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[Music] President's Day Who's your favorite President Well that's a good question I don't know Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan yeah I grew Up In the you know obviously born 70 grew Up in the 80s He didn't seem to take any crap from Anybody no he didn't I liked him I mean I I don't know you can't answer Trump Right Can you explain that to me what happened Oh you didn't see it I I saw like tweets And i i people were defended because it Was coming to my feed but I didn't I Didn't Depends on who you're talking to you Know obviously there's the left and the Right and everything's different and I Know I was never a political person and I never grew up in that I was never Raised a democrat or a republican I Don't give a crap about any of it what I Care about is my bank account and how The economy is doing that's what I care About so a lot of people disagree with That and they say you know there's a lot Of other issues you should be focused on Blah blah blah I get it but that's me I'm simple Um I I want the economy to be good so I Can make money and and if it's not I get

Upset so you can't say Trump's your Favorite President you can't because you Get canceled even for saying that so Tiger Woods back at the tournament the Genesis Genesis Invitational he was the Host of the tournament you know one of Uh maybe two non-majors he's going to do This year Um played well and and you know 47 year Old guy back fusion surgery almost lost His leg in a car accident all the rehab He's done He was playing with um Justin Thomas and Rory McIlroy the first Two days two friends of his and he was Out driving both of them you know not Consistently but here and there And there's this old bet you know that That they've had for years and years and Years That you know if you If an old man out drives you or if tiger Out drives you or if anybody out drives You doesn't matter he's old same age uh You you hit like a girl you remember That expression like yeah yeah yeah yeah So we used to use that one when I grew Up like you know if you were you know Boxing with your buddies or just goofing Around or football you know if somebody Hit you and he you know you got up You're like you hit like a girl back Then it was appropriate now it's clearly Not it's um

Misogynist sexist repulsive and and I Don't know if it is or isn't I don't Think about this stuff like I said but So he out drove JT on on the 17th I Think I don't know if it was Thursday or Friday I think it was Friday And he slipped him a a tampon You know as a way of say you you're a Girl People went insane now right or wrong I Don't give a crap it's a joke between Them but somebody caught it on camera They zoomed in on it it shows him Handing that I thought it was Photoshopped at first yeah it becomes a Huge deal you know he has to um I think It was Thursday he has to apologize of Course and and there's you know a lot of People on social media saying that this Is an example of you know how was this a Joke in 2023 and yada yada yada and I'm Like I don't give a crap I don't care it's a Joke between two guys You know people will say well it's Public you know uh it sends the wrong Message he's a he's a girl uh father you Know he's a he's a girl dad It's just that's what happened and so I Don't give a crap about it but I was Getting a little heated when I see the Responses Some people making this like the biggest Deal on the planet Earth

And that's what bothers me the Overreaction to things that never used To occur it's all social media it's all Because everybody has a voice now uh That's the ruination of the world right There is social media and I'm on it all The time because it's my business I have To be but I was having a discussion with somebody About the Chiefs Bengals game a couple Weeks ago and how bad the officiating Was in that game and this person's Younger than me uh maybe 10 years Younger than me said you know what the Officiating has gotten worse in the NFL And I said I don't think it has and the Point they made was you know back in 1986 just random you know 1996 whatever Take a random time Uh before social media was was prevalent Um People weren't complaining about the Officiating yeah they were they were Complaining to their buddy at work and And their their group of small friends And that's it that's as far as it went Now it's social media it blows up and it Becomes this huge thing and now it looks Like the officiating is 10 times worse Than it was in 1986. it's not Officiating is the same it still sucks At times but now there's a voice for all These people to claim that the NFL is Rigged and all this so this is the you

Know I don't even know how we got on This subject oh presidents Trump Cancellation tiger they want to cancel Tiger all this garbage So let me let me try and unpack this so Um If Tiger Woods was I I think your point about this was a Joke between friends and and each other The I guess the issue that it was it was Public or you know but it wasn't Intended for anybody other than his Friends so so what is it what is it Anybody else's business but because of Social media it becomes a huge issue and Then the the other thing on it is Like The oversensitivity you know I mean My thing on this is like how if someone Isn't targeting anybody specifically This is between two people okay if he Was targeting a woman let's say with That comment for example I I would I would say okay well you know Um He's specifically targeting this person He's going out his way to to to point Something out that's one thing but when It's between two two guys and their Friends and and I I here's here's my thing why is Everything dictated By the PC police it's if if it's Something between two people and somehow

