which is a federal federal government Funded You know situation you're not going to Get Federal funding to oversee college Football even if it is a business even If people can the consumer can be hurt Or jilted or you know taken advantage of Uh but they're never going to treat this As a a legal entity in that respect That's what amber wanted he wanted nil To be a government Run he kept praying that Congress was Going to look at this thing and before The states implemented their individual Nil he was hoping that they would come In and there would be National Implications to nil that you know that's

Where you could get a government Instituted cap on the amount of money Kids can make per state this that the Other the federal government looked at It and said no we don't need this Problem this is your problem you figure It out and that's when he resigned And he came up with no plan I mean him And Bosley had a d had they had a plan It sucked but they had a plan in place For nil they scrapped it emmer quit you Know he didn't quit that moment but he Quit Um and he was kind of run out and it was Like okay anything else here I forget What it was July 1st I think it was Um anything else here Everybody's free to do whatever they Want and that's kind of where we're at Now so it's it's never going to be Governed uh from a government standpoint Which is why we are protected from you Know Ponzi schemes and and and you know Enrons of the world Well you're not protecting the consumer From Ohio State so It's going to have to be individually Managed and that's virtually impossible So listen again I want to watch football on Saturdays And enjoy it and I still do I want to Follow recruiting and enjoy it and I Still do the portal just it's an Adjustment now 25 of kids are projected

To be starters next year from a Different School Um that's one quarter year roster is Going to have a starter from a school Where it didn't start with okay I can Adjust to that I know I don't give a Crap about I don't care what Caleb Williams is making I don't care what He's selling If he wants to paint his fingernails for You know a gas station or an oil company I don't give a crap And that's great for him good for him But I don't want to hear it I don't care About it it doesn't matter to me Um it's going to affect recruiting in The portal but that's not my problem That's the problem of the coaches so Kermani McLean whatever Miami did to get Him to come off of his favorite school To Florida to go to Miami and now there Were rumors this weekend Alabama is Going to come in with a bigger offer Good luck good luck if it's if he's he's Very good he's my number one cornerback In the country he's a top 10 player in The country If he's worth it have at it but good Luck because Any kid who is an IL driven is going to Go to that school and he's going to have His hand out within three months Or he's going to want to transfer Because he ain't playing

I'm making all this money and not Playing I want out or I'm making all This money I'm starting as a freshman But I was told by my Uncle Billy I Should be making more money where's my Money and then all the kids in that Defensive back room are going to be like This kid's making that much money I made Six tackles in this game you need two I Got a past deflection he got burned Where's my money and so good luck to College coaches and dealing with that Garbage but I don't care I don't want to Hear about it I don't want to hear Anything when I see these Nico deals and This Jaden rashada kid who committed to To to Miami initially and then flipped The Florida and all these nil deals it's Five million dollars I don't care I Couldn't care less yeah make all the Money you want I'm not resentful towards You for it oh yeah but that part of it I Don't care and I really don't care Honestly what Dak Prescott makes per Game or that he's a 40 million dollar Quarterback I mean wouldn't he sucks it Makes me think wow you're paying 40 Million dollars a year for this guy But that's not my money and I don't care What I want is the Cowboys to win and I Want to enjoy football on Sundays yeah I'm accomplishing I am too yeah I've Been accomplishing Log well I'm a quiet Cowboys fan because

They haven't done anything since 1995. You know I watched the game yesterday and they Sucked they saw they haven't had a good Quarterback since Aikman because Tony Romo is a stat stuffer and he sucks at The end and that Crest that's a stat Stuffer and he sucks at the end Um Great analyst though great analyst and He deserves he's gonna make more money As an analyst and so is Troy Aikman Um than they ever did his players but He's not he was a good quarterback don't Get me wrong right right but he was not He was frustrating as a Cowboy fan Because I always felt you know in the End of the regular season he was good And then when he got in the playoff he Stopped and Dak Dak is like you I don't Know what I'm gonna get from Dak uh you Know they were favored by 17 yesterday And I'm very into you know gambling Lines and sports gambling I do a podcast In the weekends about college football Gambling and stuff and I'm very you know But I wouldn't I wouldn't lay 17 for the Cowboys against one in 11 Texans team Because that is good for potentially two Horrible horrible dumb interceptions Every game And I really don't know what to expect When you watch Dak and and Romo remind Me of this in a different way too

