College Football Recap, Recruiting Recap

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College Football Recap, Recruiting Recap with Coach Schuman and Mike Farrell #coachschuman #recruiting #collegefootball Subscribe right away and get all the great updates #football #camps #recruiting #collegefootball #highschoolfootball NUC is the longest running series of high school…

College Football Recap, Recruiting Recap with Coach Schuman and Mike Farrell
#coachschuman #recruiting #collegefootball
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#football #camps #recruiting #collegefootball #highschoolfootball

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[Music] Boom Boom we are back a little time off uh i Was out becoming a better leader and Uh Mike was uh answering 9 000 questions About college football for the for the Last week and a half and then being Called every name in the book Uh oh well i well i just thought that Was just par for the course so it's Worse now that because florida state Fans are back you know they've sucked For a very long time And now they beat lsu and they're acting Like they beat um Alabama and won the national Championship so You know i said that norvell would Probably not make it through the season And i couldn't find six wins on the Schedule so now that they're two and now Uh people decided to tell me to go kill Myself [Music] Pleasant people That's right at least at least at least You don't you're not like me running uh I'll run the pickleball tournament Coming up this weekend Where where uh i uh I Understand how registration can be Difficult because you're dealing with a

Little older demographic But i i For a hundred registrants which is great It's great first tournament great it's Great to have 100 But 100 registers Like if i got this many emails on a nuc Sports camp for 100 registers yeah i Probably would i would probably have to Take a plunge off a cliff yeah Yeah and the funny part is You know the older demographic has less To do Um and and It's it's easier to schedule your life You know obviously parents with kids Trying to schedule a sunday going to a Camp or a saturday going on camp they Got to juggle all sorts of things you Know sports and activities and Other kids Yeah yeah other kids and stuff Uh the older demographic should be just Like um Yeah i'm not doing anything that day I'll i'll just i'll be there But yes it's gone Pretty funny but let's let's let's let's Get to the nuts and bolts of we've We've been churning out some great Content on players that have been Involved in our d1 promo program Um i mean Parker meets going through the roof

I mean yeah the linebacker from texas um He does get a lot of traction as rauner From nebraska Yeah It's the fun part of the promo because Now we got film you know the off season Is great love it workout videos seven on Seven videos summer training videos all That stuff love it it's important to Stay on the radar through those months Because you will drop off and never get Back again so it's a constant Nudge you know to coaches that i'm still Here i'm still working uh you know ben Hartman's got new video there's a lot of Guys um That Have Real game film now so now you get Something that you can really promote so I love the off season uh i love football Season but i i really do like you know Being able to promote Actual helmet Pads foam football Absolutely and some of our guys are Chase enlo Uh was a Sophomore for the short conference Player of the week Ran for like 120 or something like that Uh and a win i mean he's only a Sophomore Um and i mean just look

Wow i mean i had him in a club team i Thought he was really good but you know You have you have a lot of younger kids In that that group And just seeing them on varsity just Like starting i mean for yeah And i got this email from um from cade Kennedy who's another you know Our players And it was funny you know because i i Understand what he's saying he's like um You know i got he got ranked by an Organization i never heard of Um so he got a three-star ranking from Them Uh i've asked both rivals in 24 7 to be Ranked via email but no success or Response no far so far he's not going to Get a response and and i'll let him know That you know i'm very upfront with People No it's not going to like until you get Offers they're not going to rank you um You know unless you know somebody and And you know i i can't get you ranked i Think 24 7 people probably still hate me Uh i'm certainly not going to ask rivals For anything you know having departed There after 24 years and i can't get you Ranked But you're not gonna get ranked that way Either because you know blind emails to These services unless you're um You know and this speaks to my arch

Manning thing you know like arch manning Let's say he he was kate kennedy And he was emailing people just for fun Um He would be ignored You know Now if his email said i'm the nephew of Peyton and eli Uh The grandson of archie and i have 50 Offers oh he would get a response Immediately um but they're not going to Look at your film and they're not going To care so you know that's why the Promotion is Is extremely important and it's one of Those things it's funny it's like Sometimes you get backed up You know i mean I got backed up as you saw this week You know um Tamira's williams from lee county that You just did last night i got backed up And and i didn't do it and you know i Got a nudge which was great to to get it Done and because i was backed up i'm Going to give him a little bit of extra Promotion just for for free you know and Then staying in contact with ethan Valmaka who's killing it out there early In his career um you know or or You know Martial like father brock You know the kid he played jv and he got