It's filmed okay in this case right it's Between two people or three people and It's film on it it's unintended for them And it's filmed why is that Eddie any Sort of issue the the issue to me is why Why are people butting into everybody's Business okay now if it was something Where it was like a public statement Right like I don't know he's on there And it's part of uh Um You know as part of the PGA Tour and and He's talking about something and and he Uses a term out into the public that Um and and even though even if he didn't Mean anything by it It somehow starts to offend people Because it's it's it's a situation where It's publicly addressing everyone and The bottom line is women don't Understand how how men are okay I could I could understand not at the outrage But maybe being slightly upset because I I just know and you're married and I'm Women don't understand how men interact With each other okay this is the bottom Line the truth and the way that men Interact with each other is completely Unintended for female consumption okay In a lot of cases And they used to say oh it's locker room Talk okay well we don't if we if we're If we're on a pre if we're in a press Conference and we talk locker room talk

Yeah I guess that would be inappropriate Okay if we're in a press conference and We're getting interviewed for public Consumption and we talk like oh if we're Between each other and that's the case Then I I think it's crazy now obviously He was doing it on a uh in an area where People could could see him but it wasn't For public quote-unquote consumption Right so it's it's it's kind of crazy That The world because of social media is Peered into private lives I mean look We're on you know we're we're on public Every day I mean every week once a week Our tweets are out there whatever we say But those are a public forum where we're Kind of like Whatever we say we say Um you know people can like it or not Like it but like a private conversation Or a private interaction getting Publicized it's kind of hard to can't Like cancel people for a private Interaction but it's crazy because now Everything is consumed so you don't even Know if you're in a private internet and This wasn't his body's that that Consumed that are publicized but like if You're in a room with a couple of your Friends you better make sure you know Who your friends are right because uh uh You you don't want those private Conversations out there I I think it's

Absolutely crazy because of social media Um it it's it's everybody's offended by Everything there are things to be Offended by but let's be offended by the Things that are really offensive you Know what I'm saying not things that are Like uh oh likely this or lightly that Or unintended for public consumption Like it it it's it's crazy if someone Throws out a racial slur in a press Conference okay we should be offended by That that's something that's that's Legit Um if if somebody uh targets somebody Like I in New Jersey there was a Bullying case where I don't know if you Saw the story but the bullying case Where a 14 year old girl In uh New Jersey at a public school Was beat up by four other uh four other Girls jumped in the hallway Uh they put it out on social media okay She was so embarrassed she killed Herself it's a horrendous story okay and I said I I said this on Twitter I said Those those people should be tried for Murder okay and a lot of people Obviously you know agree to but the Bottom line is they're not going to be Tried for murder the biggest problem was The superintendent didn't even report it To the police they went to the police All these things and nothing happened And the girl ended up uh so upset and

You know how teenagers are they're so Especially girls at that age very Impressionable Um with social media and at 14 years old She ended up killing herself and uh you Know people are outraged I mean I think Those people at the minimum should be in Jail for a very long time I don't care What it is someone someone's life was Lost because of it Um and I don't care whether someone had Any issues or not they specifically Target her so those are things to me you Should be outraged about people should Be outraged about those kind of things Right those are real things to be out Raise when we get outraged about stuff What's going on about Tiger Woods then When something like this happens a Bullying case or people don't know What's really important to be outraged About you know what I'm saying yeah There's this woman Sarah Spain she works On ESPN and she's been like there's been Other females that have been very very Adamant about this issue with Tiger Woods um but Sarah Spain is the one I Noticed she's got 300 000 followers she Does I don't know what show she hosts on ESPN whatever Um I'm sure she's good at what she does I I've never seen her to say she's not Good or good I I know who she is I don't Really follow her that much but I I

Noticed that she was doubling down on This pretty hard and people were you Know in their comments and mentions Going hard at her because she was so Opinionated about this issue you know And then yesterday you know and again You talk about the the New Jersey Bullying case yesterday she quote Tweeted something that says you know Nine children including a five-year-old Were shot at a Georgia gas station Um I think Saturday Um you know they survived you know but They're going to be haunted forever You know it's barely being reported Because everybody survived blah blah Blah so she quote sweets this and says We didn't even hear about it yesterday We live in a nightmare that's her only Comment on that nine people being shot Okay including a five-year-old she's got 50 billion comments about Tiger Woods Now I know she works in sports so that's More relevant but again this is an Example of you're going to go you know As as deep as you can on this Tiger Woods garbage over and over and over and Over again you know because you're Outraged by yes but you're also getting Attention from it and all the other Aspects that come with being outraged You know fake outrage has been occurring Probably over the last I I again I liken it to Trump when Trump

Started in office fake outrage became a Big thing and he you know he said fake News and it's to me it's fake outrage Um You know there's different Sides of it I mean yeah you could be Outraged by something but sometimes when You're overly outraged by something You're looking for attention you're Looking for people to follow you you're Looking for to build your name you're Looking to get on the news all this Other stuff so you you react Outrageously To something that's not outrageous just For attention and then to your point you Act very un outrageously compared to What you reacted about Tiger Woods to a Shooting I mean what are we doing like okay so And I get it I'm not here to police what You're supposed to be outraged by right Right or not right but I'm saying in in The whole scope of things so I you know A friend of mine you you know Mark Fashionic right yes sure good friend of Mine they're working with it for over 20 Years Um somebody was talking to me I think it Was Wednesday Tuesday talking to me About their problems you know this that And the other you know I don't know what It was about I can't remember but it was Like ah geez you know I I didn't get