You keep feeling like you see things and You're like this this guy should be in a League quarterback they do things that You're like they should be in League Quarterback and you keep getting this Feeling like they are not like getting There they're just not getting there Which Troy Aikman Did he was like people like it's I Always laugh when people say Troy Aikman Oh and yeah well his arrow is a little Different like we ran you know Emmett Smith the ball on a lot of Zone and Power and that that was the game right But um uh but he really was a leader Like I love the that and you as a Cowboys fan you could appreciate this I Love when I see the back scene stuff When he Transitioned from Jimmy Johnson to Um Uh Spencer Barry Switzer he was very Frustrated his career he had a couple Good more years but it started going on Hill because He said that he had to become The enforcer because private Switzer Wasn't willing to be the enforcer and Jimmy Johnson was the enforcer so he Could be the good cop and he said when He had to be the bad cop in in under the Switzer era it really didn't didn't work And but but the fact that he was so Cognizant of that you know I'm saying

Like really understood that the Interpersonal dynamics of what made a Team good not just his on the field play But what the other players needed Like it it's no wonder he's such a great Analyst I mean he really understands how Other guys like like what Michael Irvin Needed like when Michael Irvin you know You know very difficult in the butt he Wanted to be hey man I know you did blow This weekend but we need you this Weekend to play well right you know Right and it calmed him down because He's a volatile personality Emmett's a straight up dick I don't know He is trust me when I tell you you know But he was he was the epitome of a team Player you know yeah and and a guy who You know went out there with a separated Shoulder if you remember that game it Just was amazing in every shape or form That was you know kind of a Dick Irvin Was just a volatile you know he could He's one of the best blocking wide Receivers you're ever going to see in Your life and he's a team guy in that Aspect but but if he didn't get the ball Enough he would become very volatile and He would get very frustrated and Animatedly frustrated on in games and on TV Aikman's very very smooth did he get Dion on that team he got Charles Haley On that team you've got some really

Different personalities you have to like Manage all that as a quarterback plus Complete passes Um and be extremely accurate and and Honestly Romo and and Dak I mean Dez Bryant yeah he's a headache you know Dak CD lamb he's a headache I I know just From you know when I'm in high school And Zeke's a headache you know I get it There's headaches but You have to manage all that and be Consistent in your play and that's why Aikman was so successful doing it Because he could command the respect to People because he was tough as Nails I Mean the dude probably had 10 Concussions 10 concussions minimum him And Steve Young they got their brain Splattered so many times and this was Before concussion protocol before CTE Before anything you just got your bell Rung you'll be over there there'd be no Concussion protocol they ask you what Your name is and what state you grew up In and all that Um and then they would you know Sometimes you'd see smelling salts and Then get back in there toughest Nails Never hurt Um and always you know consistently In Even Keel and and good So you can reach you can commence Respect like that Doc is a guy that

Strikes me as a guy who wants that Respect who wants everybody to like him And who does too much in that respect to Try to get liked but isn't even Keel in In his play so he loses respective Players on the team Romo strikes me as a Guy it was very affable very nice very Funny uh but nobody really respected him Because he pissed down his leg in the Playoffs so to be Aikman is hard and That's why he's a Hall of Famer and why Has three Super Bowls as a Cowboy fan He's extremely frustrating because the You know what I'm seeing Um but I still enjoy the games I mean They won yesterday against the Texans And I don't give a crap what Dak makes I Don't give a crap what Ezekiel Elliott's Goddamn guaranteed contract was I don't Give a crap if they're overpaying this Guy or that guy and then college Football I don't care either I don't Care what your deal is I just want to Watch football and enjoy it so nil to me Memphis dude Memphis overlooked You know Zeke was a top four pick I Think he was fourth And he got the big contract But he started to wear out as most Running backs do then you bring a Tony Pollard and he's a great compliment to Him Um you know the Personnel is there to be Successful