Into varsity and and you know they just Made him hand the ball off but he was Running for his life in jv and you know He was saying i don't know if you'd want To use that we want to use everything if You have no offensive line and i think It's rauner is it rauner the one who was Running for his life last year yeah a Little this year looks like they really Got it shored up yeah we finally got Film on him that we could put out there Which is great and i'm going to be doing That hopefully this week too But man last year was running for his Life but it showed athleticism it showed Things that people didn't think he had In the tool bag you know um and escapism And all that stuff that's what they want Uh so really the only bad film you can Send as a quarterback are pick sixes and Then bad throws and interceptions and Such but You never see those on highlights Anyways that's why evaluating kids over The years is is funny because you can't Ever go on a quarterback's highlight Tape ever not ever ever ever because On that highlight tape let's say there's 25 throws guess what they're 25 or 25 All of them dimes And and no bad passes you have to dig in And look uh to actually what's happening You look at spencer spencer rattler's Line for south carolina this peak week

Against georgia state One touchdown two picks you know Everybody said he struggled and i don't Think he was great but you go back and Watch that game a little bit and You see one of the picks was went right Through the hands of his wide receiver Um and it's not his fault so You have to dig in on film uh but really Anything Any any exposure is good exposure is What i say in in This Not in my life but you know as a Prospect trying to get attention it's It's good Then you can go to D1 or d1 and we've got Some new things coming uh for you me and Mike are are teaming on on Teaming together On a winterfest camp that's soon to be Coming out with it's out but we haven't Really launched it Um and then uh so stay tuned for that i Mean that's that's a rarity you're gonna Have me and mike in the same building Probably for the first time in uh 13. No more than that The last nuc camp i went to was before Barry every hired by you so when barry Was hired in the late 2000s at rivals i I'd stopped going and uc cass i didn't

Have to because he was at every one of Them he was at home So i think the last one i went to was Your one In delaware believe it or not At what's the name of that school Oh yes the red lion school so that one's Been late 2000s um And You know probably eighth grade i think Or not yeah Was in eighth grade yes because he was There um you know the whole red lion Group um They won i think they won your Tournament that year and he was i think He might have been a ninth grader or an Eighth grade but that whole red lion Group the coach was awesome yeah kids Were great they were fun um That was the last time after that you Gotta remember that after that i started The vto camps for rivals And i was not competing with you but i Had my new focus on running camps from From You know zero Entries to Turning that into under armour and then That move to adidas and and now the Camp's kind of dying and fizzling but That was the peak of camp them and uh i Stopped going to your camps to run my Own camps and uh and it's funny too

Because we were charging i don't know 85 Bucks a pop or something like that And i was getting like stefan diggs came To the camp and paid Uh that's one example that were there Were first-round kids that were paying 85 bucks back in the late 2000s to Actually go to camps and now they won't Even go to camps if they're getting free Gear Uh invitations to all-star games You know i mean Not money but i mean you could put money In a bag they wouldn't show up um so It's a different world in getting elite Kids to go to camps now Yeah that's it i think you're more in The uh emerging prospect realm for the Most part Which is where you started remember this Is what we started right really what we Originally started was really it's full Circle come back full circle list Exactly what it really is the emerging Prospect thing it's like you know [ __ ] We found johnny manziel vargas mariota We had we had stefan diggs we had all These guys Right when they were like Coach was like this kid's gonna be a guy You know like and they hadn't yet got an Offer or maybe they have one maybe if They had one today stay in age and they Have one they're probably not coming but

Like if they they had Maybe one at the time they were like a Freshman or they were sophomores they Just played varsity or something and uh That's what it was and that's what it's Back to it well and that's more fun to Me you know it got into the the Situation of you know Obviously calling in favors and and you Know Relying on your relationship with kids Not only because at that time we also Partnered with the uh the army bowl Which is now the nbc bowl You know And there was direct competition because The under armour Game started right around 2007 i think You know there's direct competition to Get kids to the proper All-star games um And the funny part about it is Is that you know i mentioned diggs but Kendall fuller as well who's a good Counsel and dorian o'daniel who and i Think all these guys are still in the Nfl um they were good council kids They were extremely loyal to me for Whatever reason maybe i was nice to them Maybe they like me i don't know but from Eighth grade on Those good council kids good council was An under armour Undeniable school or something what that