This something stupid you know like oh I Wanted to get a new driver uh but you Know they ordered it and it came Defective I had to return it oh my gosh You know a golf driver And then Mark's text to be his best Friend is having a heart transplant And I'm like I'm looking at these two Texts and like one's complaining about You know the fact that they got a Callaway driver that was faulty and they Have to return it and oh my God the end Of the world and the other one's talking About his best friend having a heart Transplant that's an 18-hour surgery the First two weeks is 50 50 whether he's going to survive First of all the surgery secondly the Transplant itself and I'm like what are We doing like okay Mark's got a real Problem And an issue that he's dealing with and His friends dealing with and then the Other one is just stupid so but you Can't call out stupid if I called out Sarah Spain or anybody else is Overreacting to this I would be flooded With people not because they disagree With me because they don't like me Because maybe they think I don't like Florida State or maybe they think I Don't like Ohio State or whatever they Don't like me because they just don't Like me first of all there's a jealousy

Aspect of having a platform and being in The industry for this long secondly Everybody thinks I hate their team so Let's say you know a Florida State fan With an ax to grind about my Mike Norvell comments last year saying I Didn't think he was going to win six Games when he won 10. sees what I say They don't have an opinion on it But they disagree with me because they Don't like me and then all of a sudden That becomes their you know oh this is Massages think it's sexist you're you're An idiot and then people that follow Them maybe females get upset think I am That and then come and attack me right Even like getting involved in this even Us talking about it I mean I know a lot Of people don't listen to the podcasts And stuff like that but even us talking About it it's almost pointless I would Love to just call out everything and I Don't have the energy to do it there are People that do it Um kudos to them but the the the the the Fake outrage has just become way too Much in society he didn't he didn't hand It to him on camera like this in front Of everybody He he he's slipped it to him as they Have done for years and years and years Clearly I mean obviously this is a Running joke if he's got tampons in his Salt bag full swing you ever watch full

Song I watched the first two episodes I I've got I've got I love it I love it You've seen the whole thing I I've Watched a couple episodes I'm like You're a much bigger golf fan than I am But I I enjoy the uh kind of behind uh Scene details of of something you you Know I'm saying that I don't know as Much about I mean I I could get and and When but when you see like just even in Full swing these guys spent so much time Together especially the ones that like They're they're you know they're Competitors but they're friends you know What I mean and it's a unique Relationship I I do like it at this like Um in college football you know when You're like I was a linebacker uh my Last few years and in the linebacker Room right you're everyone's trying to Start you're the starter but when if You're the guys behind you are friends With you but obviously they'd like your Job too right so it's the same thing With like the guys so I I find full Swing interesting because you know You're playing with your friends at the Same time you're trying to beat your Friends right and I there's a unique Aspect to it that I think is a very Uniquely male thing now I'm sure it Happens at girl Sports too Um but you know having coached both boys And girls although uh in sports boys and

Girls are different as competitors I'm Not saying they don't compete hard they Both compete hard really hard but what They require in order to compete at Their best is a different approach men Are like men even boys I've noticed some Some of like like my son's age some of Them you could really like you have to Pump them up right and some of them you Have to talk to them very kindly in Order to get it done Girls I've noticed the whole key aspect Is to have them enjoying the process Right and when they enjoy the process They seem to perform well right like Everybody everybody's that's on their Team is on their side now when they go Against the other team they're pretty Fierce all of them but it's it's just a Different approach and so what I noticed With all these kind of things is Basically to me and I I I'll admittedly Say that I'm not a psychological expert But but to me just for my many years of Coaching there is some sort of Psychology working with kids and seeing How they interact Um Men compete with each other a certain Way that most other people outside of Being a man might find difficult or Offensive it's the same reason why People go nuts when coaches are yelling On the sidelines or something like that

Well having coach girls even when I'm Intense with with a girl I won't flat Out yell at them it's just a different Approach there's it's okay for the two Sexes to have a slightly different Approach to life I don't understand why It's always such a big deal you know the Best statement and I know people I can't Think of the guy's name now but people Either love them or hate them I like I Mean I don't agree with everything he Says but a lot of the stuff he says I Think point out great points the guy From outkick Um Oh yeah what's his name um uh clay clay Travis play Travis yeah yeah so those Are a lot of things that I I think Especially stuff with the Ben women Thing I think a lot of or the fake Outrage thing I think he's right on a Lot of those you know he's obviously job Is to be over the top so sometimes he'll Go you know way he goes he goes fake Outrage in the opposite direction Correct correct and then on purpose Because it's his job he's gone at first He was Fighting fake outrage it was great but Now everything is everything is uh uh Everything is Everything is to fight the the other Side okay which makes it again go the Opposite extreme but