Yesterday was very confusing because Dan Quinn's a good defensive coordinator but They weren't getting after the passer I Believe three different quarterbacks Played for the Texans none of them good You know I just got it Jeff Driscoll and Davis Mill Davis Mills was good in high School but he kind of reached a point of You know where he topped out Um You know Kyle Allen was a five-star in High school same thing topped out They didn't bring any pressure they Didn't get a pass rushed on them they Allowed them to do the Chris Moore who I've never heard of before in my life Had a career game they played very weird And dumb and that's what the Cowboys do Against a crap opponent they will play Down to them Against a good opponent they will play Off except in the playoffs when they Crop their their pants I have one Question for you this is totally Different you you struck my mind on this And I and I we've had a great Conversation program I won't let you go But the um You talked about how Kyle Allen tapped Out some of these five-star that that Top out you know basically like at high School they're almost at their Peak What do you think about and a lot of Parents I see it all over the place

The kids who uh hold back in eighth Grade or are a year older do you think That's helpful uh just really curious of Your opinion because I see it so much And parents always ask all the time on This and there's no one who I can think Would know the answer on this or have a Chance to know the answer more than Anyone else is than you Do you think if a guy comes back a year And so now he he's I don't know he's Going to graduate and he's going to be 19 right he's a year older does that Help them in the recruiting process or Is that a no effect Coaches even look at that I always want Because if I'm 19 and I enter and I'm Pretty good versus I'm 18 and I enter College and I'm pretty good like what is The diff is is there a difference is That that topping out an issue and down The line They Don't Really Um there have been a lot of kids I mean Most obviously there have been a lot of Kids honestly in New Jersey as well who You know take that extra year and Sometimes that extra is in sixth grade You know in seventh grade and their Parents are looking forward to like I Want him to be uh 17 year old sophomore So he has a physical advantage over Other kids and that's every state but New Jersey is a good example

Coaches don't care about that Um You know Apples to Apples if there's an if There's a 17 year old kid versus an 18 Year old kid uh in the same class uh They'd probably Lean towards a 17 year old kid because There's still more possibility for him To physically grow and get better Um It's really the the the opposite that I Think their coaches are starting to get Very wary of the kids who accelerate uh JT Daniel's great example of this you Know you you missed his entire senior Season because he accelerated graduation Quinn you were as another one Accelerated and they get in and they get Into quick And they get over their head and they Don't reach their potential I think Coaches are becoming wary of those guys More now they're still going to recruit JT Daniels he was you know the number Three quarterback in that class behind Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields but Now he's at USC Georgia West Virginia He's in the portal again you know They're going to still recruit Quinn Yours because his arm is a cannon but Now he's at Ohio State and he's at Texas And he didn't have a great debut year But the repeating grades

Um doesn't really affect College coaches uh it affects the NFL Though because if you are a 23 year old Senior You're gonna you're not gonna get Drafted in the first round as opposed to A 21 year old kid because you got less Time to reach that five-year first round Guaranteed controverty contract Um you're gonna be 28 by the time that Comes up or as a kid who's 21 is going To be 26 huge difference Um so the age thing if I were to give Advice to parents You know don't push them forward Um don't hold them back You know yeah because that's the thing Is like Where you are is where you are and you Need to be understand for your own Purposes and getting better where you Are if you accelerate and you're playing All younger uh uh you know you're the Youngest kid who's playing older kids That's how it works with the Acceleration then you might think you're Better then look at me I'm playing these Older kids and I accelerate a grade and I'm still better than all and it may Lead to you sort of stunting Um the other opposite is if you're 17 And you're beating up on a bunch of 15 Year olds you may think you're really Good and you're not getting a true case