Means is under armour was a sponsor of The school and provided all their gear And money for the program And i was working for the army at the Time and diggs And fuller and dorian o'daniel all had Committed to the army bowl And Coach mallory was the head coach of good Counsel Yeah and he was trying to flip those Guys to under armour because he was Under extreme pressure i mean these are Maryland kids at an underarm or Undeniable school Um And he was he couldn't get him to go to Under armour because they were loyal to Me for some reason and What happens kevin plank the ceo of Under armour i don't think he is anymore But he went into that school and he sat Down with these three kids Trying to get him in the under armour Game and they each told him that no i'm Loyal to mike farrell and i'm gonna play In the army ball And kevin plank placed a phone call to His under armour partners And said who the hell is this my feral Person And under armour contacted rivals Immediately after that we were owned by Yahoo and we ended up having under

Armour camps [Music] A year Two years And that's kind of how it works in this Business it's like loyalty to that level When you get a ceo who's a billionaire Sitting there in front of these kids Telling you i'll do anything for you to Get to under armour game and they say no To you it really makes people notice so That's kind of the fun part of the Backstory of some of this stuff Um and it's kind of It's funny because you see some people Fade away You know When you go independent and then you see Some people come back in your life like You Um and and you know When when Mike farrell sports becomes successful And we just signed a deal with sports Illustrated last week we announced um There's gonna be a lot of those guys That are gonna come back And say oh yeah how you doing man slap Me on the back and i'm gonna tell them To go to hell because i'm too old i'm Too old to play games anymore so you're Either with me or against me who who was That in a movie Well i'm sure it was i've heard it a

Million times either with me or against Me i just don't know uh it's gotta be From like the 1600s or you know the men Of troy even you know way back um but Yeah you're either with me or against me Type of mo You know and that's what this promo is About like if we're with you we're not Against you ever But i'm getting tagged constantly in in Week one and week two highlight films From huddle from kids Tagged constantly because they see the Promotions that the other kids are to Get and i i dm them and i say hey you Want this type of promotion sign up But you're not going to get free Retweets i mean that's just not the way It works in life anymore so um you know The kids who are on board with this i Think they're all very satisfied with it They're not getting a lot of them are Getting the results they hope for Because everybody hopes for you know That that Kurt warner story you know where you go From bagging groceries to being a super Bowl guy and someone discovers you and Um but they're getting steady solid Interest and that's going to lead them To one step which can lead them to the Next step to the next step so i haven't Got any complaints everybody's been Happy

No it's it's it's great it's it's a pro It is a process and that's what you You you know you you don't go from Nowhere to somewhere so you got to go to Somewhere first then you go become Something It's exhausting don't you get tired Sometimes Um as far as what just burnt out like on A daily basis like there's so much to do And then i you know listen it lasts for Like an hour and then i get re-energized But there are times when yeah i know What i do mike i'll give you the dave Schumann okay go ahead Tip of the tip of the year for the guy Who works around the clock Be illegal narcotics there's no illegal Narcotics I'll sit in front of my my uh uh Computer and i get this feeling Sometimes and it's like your eyes just Go dave close your eyes right yeah and I'm telling you this i do one of two Things i either if i'm up my computer And i know that like i really can only Afford to have 20 minutes maybe and then I sit there i have a nice comfortable Chair to have Um at my desk so i just sit there i just Close my eyes now i can do this Not everybody can i close my eyes 20 Minutes wake up i'm refreshed sitting Right right of my seat i can do it do

That no one can do that you can do it i Can do it i i can't And then the other thing i could i do is Then My son has this like i don't know you Ever see these really huge um Bean bag things you know what i'm saying Where he sits on to play video games Yeah yeah yep yeah so um so what i'll do Is I'll go i'll put my little like Sleep thing on my you know my uh Whatever they call it on your phone you Know sleep thing or on your on your Watch and uh i'll set a time for 30 Minutes i'll lay on that bean bag thing It's very comfortable but it's not so Comfortable that you could sleep hours You know what i'm saying it's Comfortable enough that you just poom You pass out and 30 minutes later and Then i come back and i'm right back to Work that's how i do it that's my Productivity secret a lot of people Can't do that But but but that's my productive and it Allows me to just Like you'll see me sometimes at 1 30 in The morning on there that's the only way I could do it You know and i get up at 6 30. so My biggest problem is not work ethic or Or any of that it's overwhelm it's i Want to do 50 things