But what that you pointed out or I think It was him that pointed this out was This whole thing about Um the girls soccer Oh I know it was it was Morgan Alex Morgan who's a girl uh Olympic soccer Player who normally is not like uh Overly wokster person or anything like That but she she was said she's all for Trans How do you trans Men playing on women's Soccer like if they identify as a woman Trying out for Um U.S women's soccer team she's for it And his whole point was Let's if if we took 25 of the best 25 Men who decided to who like say college Soccer players who decided they were Going to identify as women and go Against Um those women in soccer there would be No uh biologically Uh how do you say biological women on That team which is a hundred percent Correct and that's my hope you know That's the whole thing about like you go Crazy with this overly uh uh fighting on Things to your own detriment and women Not willing to like hello Title IX to me Was the most important thing for women That's why so many women have succeeded In sports that's why they're so Successful that's why you have college Scholarships for women that's something

To fight for it is not I I don't think Trans people should be able to compete No doubt about it my opinion in their Own category I have no problem with it I Don't care if you're a man woman in Between green purple whatever the hell You want to be go be it but you Shouldn't be able to compete with a Biological woman because if I had a Daughter I'd be human because I know you Put me in the 100 meter dash in high School as a as a woman and yes guess What but I am not only the state Champion but I am also the national Champion and I wouldn't make the finals In 100 meter dash of the state Championship as a boy so those things to Me are like Women should fight for their own Priority to be competing against Themselves only so we're getting this Whole world and trying to be politically Correct to be nice to everybody where We're have these fake outrage and these Fake things instead of like I said Before fighting for something that's Really important women should fight for Their right to compete with just women You know what I'm saying yeah and and Again there's a lot of people I mean a lot of so the smaller Percentage of people that have the fake Out right they get listened to more Um the people you know like me and you

That don't think this is a big deal and That this is just a joke between friends And this is just something that's been Going on forever and maybe it needs to Die I don't know I don't think it does I Mean I think it's just again between Friends you know I I when I'm on the Golf course I'm not great at golf you Know but when I moved my buddies and They're not great at golf either a Little better than me you know if they Suck I tell them they suck I could tell Them they're an idiot you know a [ __ ] Whatever just fun ball busting stuff Um you know but is that am I offending Idiots am I offending morons I I don't know maybe do I have to worry About offending morons do I have to Worry about like if if somebody pushes a Driver 180 yards and I say you you hit Like a girl do I have to worry about That Um you know the people who come into the Comments and they say well you know Women Drive the golf ball on average I Don't know A hundred yards less than men on average Whatever there's there's there's teas For women There's teas for seniors there's teams Tees for regular golfers there's teams We're Pros should we get rid of those Because that's sexist I mean you Shouldn't have women's teas

I don't know it just it baffles me it Confuses me I I I'm confusing I have my Opinions I I really do I mean I think This is a funny joke sorry maybe I'm an Ass maybe I'm old school maybe I'm a a a Macho sexist I think it's a funny joke What I think is really outrageous is the Overreaction to it you know by people Looking to get attention for themselves And I think that's what's happening here So I mean I can talk about this is a Political issue you know Um I can talk about this stuff for hours Daily on a podcast and I can give you my True opinions on it you know I really Don't care but but I also don't want the Headache that goes with it I mean if I Was on a national radio show right now Not on a podcast with you you know where A few people are watching if I was on Like full ride radio or something that I Do which goes to a national audience We wouldn't talk about this it wouldn't Come right that would Chris uh child That's what Chris challenge it would Never it's not a topic it's not Chris Childler's fault it's not Rick Newheisel's fault the producers never Ever in a million years let us talk About this we we talk about some funny Stuff right right you know but political Stuff you just mentioned you know Transgender not a million years with That word ever be able to be used or

Talked about or discussed Um you know sexism not in a million Years racism not in a million years none Of this stuff would be allowed to be Talked about because that's just the way It is Um and the headache that would be Involved isn't worth it it's just not Worth it to talk about and then to have People say well you know she canceled Feral on Full Ride every week he's this That and the other I'm just but that What they want to do Is they kind of want to it's not I I Don't want to clarify this fun but they Want to take away people's individual uh Personalities Tiger Woods is An old school Golf and dude on that I'm That um what's called full swing What's Called the Netflix I think it's full Swing yeah You know the first episode is about JT And and uh uh spief grew up you know Going to different colleges competed Busted each other's balls all the time You know root for each other but as guys Do you know if I don't win I want him to Win but if I'm playing against him I Want him to suck and I'm going to remind Him of his socks and I'm going to remind Them every step of the way they're Playing for money in that episode if you Notice and they're very competitive About it the second episode is is about