Of how you are you know freshman to Freshmen in college you may come out of There and Jesus I'd beat the crap out All these younger kids because I stayed Back in third grade in sixth grade and I'm a 20 year old freshman But I haven't played anybody who's my Age in a very long time and here I am Competing for a job as a true freshman And these true freshmen are 18 and I'm 20. and they're better than me and I Never had to step on my game because I Had that little Advantage so accelerate Decelerate don't do either of it work at Your level if you're a 2023 kid You know stay 2023 work against 2023 so You get a real Clear Vision of whether You're good enough or not Um that's that's how I look at it that Is that Fascinating fascinating and you know I Think about Um You know the Edmonds Brothers like I When I was in age I represented uh Trey Edmonds uh who was the oldest and he Went in as a 23 year old and then I Represented I don't know if I lost you Here If you're there or not I got a phone call so it kicks me out oh So Tre he was 23 when he went to the NFL But he was not drafted Um then the two younger brothers went in

At 21 and the other one was 19-9 or Whatever the youngest you could possibly Be oh you're talking about the Edmonds Brothers from Virginia so Trey and uh Terrell were younger Terrell was 21. Frey Tremaine was 19 9 or 20 or 20. he Was super super young coming in the NFL But the guy who with the highest at the NFL was Uh Tremaine because he was younger and He had the longer upside on the NFL Because he was already talented at that Level and Terrell obviously went first Round the end of the first round Um Trey who was also a great player but He was older he was he went in as 23 was Undrafted right so it's I thought that They were an interesting family example Um I I think most people would bet Better off following where Tyrell is Like you said the correct age right Right Um and so it was uh and the only reason Why Trey went into 23s because he I Think he redshirted a year and or or so He was five years he was older right but That affected down the line now Obviously 99 of the people aren't going To be able to even the division one College guys aren't going to be able to Play in the NFL so I thought your advice Is really really well managed because You can continue to develop in college If you're the correct age at the correct

Grade you'll continue to develop because You're used to competing against kids in Your class in your age versus if you're Older or younger it's it's it's a harder Management process mentally I think it's A mental game right yeah yeah so you Don't know whether you're getting better Or not or you're just that far ahead of Somebody yeah and Tremaine is a good Example too because okay so he's the Perfect scenario we went three years at Virginia Tech and he ended up being a First rounder and he's so young he gets That extra couple years for his contract Because the shelf life of an NFL player If you're good is 10 years right Um so he's going to get that one rookie Contract with the fifth year option then He's going to get to his second contract Maybe he'll get to a third contract Where that's where you make huge money In the second and third deals Um because he's young enough whereas a 24 year old kid you know 23 year old kid Who's entering as you know as such and Especially with covid now a lot of kids Are trying to decide whether they want To take that extra year of Eligibility That they have or do they want to really Wait that long and go to the NFL 23 year Old rookie because their shelf life Again is about the same but they're only Going to get two contracts as opposed to Three and they're going to hit that

First contract later than other people Would so it's a Juggle but the Tremaine Edmond situation is rare it's very rare So you could take that 0.0001 chance that your Tremaine Edmonds And try to you know uh finagle things You can always finagle things it's funny Because in hockey you're drafted out of High school or college and it's based on Your birth date I think it's after a Certain day you know like it's September Or something like that if you post that Then you're one year if you're free that You're another year in the draft and People finagle that stuff all the time Where okay um I I want to take advantage Of being in this draft class so I'm Going to go to prep school and you know Maybe I'll even like mess with my birth Certificate or what you hear all these Crazy stories the NFL doesn't matter Um you know college football doesn't Matter you could sit back and maybe you Think you're going to get extra Scholarship offers because you're 20 and You look great against 17 year olds College coaches will notice that stuff I I say they don't care but they will Notice it but it doesn't matter and Calvin Ridley was a 19 year old senior And he went on to Alabama played three Seasons winning Pro first round made Millions you know got suspended for Gambling and all that stuff but 19 year

Old senior they don't give a crap this Kid's great I'm taking them and Everybody wanted them if you're good Enough you can play against your own and And for for for a guy like um Ridley Sort of staying back and he didn't do it Purposely kind of hurt him so I would Say just stay where you are if you're Good enough you'll figure it out if You're not you're not but we should Probably wrap it up because yeah Those last couple of things were were All right well listen go to D1 if you're a high School football recruit and it's the Same address but D1 hyphen transfer if You're a transfer and you need help Um we're here DM us we go back and forth With guys Um on it to answer questions so we're Glad to do that Um and we'll see you guys uh next week [Music] Thank you

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