And i don't prioritize well and i've got Adhd so when i think of the 50 things i Get overwhelmed Um and then i don't do any of them for a Little bit and then i go back and then i Start working on one or two or three of Them but when my brain starts going and I get too many things on it like oh my God i gotta do so here's an example Today okay we've got already like eight Articles up on the site but i gotta Write the the running back rankings for 2023 recruiting class i got to do that Um i got to put up probably four or five Instagram posts i got to tweet out my Podcast from yesterday um You know later i'll have to download This podcast tweet this out upload this To youtube um i've also got a fact or Fiction for tomorrow i want to do A couple transfer articles i got to do An illinois article because i'm working Um you know on the side doing stuff for Illini guys i got to do a transfer Portal or quickly i'm working for the Portal report um i can't remember what Else oh i have to promote this and i own The app of mine booster athletes I just touted this is the software Notion so it's an app too yeah If you but you could you i use it on my Computer most of the time but i have it On my phone because if i'm thinking of

Something and it allows me to put all These different um It can do anything it's like you Remember i can't remember the program There used to be a program like you know 2000 used to use it but it was too Cumbersome this is less cumbersome it's Awesome what does this help you do To do lit to-do lists that like uh help You like It basically ends up it's a big database That you can Basically maneuver Your own little mini databases for Spreadsheets for anything you want um to Do lists like you have templates of Stuff already i use it for i hate to do Lists i hate I hate like i would write things down And cross them off but i couldn't write Down a few and do it so i started using This and it tracks my things to do So does it remind you of stuff as well i Mean are there reminders in here at all Uh i haven't used it in that way Document editing and sharing we probably Can project management Personal note taking all right i just Signed up for it so here's the thing um The other thing is too i mean i didn't Even talk about the p1 promotion stuff i Got to do there's about three of those No there's four of them minimum you know I gotta i gotta handle at least four of

Those for our our customers so Like i said i i This will probably help me i'm not gonna Share this just for myself uh this will Probably help me i gotta get i gotta get Organized but it's also like You know i should prioritize things that Actually Are successful like honestly i should Focus Right now solely on The d1 promotion thing because It's It's it's a it's a revenue generator and It's also something that we've seen Success with Um But i'm so in the weeds with the website Um i'm so in the weeds with my social Media trying to grow that uh and that's Like like i said i just don't prioritize I should have had my 2023 high school Football by position rankings out A month ago i had them done they're done They're ready and i finally got the Graphics for them all and just sitting Down and writing you know what what About reuben owens makes them good is Just to me It's just then i got to do wide Receivers if i do running backs just Overwhelming i jus i'm just i'm a mess This is what we call it i'm a mess Uh in many many different ways

Yeah no fixing me man there's no fix to Me this is how i've been forever You know i mean the difference is when i Was running things at my own company Sort of in charge of everybody i had People to delegate to and i still have That today i've got some tremendous Tremendous people that i work with Um and i do delegate stuff But also I i just worked 18 hours a day and just Kind and then when things slowed down And i became more of a manager I didn't know what to do with myself so Now i'm back to content creation and Less management And it's kind of like getting into a Rhythm it's like not doing cardio for Four years And then trying to run a 5k it's just no Every day you got to get up and do a Little and then next day do a little bit More so It'll get better but I'm a mess Let's get to some fun part yeah about Giving a mess isn't fun what are you Talking about well i can tell you this i I That i think that i just went to my john Maxwell group for the last three days my Leadership conference i went to And and now i'm qualified to coach you On uh

All these aspects of your life and You've got the heart out at 12 25 so Let's talk some college football let's Talk it um Well Uh well where do you want let's let's Let me ask this question okay is it hard To special team's question is that what You're gonna ask yes is it hard to Prepare your team To Protect Punt No No extra point is it hard is it hard to Protect that's your point Now you're a coach and i've been at a Billion practices over the years And and so you've always got the focus Of the offense and the defense and the Position groups and all that other stuff And then the special teams is over on The side And what are they doing You know and that sometimes they're not On the side sometimes they're on a field And you have obviously you know field Goal an extra point but what are they Doing all they're doing is snapping and Kicking and and all they work on is Protection So for for the game The lsu florida state game to end with a Blocked extra point where nobody was