Brooks kepka who I absolutely love more Than I ever did before I was never Either high or low on capca But the dude keeps it real and a lot of People don't like them now Um you know his wife is talking to him And he's thinking about his golf swing And he's admitting that he's sort of Drowning her out in his head because he Can't stop thinking about his golf swing He won you know four tournaments in two Years he hasn't got back to that winning Uh recently now he's over at live golf So he's not going to be talked about Much at all because the PGA won't talk About live golfers at all Um you know but he's really honest in That he's like this is torturing me this Is tormenting me I think I stink at golf I'm not good I used to be good you know It affects his family life every bit of It and he curses all the time you know And people will be like well that's just Crass he's not smart you know blah blah I love him because he's real I like real This is not real this Sarah Spain stuff Is not real this this minikim stuff is Not real all these ESPN Talking Heads That are outraged by this joke it's not Real what's real is this was a joke uh To them it's funny and and that's all That matters Um and you know I I have no judgment of It whatsoever well that's part of ESP

ESPN is like a uh it has an interesting Overall agenda I mean I know what They're gent meaning it's it's woke Central it's World Central but the I Always find it so funny like everybody I Got if I turn on my ESPN morning I see Two guys screaming at each other The whole entire time whether it's Um it's uh what's his name uh Stephen A Even a Smith or Max Kellerman or they're Yelling at each other or Brian Clark or You know all these guys It's absurd and then and then the the The other show was skipping um Right Like I know it's a stick I mean Good Golly no you know it's like now you know I grew up in a family where people uh Whether a lot of people couldn't would Not be cannot handle like my my parents Their their siblings because they would Be hollering at each other all the time You know but not offend not a fan you Know they'll get at each other and that That's how I grew up people would get at Each other and then hug at each other You know what I mean whether it's Political or whatever that's the family I grew up in people would get at each Other at the dinner table all together And you'd be sitting there as kids and You would be like do they like each Other and then obviously they're Laughing two seconds later right so

There's a lot I don't know if people Didn't grow up in this culture because We're we're in a generation ahead I Guess they probably didn't there's less Kids now there's less family families Being together as a group like from that Standpoint but it's It's I mean ESPN's agenda is is to just Uh uh churn out drones that look exactly The same do exactly the same thing think No different than each other no real Thoughts you know type of thing it's and And and it's funny because they don't Want anybody to be offended but all These shows they turn on all the people Are doing is just yelling at each other And like that's what people want so when I first started my own website you know I was given advice and you know it's Good advice Just find somebody Uh you know a partner that you could Just disagree with whether it's your Opinion or not and just yell about Something all day long every day and When I was first introduced to ESPN when I first got on ESPN back in the early 2000s Uh you know I kind of had an idea what Happened there but when I was in Production meetings I was on a show I Forget what it was called the coaches Something you know when it was uh Jim Don and uh Lou Holtz

Um I think it was Trevor matich myself and Somebody else we had production meetings You know and I'm sure they have them now To the nth degree about a topic and one Person would have to pick one side the Other person would have to pick the Other side whether ever whether they Agreed or not you know like okay you Know let's say it's you know 2004 USC is Going to win the national championship Okay we can't have everybody agreeing That that's going to happen So who wants to take the side that it's Not going to happen and it wasn't fake You could come up with ideas of course As to how they wouldn't win it and this That and the other But that's what it is disagreement is What moves the needle now it's what People want they want to be upset about Stuff they want to disagree with you Um it's why you know regular journalism Is kind of out the window and now and It's all opinion I could write an Opinion article on how nil Stakes it's Horrible for college football You know and it'll get a lot more Attention than if I write an article uh Breaking down you know the college Football national championship chances Next year for UGA and Alabama and Ohio State and Michigan all that stuff Um you know and if I say nil sucks

The people that talk will be in my Mentions will be the ones that say you Know oh you you just want players not to Be paid you want these coaches to make Billions and millions and you want the NCAA to make millions and billions and Kids shouldn't and then it will turn Into race You know Um it'll be like oh yeah you don't want You young African-American players get Paid and I'm like How did this even happen and that's what The way it will digress you know but That's what people want they want to Agree and disagree with stuff Um And and so it it gets to the point I Mean I saw one with uh Michael Irvin and Ryan Clark You know I was just they are screaming I Can't understand anything they're saying They're screaming at each other and it's It's a bit where they do like five Different things and they agree or Disagree with each other but they're Literally yelling and I can't understand A word I'm saying and there's a lot of Gesturing and stuff like that and I'm Like I would like to really know what the Opinion is about this but I can't Understand it um and with Skip and Shannon sometimes they're yelling over

Each other I can't understand it and Same thing with you know uh get up I Watch all these shows yeah I'm Interested in them I'm interested in Topics because they give me ideas to Write about you know whether it's I Think of an NFL topic you know on who's The better quarterback you know right Now uh you know heading into the Chiefs Bengals game is it Joe burrow or Patrick Mahomes like give me the idea of like Okay you know is it CJ Stroud versus JJ McCarthy I know Straw's leaving but it Gives me ideas but the over-the-topness Is just there and that's what people Want and that's what we're going to have To be dealing with all and again I guess Being outraged by the outrage just leads To more outrage and that's what they Want They do I mean so I'm outraged at Sarah's fan I don't know her yeah yeah But I you know and that's right you get Outraged I don't actually get I just Think these things are so absurd you Know like uh please like okay can we Please take down the Spy balloon but not Not shoot down an actual balloon that a Kid let go [Laughter] I don't even know what happened with the Spy balloon I don't even care I don't Care about that stuff like what what I What matters to me honestly we shot down

A spy balloon But then another one came into space it Turned out it was like I don't know Someone's ballooned and they shot that Down too probably look at that 14. You know what it bothers me What affects me on a daily basis is what I focus on and that may sound selfish But you know I I text Mark about his Buddy how's he doing I I you know right If you're in my life uh and it's Important then I care about it if if and This is probably a bad attitude but There's nothing I can do about it the Tiger Woods joke I don't care I'm not going to comment About it I don't care about we're Talking about it now obviously because Of the woke situation and all the Outrageous overreactions and stuff like That but I mean it's not going to change Anything coming out and saying that's a Bad joke well yeah it will change Something it'll stifle that will never Happen again So now a joke that they've had running Clearly for 20 plus years or 15 years or 10 years or whatever gone uh maybe for The right maybe for the wrong but it's Gone you've destroyed it and and you Know you've made I think you know them Less human Um you you've you know kind of curtailed A little bit of their fun it's like

Comments it stops down that's why comedy Which used to be great you know they Thank goodness there's a few guys still Like um I can't think of the guy Bill Burr and Chappelle they still take Chances and like people are like oh Chappelle like they're things that I That could be deemed offensive that they Each say but it's within the comedy act The whole point of Comedy is that there Are especially their style of Comedy is That they're offending everyone you know Like it's like I don't know but they're Like the last two I mean maybe there's a Couple others that I don't know there's A few other I mean there's some really Funny stuff out there and again you know It depends on What the what the movement of the moment Is you know Louis CK was very funny and He was Politically Incorrect and and Then he he you know got caught up in the Metoo movement with sexually harassing Somebody which is obviously serious and You know and then he became sort of Canceled and then he made a comeback but He's a little bit watered down now as to What he was you know Howard Stern has Always been the one who's just never He was sort of Untouchable because he Just pushed through it all he lost Sponsors he lost everything you know but Now he's you know a complete liberal Woke you know won't let anybody in his

House out of fear of of covid you know Uh all talk about vaccinations and and And all this stuff he just I think he Lost his mind and he went completely to The right because he used to have Trump On his show and Trump used to grade Women you know like on a one to ten Scale for him I remember yeah yeah and Then all of a sudden you know they had a Falling out when Trump was running for President because because Howard was the Hillary Clinton guy and and then then All of a sudden after that Trump got in Office Stern went completely liberal 100 Percent there was a time where you Didn't know what she was and and then You knew and now you complete I had to Stop listening to it because there's so Much agenda in it and I love him and I Love the show but you know look at this I mean Jimmy Kimmel did a bit 100 years Ago in blackface Almost got canceled Howard Stern did it 100 years ago as well nobody touched him Like why is there one rule for one Person and not a rule for another person Why does Bill Burr get away with it and Other people can't I don't have the Explanation yeah I really don't I just Think we're obviously you know more of a Society that focuses on what's wrong Then what's right I just put up a video On Twitter of um DJ lagway DJ lagway is A five-star quarterback in the 2024

Class committed to Florida he's doing This seven on seven thing and he he does This arm angle thing which of course is Impossible you know he's throwing across His body low arm angle Patrick Mahomes Type right to where the offensive line Would be but there's no offensive Lineman in seven on seven so it's a Sidearm throw for a touchdown in seven On seven whoop-dee-doo I didn't comment On the throw because the throw was It's not real life that would never Happen it couldn't happen in a game I Commented that he looked taller and and More filled out because he's you know He's like a six foot guy I think he's Closer to six two now he looks like he's Getting big In my comments it's like that throws Stupid that throw would never happen This is dumb this that and the other Like The negative portion of that is what Everybody's talking about Nobody's talking about the one simple Fact that they said he's getting tall You know people want negativity that's What they want I noticed on your on your Feed with Ben I I was so surprised like You post you know you post like our D1 Promos you post to players great stuff On them you get a handful of comments You know maybe a lot of people want view It a ton of views The View people view