Accountable for that guy coming off the Edge is Unfathomable to me Uh the two muff punts were bad But you know kid got nervous Obviously he didn't muff punts in Practice so they would have replaced him But the fact that you can't protect for An extra point or the east carolina game You know He hooked an extra point How about last night georgia tech Yeah I just i don't they could have had a Chance in that game it was close at the Time yeah i mean i i don't get it i and Again i've learned so coach Jerry peter cuskey was one of my first First first ever mentors in college Football when i started in the late 1990s he was the special teams coach at Boston college Okay And i never had any sort of respect or Feel for special teams i thought it was Easy um and he taught me a lot of things About special teams But his special teams were not beamer Ball special teams they weren't You know they were solid and steady uh But they had kicker issues and i just Couldn't understand that that's all you Practice Not just in practice but year round

How those things fall through the cracks But again The coach so paulian is the coach Special teams coach at um Lsu he's been with brian kelly for a Very long time he's not out there you Know you sent 11 guys out there one of Them could be a complete knucklehead That you've worked on with in practice And he's done it right 100 of the time And then he trots out there for a big Extra point he's all excited they just Tied the game and he forgets everything He's supposed to do because he's staring At the cheerleader in the crowd or Something and it's and it becomes your Fault as the coach because that bozo Didn't get his job done or the punter You know the punt returner drops two Fair catches because he's nervous it's a Thankless job Because you never get credit for hitting An extra point or or a field goal to win A game but you always get the fault But it's not hard Yeah yeah i i you know i i'm gonna tell You the flip side of my thoughts on this And Having coached for a long time now this Is high school mind you But i played in college and i remember How much We did special teams or did not do Enough of special teams in some cases

And i thought So as a high school coach that was Always a focus i learned that from a guy Like when i very first started like Special teams it's one third of the game You have to have treat it as such right And always have really good special Teams and what i know what i always used To look for is i love to play a team That spa pen no attention to special Teams because what would happen is you Would get a bl you'd pun you block a Punt and you do this you you get all These things because you'd realize that They're they were in like some sort of Basic alignment all you gotta do is like It's like um I can't remember the movie which it is But you just look and you're like who's The guy gonna be who's the guy going to Be who i'm coming after boom that's the Guy right i think it might have been Water boy right who we picked on the Quarterback gets underneath there and We're they're starting to roll before They get to the burn bowl and they're Trying to figure out who's who you know Who who's who's this little [ __ ] gonna Be and who's this gonna be and he's boom That's who we're going well that's That's kind of what it happens who's Who's the weak part of that that group And you figure that out and you go you Just go after him full boat because

Somebody if they haven't paid Enough attention to the details of Special themes obviously college coaches Have a million things to do but That game part of that if that coach Hasn't spent enough attention there's Somebody that's a weak point on that Team and there's someone on the other Side if he's a good special teams guy Really good special teams guy it's all There he's telling someone just find me The weak spot right find it and we're Going after you go after them 100 And then that's how you get all of a Sudden like you're like how could this Happen well they figured out this guy Doesn't step down hard enough He's stepping down in practice but you Realize was he stepping down as hard as The rest of the guys someone's figured That out right Yeah and that's how it i mean that's Kind of how it happens Same thing with Punts getting blocked like first of all I hate i and now i understand why they Do it but i hate that alignment Where they have the three guys in the Back who basically are just absorbing The blow Right as as everyone's sprinting at them Instead of having wings And and some sort of stuff up front and Just a personal protector that's how i

Was taught and i always found it to be The best way but They like they do that where they have The three guys protecting and they have The big line and every once in a while Somebody either just decides at that Moment that he's not going to take the Blow And he doesn't you know step hard enough Into the guy coming or he misses it's Blocked i mean it's always the punt that Gets blocked there's those guys with That little wall protection Remember that never used to exist back When you played that it wasn't that wall Oh was it it was the punter And ten guys And right you had the wings and you had The personal protectors and the two guys Out wide yeah and sometimes you didn't Even have the personal protector like i I've seen Way back this hundred years ago Where it was just okay all we have to do Because we accept expect the snap to get Back there in x amount of seconds and we Expect a punt to get off the next all You got to do is have the wall up front And not let anybody through now and Those Those blocks you remember back in the Day were just usually speed guys Correct It was just laid out entirely in front