It because the people we want the view And view it but the negative Nellie's Stay away from your positive content Right but when you talk about like I Don't know any kind of semi toss-up Topic you know what I mean like if if You're if you talk you know you have an Opinion on something you know you like Your old uh prove me wrong thing kind of Stuff Um They go nuts they go Bonkers it's like It's amazing to me How it swung so far I I saw I saw a like A YouTuber guy I watch a lot of these Videos because I'm always you know Trying to grow uh grow what we're doing And I saw this video and a guy went Through this whole thing and they said Well if you really want to just get a Ton of views Just saying negative stuff constantly oh My God yeah after explaining how to get Millions of views and my but he Basically said bottom line is you know What if you don't want to do it if you Really just want to get going through The chase you put out a bunch of Negative stuff and people will view it Oh my God so if I write something you Know and this is the the difficult Portion of college football but it's Also the fun portion if I write Something positive about Michigan and

Don't even mention Ohio State Ohio State Fans get upset And if I do the opposite with Ohio State Michigan fans get upset but the most Popular articles That I've had on my website we're coming Up on 10 months we've been uh launched Have been negative how Jimbo Fisher is The most toxic human being on Earth well Viral Urban Meyer is a scumbag viral Um on and on whereas I wrote an article About Matt Rule and what a great coach He is and these are the reasons why I Think he's a good fit for Nebraska and Why he could be successful crickets Nebraska fans clicked on it but nobody Else cares because they've watched it They'll view it but there's no comments Coming on those things they won't even View it bro Nebraska fans will view it right Iowa Fans will look at it they'll ignore it Because it's positive now if I said Matt Rules sucked and he was horrible with The Panthers and the guy stinks as a Coach and he's washed up Nebraska fans would go nuts first of all Because they're blinded by you know Their loyalty to the team then in Iowa Fans Minnesota fans Wisconsin fans even You know across Ohio State Michigan uh You know they would all go crazy that's What I could do You know it but that's not my opinion

It's not my real opinion and of course Then I would get a text immediately from Who Matt rule he's saying what the hell Are you doing and all this other stuff And I'd have to do that but that's not Why I don't do stuff Um I got coaches mad at me all the time I just I have my honest opinion and want To go with it now if I want to make my Website we talked about this last week I Want to make my website successful I'll Rank 105 Stars we talked about that And I'll just I'll I'll tear into Everybody I'll say Kirby Smart is Overrated He won two national championships but I'll say he's overrated He just he got lucky he can't manage Quarterbacks you know he he he's uh you Know save and taught him everything I'll Just do that I'll get a lot of clicks I'll get a ton of attention yeah but It's not my opinion I'm not going to do That so part of me is I'm a dumb Businessman because you're right Negativity is what people want Um well think about the reason why that Would be right so Georgia fans let's say There's I don't know a million Georgia Fans right out there I'm sure there's More than that but let's say it's a Million well you say something positive About them your Marketplace is a million You say something negative your

Marketplace is the whole United States Minus Georgia fans so 364 or whatever it Is 364 million so if you think about the Marketplace for negativity Marketplace For positivity affects the people that You're talking about and the people that Are interested in them positively Negative stuff talks to everyone who has No interest in that group that you're Talking about and those million That would consume a Kirby Smart article And maybe click on it and like it you Know if it was uh it was positive and The others wouldn't care Uh if I write something negative about Kirby Smart those million Georgia fans Oh they're gonna read it and they're Going to comment and it's going to go Crazy they're gonna say you suck you're An idiot you're so stupid out you're so Stupid he won two national championships Bro blah blah blah and it blows up Because right right you're bringing in The 100 billion other people You know 300 million other people but You're also you're you're you're poking A hornet's nest of those million Georgia Fans great point and then outside both Sides comment right oh my gosh but Negativity is the only thing that does That if I write a positive article about Kirby Smart I may get a couple Bama fans Saying here and there that he saw a Couple Vols fans saying that they got

Lucky last year the hooker got hurt Whatever very minimal comments very Minimal blah blah blah but I mean Honestly everything I write should be Negative everything and I'm I'm honest I'm a pessimistic person I'm I'm Generally a negative person Um I really am but I'm not gonna do that like and I don't Care Kirby's smart you didn't care about Me you didn't give a crap what I think Uh he's not a friend of mine I'm not Friends of his I'm not friends with any Coaches just not Uh it's not because I don't want Kirby Smart tax to me or his people reaching Out to me or they're gonna stop feeding Me information or anything like that It's just that it's not my opinion Um and it's kind of you know I wrote Something today fact or fiction uga's Biggest threat Factor fiction Tennessee Vols are the biggest threat to UGA and The my opinion is fiction you know and The reason I brought it up is because Tennessee last year was the biggest Threat to UGA Alabama was not Tennessee Beat Alabama LSU was not when they got To the SEC Championship game they had Four losses I believe it was Tennessee They beat Alabama they were undefeated Going into that Georgia game Georgia Throttled them pretty good but they were The biggest threats so now my question