Of the football Now Sometimes you can even block the wall Into the punter correct it's just it Sets up A lot more problems or a lot more but Now it's just the trend it's what Everybody does if you won't find any of Those solo personal protector or much of It or or really no personal protector Whatsoever because that's what everybody Did all of a sudden And what i love is like you remember the Swinging gate and all that other garbage Yup Why why Why Why Like what is the point of that like how Are you going to fool somebody by by Having your entire You know and then it's like On this everybody goes into the regular Formation what does that do it's almost Like special teams coaches sometimes get So bored That they try to create a little bit Something extra as well well you're Trying to get them to protect you The special teams so with In college i don't know if the swinging Gate is as effective as in high school It's definitely effective because people People don't practice it the bottom line

Is you're trying to make them practice More things than they need to practice Right So you're right you can get overly Creative To to a detriment because You're thinking you know if i get them To spend extra time on this it's taken Away it's all about time right was it College football limited to how long They could bury them it's very limited But i still i still don't believe That that is any if there's any effect Whatsoever you know it's almost like you Got a special teams coach and and also Back in the old days if you remember the Special team coach always coached Another position too right you know Now it's specialized because you can Have more coaches assistant coaches on The field and field coaches now it's Usually just special teams guy And they have so much They have so little to do When it comes to Repetition i mean how many times can can He kick an extra point and protect or Punt or protect That sometimes they get overly creative I saw i forget what a game it was might Have been lsu florida state there you Had the trio of guys in front of the Punter and one of them moved early first Of all i still don't see how that's

Possible I don't it's almost like You know you watch the football And you move when it starts coming back To you You never move early what's the point of Moving early so i think they out think Themselves And i think that can lead to a lot of Issues as well but special teams Shouldn't be this hard but it's college College kickers suck you know you think About it none of them get drafted or Maybe one or two get drafted every year Uh and mostly the nfl is filled with Guys either you know The great kickers From college football and there's a few Or you know or foreign guys that that You know have soccer style kicking and And maybe you know we're successful you Have australian rules punters now like College kickers for 112 Division one football teams You know i would say maybe eight of them Are really really good and reliable um What was the game last night the kid who Kicked a field goal at the end of the First half or another in the first half And in the second quarter georgia tech He kicked a long field goal and i heard His stats coming in well he's one for Seven And he's over five from this distance

I'm like why the hell is he even kicking Like one for seven is not good and he Nailed the field goal to his credit but Is that how bad we've gotten when it Comes to kickers my question is how Could it be with how could that be with All these kicking coaches Long snapping coaches Uh uh punting coaches how could kicking Not i if the nfl looks like it's better Than ever to me yes They've never and the extra point back Which is great right now every once in a While but they never missed an extra Point ever and they never lose field Goals but college somehow It's like a hit or missed it it's how Can it be hitter like The nfl better than ever because their Evaluation they're only taking the best You're only getting a few that make it Each year literally a guy could come off The street who played soccer for his Whole entire life walk in the building And and he already knows how to kick it Uh better than everybody else i always Tell i tell people this story all the Time when i was in high school my junior Year they tried to have i did everything And they tried to kick also okay Because i could kick off far i could Kick it off to the end zone right but They tried to have me kick extra points I was the worst extra point kicker in

The history of extra points just because I usually scored the touchdown and now i I'm walking over there and i gotta boot It through i i couldn't concentrate i Was like two for eight well anyway To try and make a point of how bad i was Which i already knew how bad i was They um they brought in the girl the Star and the girls soccer team to have a Kick a field goal kicking contest Against me okay And and i I knew her well and she comes over and I'm like oh my god first of all i knew She was gonna beat me okay because i Just knew like i could kick it far but i Wasn't accurate So She goes we we kicked the i feel extra Point somehow i made an extra point Which was amazing in this contest we go Back to like 25 yards i make it we go Back to 30 she makes it i make it which Was a miracle because i never made Anything okay and then we go to 35 yards She puts it right through the uprights And i miss it and i said see i told you Guys you should have this She should be a kicker Yeah and and honestly it doesn't matter Who you are as long as you can get it Through the uprights Consistently You know who cares and kickers don't get