Is are they the biggest threat this year My answer is no it's Alabama or LSU They're stronger teams you know without Hen and hooker without Jalen Hyatt They've lost a lot on offense they're Still going to be good offensively I Read all this stuff Um A few people will read it now if I wrote Fact Then the Alabama fans get in there a Little bit angry the LSU fans get in There and it gets more attention but I'm Not going to change my opinion on Something just like clicks well that's I Think that's I think in the long run Though here's where I go short run long Run short run negative really works In the long run you probably end up Canceling yourself if you're overly Negative I I think in the long run now Maybe you've made your money at that Someone made their money at that point They don't care but I think in the long Run you what if you get labeled like in In in what you do overly negative from a Business aspect it could be it could Become an issue now obviously I'm wrong In some of these instances but I think That like if you're if you're looking For I don't know I mean it really depends on what you're Looking for it comes down to credibility

Though yeah it goes out of credibility Credibility if you it's pretty obvious If You're Gonna Go Negative on everybody Um you know so but credibility sometimes Doesn't pay the bills well you know I I Listen I was a huge Jason Whitlock fan He's just too negative on everything now Everything's negative this whole thing Is like fire he's gonna blow something Up every single time and I'm like okay Aren't isn't there anything that we Could talk about that actually Is a like advancing something forward And then he he only has people on who Agree with him in the negativity so I Was a gigantic Jason Whitlock fan and There's many things he talks about that I agree with I agree with a lot of Things that he talks about but he I Can't even watch the show anymore Everything to me is just all right this This group is bad even when I agree with Him I can't even watch it anymore Because I just know what it's going to Be about I don't even have to watch the Show I can see the first segment the First intro and no the whole show was Going to be about because that's all They're going to talk about the whole Entire time so someone who I really Think is a pretty good I thought was a Pretty good uh broadcaster used to bring Up some really interesting points he

That's selling for him it's no doubt It's selling and his is selling on I'm More uh more to the right but it's no Doubt it's Allen and he's just doubled Down on it and I just think in the long Run like I don't know the viewer who has A brain You know what I'm saying like you or I I Like to think I have somewhat of a brain You know basically he's like I I can't Take it after a while you know yeah you Got a heart out I got a heart out in two Minutes so it's um the D1 promo www uh My D1 and then my Um Is it transfer transfer for the transfer Uh these are great opportunities to get Exposure Um you know they've been going well for A lot of people Um you know it won't get into specific Examples of that but we got power five To you know FCS to you know uh prefer Walk-on power five where they you know We're never thinking about playing at That level Um Winterfest is this weekend Saturday In Hillsboro Um I'll be you know tweeting out about That with the registration link uh you Know heading to Jersey I'm gonna see my Old buddy John Schmidt you remember John Oh yeah of course yeah all American

Games um I hit him up uh Yeah it's funny we got some stories he And I to talk about um there was Something I was going to be involved in Something and then somebody else in this Industry got his little uh you guys Little boxers and a wad about it and had A little hissy fit and temper tantrum And it didn't work out for me and John Because of this just so many people so Insecure so disgustingly insecure in This industry it's just kind of cracks Me up though that's a big issue in this Industry oh it's unbelievable so and you And I know it you know but people don't Know it out front but you know I was Following up with him like I haven't Heard from you in six months about this He's like oh this is what happened I'm Like oh my gosh that's hilarious is he Is he still doing the oh I see yeah he Had things but I don't know he's still Doing that he's uh you know he's the the Personnel manager you know he handles All the logistics of the tour and the Travel and the kids down there in San Antonio he's also on the committee for Selection and stuff like that too so I'll catch up with him in Jersey I'm Sure I'll catch up with some other People in Jersey Um I'm going to bolt you could talk a Little bit more about the promos I I do Want to say Winterfest this is going to

Be a great event winner Mike's got to Head out I'll head out too yeah I gotta Head out so you'd keep talking and then Cancel it for us because I gotta head Out I got it I'll close it out Um If you go to my winter There's a ton of prospects that have Already signed up for it so you're gonna Get opportunity for me to get some Really good people in front of me and Mike it's a unique opportunity it's an Opportunity for you to actually get Um looked at and just because of our D1 Promo the rating systems about both me And Mike have these are opportunities For you to get the thing that you guys All want which is uh Stars the Opportunity to get ranked the Opportunity to get looked at and the Opportunity to get promoted all that Will be in one you you got to get there My D1 uh we talked About the promo I mean by winner and then for the Promo D1 we'll see You next week Um keep working keep getting better and We are out

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