Scholarships often and sometimes they do And you've got the sailors and coals of The world who make you know do a very Good job with these guys um And rank them nationally and it's all It's all just a crap shoot i i remember Talking about um Jerry peter cuskey you know bc Had uh steve upon a vicious now you Might not Remember that name but he was the kid They pulled out of the stands To become their kicker because they're The regular kicker Got in a bar fight Because kickers are deep down inside Very angry people and apparently so he Got a bar fight and they they didn't Have a kicker so they pulled him out i Forget what the fan section was and he Went two for two in his first game for Field goals against virginia attacking Two extra points and he nicknamed sid Vicious and everybody was talking about Him like that the kicking version of Rudy stephen pontovicius proves to Everybody he played baseball in soccer He didn't play football uh in high School that you is sometimes you have an Act for it and you don't really have to Practice because they found the kid they Found this kid like just Screwing around at bc sneaking into the Stadium kicking field goals and my buddy

Jay savetti was the graduate assistant Back then and he saw the kid and he went Up to uh peter cusk and he said I might have her kicker since our kicker Just got arrested And the rest is history he's one of Their all-time leading kickers so that's Amazing kicking is just It's it's it's dumb special teams are Dumb it can kill you Um it could destroy you i mean honestly Florida state fans were up in arms Because they felt they should have won That game by 10 because we outplayed Them i go okay well listen to this You got two muffed punts You know inside the 30. one of them was Inside the 20. That's gifts handed to you you had Um an extra point that was blocked Like Lsu kind of lost that game Um florida state won it but lsu kind of Lost it so Special teams will destroy you it's so Frustrating this is why i don't like Kickers either you know and it's not a Personal thing it's just i don't they're Not real football players you you get Out there and you punch somebody in the Face for 58 minutes and and you know 59 Minutes and 50 seconds and then some Kicker trots out Who's 150 pounds with a

Clean white jersey and he hooks a field Goal and you lose the game it makes you Just want to kill somebody or he makes The field goal and everybody's like Celebrating him and putting him on his Shoulders and he didn't do crap That i just don't like kickers punters Different but kickers i don't like Well pun yeah punters traditionally are A little more physical because they want To be somewhat athletic if they have to Do something right Tackle they may have to they may do a Fake they prefer them sometimes you see A lot of guys who are high school Quarterbacks That weren't quite good enough to be a Division one quarterback they're they End up being your punter you know yeah Um so that happens a lot but i you know Speaking of the games so My take on two things lsu i i think For lsu fans i think You there's no need to worry brian kelly Will just my my i know there are people That don't like him and all that kind of Stuff but i'm just looking at his track Record and the guy has a process of how He goes about things and it's just gonna Keep getting better and better in my Opinion i'm not saying i'm right but Just how he is now recruiting obviously Is always your wild card and all this Stuff

But as far as the on the field stuff He's really shown to be Uh you know i think what he did with nd Is is pretty amazing so very amazing What's he did to cincinnati before that I'm gonna i'm gonna argue with you a Little bit here though okay The brian kelly was at cincinnati wanted To get to the next level he wanted to Get to that next job the brian kelly of Notre dame was Really motivated to prove to people that You could recruit and win national Championships and he got to the title Game uh and he got to play off twice This brian kelly at least the one i saw On the sidelines sunday night is Very very timid compared to that human Being now maybe he's going to be the Red-faced crazy person but so many Things went wrong in that game and brian Kelly was like I just don't know Is he cashing out will he really want to Be successful at lsu recruiting takes Care of itself i could go down ls you'd Be named the next head football coach And i could put together a top five Recruiting class because the state of Louisiana You know unless they go to alabama Nobody's letting you leave the story i Told you about leonard fournette not Being allowed to take a visit and cross

State lines to texas Like legit stopped from taking that Visit that's how louisiana works you're Gonna get the best kids there you're Going to get kids from texas you're Going to get kids from the southeast you Can recruit with your eyes closed Biggest recruiting advantage in all of College football lsu you're going to Have talent but You know getting that talent to mesh Is kind of difficult We saw it under les miles We saw it a little bit under that origin Run aside from the 2019 season uh we're Seeing it already you know you got some Knuckleheads doing dumb things you got Fluke injuries you've got Dumb plays you've got keyshawn booty Scrubbing his social media after the Game and he's clearly evidently upset on The sidelines You've got a lot of management to do And you don't have that at notre dame You don't have that Type of personality good point that You're going to have to deal with that's Petulant and you know that that that I don't want to say You know that that brian kelly would Have had trouble at lsu with the honey Badger or any of those other great Players But it's a different ballgame now you're

Not a louisiana guy you're a northeast Guy there's going to be no patience for You whatsoever Did he take the money and run or does he Really want to win a national Championship the guy i saw sunday night I don't think he cared enough Or you could argue That With so many star players They are not going to take it if you get In their face like you would at notre Dame where those kids have Most of the notre dame kids Raised in a situation where You know you got to do academics and Football Whereas the lsu kids they know a lot of Those kids know that they're gonna have A great chance to go to the nfl if they Do certain things right And Do they want some guy Uh screaming and yelling at them when They know in two years you know If they at least you know play the way They're supposed to play they're gonna Go in the nfl so i that meshing i think The part that you nailed is can he get Them to mesh And i think that's because you know all The external factors that you just Mentioned That could be the issue and then i i to

Me it looked like this is a guy who Hasn't figured it out yeah right like How do i mesh these guys yet like i Haven't figured this out And can't now the that's the question You're right on like can can Will he figure that out nd like Andy's like Fort um Grand valley state michigan was michigan Cincinnati Notre dame indiana all the same area Yeah well you know no matter obviously They're different levels but Similar Um They're north Northern midwest kids right from the Northeast um Yep so that's a different that's You're a jersey guy i'm a new england Guy you go down south sometimes And you're gonna be You're gonna be not shunned but you're Going to be It takes you longer to get to be Accepted yeah and so if you're going to Be given that chance i mean ed orgeron Is a louisiana native bleeds lsu uh That's a different story you know les Miles came from oklahoma state that's You know in in the in the ballpark this Guy's I don't know i just it's gonna be a big

Big challenge for him um especially Because he tends to get a little Defensive when things don't go well um He's a guy who's thrown players on the Bus before i'm really curious to see if This season goes five and seven and Everybody wants them fired after year One because if they do go five and seven Or six to six they're going to want them Gone How he handles it so that's a really Intriguing situation he's a great coach And here's the thing marcus freeman did A great job against ohio state they were In the game Uh and i know you got a heart out in two Minutes so we'll end this right here but How's he gonna live up to that how's he Gonna live up to brian kelly taking Notre dame to a championship game in two Playoffs that's a bar that's really Really high and it's hard to get there At notre dame so brian kelly did a great Job but this to me is fish out of water Bad fit type of thing yeah i i i I you know you brought up two things Because that was the other thing i was Thinking about i thought Marcus freeman did a really good job at First i like marcus freeman's like i Don't know whether he'll be successful Or not but i like how he he Carries himself and his demeanor One way or the other whether it's nd or

Not yeah he's gonna be successful i i Think he's gonna be a successful head Coach he's so young Um i think he'll be successful there but To the level of brian kelly i don't know Well kenny will i mean i think it's Gonna be hard because brian kelly Fit there for a lot of different reasons Even though alumni had some issues with Him you know like lou holtz came out With the whole thing like You know he doesn't read my letters like Uh hello lou send him an email [Laughter] Letters Oh god nobody expressing letters to him I think the one thing that was Interesting to me about the ohio state Game Now Is that i i you know i really just Thought that maybe i'm overvaluing how Good their offense has been i just don't Know how state was just gonna Be able to manheld nd and they didn't And that that surprised me Um i think that was the major surprise You know like Why Here's why Jackson smith and jiggle went down Really early and cj stroud still as Great a quarterback he is he's still a Lock-on guy

You know we saw it in the rose bowl he Locks on one receiver and that's who he Feeds feeds feeds and he lost his main You know uh target and he had to adjust And he did but it took him a little While to adjust i think they're going to Be really really good offensively moving Forward and this was what was needed for Them but i expected them to win by 40 as Well yeah That was surprising i hate to cut off Because usually it's you cutting me off Yeah by the way it is That's fine i mean listen i don't like Podcasts I just don't i don't know why i'm Verbose and i never shut up but you know Like the whole Talking I don't know so let's end it Great i thought we'd cover some really Great things and listen d1 Check it out everything you know our dns Are open we'll see you next time Next week um And uh you know just keep on each week This is the best time of the year so i Don't know what else to say is college Football time no matter what happens It's college football time

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